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Episode # 43   How Do I Know I'm Making The Right Decision?

About The Episode:

Natalie reads an email from one of her viewers named Courtney, who has experienced great success through the Law of Attraction. However, now that Courtney has so many awesome opportunities available to her, she is feeling overwhelmed by all the possible choices. She is worried about wasting time going down the wrong path and is looking for advice on how to choose the best course of action. In response, Natalie shares 3 things that Courtney (or anyone) can do to get additional guidance on what actions to take next.

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Episode # 43 How Do I Know I'm Making The Right Decision?

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now, today I'm answering question from Courtney, Courtney send me an email and this is what she said. She said I had a major breakthrough and now everything seems flowing effortlessly and life is just a dream but I know it's just the beginning. However, I keep on tracking pitfalls that interfering my path not intriguing myself for everything be okay most I scared about on a decision is to focus my energy on here I am everything is looking awesome, I feel great and connected but what do I do now and where do I go from here. I wanna join fitness groups but I didn't know how to do this. should I study this course and take me down into this path, should I plan to the job I want to do but what if I'm unsuccessful. I have so much freedom and choice. Okay, that's an excellent question and an awesome email Courtney. First of all I'm really, really happy that you've been able to break through that barrier and the things that actually fall easily for you now. So congratulations on that but now is the time to relax and focus on your final goals. Now, once you know what they are then you're in a positive vibration there are actually 3 things you can do to create what to do next, because I think that there are many people that are in your position their feeling great, their feeling positive and god what do I do now, because of the things you want to focus on you need guidance you wanna take inspired action. So, the first thing you can do is when you wake up in the morning spend the first 10 minutes before you open your eyes to just laying there and ask yourself a question what can I do to make me closer to my goal or you can ask a question, what is the first thing I wanna focus from or what is my end result or where do I wanna go. Like trying to think yourself the question, what it is you actually take next, what should I take next and wait and listen for the answer because when you're waking up and going to sleep you're in fate with brain activity and which means you're very receptive to the answers so make sure that you hear the answer and you need to stay relax and be amaze on how you could possibly get the solution to any question that you post. The second thing you can do and beneficiary added become more relax is to meditate for 15-20 minutes per day, now find quite spot and sit comfortably and close your eyes, you could ask yourself the question before you go meditation like the questions you ask on the morning what I need to do to move closer to my goals, what is my next step, what action should I take and ask yourself before you start the meditation then close your eyes and clear your mind and be still for 15-20 minutes. These also opens a communication to god or universal souls and help to face the challenges and relax your body and mind and actually to keep you open on the actions you are looking for and the third thing which is really important is to listen to your intuition or inner voice when you are telling something especially. You'll find that you're on a positive flow you will hear the ideas from your inner voice you wanna trust these voice and be open to it when you hear it Courtney you're already on the positive vibration so when you're doing these 3 different exercises, it will open you up and the voice and ideas and things that you hear will actually help you on a positive direction but what you wanna remember is that any decisions is better than no decision you know you must found some actions because remember with the law of attraction focusing on what you want, knowing what you want, you need to start the actions to get the momentum going to give the universe the opportunity to jump in and help you on the people and the opportunity that you need even the wrong decision is moving you closer to your goal because you have eliminated at least one thing that doesn't work and probably picked up some experience on how to do better next time you could have even made a specific contacts or given you to change your mind set that you to do it better for the next time the greatest idea on the world is the one you take action on. Okay Courtney, I hope this answers your question and I hope this helps you and I hope that everybody else watching in this video today. Remember if there is useful you'd like to share this information just click the twitter and facebook share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure to put your email on the box above there. We'll send you 6 pre-made mind movies and we?ll keep you up to date with all the shows that are coming up and I thought great ones are coming up so keep an eye on to that. So, in the mean time, I'll see you next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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