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Episode # 25   Implementing Your Daily Routine

About The Episode:

Today Natalie elaborates on the topic discussed in the last episode, your daily success routine. She'll teach you how to implement her top 5 must-haves into your daily routine. Enjoy!

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Episode # 25 Implementing Your Daily Routine

Natalie: hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today we'll be going to address how to implement 5 must-haves for your daily success routine or ritual so first. Let's just have your first component which is gratitude. Now, to actually make a habit of this you actually go well I'm grateful to this and to take time everyday to what you already have but to it happen with it there are certain things to make it every day. So, what I suggest you need to write down 5 things every evening just before you go to bed of the things that you are grateful for that day. Now the trick is not to write the same 5 things write 5 new things everyday now the reason why we write new things at a time is so that you know after the first few days or after the first week we kinda went through the big things you know your grateful for your family grateful for you house and grateful for the obvious things but when you have to commit 5 new things everyday to pay per it hangs to look like everyday to 3 new things to be grateful things to commit to pay per so it keeps you to that high positive vibration all day also the reason we suggest you to do in the bed is that you ended your day on a positive note. You know how many times have you going to bed after watching a movie and you find that you dream to that evening because of the movie that you watch before you, I relate the movie just before you went to bed and ending the day with those 5 things that you are grateful for really helps to keep things up that you have a grateful throughout the evening and also when you wake up the next morning because that's what you went to sleep from the night before, once you wake up in a positive mood and you're ready to face the day. Another way that you could do this is to actually do this as an exercise with the family at the dinner table so you could by everyone have 5 things that they are grateful for or maybe move around the dinner table and get everyone something or at least one thing that they are grateful for that day. This exercise would be fantastic in the work as well where before a meeting you can have everyone sitting on the table work and talk about at least one thing that they are grateful for that day. Now the next component we'll gonna talk about is exercise now I'm an exercise specialist and I do exercise a lot but for the research that I've done it seems that at least 30mins a day is the magic number and the great news is that you don't have do to this all at once. You can actually have these small chunks of time during the day. So, as long as you're doing your activity at a moderate or vigorously effort for at least 10 at a time that still counts now maybe half of the day maybe you get the stress or just walk outside for 10 minutes now you can do that on the mind and do some regular exercise as well and with all the benefits exercise can give you or maybe commit on doing with your spouse or maybe have a regular routine in the morning it's up to you. So, the next component is education, now I do at least 1 hour that I do for education this is the one I strongly suggest for you as well. Now, again it's not 1 hour of block but you can actually split it up into a day and you can also combine this with an exercise you have a morning on a treadmill I have mention this before, I have a tread mill before my training have had me all around actually listen to a book, a tele-seminar or some kind of educational recording as a mix of sizes as well. So, maybe you can combine the two. Now, I also read for an hour on my iPad and all of my books that I have now, I actually downloaded it to my iPad which is fantastic and the reason I love that is actually Glenn and I are a morning person. So, if I woke up, I call him on the weekends or any at night I can actually read the iPad without waking him up which is awesome and this are things I do while traveling which I do a lot, are all library of books are in my iPad to make it a very very to people around with me, the other form of educations are seminars. Attending seminars and going down and a lot of seminars get some tickets so you can stream in without getting troubles or I do recommend on attending seminars and for a little of them I found a lot better which is actually going to network and it's whole live experience with seminars and when they come out to go the once that you can but also once you commit that actually you can go to seminars and you take notes and make sure you when you get home that you commit those notes into becoming what you've learned and the next component is to focus into your goals now to make this a habit what I want you to do is to make sure you have your goals written at positive present tense affirmations now they can be on a list that they can go through morning and night or it can be in a vision board and can maybe take up photos write your affirmations right there as well or across as I say to create a mind movie, so you can combine your photos, your affirmations, your music together which I think is the most powerful coz especially with the mind movies now load it down into your computer, you can load it down into your phone and you can watch it anywhere so once you have your affirmation written in the vision board or the mind movies commit to watching them every single morning and every single evening getting to the habit into that you can even put your list of affirmations on the fridge, on the mirror or discrete work that at least commit to doing every morning and every night and then more than that is up to you. And the fifth component of what you should be incorporating into a positive daily routine is your connection with souls. Now, when I say connections with souls I mean souls, the universe, God or whatever that is for you, now of course number is prayer and you can connect and have your conversation with God with prayer, this connection can also be done through meditation and I also got a video along ago with meditation on how you just sit down and relax and clear your mind you slow everything down. Your brain goes into theta brainwave activity and really opens up that ability to be able to connect the force of the universe and the others suggestions that I have that is found in my videos is that first 10 minutes of the day or what we called the power shower, so when you first waking up and when you're going to sleep at night you predominantly the brainwave activity we naturally have occurring as a child between the ages 2 to 6 were we just like sponge that absorbing everything but being affected by brainwave activity you actually really enhance activity and really helps to have that connection with souls so use that first 10 minutes when your eyes close and ask the question what do I need to do to move closer to my goals, know how do I resolve the problems I'm in at the moment or any of those top of questions or just open up your mind and ask the questions what message do you have for me today and then listen and wait and listen for the message and the power shower same thing you actually get out the bed you go to the shower, it's still kinda waking up and it's still sleeping activity and when you find you can ask questions and the answers will come to you. The other suggestions I have for this is to write a journal and I had this suggestion by many people and how this works is that you'll, every time you ask a question your initial Colleen and then ask a question and then put G for God or S for souls, so U for universe then Colleen and then write what comes to you I have friends that have books and books and journal and journals of the conversations that they have with their souls in a written form so that they can go back in the connection in that later so again you wanna make sure that habit and commit to do it in the same time everyday or at least in a certain time everyday so that initially it would be difficult normal part of the routine. So, we have discuss the 5 basic components how you implement this habits is only up to you, you can just start by concentrating with one per day or you can only do a couple for day and what I suggest initially is that you add this habits on the thing to do on the daily to do this and tick them all off its like a task that you've just completed or you just can add 5 of them if you want and just tick them out with the task that you've completed everyday or you can just start with one or two you'll soon find about after about the first month you no longer have to constantly think about doing this things and that would come a part of you everyday and that's the outcome we're shooting for and you'll find once you got this as your basis you'll come across other things and through education and the information you are exposed to other things that you want to incorporate to your day to keep you in that positive mind frame and have you in that mind set of people to be successful and have created the goals you wanted to create so once you got this one in this phase exam and build up into that as well. Well I hope this information help you today and if you have any questions about what I've shared with you make sure you put it on the comment box there below and experiences that you have incorporating the goals that you have into your daily routine and also remember if you haven't done so already if you enter your email above we'll send this pre-made mind movies and keep you up to date with all of the shows that coming up. So guys I hope you enjoy the video remember there'll be a video coming in next time but in the mean time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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