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Episode # 182   Freeman Michaels

About The Episode:

Today, Natalie Ledwell, speaks with life coach, author and host of the popular radio show Cutting Edge Consciousness, Freeman Michaels. Freeman explains that he worked as an actor for many years before discovering his passion for transformational coaching. As he personally struggled with weight loss throughout his adult life, Freeman was drawn towards helping others discover limiting beliefs and coping with them to discover their full potential. Freeman says that understanding and accepting the limiting beliefs, allows us to cope with these patterns in a positive, healthy way. Freeman works with partner Barnet Bain on the radio show Cutting Edge Consciousness, to help others reach higher states of consciousness and happiness.

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Episode # 182 Freeman Michaels

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Freeman Michaels who shares some of the most amazing transformational work that he's doing around the world with some of his clients. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is Freeman Michaels. Hi, Freeman. How are you?

Freeman: Hey! How are you?

Natalie: Great! Now, I actually had the pleasure of being on a radio show with Freeman and his partner Barnet Bain, not long ago, and I'm hoping to have a chat with him again soon. But Freeman is doing some incredible work in the world which I want him to share with you, but before we do that, Freeman, I might just get you to talk about your background and what it is that you do?

Freeman: So, I'm a transformational coach, transformational trainer. I'm a media personality. I was an actor for many years. I was a superstar in the middle 90's and there's a lot of things. I mean, you know how this business works. I don't think most people say, "I'm gonna be a transformational leader." That's not something you grow up thinking, "When I grow up, I wanna be a transformational leader." So, you know, lots of us come to this kind of work because we've got pay points. We've got something that's driving us towards solutions that aren't in the boxes or that not what everyone's doing, and that's my story. So, one of the things is my weight. So, I have over a hundred pounds swing in my adult life from my low weight to my high weight which led me to write the book, Weight Release A Liberating Journey. But what it really did ultimately is it led me on a journey myself. Is that I was a dieter; I had this whole part of me that got expressed in patterns of behavior around food. You know emotional patterns, thinking patterns. And so, I became really aware of what was going on because I was drawn to personal growth work, I did a masters degree in spiritual psychology and did research in Santa Monica to a lot of men's work. So, all of these came to a point in time where I had a kind of an awakening and that was my book, that was the genesis from my book. And then, since then, "Boy, it's been a crazy ride." So, all kinds of other things are going on, including Cutting Edge Consciousness which you mentioned, which is the radio show I do with Barnet which stands very popular, kind of blown up which I'm grateful for and so it's fun.

Natalie: Yeah! Cool! You know it's interesting how most of us, you know like, I mean my sketchy past. I owned a night club and I had coffee franchisers, the whole bunch of other things. But I think it's the journey when you can actually just realize what it is that you've done and be able to achieve your success, the thing that you wanna do is to share it with others, in a way that they understand as well. So, the book was first and so, you do coaching. Do you coach just on releasing weight? Or do you have other clients as well?

Freeman: Well. So, now, the releasing weight is a part of what I do but really what the releasing weight is you're releasing the burden of beliefs, ideas, agreements that we have about who we are, what's possible, how the world works. We call it patterns, right? We talk about relating to the pattern versus the problem. The minute we call something a problem, we say that we locked it in place. When we understand that these are all just patterns, there's ways we've learned to cope with stress, anxiety, whatever. And so, the work while weight is one of the components is by no means around that. And even when I work with weight people, like you know it's not really about the weight. If we make it about the weight, we're making into a small story. And what we wanna do is move towards a big story and the way we do that is to create a sense of vision, right? So, what I am is? I'm someone who helps people transform by imagining possibilities and then I help them track, how they can follow those threads of possibility in involving life, a life that's growing into richer and richer expressions of their true potential. In the meantime, they're integrating these aspects of them; this small story because the truth is that comes along with us. We're not getting over or even through anything. What we're coming to is a sense of maturity where we can integrate those, what I call fragments, in a way that's constructive. They became part of these wonderful us that we're becoming. Does that make sense?

Natalie: It does. So, basically what you're saying when we're focusing on the weight, we're just focusing on the symptom of what really is the problem.

Freeman: Well! It even gonna call it a problem.

Natalie: Oh, sorry. Yeah. Yeah.

Freeman: No, but that's okay. This is really good. Natalie, here's what happens. We're so fixated on this kind of in or out, good or bad, right or wrong. We don't know how to hold a kind of complexity. When we say about consciousness, expanding consciousness, it's really about being able to hold more and more complexity. And we call it dynamic complexity, cause the truth is it's always changing, right? We become more integrated and the word integrity for me means integrated. So, my personal integrity, that's about me being trustworthy to myself, trustworthy to others, being able to imagine a possibility and commit myself to it in a constructive way. So, that it becomes, you know it shows up in there as ways. Not holding it too tightly, right? I don't wanna hold on too tightly to now. What if I'm gonna say something? What am I gonna have to generate and create in my life? And then, the joy is tomorrow when how that plays on. You're not sure if it works as well. I know. So, this is I get imaging. And then, watching all these things fire when you start to enlighten your choices and organize your choices around that.

Natalie: Yup! I know. Isn't the dance or the journey always the fun part? Because you know I've had this conversation with Mike Julie as well. And it's like we don't wanna get involve down on the specifics of what we want. Yes, we want to be happy, we wanna be abundant, we wanna make a difference but that can manifest in a gazillion different ways. And when you're focusing on those, the bigger end result or the bigger picture as you were just saying, it's amazing how that actually manifests and what that manifests in our lives which is really cool. So, tell us a little bit more about Cutting Edge Consciousness. What's happening with the radio show? What was the motivation behind starting that?

Freeman: Okay! So, I have a daily show, five day week daily show and a venture on accounting station. And I decided to make them into five different series, our own fee. And at some point, I decided I didn't wanna do it every day. It was a morning show. It was a lot of work getting there; I live about an hour away. And even if I was taping I'd still, having on at least a couple times a week and tape all the shows. So, I'd picked one show that I loved and that was Cutting Edge Consciousness. The genesis of this show was I met Barnet who at the time was a, he finished the cell's team prophecy, the film, Barnet's a film maker. And so, he was still so wrapping up some publicity for that and I had a contact for him for publicity. So, we have him on to talk about that and we clicked. And he love the idea of this edge of possibility that really was attracted to him cause he said, you know, for him, it was not about what he knew, that wasn't really important but he did know that he want to organize around. It's like it's a bigger game. And we all have this tendency, most people do, I should say, to track back to what do we know, right? We wanna be experts on something but that's not really compelling. What's gonna expand on as in consciousness is moving towards what we don't know. So, that was the premise of the show and what's amazing about the show is how much I've grown from doing it, right, because the agreement, the intent was to play at the edge of possibility. Well, that's signing up for you know a whole lot of things.

Natalie: Anything.

Freeman: So, that's kind of the brilliance of the show and it's the reward of doing it.

Natalie: Yeah! I love that. You know I was in the mastermind on the weekend and Ken Kregan was there and he was talking about how he managed to put together the whole project We Are the World. You know remember back in it was in the 80's when you know.

Freeman: Huge project.

Natalie: Yeah. Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Anna Ross, the whole thing. And when he talks about going through your dreams, he talks about having naivety; you go stay naive to someone.

Freeman: Nice. When we're talking about staying open and it's so often. You know what the opposite of naive is some kind of adaptive personality we take on and large part out of defense. So, peeling away again all the knowing so we can get into what you're saying is the space of not knowing.

Natalie: Yeah.

Freeman: And then, there are things that can really get magical but there's a mature way to do that and there's an immature way of doing that. So, there's a little bit of a distinction in there, so we don't wanna you know, we have to again work with the smaller story which is the tears and doubts and all these things. We wanna integrate it so that we can step in in a very graceful way to the I don't know and we're okay, it's not so precarious, right?

Natalie: Yeah. Absolutely! Yeah, I know I love that cause you know my husband Glen and I, when he said that, "We looked at each other and go well that's worked for us our whole life." Cause now there are so many things that we've gone, "Well, we're gonna do this." And we set this intention and we're stepping into way outside our comfort zone, we don't even know what we're doing but we were never told that we couldn't do. No one or around us told that it could be done. So, we just like called, "Let's you know let's be the first or let's just do this" not knowing that it was difficult you know until we get into it.

Freeman: Right. Yeah. That's perfect.

Natalie: And you know my favorite little saying is, "Getting up and biting off more than you can chew than chewing like hell." Which is really what we've done our whole life. But yeah, being able to step outside of that but having the faith whatever happens will happen and whatever happens always in the highest good anyway.

Freeman: Right.

Natalie: Yeah.

Freeman: Right. And that's the way that your orientation begins to organize things you know. So, that's a very empowered mind set.

Natalie: Yeah.

Freeman: Right? So, again I'm just the tiniest little peasant that the thread is to have, we all have a part of us that gets scared and overwhelmed. The question becomes, "How do we wanna be with that part of us?" And I often say that knowing the part of me that is untrustworthy is what makes me trustworthy, right? So, it's that knowing that part of me that betrays my higher intention and be intimate with it because again it comes along with us. It's not that we are overcoming or transcending that we are including it in a way that allows us to transcend it. So, its transcending include the parts of us that don't think it's possible.

Natalie: Right. So, what you're saying is because we all have the negative chatter, we all have the limiting beliefs, the programming that we've picked up. So, what you're saying is it by being aware of what that is and working with it, not trying to eliminate or get rid of it is that what's helps this be successful?

Freeman: That's the fundamental principle because the minute we call it a problem we lack the limitation address. We don't wanna do that, we wanna own it as a pattern and if we can get compassion and get underneath it, we find it make sense. So, it's interesting going back just for a moment to track to the weight release. If we recognized that our patterns of behavior around food have been the best way we've known how to cope, the best way we've known how to defend ourselves like I could care to wrestle a form of defense, we've gone armoring or protecting themselves or hiding perhaps. We'll never be intimate with the part of us that feels like we need to hide because that's the part of us that we need to hold and what happens kind of magically is we get in there and do a bit of the what I call heavy lifting. Get in there, come on there, you can go "Oh!" And there maybe moments in time if you even try higher, you remember, "That happened to me." I bought in that idea at a certain point in time. It's not terribly important we did too invested in this single thread of why something happen, not terribly important. But then we get into it enough, we can have a compassion for it enough. What happens is we become more dimensional, we become more soulful. Often when we come into this compassionate consciousness around the challenges of our lives, that's what makes us wise, right? So, it's the possibility is a very high vibration, resident frequency, right?

Natalie: Yup.

Freeman: And we wanna orient towards that, integrating the fractured elements is also a very high vibration. So, it's this magical dance of both of them that makes us dimensional and wise and rich and substantial and trustworthy and that's the big game.

Natalie: And human.

Freeman: And human.

Natalie: Yes.

Freeman: Absolutely! Right. Then we don't have to, then life becomes more fun, right? It becomes more rich. It becomes, you know when we grieve, if we really give ourselves to grieving it's a joyful experience, right? So, nothing gets rejected or denied, everything gets embraced and that's the kind of not enlightening, its enrealment.

Natalie: Yes.

Freeman: So, you couldn't have friends up rather it's just like its enrealment between more real, more substantial. Now our lives starts to really work for us.

Natalie: Yup! Freeman, the way that you explained this is so logical and common sense, it's you know it's awesome. Look, I wanna thank you for joining me today but before we go, where can I send people to find out more about you and what you do and the show and what was the message in there? Freeman: Yeah. So, there's a lot of places. I mean I think for a lot of people, google Freeman Michaels and find what you like. There's my service to self process which is my website for about my personal coaching and just some corporate work. So, a lot of people are attracted there to a new Montreal called Collaboration Training which is pretty powerful and then, the Cutting Edge Consciousness. But finding our facebook, find the biggest things I'm doing. Maybe you can google in me is a great way to get into which part of my work, one gravitates towards because I get it all from all these the same fundamental foundation of integrating all these parts of us, loving all these parts of us and moving towards some possibility but it gets expressed in lots of different ways. So, that's how I suggest you can find me.

Natalie: Awesome! Wonderful! Thanks again Freeman for joining me today. It's been a pleasure.

Freeman: Thank you!

Natalie: As always it is when I get together with you. Now guys, look I encourage you to share this video and all of the information in it and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure you put your email on the box above there, cause I would love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters Video E-Course. Includes masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale. It's valued $87 but of course, I'd like to give it to you for free. So, make sure you put your email on the box above there to get that. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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