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Episode # 167   Heal Your Health Kerry Douglas

About The Episode:

Today, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Kerry Douglas from Heal Your Health. Douglas battled with a muscle degenerative disease for years that brought on depression and a sense of hopelessness. Douglas began to see improvement in her health after realizing that she had the power to control her situation with her thoughts. Douglas has since created an online seminar for those individuals who have experienced a loss or those who are going through a tough time mentally or physically. Douglas aims to encourage and empower individuals around the world to use the power of the mind to heal their health through her online seminars. Douglas credits holistic practices such as meditation, visualization, and Mind Movies for her healing.

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Episode # 167 Heal Your Health Kerry Douglas

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Kerry Douglas and she shares her inspiring story from going from a point where she had a muscular degenerative disease to where now she's using this information to make a choice, to make a difference and to help other people around the world. So stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is Kerry Douglas from Australia. Hi Kerry, how are you?

Kerry: Hi Natalie, how are you?

Natalie: I'm good. Actually, specifically Kerry's from Queensland which is the beautiful part of Australia so she's up on the sunshine coast, is that right?

Kerry: Yes, it is right. I'm on the sunshine coast I'm a maker of...

Natalie: Yeah, lovely. Kerry's got a really awesome and inspiring story about her health and how it actually was the catalyst to spare on to do some amazing things including this tele-seminar series that I was invited to participate in. So what we might do first of all Kerry is to start with your story and your background.

Kerry: I had a finished straight forward upbringing and I decided, I was artistic and I decided that I will become an art teacher and that's what I have to do, I loved it and I love to stay along the coast and being in beautiful areas but after about 25 years of teaching I started to get some strange health issues happening. I'm becoming weaker, I'm becoming not able to walk upstairs properly and having pain muscles, I was exhausted all the time and I just thought I'm not picking up what's going on. I actually had to finally go to a specialist to discover I had some very strange, undiagnosed some muscles do not perform, the message do not change word to the muscle to do things that that was shrinking. So I have a muscle change problem and on that stage I couldn't perform the teaching, I didn't have the energy, I couldn't get around, I could barely walk. So most of it was traumatic perhaps I have to finally admit that I really have a sick back and I kept on doing it for 5 years and each person, I kind of knew that I was looking for something else to do so I could teach special names children and I'm getting a really hard time. I think as a teacher, other people become do something else. We're not the expert in spending the money, my husband's the one handling the money. So we have a mortgage and half at building a house. You know I almost forgot that I married a guy who's a total mediocre. I had a marred of money chumming in and to do with a little at a pension. So I had to collect some before. Basically, I would drive to work wondering which two I would use today; I think that should do it. And I just even though it breaks information I knew that there was something very odd I knew about, to see what you've thought, and I ended up being lucky not to stay home while. I listen too many, I had so much information and there were so many people expressing wonderful things telling me about that they would love to get a dose of medicine everyday. And I, on a spiritual method. So I actually the meditation, the information, watching what I was thinking and being aware of what I was thinking my diet, confusing really that sort of thing, well they started thinking about fitting, doesn't feel any good. I'm social myself to now and if you say your happier it doesn't mean you don't know what's going on, it just means that you spare yourself from the happenings. We have a terrible it's really awful and not knowing how's it going to be people. Anyway, I had and finally I had the thought of realizing, wait a minute why, why, why am I saying unusual things because I don't have a job anymore, why I'm not doing what I should do, why am I saying that nobody loves me, the things I'm saying must be really true. Then I have been looking at the fact that you are responsible for what happens in your life and I found that quite difficult. On the side, I thought very deep and said why I would do this to myself. And it kind of dawned knowingly when I figure, on how I was acting on people, I was so angry more often, wait a minute; yeah it is my fault and then you change it, what can I do? So there gonna search about. So I look into things that, I wanna be a teacher, I'm good at talking, I'm good at communicating. I have a lot of patience for people, I love people, I love communicating, talking to them and I won't incredible people out there what can they do to improve that, that's what I want and say "oh, you don't have to believe that" there's an option, make a choice. That's the thing, make a decision, and make a choice. So--- keep doing what you need to do, keep your head light, keep your energy level right, make a choice, and don't accept what's happening. There are a millions of possibilities that could be happening but why aren't you taking any action that comes your way and be smart in taking action. I know it's been an incredible ride, I just need someone else, like I had actually someone refer me--- but I can't do this. So do you know about Natalie, I say I know about Natalie, she has a show on Mind Movies. Well she doesn't have to be here, why don't I record something and I was happy to do that. And now if I hadn't had done that, I would never be here talking to Natalie and Natalie talking with me on this set, on the inspiration show so my gosh I put this website together, I've contact more than 50 people, I've got incredible staff in the world. And---- I would say that was me back there, and I'm right here. Yeah it couldn't happen with what I've done by all my energy and my movie, watching what I'm thinking about, and medication and gratefulness. I'm forever grateful, it made me feel a hundred percent.

Natalie: That's a thing I like about your story is you look at all, you set your intention, you've gone from a phase of where your health was in dire straights, your losing muscle, those messages aren't getting to your muscles. So you've gone from that but you said your intention, you've decided something different, you're like this doesn't have to be my life, I want something completely different and you just take an action. And it's surprising that when you can actually get to that point when you set that intention and you start to take action in that direction and you're focusing on that and how things just fall into place and you know your tele-seminar series is a prime example of that. And the other thing too, is I'm sure people are probably on their way behind the scenes but all of the east coast of Australia right now is being flooded. We've got storms happening, we got a cyclone that's come through, even here in Sydney as I look at it, I can hardly see the harbor from where I am and normally I can see quite clearly but the picture might be a little bit distorted above those conditions, this was such an important message, such an inspiring message that I really, really need to get carried away talking about this. So who are the type of people that can benefit from the calls that you're putting together on your telly seminar series?

Kerry: It's been true and anyone can but specifically we're going to help women and men who have some kind of illness or loss. So losing their lives and I actually dreamt my loss so I didn't know doing it but I loved grading it and I do realized I need to serve that purpose. It could be of someone that's suffered a loss or maybe someone that you have lost again. I'm focusing on people who specifically have lost their base of health in some ways or they care for someone else often that they do is patch those so it would be easy to help. Ultimately, when you are sick and boiled up as usual then what happens is you end up having trouble to talk, not to do your work effectively... you're not performing as well. And for people like that who really want to stay out of that and I say you don't have to accept that. You can just stepped out of that, there's a whole world of people who, we've got healings, a wonderful---, we've got, we've got--- challenging, we've got people who aren't heal might wanna learn, we have people who wanna help manifest the change, we had people that have energy transformation that can heal you, there are people feel themselves on that particular core. And also body, mind, spirit. Some people heal too slowly, some people heal too simple and they're gonna ask you to frozen and not come back the whole of age, we got to learn the same way, do I teach, do I know this. We learn through sight, hearing, reading just like the audio, but with the whole new technique that you can take out for people who's suffering in some ways, they're not telling you a story that's fake. They lived it, they walked, talked and here now they have charging businesses online which is a most centric way to earn a living when you have a bad health. It's just the basic final due so that this people will inspire and encourage under the journey, they wanna stand with you. You learn how to work on your inner self, which you have to get yourself a... They need to look for help; they have to look what is there out there that I can help. And you can go to that page, you can move on to that ---- and the people in that they have wonderful income in what they are doing, they have that strategy and not for that baby they'll all go.

Natalie: So Kerry where can we send people to know more about the telly series?

Kerry: They can go to the site right now its

Natalie: So Wonderful! Now guys, remember if you also click the banner to the side you'll go straight to Kerry's site from there as well. So Kerry, thank you for battling the storm with me and being here on the show today.

Kerry: By the way Natalie, you probably know about my e-mail, we have no talent and no trust funds. It's a lucky start here and lucky we have produced our own generator and I have been numb, just about all week but I go home and thought, okay I still have energy . It doesn't matter what's going on outside and that's... Don't be like a drama queen. Don't be like, you can have drama "oh, my coach is terrible, this awful things happen to me". Just because we have a very not blackening ward and most of us we've got pretty much to show you. We tend to get much stronger until along the way it goes and when it does "oh my gosh" the people who stopped from that supporting from--- so it's pretty horrible for them. They lose it again and they feel dreadful--- it's really drying them.

Natalie: Yeah. Absolutely! Again, thanks again Kerry for joining me. Now guys I encourage you to share this information and the video. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there. I'd love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video Echoes, its got masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, its valued 87 dollars and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there to get that. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Heal Your Health Kerry Douglas



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