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Episode # 174   Eric Brown - Mindful Moon

About The Episode:

Today, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Eric Brown, the creator of the Mindful Moon Application. Eric explains that life can become overwhelming and stressful if we forget to focus on the present moment and appreciate the blessings in daily life. During the show, Eric reveals how he created an application that uses technology as a gentle reminder to focus on positive thought and the present moment. The Mindful Moon application provides daily affirmations, and helpful advice to encourage users to live fully with passion and gratitude. Eric's powerful program also offers effective strategies to reduce stress, pain and anger. Eric continues to utilize technology and the teachings of personal development to enhance the work place and add passion to everyday life.

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Episode # 174 Eric Brown - Mindful Moon

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Eric Brown. And he shares his passion project of integrating inspiration and technology together and how that's facilitating a positive chance. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is the great Mr. Eric Brown. Hi Eric, how are you?

Eric: Hi Natalie. Thanks for having me.

Natalie: Now Eric is coming to us from Byron Bay in Australia. Now I happen to be back here in San Diego now and you're over there in Australia and it looks like a beautiful day there where you are.

Eric: So it's like we've done a little switch since I'm originally from California and you're from Australia.

Natalie: Exactly. Now Eric has a really inspiring story to share and some very passion-based projects that he's working on which we're gonna get to in a minute. But Eric what we might start to do is with who you are, what's your story and where are you right now.

Eric: What I do right now is as I work with technology so mobile apps and the web in regards with personal development and inspiration. And so what led me to where I am today is just working your full time jobs and jobs that particularly did not beat my soul at all. It was painful to show up for the purpose of, you know just to survive and I really wanna try. And I just decided that there's gotta be something more to life and we all have had experiences that kind of show us that there is something more. And something more than what we're seeing right now. And so I decided to pursue that, I decided what I was living wasn't feeding my soul so let me pursue this little bread crumbs in it I've been given by the universe along the way that there is something more. So I went through a series of reading, self-help books and personal development books, and I couldn't read them fast enough you know, I was just consumed of my dessert like a stack of cookies, chocolate chips is my favourite. And from there that was a lot of reading and taking in intellectually of the mind. And then I discovered yoga, meditation which I wasn't exposed to in a small town, originally. That's eight years ago now and now all these wonderful things are popping up everywhere. So anyways with the yoga and meditation just doing the practice but not knowing much about it I started to have experience with some of the things that I was reading about. Some of the things about peace and relaxation even some of the basic things started to actually be lived just by setting some time aside to just focus on myself with yoga and meditation and just being in nature. And I think that's what really opened my eyes it's having the experience that really made it real for me what I was reading about which sound like a great idea. Like "I hope this is true, its sounds good". Once I started experiencing it I can feel it in my body and my body in it and living it. Then that's like light bulbs really went off and I just full force into that area of following my heart really is what it is.

Natalie: Right. So you're asking yourself this question like there's gotta be more, I'm not happy with what I'm doing. How old were you when you asked yourself that question?

Eric: Twenty four. I'm thirty three now.

Natalie: Okay.

Eric: Yeah.

Natalie: Which is really interesting you know what I've been speaking to a few people who like in their twenties are like questioning "What is my contribution? What can I do? There's gotta be something more than that". It's quite fascinating and not just asking the question and being aware that there is something else but actually taking the action and encouraging other people to do the same thing. Now I know that you're involved in a project called Get That Humeda. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Eric: Yeah keep that in matter. What we do is a couple of partners keep that in matter teach workshops on sacred commerce and the idea is making business a place of continued awakening, the same that we're pursuing the path of self-discovery in our everyday life and making that seamless when we show up to work, when we really show up to work or we show up to work. I just keep that and that's seamless and it's about building relationships. So building authentic connective relationships that are beyond just we're co-workers and eventually share you know heart to heart. Before my day starts I might share some heart to heart to just kind of process before we begin our day. And that does just make us happier and it makes the company happier and it makes the company grow and makes ourselves grow so that's the kind of salvation unite giving humeda.

Natalie: And that's such an awesome course as well because that's the thing if a company, we're not just individuals that are sort of meeting together in an office and you know just grinding away and if we have, if a company has a purpose or a mission that's bigger than themselves and that everyone's on board with, it makes a massive difference to the work place. So tell me some of the people that you've been working with you know in that project.

Eric: Yeah. Well its actually sacred commerce was started by Matthew and Intersis who are the founders of Cafe Gratitude. I just saw that they have a couple of locations in California. Yep and that's where it started they have you know done a little research on happiness that have been introduced to these. One of them is called Dharma Merced Services; it's like a credit card company that processing company that actually gives back to the community. So that's just one example that they've been applying, there's other companies too that have been and what they're seeing is just the overall happiness everyone increasing and that's immediate result right there face to face and then the profits are increasing.

Natalie: Right.

Eric: And the idea is people, profit, planet so just keeping all these together and not leaving any of those out.

Natalie: Yes also. Now I also love how you've been able to combine like this you know motivational betroth over technology. So tell us more about the app that you've been working on.

Eric: Yeah the app. I'll give you just a little brief before the app but leads you to the app.

Natalie: Okay, great.

Eric: So it's the part where we called eating my stack of chocolate chip self-help personal development books.

Natalie: Yeah.

Eric: Then I learned that there's two of me in the sense, how can there be a pattern but maybe wasn't the healthiest. At then at same time I could observe that and so I learned that I can observe that and see that "How is there two of me? How can I observe myself?" So that was a bit of a process there and in particularly I got to released book powered now really set something off for me and the title says "the powered now" so we're more in a present moment, we just access potential and power. And so I start realizing how much I'm not in the present, how much I'm personally was in the past or projecting the past into the future. This is before smartphones and touchscreen phones and just a regular phone had a calendar on it and I'd set little reminders for myself to breath, be here be now. And just put those up a couple of times a day and you doing that regularly I realized that I started to have my own little internal of arms go up alert to bring me back into the moment. So that actually using the technology was helping me to come back to myself. And when smartphones came out and I thought "I could make this and share this to the world. This doesn't have to be my own thing and my own phone. I can share this to the people. If I can use it there's gotta be at least one other person out there that might benefit from it and if one person finds benefits from it then that's enough." So Mindful Moon is at present moment inspirational reminders so a few times a day, randomly or every hour, if you choose, you'll get a couple pop up messages and inspirational message, affirmations and just little present reminders, ideas just to help us reprogram to thinking more constructively. And perhaps while we're at work you catch yourself deconstructive thinking and just bring it back up to that level of vibration and that's with mindful moon.

Natalie: So awesome. I mean it's such a fantastic idea. Cause that's the thing like a lot of the times like your finances is in that negative situation and it's hard to pull yourself up but if you get some little reminder on your phone your like "Oh yeah okay, I need to breathe. I need to look at this reminder at a different perspective" or do something like that. So it's like little affirmations and things that you send out like periodically throughout the day.

Eric: Yeah but actually there's a program into the app itself. We continue to grow the list but currently it's a little over three hundred affirmations, quotes and inspirational messages, it's little one liners. So that list continues to grow. And so you randomly get one of those messages you know just a lot of reviews and feedback they gave us is that it's benefiting people. And we get some really touching reviews which I put up on the website.

Natalie: Great.

Eric: Yeah it's still worth it.

Natalie: Cool. So tell me about the website, where can we send people to find out more about you and the app and the work that you're doing.

Eric: Yeah its

Natalie: Awesome. And guys remember if you click on the banner to the side there you go straight to Eric's website from there. So Eric thank you so much for joining me all the way from Byron Bay.

Eric: My pleasure.

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