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Episode # 133   Gabrielle Knowing your Archetypes

About The Episode:

Knowing your archetype will allow you to effectively set goals and achieve them quickly. Natalie Ledwell speaks with Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli, M.A, an incredible woman and mother who's speaking to me directly from a cafe in Paris. Her first book was published in December 2011, called "No Ordinary Woman: Tips for Conscious, Creative, and Healthy Living," which shows people how to find their 8 guiding archetypes, for additional clarity in effective decision-making. Gabrielle actually credits Mind Movies for allowing her to live her dream life and live in Paris with her young child.

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Episode # 133 Gabrielle Knowing your Archetypes

Natalie: today on the show I'm talking with Gabrielle Javier Cerulli. Now Gabrielle talks about how Archetypes and how importantly know what your archetype is which is actually help you to set goals and to achieve them so stay tuned. Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today our guest is the author of No ordinary Woman, Gabrielle Javier Cerulli, hi Gabrielle? How are you?

Gabrielle: hi, how are you? Bonjour.

Natalie: I know, very excited today because Gabrielle is coming to us all the way from Paris and she's in a lovely cafe and we can see people in the background there beautiful, Parisian cafe, how is it over there?

Gabrielle: it's wonderful and I have to finish it because Paris would actually on my dash board. In many years ago, actually just 4 years ago, and I have traveling in my mind movie. And here I am I had no idea were doing in the mind movie and ever before reality appeared.

Natalie: Right.

Gabrielle: yeah. It's incredible.

Natalie: excellent.

Gabrielle: so hear me up, so I have it, I'm a young child and I'm traveling with a young child and a year and a full year. It's like I'm just here for the weekend for a whole year.

Natalie: wonderful. Now how you enjoy it so far?

Gabrielle: Well I went to the museum and I was a curious command she was a little away from the people are so nice and it's august and is a little a lot of people lives for shops and a better wonderful event I love this little streets and a little so many cafes and then the wine, on the winder is like you're not and enjoy, keep a whole bottle of wine and a bottle of juice.

Natalie: yeah well, and it's French wine too. So we've mentioned before that you're the author of the no ordinary woman tell us a little bit about your book.

Gabrielle: it's the no ordinary woman, tips for conscious and creative and it's a tips book pretty much and people will enjoy the vision and the goal and some will learn I live to a new. So it's kind a conscious living either ways to do that in finding your life's purpose happiness and for personal development, and on the creativity part I have a mastered degree and experiment in arts therapy that's why I gave you can express what are those and your happy living in time of very into alternative health care, have alternative health care that is approachable, you know not really go out there but approachable and if anybody has recommend a very positive given.

Natalie: wonderful, now we actually have a very interesting session a long ago, because you do a lot of work with Archetypes, can you tell us a little bit about that type of work that you do.

Gabrielle: yeah. I have mentioned that in my book, I do, I help find people, help to find their 8 guiding archetypes, for clarity and for confident decision making, because once you know who you are at the core, then you can make decisions and people are making decisions from what they want to be, or what their position should be and this is who they really are and there's a don't get there. So, for instance I myself found a couple of art of pioneer and bank worker. So it make sense that I created the global network of an expressive art facilitators, the networker I want other people, I want clients to know where the facilitators are, the art of all about creative expression, actually creating the whole thing was pioneering, doing something that hasn't done before, also the pioneer of traveling over to and still with a child and with my husband, doing something I haven't done before and those are the things that pioneer are great of comfortable, like growing is a strive for it and it's not a stressor, and the last and there is something that strives the environment, and I also did Natalie and share a couple of yours.

Natalie: you can and yes.

Gabrielle: for those who are watching and for those who are watching the inspiration show, I've known Natalie, Natalie of course is a teacher, she is whatever she explains and everything she articulate she brings, and she's confusing theories and so approachable and she is definitely a future archetype. If she wasn't all about she would be teaching someone, you know because she has something she has to do, now, that is because when I do a live workshop, I do it as a liberator so I help them grow but I'm not a teacher I'm an archetype, I don't have the resources, I do make up, or I approach workshop that is very different to archetype, so another Natalie is performer, to surprise you not, to it is for a performer comfortable in the spotlight, it rise in the spotlight, this inspiration show says, a show in the stage the outfit is that and we as audience, we need our performers be a speakers, musicians, comedians, and they also need to be in the spotlight to give us what we're looking for, and the other one of Natalie is rebel it is surprising you know, she's taking the clear of law of attraction and she created this mind movie, she's doing something that she hasn't done before, I think your also a pioneer aren't you?

Natalie: yes.

Gabrielle: oh pioneer. Going against the grain, going to understand the pro lyrical as she wants. I just imagine a rebel pioneer and a Natalie in a 95 former environment, oh my god, that's it you build a little bit of your everyday, because a pioneer as a rebel, the security you know one year top core values, it's like living life according to your own rules and choose the husband that sort of creativity in that way that visual creativity and were clearing the paths and positive it's a couple of Natalie, and I also got it which is wonderful, she's appraising the derive feminine and she's a you know there's a sensuality there and the woman is there.

Natalie: yeah I know, that's really interesting that we go into this process, you know I actually nullified a job once, and I think I lost it 5 months and this is horrible.

Gabrielle: and you know the last time, 95 it was an art of the organization, so I was working with my artist archetype and I really believe at the vision and we have a couple of the surrounding sound like and it's like something you just, you know. so that was good but after 3 years I was like time is moving and like doing the system anymore there shift my way in the subway and do it, and that where I decided to go my masters degree to get and yah those who are watching this were going oh my god I must be a rebel, or I must be a pioneer or I might be a brother or a feeler and is you find the answer you can help answer the right way it's like putting your job well and figure out first if that's the right path. If you think you are adopting or if you think you'll gonna succeed and I didn't see that through confusing because that someone is not the proper archetype, whether we'll be a good parent, an archetype is a repeated and then again it's an energetic pattern whether it's gonna be a good or bad for something .

Natalie: so how long you've been doing this work Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: probably what you think, about 8 years now. Now before that I'm an undergraduate there was always a virtues for me.

Natalie: so what are some of the benefits like what I'm visualizing is that sitting channel and one of our specific goals knowing your archetypes, it's trebly important in that situation.

Gabrielle: yes, I have 2 examples, one example is one of my clients is a life coach and I work with her to get really clear permission states and with that we realize that she was a story teller and she's a performer as well and used to be a theatre actor with a huge and oh let's bring in the performer and story teller and 2 videos and how we left her up because this is a marketing strategy, I used before and it's just guest for her it's like typing those used letter, she used videos and it's been a wonderful letters for her and another way is for like, relationships, I work for a woman who, for a couple and for the guy he ask her to marry him and she said no, after they broke up 6 months in the guy and they got married and like just a couple of months and she want to understand what is going on cause she thought he was just anti marriage and for me it was the guy number one was artist and lover and friend this guy is artist lover and knight, so the first guy the friend was first I was gonna bring the flowers the guy who is going to be the you know it's the day and it's a big loyal and now the second guy is the knight in shining armor, the guy who's doing very much in the gender but does in the gender roles, there's opening the doors, the woman cook the food for him, carry the rose those kind of thing and marry me, please and that's the first thing when she first relationship, she loved this guy and they're both artistic and they're both have a lover archetypes and this lover like one lover but also like, lover of life of the people and both are artist, guy number one was a furniture maker and this guy was a poet and have a book of poetry and what's this that masculinity she did real it and it was also because the first guy, was about 7 to 9 years younger than guy number 2 who she end up marrying because she herself was a goddess, lover and eternal child. So she has this eternal child there's this complement there like the prince, too youngest type of archetypes just will go into diverges like this.

Natalie: you know that would have saved me a lot of time in a relationships before, I met my husband and I don't know in this seriously, cause a lot most like you know you just, describe the all my life relationships before that, love this guys because they're awesome and amazing but when you ask to marry them and it's like I don't know what it is but I'm like I'm thinking no you know. So that completely explains, so if people wanna find ...

Gabrielle: that's oh I wanna say, it's too late for me when I figure out my husband, I'm on network and when you're in network, my husband is a professor and he has a hermit and those researchers whom, when I realize that I was very towards hermit oh my god what was that I felt and it was like I understand that oh that's, you whole up in your office for hours because you have too, that's why you really enjoyed that too, you know his not in social his prefer one to two people versus party people.

Natalie: that's awesome, so if people wanna find out more about you, about you Gabrielle, the work that you do, where can we send them?


Natalie: so and if you click on the banner on the side there you can go straight to that site and find all about Gabrielle and how amazing the work that she's been doing and find out your archetypes as well, because it's extremely handy especially when we're setting goal also making in decisions like we said before. So, Gabrielle thank you for joining me, look like a lovely afternoon there in Paris,

Gabrielle: it's beautiful. I'm gonna go to the tango on the Seine River along with the base tonight,

Natalie: lovely, I love Paris, it's one of my favorite European cities. Now guys I encourage you to share this video and all the information in it by clicking the Facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you put your email on the box above there, I wanna send my manifesting with the masters video like masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, it's paid in 87$ but I want to give it to you for free, so make sure to put your email on the box above there to get that. Till next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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