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Episode # 100   Inspirational Stories - Jim Oliver

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with Jim Oliver, who not only shares his beautiful music, which he's been using to heal people all over the world, but also explains how the Law of Attraction has given him the ability to meet his two biggest idols. This manifesting master and healer shares something really special, so make sure you don't miss the spectacular ending of today's Inspiration Show!

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Episode # 100 Inspirational Stories - Jim Oliver

Natalie: Today on the show I'm talking to Jim Oliver, who not only shows his incredible music to heal people all over the world and he also shares the law of attractions work with 2 of his idols: Robert Redford and Jim Founder. So enjoy.

Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today my special guest is the lovely Jim Oliver, hi Jim how are you?

Jim: I'm great Natalie, how are you?

Natalie: I'm fabulous, now the reason I have you here is you actually have a quite an inspirational story and law of attraction was working in your life before you even knew what law of attraction was, and so hoping about you can share that story that you told me before that revolve on the couple of celebrities we might know.

Jim: oh sure. Well I grew up in Canonical and begin my music training when I was about 5 years old when I started that and one of the things I would do is go on a train from Canonical to New York it was probably the mid 60's, so I say I was 12 or 13 years old and we would go to radio city Music Hall and there was a wonderful pipe work in there and I was fascinated I started by the piano and started to organ because I was fascinated by the bamboo organ in there. So, one particular year in the mid 60's we went and there is a movie called barefoot at the park with Robert Redford and Jim founder and the worst thing in the radio city is they have to move the movies and then the Rockettes and then they have the organ and the state show and the inner sport show and we basically save there all day and this particular year I remembered very much, seeing a movie on the big screen and first time in a gigantic screen like that and see for myself seeing the organ whom I really want to play and I really, really want to do. Then 2 years later I ended up going to Hark College of Music and being a classical organ major and which is very amazing, I've got to play pipe organs around magnificent instruments and then I came up to Santa Fe and in early 80s a few years after that I was invited as a composer in residence in Sunday institutes with Robert Redford and spend almost a month out there working with composers, ballet dancers, choreographers in creating new music and dance pieces. So, I've got to meet Robert Redford which is very amazing, very expressive, very nice man and that was about 1985 and 1986 and I say probably around the year 2000 or so I have the opportunity to do some audio and video work for Jim Founder and still do instead of stay in that video, so in that one trip to New York I really lit a fire the desire to create an organ and that's an amazing movie and that Robert Redford and Jim Founder and there you go, so the transition there.

Natalie: Exactly. Now, what you do in music is actually interesting, so tell us a little bit about the music you do right now.

Jim: Sure, part of mine came to Santa Fe is creating music for wellness and transformational areas and work for number of people how professionals out there, anesthesiologist, acupuncture and what we've learned is that people that are muscle tested a venture fracture and a easy light muscle testing and any weak muscle test well when I do the correction, structurally and used some a glandular or vitamin or mineral or some that a doctor would do and that is a specific frequency and a specific wave is formed and if that sound is played the weak muscle will go strong indicating that sounds are toned stores the balanced, the harmony and the energetic connection to that system, that's being tested and then what would do is test, I would say you know several dozen points which is about 10 or 12 the priorities composed of pieces of music especially the base stun the consistency which is the frequency of the note and the wave that form which is the instrument sound and by the wave form fundamentally there is a signed wave which looks like a complex in this side just like a flute sound, there is a saw flute which looks like a saw tooth or brass trumpet sound and then wind waves are square waves those are very hollow clearing type of sounds and as important we have the wave form as it is with the sound which is composed of piece of sound in homework and the we work with a wide variety of things from brain tumors to diabetes to multiple sculrosis to cerebral palsy and people would play the music and it will help to restore how related that you created a vibrational model in your stage which can give you an image just like your mind movies does which you want to move to and creates the vibration that vibrate in the cells of your body and opens really like a portal and that is the divine essence of who you really are and it is merely something that nears to yourself and which can you then reconnect with resonance.

Natalie: Well, it's actually you is some of your music to meditate you and it's incredible and the very exciting thing is that you have generously donated some of your tracks to mind to mind movies community and we're including it to the mind movies platform so we can actually, the people actually choose your music with their mind movies and that is effective which is incredible. So, we thank you so much for doing that and what I like you to do is if people want to find out more about you and the music that you have, where can we send people?

Jim: Sure, I have a website that has all of my CDs and a lot for information which is a section on notes in healing music with a lot of background information in the music and sound and the work that I've done is specifically a risk and the website is

Natalie: Excellent and when your inside the mind movies platform and you are using Jim's music it's actually there is a link also as well and send you to his website and have a look at his whole library. Now I'm gonna go for a little sign up now and I'll take Jim for a little music.

Jim: I would be delighted, thank you.

Natalie: Awesome, so guys please share this video and all the information in it by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure to put your email on the box above their coz' we'll send you 6 premade mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all the upcoming shows. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits and please take it away Jim.

Jim: thank you, thank you Natalie and for everyone listening and watching I invite you to breathe deeply and relax and be comfortable in your seat or in your chair or however you are and I'll play for a few minutes let the music flow through you and then after I finish playing allow yourself to keep silence and just feel your body to feel those your body resonating against speaking into you, so thank you so much pleasure to be here and look forward to see you again.

Natalie: Awesome.

Jim Oliver



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