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Episode # 52   Health Tips part 2

About The Episode:

Drew Canole, our resident health expert, has returned to the show to answer the health questions we've been receiving from Inspiration Show fans. Whether you want to know more about juicing for your health, getting six-pack abs, or the best ways to burn body fat, Drew has the answers for you!

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Episode # 52 Health Tips part 2

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and I'm here again with my friend Drew Canole.

Drew: How's it going?

Natalie: He's a resident health expert here on the inspiration show. And Drew the reason I got you here today I actually have a couple of question I wanna ask you?

Drew: Perfect.

Natalie: But I know you get along the questions I ask over and over.

Drew: Everyday.

Natalie: Right. Okay, so now we can cover those today because I'm sure what I'm asking and what a lot of people have maybe the people that are watching the show.

Drew: Hopefully we can help them out.

Natalie: Excellent. Okay. Now, the first question I have to ask you and we came to across this because we my husband and I rather than using juice maker we were using a blender to blend the vegetables but you would tell me some things that would different between blending and juicing.

Drew: Absolutely.

Natalie: So, what were the benefits of juicing?

Drew: So, juicing it's instant, it will go right into your blood stream by passes your G2 track which when your digestion system is using the fibre and like the blended drink it takes energy away from you. So, when it juice is it gives your body a time to heal this is why so beneficial to some people who are trying to lose weight because your body's healing taking all the toxins you know estrogens in your system and it happens a lot quicker?

Natalie: So, you absorb the nutrients faster?

Drew: You absorb the nutrients faster and you don't spend any energy to get the nutrients, see when we eat macro nutrients it's like proteins, you know carbs and potatoes that kind of stuff, our body work to process all that with juice your body doesn't have to work and you got an instant energy.

Natalie: So, that was the juice you know. Now the other one about abs. you know if I do a hundred of crunches everyday would I be burning body fat from my ab?

Drew: absolutely.

Natalie: my ab area?

Drew: Yeah. One of the most common misconceptions with that, I wish it did because you know there are a lot of people in America who just do it and abs all over the place. But you really need to burn body fat on the whole body and most of the time it starts with your face and if you watch somebody transform a lot of coaching students you'll see it in their face first and then on the top of the chest and the shoulders and then it works the way down and the same time coming from the ground as well and the very last place when you lose that body fat was actually like right here?

Natalie: I think it's there for men and here for women. You know.

Drew: yeah. Yeah.

Natalie: So the first question to lose is the last place it goes.

Drew: Exactly. And that's the first place you want it. you know you want to live on pack.

Natalie: I know. If we're looking to burn body fat what is the best type of exercise to do that?

Drew: You know it's simple. Circuit training is always good. So?

Natalie: Circuit training is like different machines?

Drew: Different exercises. Yeah. And mix it up and if you just have an inclined cardio, or a tread mill or put it in an incline and walk on it, for 20-25 minutes a day that's really, really good in burning fat.

Natalie: So, I have heard, what's the difference between just having like a one menu or one settings and put on one level per time or training it will god high and easy, high and easy.

Drew: It's gonna be 2 different functions the inner work training it's gonna work your heart more so your hearts gonna go up and it's good for the cardio. You know to get your heart in shape. But to burn body fat you have that slow consistent uphill climb coz' that's keep you around you know 1:15 to 1:35 and that's the fat burning zone.

Natalie: Right. Okay. One of the top training is this fat burning and another type of training that is more for fitness and cardiovascular?

Drew: Yeah absolutely.

Natalie: Right. Will you burn calories when you do cardiovascular as well?

Drew: Totally. Totally, but it's just more active on this one.

Natalie: Right. So, what are these questions you've been ask all the time?

Drew: I did ask, a lot of our coaches travel all the time and with the holidays coming up people playing on stuff like that and how the way healthy and the biggest thing is you can't leave you house without packing before it. So, having things like omen, walnuts, and some perfect food bars or the protein bars that are good for you that you like, take those on a plane with you and bring water so you could take those well and then if you're going to a destination the ninja trick that I learn recently to really easy in doing. You're staying in a hotel is ask the hotel for a blender and a fridge and they have to give it to you most of the hotels for what I understands. So, then you have that sometimes you don't live your food shift into us. So it's like you have the whole food, it's like a grocery store in your area just take a taxi and get it so, you can eat healthy food all the time and you don't have to worry about that. So that's a little trip for traveling.

Natalie: You know, so that's the thing you travel all the time you know. You eat for breakfast and here for lunch and next you know you feel the side all the time. So, you have to replace breakfast and lunch with something healthy. Would make it a difference as well?

Drew: And then having a dinner with your friends so that you can search allies and do what you want to do in the holidays they will have a good time.

Natalie: I'm still on the traveling mode. You just say it's difficult for you well most of the hotels have a gym. We'll just say that it was difficult for you to get in the gym. Is there some exercise you could do in your hotel room that really look like a specific gym.

Drew: You could do a hundred of exercises from the comfort of your hotel room.

Natalie: Right.

Drew: So, Air Squats you know simple air squats where you'll sitting back like this and you're just going up and down and your heart rate up and you have to monitor your pulse and monitor it as well. You know jumping jacks really simple to do though, everybody knows what they are. Push-ups, sit-ups that kinda thing pull a bar you've got to hold something.

Natalie: we're getting into its winter here in the US it's been an in climate weather especially on the east coast.

Drew: yeah. That's San Diego.

Natalie: Exactly. So, what another question that is commonly ask?

Drew: So, another question that is commonly ask is when I go out to eat, how do I healthy, how do I eat healthy. For me it's simple, I've go to items if I'm in Chinese place I generally get those lettuce wrap extra chicken for my metabolic type and any other restaurants that have a salad put a chicken or something on top of that as well. Somebody thinks that you want to avoid some heavy laden like salad dressings that tremendously high in calories like the full ranch and stuff like that, salad dressings are just simple you just put a simple lemon and little olive oil on your side on getting all those calories and everything like that?

Natalie: Exactly. Because there are a lot of sugars they are hidden in those dressings?

Drew: its chemicals, and it's not really the calories you should concern about, it's the chemicals that they put in it. That force your body to hold on the body fat. That's the biggest thing. So, one of the things I like to do is look at the back on the salad dressing if there is a hole, to see it it's good or not, generally how many line is how better it is for you, do you have something maybe we can show them.

Natalie: Salad dressing? Sure. Hold on. The disguise fridge's here.

Drew: Perfect. So, you see this right here this one doesn't really give the justice but this line here, right here, on the back there quite to be that. You guys can see this as well?

Natalie: So this is like the list of ingredients.

Drew: the list of ingredients. The last ingredient the better it is for you. So, you can have more calories and fat but actually it has this all chemicals that are hidden in there that's not good for you.

Natalie: So, that's the thing I notice here in the US that there are some ingredients like what, what's, what ahh mix tracufalors what even is that is. You can see these ingredients over here in things like this that we use to it.

Drew: and you're putting it in your body. Like what is this soya latin and that's a prohibited soya which?

Natalie: Samtom gum?

Drew: for men is up.

Natalie: it doesn't sound pretty good.

Drew: it doesn't sound good.

Natalie: yeah.

Drew: don't make a salad right another.

Natalie: no. alright. So look let's when we finish here today once we get pass the holiday season what is the number one thing when it comes to January to clean up starting new year. What's the number one thing that people should be doing to keep starting a much healthy way.

Drew: Absolutely. I think having goals are great and everybody have these goals the problem is most of the time they fail and hitting those goals is setting them up so large in the beginning that they go out all the way and they never hit it. So, the thing that I encourage everyone to do is start as small as possible coz' if you could start doing something small today even if it's 5 minutes but you do that every single day eventually after 17 to 21 days psychologically that's gonna become a habit in your mind?

Natalie: Right.

Drew: So, that point then you has this habit let's say that set the stone you love to do, you enjoy doing it. So, now it's not just 5 minutes it's 10, it's 15, it's 20 minutes may be an hour may be if you love Glen an hour and a half?

Natalie: Right. And that's the thing it's like you know let's just say you want to change a one habit at a time or add that habit as a affirmation to the list of habit of them all and maybe you look at all the time. So, let's just say you want a make sure your drinking a 2 liters of water a day or want to do exercise a 30minutes a day. Make sure you have an affirmation like I enjoy exercising 30 minutes each day or I happily drink 2 liters of water each day and the thing is once like you said once you get to routine that and it becomes the unconscious part of your day like remember when you're a kid you know your mommy tell you to go brush your teeth you'd like mom I don't want to brush my teeth but now it's not an effort for you and the thought of not cleaning your teeth is just icky. So, kinda like that, you part of your routine, incorporate that unhealthy habit.

Drew: And that's what I like about mind movies too. Just giving the whole mental programming just 98% of any fitness around with your health it all start with your mind set. So you program it right like you show everyone how to do. It really works.

Natalie: Yes like setting goals to create a mind movie for me health goals for the new year talk about make sure you have affirmation that describe the goals you wanna reach have affirmation about the actions you wanna take like drinking water and exercise on that top of thing and also include affirmation that describe what life is right now to reach your health goals and will give you a really great clear picture I mean composing picture what's it gonna be like once you reach those goals and which is the whole purpose of the mind movie to help you visualize the whole 40 to reach your goal.

Drew: Right. And one thing we do too is we do the see hear feel so what is your goal look like, what does it feel like, what does the sound like. So another people see that sexy body to the New Year's what they say to you, you like that affirmation like that.

Natalie: Well thanks again for joining us Drew?

Drew: thanks for having me on. This is awesome.

Natalie: I'm sure we'll be doing some more shows in the future.

Drew: I hope so.

Natalie: So, we try to want make you so next time we'll show you the latest most up to date information that we can. Now people want to know more about you, where can we send them?

Drew: little banner over there yeah.

Natalie: and what's the URL?


Natalie: Beautiful. So guys if anything here in this information that you would like to share to others click the facebook and twitter buttons there above and you haven't done so already make sure you put your email on the box above there, we'll sen you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows so until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Drew: yeah.

Drew Canole



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