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Episode # 61   Inspirational Kids - Julia Weber

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell kicks off a brand new segment called "Inspirational Kids" with the amazing story of Julia Weber, who wrote a book when she was only 14! Julia Weber's book, called ILY (stands for I Love You) is written from a teen's perspective as a guide to help teens deal with and overcome teenage bullies, and is based on Julia's own experiences with cyber bullying.

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Episode # 61 Inspirational Kids - Julia Weber

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now if you saw my New Year's Eve edition of this how, I was talking about adding some new extra segments to the show this year. And one of those segments is going to be called "Inspirational Kids. " what I wanted to do is actually interview some children who are having, creating some amazing things in the world and doing some amazing things. And it is my absolute pleasure that the first person that I have on this segment is Julia Weber. Hi Julia!

Julia: Hello! How are you?

Natalie: Good! That, how are you? Now the reason Julia is here. She has incredibly written this book and you wrote this book when you were 14? And the book is called; "ILY" which is short for I Love You, one thing that goes guide to bullying-proof adolescence. We all know that this stage, you now I think a lot of us experience bullying when we were children and has to be taken in a whole new level of these days because of the whole Facebook and cyber exposure for children and all the text messaging and all the choppy thing as well. So, my first question is what was your inspiration to write the book?

Julia: Well I was actually working in a Speech Publishers warehouse and I was chatting to my boss and he close to quite mature in my approach to spiritual things so I just thought I should buy the spiritual book. And around that time I was being bullied and I was recovering from easing using the spirituality and so I decided to buy the book to a publisher and it's the same.

Natalie: Great. And when you say bullying, were you get bullied online or in a person?

Julia: Yes cyber bullied by a group of boys on a school dormitory and they, Oh god all they are saying are many, many things mean and having a laugh about it. So, it was a very horrible experience, and some of them I thought were my friends, yeah and it was such a very hard time for me.

Natalie: It's really heart-breaking isn't it?

Julia: Yeah.

Natalie: The reason why I love this book which I've read the other day is because it's a teenagers perspective, you know, it's yes we can think that back when we were bullied when we were in school, but in nature you see from a teenagers perspective it's really difficult. So I love the way that you've written the book. So, so who are the people that are reading your book at the moment?

Julia: Yeah well it's mostly the parents that are buying it obviously cause they buy it on that they have credit card, and what not. But I'm actually getting feedbacks that saying the parents are reading it and them learning how to deal with their children's bullying, that repairing these scars from the past from what they got it painfully is, as a child. But I'm mostly getting feedback from teenagers who have got one story from a psychiatrist, said he gave it to one of his patients who is actually fond in cutting her wrist and she stopped after she read the book, so, it's all being positive and it's appropriate for all ages.

Natalie: Wow! Awesome. So, you've been getting feedback from children themselves. What are some of the feedbacks you're getting from parents?

Julia: They're saying it's been helping their children in like a very emotional level and it's been helping them on an emotional level as well and they feel like they better quick attend to their children's feeling. So, yeah it's been really positive.

Natalie: Awesome. So ok, I know that you've give some fantastic advice in the book, but let's just say someone does find himself being bullied on Facebook, what can they do about it?

Julia: Yeah, what I did with my situation, was just logged off and just kind of calm myself down, I didn't think its best to retaliate because, you can often say something that you'll regret and it's never good to hurt another person. So, it's often just best to leave a situation to learn and tell someone you trust and always save the messages because if you can build up a file and perhaps site that to the place if its, that has to be where it's getting.

Natalie: so, basically, you wanna step away from the computer, before you say anything that you would regret later. You want to take a copy of what's been said but you wanna delete the informations right away, the comments right away. Great that's awesome. So, should kids be talking to their parents about this a lot more?

Julia: Yes I think so. I think it's, some kids are embarrassed, maybe there's a different... totally different personal life and they don't want their parents to know about it but I think their parents start to really care as long as they are being safe and I think it's often best that if someone's being bullied that they do tell someone that they trust in it, often even if that person got solved the issue, its good to get it out and talk about, talk about what's going on.

Natalie: Yeah. Absolutely. The other thing that I really love about Julia's book as well is that some of the things that she talk about, about self-worth and you know I love the whole thing when you're looking in the mirror and like; oh what's that thing on my face??? Oh it's my nose. You know, I mean even as adults, we still had these thoughts, we still had this feelings. If you can read a book like this and address these things when you are a teenager, then it will spill-through adult life as well, which is awesome. Now, I wanna talk a little bit more about you because you are a pretty, regular kid. Now, how many brothers and sisters do you have?

Julia: Well I have 2 half-brothers, 2 step-sisters, a step-brother and full brother, so I have 6 siblings from all different places.

Natalie: Right. So, you're a regular kid, regular school, I mean I relate to this as well, you know the book you talk about how you can't get away with anything because your brothers and sisters have said it all before now your parents are wised up. And the same, and one of 8 and I'm like 3rd youngest. So, I feel exactly the same. If I could just seem to know what I'm just thinking before I even thought it, couldn't get away with anything. So, who are the people, what have the people... or what inspires you, this is just an amazing book, and like you said, there's just some basic spiritual lessons in here, but what inspires you? Or who does?

Julia: Yeah, I think, just stories like the ones that you see on the news of kids that have fought back and being strong enough to speak out, and it's been very painful to actually speak out and do something about the bullying. And I think, as I hear stories about other people who are trying to solve that bullying problems, my friends are coming to me and trusting me with their bullying stories. I got really inspired by the courage to try solving the problem and the courage to speak to people, so it's just, it's just other people who are going through the same thing as I was and who are able to do something about it.

Natalie: I know, and it's amazing how you know, something like this could snow ball into other things. And I know that you talked about in the book, so what do you tell people to do if they see bullying happening to another kid?

Julia: I think you always got to step in, you know, if, I don't know that physical bullying, I didn't look a lot into that, definitely with cyber bullying , if it's on you know, the news, Facebook and wherever I can see it, I always step in, you know. It's really important to give support in whatever way you can even if it's consoling the person that had been bullied. I always step in, perhaps it's telling someone that changes in some difficult situation. You can always support the person that is being bullied and never support the actual bully. Well don't let them get away with it cause they'll do it again and again.

Natalie: That's the other thing too, I mean I think, do you find people think it's easy to bully when they do it online cause they don't have to face someone?

Julia: Exactly yes, I call them Cable-warriors because they just use their cable and hide behind their screen and then they can get away with anything, especially on an anonymous form, but what they don't know is it gets severe enough, then you do go to a place that they can't check in out instantly, and...

Natalie: Yeah, you cannot hide when you're on the internet. People can find you anyway. But you know what it also makes it easier for other people to step in to help out, you know, help your friends as well. Cool. Now you have a very special trip coming up which is very exciting, can you tell us a little bit about where you're going in the next week or so?

Julie: Yes. I'm heading to New York on a trip that's in the states. I'm going to New York, LA, San Diego and to talk to someone in UNICEF about my petition which is getting something in the say a say, which is just basically a wholeness of what children wraths are. And I wanna get an article in there about how children should be treating other children cause at the moment all articles are, you know the government should be doing this, the parents should be doing this, adults in their lives should be doing this, I think there should be something that says children should be treating other children kindly. So, I'm gonna talk to UNICEF about that.

Natalie: So they see this as a guideline for every human being on the planet to follow on how they should be treating, how government should be treating children, how adults should be treating children, but you really wanted to address how children should children.

Julia: Yeah and it's a huge... once you get passed all the real problems of terrible countries such as having shelter, having sanitation, you know, develop countries that the main problem facing is that people are getting bullied and they're committing suicide and this is so much depression. And that kind of thing calls from bullying, so I think if there's something in rallying, something concrete, that said it's not right, then I think that could make huge difference.

Natalie: Yeah cause I think you know what I think too. And you know other than how you feel about this better than the movies that kind a glorify or the TV shows that glorify bullying, you know like Gossip Girl and all those, I don't think that helps the case at all. I mean you do watch of the shows.

Julia: I have seen them, but I don't you know watch them over night but, yes some of that behavior are just becoming largely common and accepted in society and we need to make you know... like jib jabbing you know, nobody does that because it's socially unacceptable and bullying has become socially unacceptable.

Natalie: So you'll be in the US. So, I know that you said that you just started a petition so we wanna get some more names for the petition, are we? Because the more names on that petition, the more names on that petition, the more the UNICEF will listen to you. So, if you believe in what you really try to do at the moment, I encourage you to sign the petition, and I'll the petition as well. So if you click on the banner on the side way, it will take you through to that website. There you can actually sign-up and give some support to the petition that Julia is trying to get to the UNICEF with which will be you know, amazing. Now we also wanna make sure that you can get your hands on the book as well, now the book we can get through Amazon?

Julia: yep. Yes.

Natalie: Now I actually bought it, actually I have it on my iPad. So you know you can get it through iBooks, or iTunes, you know Amazon and any of those places published by Hay House, and it is an absolute amazingly fun and easy read too, it was great reading it. Now the other thing which I really love about this book which I have to end up on because you know, it's written by an adult... of by an adolescent for adolescents and I know that you talked a lot about it in a book about the affirmations that you are using, by Louise Hay. Now, you have your batch of informations of the ways that you have there and then you have your interpretations.

Julia: Yes, yes.

Natalie: So this is how appropriate it is for teenagers. One of the affirmations that I really loved was that I have a loving, harmonious, joyous and healthy family which is the way is. But of course Julia's version of that is; my family is feeling sick even though they are more embarrassing being called wearing all-white in a golf attic. I love that one. And Julia thank you so much for being with me today, so I'm happy to have you as my first "Inspiration Kid" on the show. And since I've been recording these videos, I've got to me meet some pretty amazing people and I'm grateful for the time, for the new friends I've met, but you are definitely one of the most inspirational people that I've got to meet.

Julie: Thank you so much. I'm honored to be here, thank you for having me.

Natalie: Awesome. So guys I encourage you to share this video with as many people as you can, and you can do that clicking the Facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you leave your email on the box above so that we can send you 6 pre-made Mind Movies and we'll also keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows. So till the next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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