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Episode # 522   How To Trust Your Intuition - Terri Christine

About The Episode:

If you haven’t learned to listen, trust and use your intuition, your life may be more challenging than it needs to be. Why? Because your intuition is there to help you make the best choices. And it guides you towards the best possible outcomes, while avoiding frustration and negativity. Watch today’s interesting episode of The Inspiration Show, as my guest Terrie Christine (Psychic Medium, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient), shares her unique process to sharpen your intuition and use it to release fear, as well as access more love, peace and empowerment.

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Episode # 522 How To Trust Your Intuition - Terri Christine

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show, my special guest and I are going to be talking about your intuition. You know, that gut feeling that you get? Understanding what it is, how to trust it and how to use it to be able to create amazing outcomes in your life. But, before I get into that conversation with my special guest, I would like to remind you that if you’re watching this show on Facebook Live or on the YouTube channel, after we finish make sure that once the show is over that you click the link below this video so you can take up my 30- second quiz and we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, please let me introduce my special guest today, the amazing Terrie Christine. How are you, Terrie?

TC: Thank you, Natalie. I’m doing awesome.

NL: So great to have you here. Like I’ve already mentioned to you before, we’re going to be talking about intuition. But, before we get into that conversation, why don’t we hear a little bit about your story and why you are such an expert when it comes to our intuition.

TC:  So when people can have profound shifts in their life- and I actually had a spiritual epiphany. It was actually at the very end of a 14-year relationship. And, that last year, I cried every night just wanting love. Three months before the end, I woke up at 3 A.M., crawled into the bathroom and I heard God speak to me saying- or “all that is”, whatever you choose to call it-  “Love will come” and then my life changed instantly. I went through a series of different types of training, and training with the Masters, and literally clearing all of my limiting blocks, my beliefs and creating all that is. I connect to the energy. I connect to the energy of a person and I help them move past some of the things they have inside their vibration, that blueprint, and I help them move past it so they can create and co-create with others what they want.

NL: Right. So with this ability that you have to help people do this, have you always had this gift, or was it something that’s just evolved lately?

TC: Honestly, the reality is everybody has this gift. Most people call it coincidence, or they have this sense and go, “Oh, I thought I was feeling that or thinking that” and then they just kind of blow it off. We all do have it. It’s really just honing it, loving it, trusting it. That’s a big key component- trusting it- then creating from that. So I’ve always really had it, but then that spiritual epiphany helped me move past and I just kind of took some training. It really does help,  so that you can understand what it is you’re connecting to.

NL: Right. All right. So let’s back up a little bit. So we’re talking about intuition here. So what do you believe intuition is?

TC: Inner knowing. It’s that gut- it’s that feeling. It’s like when you get in a hot tub and that water is encompassing you all the way to the bone. It’s just like that.

NL: It’s a small explanation, I know. Because I often- I know that you probably get this as well. Like, when I’m working with people and they go, “I had this idea come to me. Like, was it my subconscious mind, was it my intuition, was it the universe, or was it God? Or where did it come from? Is it important that we know where it comes from?

TC: The reality is you don’t get the question, or the answer, from of the question why? It really is just to trust and allow it to happen. The more you trust. Does it really matter where it comes from?

NL: It doesn’t matter to me. No… 


TC: Me either. Because if you’re getting your answers, and they’re helping you expand and grow, and it’s allowing you to create what it is that you want, as long as you don’t focus on the end result, right? You just think it, feel it and then step into it allowing what happens to happen, and then you’ll find that more of what you want creates bigger and better until a big blossom. Versus, setting already limiting beliefs at the end and going, “Oh I only want this” when you can have all that.

NL: Right. Okay, so I am assuming that there is an awesome process, or something, that people can do to be able to tap into their intuition. So how do you coach people, or what is your recommendation?

TC: First off, just think it. You got to start with the process of just thinking what it is that you want and then feeling it- honing into the feeling of… If you want a new car and it’s a convertible, go test drive one. Feel the air through your hair, and feel, and keep saying, “That’s mine. I live here. It’s mine” if you want a certain community and stuff. I was able to manifest where I live with it. It took me three years because what happens is that the bigger the energy, the longer it can take. So, of course, people think “Oh, I want a new, bigger car”, or a bigger house, or bigger this and, depending on that, then it could take a little while for all of the elements of what you’re trying to create to come together. Because remember, you have to meet a certain place, would be a certain time, or have someone shift you to that meaning, that trigger, so you can shift out of the limiting beliefs so that you can move forward. So it does take sort of a jigsaw for it to come together. But, as you’re being mindful to see it all around you and stepping into it as you’re moving forward, yes. You can create all of that. That simply is like the pattern: think it, feel it, take guided action into it.

NL: Yeah, so are there daily practices that we can implement that help us along? We just use the example of driving the car. I mean, you’re not test-driving a convertible every single day until you get one. So are there other practical daily practices that we can do to help us get into that vibrational match?

TC: Yeah, you know there are some really simple techniques. First, every morning you wake up, set your intention: what do you want to have into your life that day?  Maybe more laughter, more fun, more adventure, meeting someone new. Right? Just set your intent in the morning because that sets the movement of the energy. Then- I know probably most people have heard- meditate. Really quiet your mind. Allow the thoughts to come because when you’re getting that- most of the people get their ideas when they just sitting there what they call “day dreaming” or “zoning out”. I got this thought, right? Well that’s allowing the thoughts to come, the answers to come to you connecting to the energy around you so that you can get those answers. Then being mindful. People can say, “Oh I’m at work. I’m so thirsty. I’m typing away. I’ll finish this one side. I’ll go get a glass of water once I finish typing this project”. Then someone walks by and says, “It’s just in the kitchen. I’ve got an extra bottled water. Do you want it”? It’s you remembering, “Oh. I was just saying I was thirsty. Thank you”. Some people can remember and some people just kind of let that thought go. But that thought becomes collective consciousness and other people can pick up into it, and that’s why you see that things appear and meetings happen, phone calls happen miraculously because it’s going into the collective consciousness. You are just movement of energy; your thoughts are movement of energy.

NL: Right. So my other question is- so it sounds like what we want to do is get into a practice of getting quiet, asking a question staying quiet long enough to be able to hear the answer, or hear what’s coming through. So anything that’s coming through is something that we want to listen to? Like, is there some kind of discernment we should have between the messages that are coming?

TC: So I would say the gut, the intuition, trusting it. So when someone says, “oh you just got to trust what you feel” and then people think, “Trust. Okay, well that person is saying that uncomfortable thing and I’m not quite getting it. But, you’re telling them you have to trust it, so I’m going to do it”. No. Your gut is telling you “don’t”! So that’s the trust. If it says, yes, no or maybe. Because….(Inaudible)…. there for you see you tomorrow, or 10 minutes, or 30 minutes from now. So allow that to happen. It’s more of an attitude, feeling, and allowing your mind to bring you the answers. Try trusting what you feel in your gut. Our head keeps us from allowing ourselves to move forward because we need an organizational chart to get to the end result. When we just wipe that slate clean, get the answers, trust. Allow your body to be the microphone of your brain because that is an interpretation and then allow yourself to take guided action. Because, remember, if you step into something and it’s not going the way we want, there’s a reason for that. Everything is not going to be all rainbows and butterflies, right? We want it to be, but we must have duality. Well it would be kind of boring if we didn’t, right?

NL: Yeah. So do we all feel intuition in the gut, or can we feel it somewhere else? Is it generally just the gut, or how do we know when we’re feeling it physically, whether that’s a go or a no-go?

TC: I’ve been doing it for almost ten years now and so all I say is, “I know. I have this sense”. Just like the bathtub scenario, it’s an all-over sense for me. But, when I began and practiced, it was the feeling, the gut. There’s a there’s seven major chakras and the one in the stomach area is the solar plexus. That’s the portal of emotions. So, when you’re feeling in and you’re allowing all that energy to come through, that’s why they say that “feeling in your gut”, the portal of emotions. That’s where you can tell what’s going on. Now, some people will say, “Well my gut says I should step into it and I did and it didn’t happen”. Well, because remember there’s an open door you have to allow what’s going to happen and let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you. Because if you’re saying, “Oh I only want it this way, in this little box”, then you’re not going to quite get it. Sometimes- and that little box, it can be in a great big box. But, it can be that overall feeling. Most of time, yes. It is in your stomach, or your gut. When a thought comes in your head, well, that’s the beginning. You’re allowing your thought, your third eye- part of the chakras to trust into that third eye, the intuition part- to bring down into your whole body. We have to get out of our head. Once we stay in our head, then the head wants that kind of process it out and there’s the roadblock.

NL: Yeah, absolutely. So it sounds like that whenever we get an idea, or some kind of insight, that it would serve us to just stop in the moment and then ask the question, “is this what should be followed”? Is that what you also advocate, as well?

TC: That’s right. Going into, like you said, stop for a moment feel it out. There are a lot of people that are looking for changes of career, or feel like they’re lost in what they want to do as their life purpose. I always say our life purpose is to expand and grow. The reality is yes to expand and grow- and then when they feel like, “Oh I don’t like this job. I like this other job”. It’s to hone into what those little pieces of the job that you liked, not the overall. Being a team leader, or the process of it. But, what people were coming to you? Who did you help? Because when we’re in service, that’s where our heart is falling, singing, laughing, jumping, exploding. So, it really… That’s the process.

NL: Yeah. Too, I think, it brings up an important point. Like, some of us ask, “well, what’s our purpose”? Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to go what’s the big purpose? What do we need to know? Well, sometimes if we just go, “Okay, well what’s my next step”? Because even if you make a decision on something now, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with that for the rest of your life. It’s like this - I talk about Mind Movies. I agree. Our purpose is to show up as the best version of ourselves, make a contribution. But the mission and how that shows up is different. Like, of course, Mind Movies is my mission right now. But is this going to be my mission while I’m still 60, or 70? I don’t now. Maybe it’ll be something different. But then, releasing… Like, how important is it that the emotions that we surround ourselves with in these decisions that we make that are coming through our intuition?

TC: I’m so glad you’re talking about this because I recently had a conversation. I had my own radio show for a while and I stepped it. Hit the gusto. Just like you’re passionate in what I was doing and then I started bringing on special guests, and then I put all my stuff on hold- my book all these other things that I was doing to showcase these amazing people. Then as I was into it about year, I realized,  “Oh my gosh. I put all my stuff on hold”. Then somebody said, “Go where you need to grow”. I wasn’t quite growing because everyone else around me was growing, but I felt “wow”. I kind of got depressed after I let it go and I thought wow. Someone said to me, “Terrie, go with the flow” and I’ve always done that. I’m like, “I did that”. She goes, “but the flow isn’t there anymore. So it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. It simply means the flow is going somewhere else”. It was like this big “aha moment” and I’m like, “Why did it take me that long to figure that out”? It was right. Not being able to see the forest through the trees, right? Then I realized that “Yes. You can go”. It feels great. The flow is right and overtime energy just shifts. Everybody around you shifts. There’s something about the shifts and the direction needs to flow somewhere else. You’re not a failure; you’re just expanding and growing.

NL: Yeah. I was at a meeting with the Transformational Leader Council last week and they were showing a documentary that they did on Jack Canfield’s life. Remember he sold Chicken Soup for the Soul. He stepped out of it and it was making millions and millions of dollars. So, for everyone else who was outside looking in is going, Oh, my God. Why would you do that? It’s making you all this money”? But his heart wasn’t there and he said, “Sometimes you have to step out of good, to step into great”.

TC: That’s right.

NL: And, of course, he’s turning into something different. So just because you’ve spent five, ten years working at a certain vocation, that doesn’t mean that time is lost. It just means that okay that was – obviously everything that you went through there is setting you up for the next thing, whatever that may be.

TC: That’s right. That’s totally right.

NL: Yeah. So we’ve got our daily practices. So we want to be spending some quiet time and want to be allowing that through. How do we build trust? So we know… In the beginning, let’s face. It it’s kind of scary. You’ve got these thoughts coming in and something could be a little harebrained and you’re like, I don’t know that…. I don’t know if I can do that. How do we build trust in the intuition that comes through?

TC: Yeah, you know there’s… I asked that same question to myself when I was going from a nine to five job- excuse me, almost ten years ago- to doing this full time. The first thing we think… I mean, Natalie, when you were starting in your career you’re like, “Okay. I need this. I need more clients. I need this….”.  As we’re growing, we’re thinking what’s next? Where are they going to come from... Even though we have a team. But, we always say to our self tomorrow where is that going to come from? But we begin-  you know what I’m talking about- shifting the trust, knowing what we’re doing for others, knowing that we can trust that it is there for us, knowing that we keep moving forward and don’t give up. Not meaning that, like I said go with the flow with the energy, even though we had the radio show and I moved into the other, similar with Jack Canfield. Will you just simply move with the energy, but trusting beyond what you see and know is more gratifying and fulfilling than living a nine to five job? It’s so restricted in a box, but once you get to that point…. I remember sitting on my bed thinking, “Alright. Next month I have these clients, but I don’t know where they’re coming from. But, you know what? I am supported and I am growing. I know what I do is profound in people’s lives”. When you do that, and focus on that, and be in service for yourself and others- because we’re all one and that energy of that - then it just magically happens. How many times can you tell me that all of a sudden you get this magical phone call, or this magical invitation, and you’re like, “Oh man. I was so hoping to manifest something like that”. Right?

NL: Oh yeah, sometimes I get to manifest things that scared the Jesus out of me. Then I have to say yes to and then I’m like, “Ahhh”! But, I’m like, “Well. It wouldn’t have come my way if it wasn’t meant for me to be able to take on”. So…

TC: That’s right.

NL: Yeah. So, darling, it’s been great having chatting with you today. If people want to connect with you, and work with you, and find out more, where can we send them to do that?

TC: Oh, thank you. So, my website is, which is my name. It’s Terrie. I’m on Facebook and Twitter @terriechristine and YouTube. I have a video that comes out every Monday that is an inspirational, just like you. It’s an amazing. But yours is like going for the gusto, going for that route. But mine is just kind of going on with what people are dealing with in their daily lives to be able to help them move along. But, thank you.

NL: Yeah and I’m going to have the banner and the link here that you can click on to go straight through to Terrie’s website from there, as well. So I encourage you to reach out to her because the work she does is incredible. I also encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the Twitter and the Facebook share buttons here. Don’t forget that once the show is over, if you click the link below the video, you can take my 30-second quiz so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, guys, until next time… Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

TC: Bye.

Terrie Christine



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