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Episode # 170   Genetic Energetics Larry Michel

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with Larry Michel from The Four Answers, How To Succeed In Love and Life. Larry discusses how he utilizes genetic energy to help others improve their communication, find love, and create long-lasting friendships. Larry explains throughout the show that each person has a certain energetic frequency that defines communication styles, sexual compatibility, chemistry, and intellectual compatibility. Larry shares that when he first heard of the genetic energy theory, he was skeptical, due to his extensive background in sciences such as psychology and sociology. However, after experiencing genetics first hand in his own life, he knew that this field was his passion and the direction he wanted to take his life. Through The Four Answers, How To Succeed In Love and Life, Larry helps others discover compatible partners and improves overall communication between peers, employers, and family. The genetic energy system has impacted lives around the world, and Larry continues to spread his knowledge through a successful radio show and his online platforms.

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Episode # 170 Genetic Energetics Larry Michel

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Larry Michel. And he actually explains why some of our relationships might not be working and how long we discover what our personal vibration or resonance is how we can actually improve those. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is my friend Larry Michel. How are you Larry?

Larry: I'm fabulous. Great! It's so fun to be on your show.

Natalie: I know. I'm so glad that we finally get to do this together because we've been talking about it for a while. So what we might start, for those people who are not familiar with Larry, as familiar as I am. Why don't we start with your background and what it is that you do?

Larry: Okay, my background, the trouble maker villain. You know I have all kinds of nick names cause I have a video show called the Larry Love Show so I get called Dr. Love a lot. My background's spent on social anthropology, psychology and sociology for years; I've been dealing with all kinds of products and services that happened to help cure the human condition. And really my focus now is more singular than any other time in my life because I found something that is absolutely a passionate direction that I think I'll be spending the next 60 years, it's called genetic energetics. So I'm looking at a very unique, very wonderful insight to relationships, this is changing lives all over the planet.

Natalie: I know you have a very successful radio show which I was wanted to be a guest on. I know that you talked a lot about communication within relationships so far. So, well, let's expand a little bit on genetic energetics.

Larry: Okay. It's very interesting. We all experienced it; we all know what it is and I'll just gonna ask you if you've ever been, you know out to lunch or out to dinner with someone and, or maybe you know just meeting someone. And somewhere along the way you feel like "Oh my God, I'm exhausted", like they just sucked all the energy out of you. Did you have that experienced?

Natalie: Yes, I have.

Larry: So we all have, for sure I know we all have. And sometimes, unfortunately it's with relatives, sometime it's with friends. But one of the things we discovered is that all of us have, it's called an energetic frequency that we're born with and stays with us our entire lifetime, it doesn't change. And we've been able to identify that frequency and then we can tell people whether yours and mine are the same or different. Now if they're the same, it's wonderful, it's very synergistic and it's lovely. But if they're different, its discord, there's challenges. And this is to say that we can't be in a relationship with people that are different than us but it's really useful to understand what's going on. Because if all of this that's wearing us down is someone else's presence, we could be stuck in stories going "Oh, I didn't have my coffee this morning and I didn't get a workout. Work is stressful". We create stories trying to explain things that we know we have the answers for. Now, just being tired or worn down is one area but there's other areas like communication style, like how we run our lives and processed information, how we handle money, even our sexual response, sexual compatibility and attractions, chemistry. So with genetic energetics we can even identify whether there will be chemistry that would be born. And what's really fun about it is this is something that 700 years ago if you ask me about it, I would have gone hogwash or you could just said that's crazy. But I was asked to come in and look at this company and I spent almost 2 years Natalie, trying to break their system. And then a team of outside scientists came in and did a complete scientific study on us and they crewed all after. And at that point, that's how I ended up becoming a partner in the company.

Natalie: So we're saying that we all have a specific resonance or vibration that we give out. Is there like a certain amount of those or a million of those? And how do you know who you're compatible with?

Larry: So there's actually, when it comes to what we call life's out traits, there's eight variations. There's four particular lifestyle traits that we're focusing on which are communication as one, we call the other the activity level which is the speed we processed information but it's also how we run our lives. So we all know that we've met people that are just "go, go, go, go, go", they never stopped, they have something planned all the time. And then there's some of us like myself, I'm a spiriter, I'll go really hard but then I could chill, I could just like "You know, I'm done. I'll figure out what I'm gonna do next." But if I don't understand that one person is different than me in that area, I maybe saying too "You know, Natalie, we like relax, kick up, put your feet up on the sofa and just like take a break. If you're not the type of person that takes breaks, it's like asking the two of them to be a rose. And in relationships, we do a lot of that, we do a lot of that with, either its business or children and especially on romance, we're constantly asking people to be like us. Why? Cause it feels great you know. It's like how wonderful is it to be able to go do something with someone when we have certain similarities, at least how we listen or how we communicate.

Natalie: Right. So how can we identify someone who's got a similar resonance or vibration to us?

Larry: Okay, are you ready for this?

Natalie: Yeah, I'm ready.

Larry: This is really silly cause I do. When I first met the people that have this system and it was developed over 40 years ago. I asked them, I said "What do I need to do? Do I need to fill out a survey, just tell me what questions, where do I go for line after I signed out?" and they asked me for my birth date. And they asked me for my birthday and then they asked me for my office of junior parent's birthday. And my first response was "Really?" I mean astrology I've done that, numerology I've done that, I think it's really neat, I like that stuff but you know it hasn't help me with some of my relationship challenges. And it turns out its very different at all those, so it doesn't ask for your time of birth or where you are born, just the birthday accesses a really complex mainstream of information. So originally when I came in contact with this company, I give them a birthday and they open this book, it was about this thick and it was thousands and thousands of pages and now it's all on to me but at that time it was all him done originally 40 years ago before computers , so it's fascinating. So your birthday and I could tell you about your communication style, your activity level, how you handle money and your sexual response. And I meet you in a bar and we stayed at a friend's house and I say "My God, she's beautiful. I love her hair, her eyes, complexion, the smile. This is exactly the person I wanna know". And then what do we normally do when we identify someone visually, we made that decision and we start asking questions, right? So I would ask you a whole bunch of questions about you and I'd find out who you are, what you're into, and your days and "Oh my God we're in the same business, how fun is that?". That's where relationships really get ahead of their juice. Well I don't know anything about you energetically, so it could be that although we have a lot in common and we like the way each other look, we might not be sexually compatible. And so we could start up a relationship like all relationships, we could be wonderful and intimate, playful and all those things that most relationships are at the beginning that over time it could shift. And if we're mismatch, that shift if we don't understand it becomes very problematic.

Natalie: Okay. So what if you're in a relationship and your thinking, well I'm listening to this video now and I'm thinking "Oh maybe we are mismatch" "Maybe the partner I am is mismatch", what can we do about that?

Larry: Oh there's a lot to do. So I'll give you an analogy of the way I look at the system. One it's about waking up, being aware. Imagine that you go into a room like a 30 by 30 room and there's a little 15 watt ball right in the center of the room and so when you stand on earth, you can see everything around you, everything's fine. But how long are you gonna stand in one place, we're curious human beings, we're gonna wander. So you start wandering kind of into the dark corners and you go to one corner and "Ouch! What was that?" but you can't see it so you kind of go back to the center. And you might wander around the perimeter and hit your knee and "Oh, yeah that hurts" and you can avoid that corner. Imagine you pull out that 15 watt ball and you put it in a thousand watt ball, it looks like this, very bright. Instantly, you get to see everything and now you look in the corner and you go "Oh my God there were tacks there, no wonder that hurt, I'm not stepping down it anymore". But you look at the box you saw on the other corner and it says on the box "This is a box of really cool stuff, look inside". So now instead of avoiding it, you go and you look and you go, "Oh my God there's things in here I've always wanted to know or see". So we're basically giving you one more piece of information, so you can go better on appreciate, and honor and respect your partner.

Natalie: Right. So really it's finding out more about what makes them tick and maybe them finding out what makes them tick as well and what makes yourself tick so you go "Okay, well I completely understand this" and so you're looking at it from a completely different perspective.

Larry: Totally. It's really it. It's very much it. You know when I was talking about how we picked if I met you in a bar or a party, the first two things I was talking about was I looked at you go "Yeah, okay you passed the looks test", so that's the physical part and then the next thing I looked at is mental plus who you are. It's what you believed in, it's all the things your passionate about. So imagine our relationships are three legged stools and those were the only two legs we're looking, it means we're balancing all the time. And what happens to most of us is that we go down the road doing this wonderful balancing act and it's kind of like, have you ever ridden a bicycle, you know where you clipped your feet into the pedals. Have you ever like the first time for all of us like you stop and you go "Oh crap I forgot to take my foot out" and you just fall over sideways, right? So as soon as you come to a stop, there's like this tumble or there's fall and we get up, we picked up, we brush ourselves off and we go "Oh gosh that kind of hurt and I don't wanna do that again". And if it's a relationship, I might go "Oh Natalie, I'm really sorry. I won't do that again. I'll try harder next time". And so I have an awareness that we have a problem but I don't know what the problem was and I totally am committed to wanna be in a relationship so I work harder or and so we get off again and the body in our bike, we are those two legs balancing and something else throws us off, like being exhausted, when you get sick. We're not communicating well because we don't speak the same language. Energetically, we don't speak the same language. So now we get up and this time, we may be looking to five love languages or we get a book on non-violent communication or we call a coach. You know there's lots of books and lots of advice self. We all get this advice and it seems great and you go "Hey, good to go. Let's try it again; I'll do better this time. I love you and we'll gonna make it work" and if its business you know "I'm gonna work harder. I'm gonna do better in sales, I'm gonna listen closer to what your instructions are" and you go off down that path and if you don't know energetically what's going on, regardless of everything we've learned and all the great advice, we're still dealing with those energetic differences. So the bottom line of all of this, this is really gonna sound gushy and mushy, it's all about love, it's all about being present. So I get to see you for not just who you are but what you are and what you are energetically and I see you, I don't see you based on what I want you to be but I see you and that's we all want right, we wanna be see. So to do that, I need to bust all kinds of stories; I need to stop thinking you didn't listen to me close enough or you never pay attention to me or you won't slow down or you know I'm asking you to rub my back and all you want to do is you know up in the bed and let's just do it, right? Or maybe I don't like the, I'm uncomfortable with the way you handle money. But if I know what you are energetically then I get to see you, I get to appreciate you, I get to honor you and acknowledge you and I get to be present, most important. It's the only place love lasts, it's the only place love exist.

Natalie: Cause that's the thing, most couples would fought over you know someone didn't buy them something or the tea towels left out and these things they're just the symptoms, they're not the actual problem and they focus on the surface top and never really getting underneath because most of us don't really know what it is underneath. We can't put a finger on, we don't understand, why is it when he does this it annoys the hell out of me you know. So what your saying is by going through this information, we can actually go "Oh right, well I understand that when he does this" cause that's the thing when you are in a relationship and this is with Glenn and I, we first met at a nightclub many years ago, it was such a stressful time for us and we could have got to a point where we can't hardly even had a civil word to each other but then when we sat down we realized, we communicate and we're really just stressed and you know you kind of figure out when you're in that emotion that your partner loves you. If they love you, they don't get a way to annoy you, that's not their intention but when you're in the moment you just kind of forget that.

Larry: It's so true. And when we forget that we don't wanna be wrong or we wanted answers so we're gonna create some kind of story to explain. And if we have, you know it's kind of this simple, if you get an accident and you go to the hospital and you need a transfusion, wouldn't it be important to know your blood type?

Natalie: Of course.

Larry: Yeah. So what if you go to the hospital and you go "Doc get me a bag of that one" and they hook you up and all of a sudden "she's not looking very good". "Golly, you must have grabbed the wrong bag, just grab another one of those bags". Until someone comes in and goes "A blood type, A bag" and now your following. You didn't do anything wrong by getting sicker; it was someone not recognizing you for what you are. So this is really knowing what you are energetically, what's amazing is how quickly it takes people to replace it with joy and happiness, they become aware. Do I have time to tell a story?

Natalie: Yes, you do.

Larry: It's the most amazing story. I consult and coach people all over the world. I certify people as energetic relationship professionals so we have coaching teams that work with people all over the world. And this one lady came to me and I had a chance to talk to her for 30 minutes, that's it. She was 70 years old and 43 years ago, I think it was, she married an Armenian man and had just a horrendous marriage, stayed with it for like 27 years, finally divorced him. She divorced him in Armenia and just she knew it wasn't working, it was painful, it's sexually and communication wise, everything was really tough but she was a devoted wife, she figured it was her, that there was something wrong and she needed to keep working that. Finally, they gave up. Another 10 years passed and he passed away. Now she's back in United States taking care of her 90 year old aunt. And I'm asking her what your personal life line. Well she doesn't have one Natalie because she still believes that she's incapable of having a relationship because one she couldn't sexually satisfy her man and she couldn't make him happy and everything about the relationship was so disastrous that even after 30, almost 40 years, she start feeling like she's ---. So we look at her energetic profile and we look at the difference between her and her husband and they were completely different. They did not have the same energetic sexual type, they didn't speak the same language, everything was different. There was nothing wrong with her but she's been living thinking everything's wrong with her. And so in 30 minutes she goes from, I wish I could have seen her, I wish she was on Skype like this but we were on the phone and I hear this paused and I hear this door swing, and she got on her backyard and she was saying "I'm thanking God for this information I have my life back." A week later I talked to her again, she went skydiving and she had a date. She has a date schedule. She's 70, right? Her life is back and fortunately she was mature enough not to go and waste another 40 years. She just knew it was now time to leave it. That's romance; we have situations with children and parents and teachers and kids where just that misunderstanding to that lack of knowledge to what someone is energetically, that simple piece that you can get so easily, it's a thousand watt ball, it turns all the lights. I know energetically what you and Glenn are and it makes it really fun for me to communicate with you, right. And the differences I still appreciate them, it's easy to appreciate them.

Natalie: Yeah, for sure. Larry, you have been enough well suit of information so much, thank you for joining me today, it's been awesome. Now where can we send people if they want to find out more about you and the work that you're doing and get more of this information.

Larry: Well a great place to go is to our new website. It's called the And I have a new product called get it right. Go figure. So we're bringing energetics and helping people understand how energetics help them get it right in their relationships whether they're in one now or they have exes now. You asked a beautiful question, you know if I mismatch, do I give up? No, no, no. You just get to the place where you can really appreciate something. So will get you there and through that you can get links to matrix which is my other site. You can email me at [email protected] and I'm happy to take emails from anybody or if you need assistance we have teams, what we call erps they're available and so am I to work with business and personal ---.

Natalie: Wonderful. Awesome! Now guys remember if you click on the banner to the side there you'll go straight to Larry's site from there. So guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it. And you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons share above. And if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there. I'd love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video E-course, it's got masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, its valued 87 dollars but I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there to get that. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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