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Episode # 9   Identifying your Passion

About The Episode:

In a continuing effort to improve your life, Natalie challenges you to find your passion. She'll help you leave 'survival mode' and start leading a life filled with happiness. Be sure to have a pen and paper handy to jot down some notes.

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Episode # 9 Identifying your Passion

Natalie: hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Now on the last show, we covered what your core values are. It is a very important state to figure out what it is you really want, and the second part of the equation is discovering what your passion or purpose is. Now Michael Banquet suggest that we have the same purpose like me my purpose is to be the best human being the best that I can, but we have each different mission you know that's the thing you do when you feel it about, that you will do to help you to improve the life of others, and we all have something to be greatest and a really good experience and knowledge about and share to improve everybody feel and happiness in their lives, now anything from fishing techniques or maybe sharing dark experiences you rise above, tips on optimizing relationship, knitting, it could be absolutely anything, but by hoping others through knowledge and experience not only you help to raise the vibration and that you're helping but you're also raising your own vibration and remember in a fast rate and you feel like you're living a life on purpose because you're facilitating a positive change now, I would like you to know the next stage of your life, fighting your soul and having a fulfillment and choose the live of survival mode and happiness. Now there's a lot of buzz around like living a life of passion or finding your passion who wants seem to be talking about this, and the meaning that I gave to it is that I want you to be able to live and work in doing something like she doesn't feel like work, and let me give you an example of this, many of you heard about Bob Proctor, the grandfather of Law of attraction, and I was actually live in the with him recently, and I was actually asking questions came from right and out from question, now one of the question is you'll know how to play golf, and one of the question is in golf. Now, he tells story about how he doesn't play golf now than he used to and on his last play when his playing golf on a half way through his round he said to his mate, you know what that's it I'm finish, I'm going home, and his friends said what is it do you mean he going home and goes you know what, I must try to be working than playing golf, I don't enjoy this as much as I enjoy my work, and that's what I mean when I'm talking about passion, it doesn't have to be a noble quest to change the world, it just makes you something that can make you jump out to bed every day and not wait to get started your work. So, does this make sense? We have gifts, we have talents to share and so what are yours? So what I'm gonna do is to go through an exercise now, to figure it out what you're passionate about, so pause the video, go grab pen and paper and then come back, on the piece of paper all I want you to do is write a statement on the top of paper the statement is "I was happiest in life when ..." now remember I've got a video on the time when I was really happy and when I was working in the fitness industry, I was happy because I was in a positive environment, I was helping people, I was being challenged and I was working with everyone was positive and not in negativity and integrity, my souls fulfilled and making the difference this doesn't have to be relation to work, it should be anything when the time I was doing something and you felt really, really good. You know in the time when your flow and felt connected and life doesn't get any better than this, and the question is "I was happiest in life when?" why did you feel so good, what are the specific things why you felt so good at that time, now this is the time to answer to people and you write heaps of things and to other people very quickly before you and for other I might be difficult. So, I have a couple of exercises what to contemplate what is it about, now the first one is called the first 10 minutes. You may have heard me talk about this before, but this are the things I do every single day, then when I woke up in the morning before I open my eyes so your brain are starting to kick in and when I open my eyes and then I ask a question the question maybe is what brings me closer to my goals or how am I closer to my goal and another specific challenge that I'm working on or in this case you'll ask briefly I was happiest in life when and then just relax and wait for the answer now, this also happen to people in the shower, is the "Power Shower" or you'll have a question and ask yourself a question in your head and the answer comes to you the reason we does this is when you're falling asleep and as I'm waking up, and it's a brain wave facility, very receptive mode, so when we ask a question, you are more receptive to download from the universe and to goals and whoever is it from but you're in the middle much more receptive mode than first 10 minutes in the morning or in evening as well. Now the other thing that you can do is to meditate, where you can meditate but when you meditate I can suggest if you have a question like this you wanna have, get yourself in a comfortable decision and get all relaxed, close your eyes and take a nose take in slow breath out, and then just sit for 10 to 15 minutes trying to clear your mind although you have a question before you are going to a meditation or in times goes you're your mind is clear and sometimes it comes to you and just out of it, and this is another way that you could ask a big question like that and be able to get the answer for the question that you're asking. And once again I would like you to share before you're doing this exercise and of course I would like to include this things in the upcoming book, please live your comments below, I would to hear all your feedback and until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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