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Episode # 293   How to use the Law of Attraction - Live

About The Episode:

Today on the show Natalie speaks with author, speaker and celebrity radio host, Raven Blair Davis - aka The Talk Show Maven. Raven joins Natalie to discuss why so many people are afraid to step into their greatness and make a difference in their lives and businesses. During the show, Raven shares powerful tools and strategies to help people take action and step outside of their comfort zone. Plus, she reveals her #1 tip for overcoming fear so you can finally make any dream a reality

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Episode # 293 How to use the Law of Attraction - Live

Natalie: Hi, everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. This is one of the live versions of our Inspiration Show and to prove to you that it actually is live, I actually don't have a guest tonight. We had issues with the guest that we had initially planned this evening, some technical difficulties, so I'm going to be winging it and be talking to you on my own. Just to prove that it really is live. But I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to talk to you about a couple of comments and questions that have actually come in through the Ultimate Success Masterclass this week. (Fillers) Those who ask me about the Masterclass program, the program I deliver online and it is a success (0:50), and the participants going to the class actually have the opportunity to ask me questions personally that I could answer for them. So what I'm going to do is start with a couple of questions that come in and explain how and what the answers are today and how they work because they were very interesting to me. So, let me just quickly grab the mop for you so I can see.

Okay, so the first one was from someone who actually was in module 3. And this person said, "I'm really enjoying the masterclass. The area I want to impact is money and career. I was surprised to add up sales on artwork this past week and to find that I have over $1,000 on sales. It wasn't supposed to happen this fast, I'm speechless."

And this other one that I also want to share, I'm actually going to answer these questions for you. This person said, "Hi, Natalie. I just had my first full week of USM, which is Ultimate Success Masterclass. I'm full of excitement and energy for module 1 and now starting module 2. I live in Auckberry, Western Australia and feeling isolated because all of my family is back in the UK and I decided to stay. The bee cattle was my boat, very hard to sell a boat. So I put selling the boat into my mind movie and got phone calls out of the blue. The boat sold, now I'm free to go home. That is so improbable. This is how improbable that it has to be manifested. So after the big celebration, I am deflated and scared because my vibration has gone off the boil. This stuff really works. So now, I'm responsible for my life, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm overwhelmed that I'm in-charge of everything, so many decisions, so much to plan, so much to do. Running around like a headless chook because of this success."

And for those of you who are not familiar with the word chook, it's actually Australian for chicken. So running around like a headless chicken because of this success. Does manifesting require a fair amount of repetition? I mean random negative thoughts will manifest bad things, do they? And do you have to guard your thinking all the time? And how do I get my momentum back?

These, I love these two comments because what they're saying is, okay we're applying the law of attraction, we're applying the formula to apply the law of attraction and now things are starting to come into fruition, it's starting to manifest for us, so now I'm freaking out because that really means I'm responsible for everything. I love this because it's like when you understand that you do have control over what comes to your life that whatever it is that you want to create in your life, you have the ability to be able to manifest it to make it come to reality. That's really exciting and a really scary thing at the same time because like you know, what that other person is saying in the question, it's like, do I have to monitor my thoughts all the time? If I think something negative, will that manifest something negative?

Now, the short answer to that part of the question is no because when it comes to the law of attraction and applying it on a consistent basis, what we are looking at is repetition. There are two things that are really important, number one is repetition and the other one is emotion. So let me just go back a little bit and just go through the process, the formula that I have for applying the law of attraction effectively every single time and I'll relate that back to the answers and the question. So the first step in applying the law of attraction effectively, and this is a step that most people overlook, is what I call getting into a positive vibration first.

The thing is I left here in a positive vibration what happens is if you are in this negative vortex, this negative vibration around the situation that you're in. So number one is how to see a solution or see a way out of it and number two when you do set a goal for that negative vibration, you're really sending out a goal out of desperation and not inspiration.

So at best, you may be able to set yourself a goal out of that situation that you miss the whole big picture. And when you look at the big picture and start to visualize that, you blast right out of that negative situation and ride into this bigger positive picture for your life. So how do you get into that positive vibration? Do anything that makes you feel good. But the fastest and most effective way to get there is gratitude. Is to be grateful for what you have. And you know why I always recommend writing down five things every day that you're grateful for, and it has to be five new things every day and if you're finding it difficult to come up with five things every day, all you need to do is go on to the internet or turn on the tv, go straight to the news stations and see some of the tragic things that are happening around the world - you know the poverty that people are living in - and so being grateful for the fact that we have fresh air, we have clean running water, that we have a roof over our head, anything, anything that it can be, make sure that you focus on what you're grateful for and that would help to put you in a more positive vibration. Now, the next step in my formula is to set a strong emotion-filled intention.

Now, many times we'd really like to achieve this, I'd like to live here or I'd like to get this amount of money in the bank, and without a strong intention those words are really not intentions, they're wishes. They're not really intentions. A strong intention starts with the words no matter what. No matter what I am a size 10. No matter what I'm earning $10,000 a month. No matter what I'm in a loving, supportive fulfilling relationship. And when you say this every morning, and I recommend saying it to yourself every morning, looking yourself to the eye through the mirror and reminding yourself without a doubt, this time, this is your goal and you're going to work towards it. And when you infuse that with the emotions of absolute resolve, that this time, no matter what happens.

You have no idea how all the (7:15) the universe turning, inspiring to make sure these things happen to you. Now, I had many people who just by sending their intention of have had things to start falling into place for them to make their goal a reality. The universe is like putting attention, okay, this time she really means it and then she really wants to make it happen. So intention is step number two. So number three is getting clear what it is you want.

Now, of course, I'm biased. I think the mind movie is the most effective way to be able to get to the process of getting clear. First is to arrive at affirmations. Write out your goal as if it has already happened. In positive precedent affirmations 'cause the reason why we write out our affirmations is so we can go to step four, which is to visualize daily with emotion that you're already living this new life. You're already creating this new reality.

So having your affirmations written out, reading your affirmations or watching your mind movies and then closing your eyes and really putting yourself in the picture of already living this new life. And while doing that what happens is that you're playing this mind movie in your mind, and we actually, we already know how to scientifically measure when you can do this, close your eyes, put yourself in that visualization, we actually have a scientific evidence of how you playing your mind movie and not even coming up with something new but just playing your mind movie actually can facilitate a universal download from source energy to really help you come up with the idea is to be able to help you repel forward to make that a reality.

So read your affirmations, watch your mind movie and visualize with emotion. Now, again, emotion needs to be infused in everything we do when we're trying to apply the law of attraction because emotion is a secret source. That's why when it comes to a mind movie the addition of music is the secret source, 'cause if you use the right song that really speaks to you that every time you hear it you are already transported to this positive vibration. When you enter that with all your affirmations, images that enhances your affirmations, you've got an exceptionally powerful tool.

So the more often we can do this, what happens is we're tricking our sub-conscious mind into thinking that this is our new reality. And so what that does is it creates new neural pathways, so rather than those regular thoughts that keep coming up all the time telling you why you can't achieve a certain reality or why you can't achieve a certain goal, they get replaced by these new positive thoughts that are in alignment with this picture and this movie that you keep on playing on your mind.

Now when you change your thoughts like that, they automatically change your actions. Now when your thoughts and actions are in alignment with this new reality that you see in your mind, what happens is you start to resonate or vibrate a certain frequency to the universe. Now when you do that by loa, which means by law of attraction, those things that are a vibrational match to that frequency that you're giving out are then attracted back to you. So what's happening is you're attracting back that fantastic IDs, the chance meetings, the golden opportunities and everything you need to create that reality, you are attracting back to you because you are repetitively playing that movie back in your mind with emotion, (10:57) when it comes to law of attraction.

Now the next step on the formula is to take action. You can have the most vivid, amazing visualization, you can actually see yourself be in the visualization, you can feel, you know, you can sense, taste, touch everything that's going in around you but unless you get off your butt, off the couch and go out and start some action in that direction, you will never be in the right place at the right time.

To be able to have the serendipity or experience the serendipity of these events that you could never have planned for in a million years. So take action, any action. There is no such thing as a wrong action, you just need to take some kind of action to start that momentum going. And of course the last step in the formula is to just be aware. Be aware of the amazing gifts the universe is sending your way, because if you are doing those previous steps, then it has to, the reality that you want has to materialize for you. It has to come to fruition.

So, coming back to the other part of this question, do I have to monitor my thoughts all the time? If I have a negative thought, is it going to manifest something negative? Short answer to that is no, because whatever is your most dominant thoughts are, whatever you are focusing on, whatever you are visualizing most, when you are doing those actions that's what's going to manifest in your life. So it's not like you're going through life and never have a negative thought, we're humans. I mean it's just part of life. That's what happens, we always have, from time to time we'll have negative thoughts and from time to time, stuff happens, stuff happens.

The thing is once you go to this formula and something really bad happens first step is to get you out of that, you know, negative vibrations (12:53), be grateful for what you want, then set your intentions, you know, this is what you want, the new direction, this is where you're going, get clear about what it is, start to visualize that in your mind and start to take the action and that's what happens, that's how you manifest what you want in your life.

So the other part, the last part of the question is that, so now that I know that I have complete influence of my life, I can create whatever I want, the next question that you ask yourself is what is it that I really want? And you get really clear about that, what we actually do is become present and really take the time to think about it.

You know, I think for a lot of us we're just like going through the motions, going through your life and everything's busy but if we, we need to take some time to be mindful, just sit with our own selves, be present within ourselves and you know, take quiet time and have that connection with the souls and really think about, what it is, what do I really, really want, what is it that I really want.

Now, don't be concern that you start to want something, you start to take action in that direction, things start to fall into place for you and then you go, wait a minute, this is not what I wanted, as you get closer to your goal, you realize that's not really what you want, you want something different. Just because you made a decision and you take action now at a certain direction, doesn't mean you're going to be doing that for the rest of your life.

Believe me, you're probably going to change your mind and change where you live, and change your job, and change other things in your life a million times in your lifetime. The cool thing about knowing this is that once you have achieved a goal, you can actually set yourself a goal to do something completely different, the thing is you're always moving forward.

I'm always setting new goals. I'm always setting myself new challenges, not because I'm not happy but because that's what life is all about, stepping outside your comfort zone, and pushing yourself a little bit further and really testing yourself (14:52) really does work, and that you really do have control. And the more you do that, the more amazing and enlightening and fantastic the journey is 'cause it's all about the journey. That's why we're striving for our goals.

It's really important to take time away when we are being grateful, getting in that positive vibration. Be grateful for the little wins that you've achieved along the way that's going to get you to that goal, and further to the goals ahead. So make sure that you enjoy the journey, enjoy every single day because you'll always have something moving towards because that is what life is all about - experience, challenging, stepping outside your comfort zone.

So guys, I hope you enjoyed my off the cot little show today, that I've actually answered a couple of question that may have come up for you about applying the law of attraction, especially for someone who've already got some benefit or already got some results from it, just like, oh my God, this is really working. It's kind of freaky. So hopefully, this has answered a couple of questions for you. Try to share this video, you could do that by clicking the Facebook and Tweeter share buttons on this page. I also encourage you to download the Inspiration Show app if you haven't done so already so you can watch the shows on the go. Make sure that you put your email on the box on this page as well, so I can send you the manifesting with the masters video e-course. It's actually valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for free.

So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits, will see you soon.

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