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Episode # 143   Global Health Summit

About The Episode:

Today on the Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Kerry Tepedino, who is exploring the connection between our mind and our health. Our mind has a surprisingly strong influence over our health, which can be great for healing, but can also be toxic when we play mind games with ourselves. Kerry has struggled with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other deadly mental games in her past, which has inspired her to give back to the world and put together the upcoming Global Health Summit.

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Episode # 143 Global Health Summit

Natalie: Today on the show I?m speaking with Kerry Tepedino who describes the relationship between our mind and our health, and how we can use that to create optimal health for ourselves, so stay tuned.

Hi I?m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is my friend Kerry Tepedino how are you?

Kerry: Hey Nat! I?m awesome, thank you so much for having me here today, I?m so excited.

Natalie: Now Kerry and I is a friend but she?s a holistic health practitioner and knows many things and I know that you have many health modalities that you work with. But the reason I have you here today, we want to talk about the relationship between the mind and health and I know that this is you are a bit of an expert on. And especially the toxic, you know mind games that we have going on inside our minds. So what is it about our mind that really influences our health the most?

Kerry: Well thank you for opening up this discussion, because it truly is a passion of minds that were talking about this, you know my own personal health journey, real thing journey, has been where my mind games, truly took over my life, I had eating disorders, bio MS disorders, low self-esteem, I went through that whole deadly cycle and I know defeating and how it can just bash you down and break you down and so that is why I am buoyancy in the work I?m doing because I truly want to help people learn without a doubt, hands down, you can shift that mental monkey mind, you can shift that monkey mind in the charter going on in there and when you do that, it truly affects you... your health on any level, physically, because for example it will change your body chemistry, your cortisone level will be balanced instead of too high and then you retain fat or your anxiety levels will be too high, mentally, of course it?s going to help you in every area of your life and you are able to just like; stay more calm, make more present emotionally you know to help bring the stress and anxiety levels to not going to a depressive state. So having that game, the mind game, the mental game in a place where it?s truly healthy and balanced, it will give a positive effect in every area in your life, in aspects of your health.

Natalie: Right, so where did this Deadly Tool come from?

Kerry: Well you know what, there is... this is a great question because I believe and I have talked to many, many, many experts about this and I have talked with you know, over thousands and thousands of clients and you know, I truly believe that part of you know, from the ages of like 3 or 7 are most impersonal stages, we?re very trusting, we?re very naïve and if our respected elders who are usually our parents because they are who are raising us, if they have their own truths, or their own beliefs or their core values, they are going to be living in to those and we being so in personal we will take those for ours... and so not even if we know if they are the right ones or not, we create coping mechanisms that we then live in to over and over again throughout our whole life and they will show up in every aspect, for example; say when we were young, we learned that if we are really funny, then we were lovable, like that?s how we got value, then what happens? We become the class clown, we?re the funny sibling, we?re life of the party, and you know that?s how we live into. We may be a really sharp person, we just want to stay at home on a Saturday night, but we?ve created this truth in this well-being and so we tend to live into that over and over, and over again.

Natalie: Right, of course. Alright, so what we?re saying is that we picked up a lot of this programming, modeling our parents, so let?s site someone at ease, you know suffering, you know different health ailments, what?s something that can do mentally to get them into a better state of health?

Kerry: Alright, great question. I just want to step back for one more thing, one more point on that last question because like our ways of being what we take on from our respected elders or people we love, that?s one thing that you do have to take the, like physical component too, if you have a chemical imbalance in your body like a hormonal imbalance or if like, your, the chemicals or your brain chemistry, the cognitive functions is off in your brain, that?s actually something that needs to be looked at as well. So really taking those things into consideration, we?ve talked about this before and I know that you agreed, so I just wanted to add that too because there are different elements to really consider, but starting with a few simple strategies that are familiar in our list of surveys today can absolutely put into immediate action and get some instant results would be for example a patterned interrupt, so say that you have this normal way of being that you know is circling you down, this negative spiral down this negative fact-process; I?m not good enough, I?m not lovable, I need to be 10-pounds lighter, no one will love me, and all these chatter, chatter, chatter... so if you could not be in that moment, and replace that negative path-pattern with that negative downward spiral, it?s something positive so then you can let yourself change your thoughts, which will change your situation because thoughts proceed action right? And then action creates your reality or your environment. This is actually a really funny story, I was shooting some video with a business partner, this was a couple of weeks ago and she was going through this difficult break-out and so she kept like cooling-up like OH you know this negative thoughts about or where she burst out with the break-out. in her kitchen, and awesome I just started like turning in on and out, "what are you doing?" and I?m like, "I?m creating a pattern-interrupt work for you so that you can pull yourself out of this negative like downward spiral and you can replace it with a positive thought, I mean 3 positive thoughts right now." And so she did it! and then I swear not on and it was so funny, like 3 minutes later, it started again, I went to the faucet and I turned the faucet on and off and she was like... and then she replaced it and then what happened was... we actually had to do this quite a few times, and if I had to took it 5 times, but what happened was she started laughing whenever I switch to the faucet which how... because laughter is an amazing, amazing medicinal property in the body and also what happened was, she started to, like, her negative thoughts spiral are starting to be more and more timed in between them, so she was starting to touch herself, like she started to touch herself as she is in that negative thought and then she started to catch herself before that negative thought even started to happen which is incredibly, incredibly powerful.

Natalie: Yep, exactly, you know I?ve been talking to a few people lately it?s been interesting, doctors and different healing you know, people who are looking at like the Mind Movie software and going; this would be fantastic with healing because it really gets you to focus on what it is that you want your body to do or what you need to go through to be able to be able to get to health, so have you had any experience with that? Like people that are being people to think themselves back into health just by visualizing on their body healing you?

Kerry: Absolutely, so a good friend of mine, she had a terrible motorcycle accident, this was about, this was about 4-5 years ago, probably 4 years ago, and horrible, horrible, and don?t even know how many titanium screws she has keeping her wrist together, she has 2 titanium plates keeping her pelvis together, was in the hospital, was in supposed to, was in supposed to have I think like challenged mobility after that, if, and I don?t even know what percentage she was actually re-coped from that, she was a seasoned meditator, she spent all of that time in her hospital bed visualizing and meditating, and really seeing her body heal like the cells in her body heal and re construct themselves and she actually gave natural child birth, and her little son just turned 2, about 2 months ago, so she absolutely, absolutely said it was all about visualization and that powerful, powerful, inner work that she did visualizing that helped the physical.

Natalie: Yep, you know, and just, and I just remember about our mutual friend Rene Era who have had on our show here who am, yeah! total accident, lost, or feeling everything here on the side her face and she just visualized her nerves healing and molding together, and she?s now, you know, formability of her face and she?s fabulous and yeah.

Kerry: She is an amazing example actually, we were just talking about this yesterday and she let her, the tumor in her brain was so large that when I had dinner for 15 years without symptoms, so by the time they actually went into a doctor, it was considered the most aggressive brain tumors they had ever seen when they removed it because it was so inclined on who she was physically at that point. Her nerve actually disintegrated like it collapsed, because it took manic to collapse and through her visualization work, she was able to get back to at least 60% of you know reduction of paralysis and that was the 2nd healing she had have, she had actually visualized a tumor out of her pancreas years earlier, so she had that faith, she really knew that she could do it, so by the time she fought to that whole brain tumor situation, she was like, she was like there, like she knew without a doubt she could make this happen.

Natalie: Yep, and you know that? one of the situations where, you know you get some success and you?re like you know, this is really great but then the real test comes. And through her faith and her visualization she was able to you know to see herself back into health. Now Kerry I know that this is obviously you know we can see that this is a passionate subject for you but I know that to help you get the message out there you?ve actually co-created the Global Health Summit, can you tell us a little bit about what?s happening at that?

Kerry: Absolutely thank you so much for asking. I?m really excited to share it with The Inspiration Show family and the Mind Movies family, the Global Health Summit is coming up very, very soon make sure you go hit that link that?s right next to this video...

Natalie: Banner over there...

Kerry: And come join us, right over there, come join us for free! Our roster, speaker roster is Amazing Natalie as one of those of course, we have another good friend Bob Doyle from The Secret, we have Tina Emans, the brain doctor?s wife, we have, JJ Virgin, we have a couple of our friends from the Doctor Field?s Show, from the experts in there, I mean it?s just amazing and we have all come together because we are truly passionate about helping people shutter the toxic conversation in their head so they can attain complete freedom with their health, physically, mentally and spiritually. So the way that it?s all said out is from November 5th to November 19th. We?re going to be releasing a... we?re going to have a group call and you can join us from the call it?s at 12 o?clock noon, Pacific Standard Time for about an hour and each interview is so jam-packed with rich content and not only like content that?s good to know but truly like step by step strategies that people can immediately implement and see some instant results.

Natalie: Awesome, so yes, you?ve got some amazing people on the you know speaking there and that?s, it?s really directly related to how young you could be empowered to take charge of your health again, you know how you can have optimal health and how you know important it is that our mind had a quick place rolling in it, so it?s very exciting. So guys remember if you click on the banner to the side then you go straight through to that site and remember just register it?s free. And the information like we said you know, we?ve got, the people that is speaking on this is just incredible, so Kerry thank you so much for joining me today.

Kerry: Yes, one thing Nat, I just want to let everybody know is that there is a ton of free gifts out there, I mean like thousands of dollars? worth of free gifts so please make sure to even just go click that link to see if it resonates with you, the topic, and the speakers and the gifts, I mean why wouldn?t you run and get the free gifts? And just open it up on November 5th. Free is great.

Natalie: And guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the Facebook and share buttons above. And if you haven?t done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there. I would love to send you the Manifesting with Masters Video A Course, masters like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, and John Assaraf. It?s valued in 87 dollars and I?d like to give it to you for free. So make sure you put your emails on the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We?ll see you soon.

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