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Episode # 59   How to Create an Abundant Vibration

About The Episode:

The Law of Attraction states that if you have an abundant vibration, it will attract wealth and abundance to you! Today, Natalie shares some easy-to-implement (and cheap!) tips you can start using today to get you up to an abundant vibration!

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Episode # 59 How to Create an Abundant Vibration

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now one of the most commonly asked questions I received is how do I create and abundant vibration when I'm completely in debt and reminded every day. So if you are in a situation, have a few suggestions for you today. Now first remember what law of attraction, what we focused on most is what we attract to ourselves. Now few of bills have coming in and you're reminded of the debt that you may be experiencing. I'm not saying that you should ignore your bills, what I'm saying it is critically important that you have a clear picture of what you do want. And you must write this down; you must visualize and feel the emotions of having the money that you want and exactly what that looks like. So if you have trouble doing this, just ask yourself what having in abundance of money means to you? Does it mean that you have your bills in an automatic payment and fold electronically? That you always have enough money in the bank to pay them so you don't need to look at the bill again. Does it mean buying expensive brand foods and eating organically now because you can afford it? Does it mean not looking at the price tag when you shop for clothes? Does it mean saying "yes" to your children when they ask for specific things, especially brand name things. You know really spend some quality time describing what abundance means to you and writing this out on paper in positive information. Now of course you can take it out to the next level by creating a mind movie as well to really help you feel and see what an abundant life is like. Now the other critically important thing to do is to start acting as if you're already financially abundant. Now that doesn't mean digging yourself further in to debt, but there are many little things that you can do. Many constant things that you can do that creates an abundant vibration. So even though this following things and following suggestions don't require that a money from you, each time you do one of these things you would telling yourself and the universe that I have more money than I need. I can afford to do this because I am abundant. So do things like you know leave an extra quarters in a parking miller, you know when you do this you tell yourself now you can easily afford to do this but you feel great about giving the next person who could possibly be in a rush a very pleasant surprise when they get to park. You know pay more than minimum payment on your credit card statements, even if it's only a few dollars more, it puts you into a higher abundant vibration. You know what about when you eat and your tipping, you know if you receive great service, tip a little bit more than the standard your country. Now round up to cents. So let's say for example you bill comes to 30 dollars and 56 cents, and you wanna leave 20% tip, rather than making it 36 dollars and 56 cents, round it up to 37 dollars. Now this is an action of an abundant person. Another suggestion is charity, now you give a donation no matter how small or donate your time, now every single time you do one of these things, you're programming your sub-conscious mind and building your belief that you're truly are abundant and money is flowing your way. Now the last suggestion that I have for you, is that you wanna start thinking like a rich person, you know take note of the force that you have and the things that you say around money. Now if you find yourself regularly engaging in a conversation about how bad the economy is, then stop it. If you find yourself instantly thinking negatively whenever the subject of money is brought up, then stop it. You know the more faults and words you put out into the universe about your lack of money, the more it is attracted back to you. So ask yourself, what were a rich person think? You know what would a rich person think? What would a rich person say in this situation? And start changing your inner and your outer dialogue in relation to abundance. So first, stop the negative thoughts and behave the run to subject your money, and then replace those with positive statements, statements like "I have more money than I need" you know "I am abundant", "I can afford that new dress", "I am a money magnet", "Everything I touched turns to gold", or "Everything I do works out for me". So I hope you enjoy the video today, I encourage you to share the information by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your Email on the box above there; we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date on all our upcoming shows. So until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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