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Episode # 131   Empowering Women

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell calls Zhena Muzyka, who shares her dream of empowering women everywhere... a journey that began with Zhena's incredible rags-to-riches story. 12 years ago, Zhena Muzyka had nothing but $6 in her pocket and the burning desire to pay for surgeries that her little boy named Sage desperately needed. She started selling tea from a tea cart, in her family tradition, which she grew it into a multi-million dollar business with thousands of stores around the world. As Zhena explains, "With a mission to serve, you cannot be defeated."

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Episode # 131 Empowering Women

Natalie: today in the show, I'm speaking with Zhena Muzika, who talks about how she tapped into her feminine power to build a multi-million dollar enterprise and now how she empowers other woman to do the same. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today, my special guest is Zhena Muzika, hi Zhena, how are you?

Zhena: hi Natalie I'm doing great! Thank you for having me.

Natalie: now I actually had seen her on a show probably about a year ago now, can't actually believe that it's more than a year that I've been doing the show which is incredible. But the reason I have you back is because you have this project that you're working on, that you are exceptionally passionate about, that I am actually involved in this as well, that we wanna get into, but let's just first tackle about those people who didn't see the previous show a little bit about what it is that you do and then your background.

Zhena: okay! I started a business about 12 and a half years ago and I nearly had 6 dollars on my checking account the day I started which is not a good feeling and I had a little going stage, who needed several operations, so I started selling tea, it was part of my heritage as a gypsy... we used to make natural remedies, so I started selling tea together with a little tea cart and eventually grew the business from 6 dollars to a multi-million dollar business and thousands stores nationwide and now, internationally as well. And, through the growing up of the business, I found the mission of fair trade, which is the empowering of the tea workers, the women and the tea fellas make about a dollar of 35 a day, they are supporting 46 children on that, and, so I decided that my job once I paid off stages operations would be to ensure they had health care, maternity leave, child care, no child labor and clean waters and housing and I did it basically, so built my company from a mission and now I coach other women cause the CEO whose running the company, now I coach other women to build mission based businesses that help heal and change our world. And my goal is to reach millions of women eventually to change the world and a positive life because I believe that women in business are powerful and we don't have to be men when we're in business we can bring our femininity to the table. And that's what I'm focused on right now.

Natalie: we should be bringing out femininity to the table

Zhena: absolutely, that's what builds, I believe women are the glue of the world, we build infrastructure, we build love, we build acceptance, we build groupings of people that could carry on a vision and carry forth the vision, we have the natural instincts to love, and you know when you dream of that, express all of that in business, it's a little disheartening to some of our male counter-part, specially you know I have investors from all streak, and then they look at me like, Oh God, you are a hippie girl but, at the meantime, it made it to where I never had sell it to tea in my life, all I did was share my story and mission with customers and the next thing I knew, purchase orders are flying in the door, I never actually sold the synapse of my life. so I truly believe that with a mission, you cannot be defeated and you will utterly successful, and it's not always easy getting there, an overnight success that took 12 and a half years, but my goal now, my goal now is to save women, that 12 and a half years, and get them to the place where they can have a multi-million dollar business that is mission driven and changing the world for the better.

Natalie: I agree. I mean how many women do we know, or how many women do you know who are in a very male-dominated industry, yes, who, you know in the past, who kind of acted like a man, you have to be like a man to be able to able to compete into that kind of arena, but I think what we all have aware of now, is that if you bring your femininity to it, you actually have an edge, you actually this something different about that. Now, how many women that I know of that I kind of half forced into looking at entrepreneurship, because of the economy and everything that is happening.

Zhena: absolutely. You're so; you're right on many points, with what you just said you really got to get some nuggets. You know, we are still in a male-dominated sort of society, but, I'm very pro-male, I feel I have a son, I have a very great husband and I mean you have an awesome marriage, and a great husband. You know I'm very pro, I believe in men, and I believe that they can become realized through our patience and compassion. Because they do believe that as we gain our power or if we become feminist in the old model of feminism, we actually become anti-man.

Natalie: yes. Exactly.

Zhena: and the new paradigm is to be, is to be anti-nothing, is to be all composing, and so in male-dominated world, the birch tree world, the place where I was most successful, where in the board rooms with a group of 8 to 10 men where I can explain the power of us to change the world, and they jumped, they jumped to help, because its, it's from a heart place, it's not like, I'm a male, I'm a female, it's your heart, it's your core, it's your desire to contribute, so I believe with a ticket above women and above men, we could actually make it above all. And, at the same time, there are limitations to women on businesses, we still have a lot of training and connections, we still have a lot of funds, you know only 2% of the women in businesses in the US ever make it to positive 30 or a million-dollar revenue, and that is a staggering low number, because the more diversity in business, the women-known or minority known, the more voices are heard, because as we are seeing with our politics, you know our politicians are unfortunately are taking heads off the corporation, who are backing them and the obvious... I mean we can't control all of the super packs that are funding these mean campaigns but we can control business.

Natalie: yes.

Zhena: and if we create businesses that nurture the planet, that nurture us a s so called humans, we can change the world, so I believe, business is the most powerful way to change the world above politics, and I am now, I'm taking my mission and I'm moving forward with it. And my goal right now is to train other women to do business the way I learned to do it and yes I did crime meetings every once in a while, you know my passion, and my deep belief in what I was doing really, it really looked like a weakness in a male-dominated sort of environment, but it actually end up becoming my greatest strength.

Natalie: absolutely. And you know what I love how you say, 'coz I am so on board with what you said about feminist in the old way was being men haters, you know, and I don't agree at that at all. You know we complement each other, I mean look at my husband and I right now, business, at our different passions, at our different skills, we complement each other in which I think is, well I know, it's part of the reason that my meetings are such a success, so it's all about, just happy to what it is, try not on something that you are not, but turning into it into the gyms and things that are inside of you already. And being able to flourish with those, and being able to use those in a way that compliments the men in your life, that also creates success for you as well.

Zhena: well, and I find too, I'm more masculine in some ways than my husband and vice versa, and he's more feminine in some ways, that there is a beautiful balance and it's about celebrating that and finding the collaborative energy, you know the old way of doing business is very, you know the decisions are made in a board room and then handed down to memos, the minions, or the people who are actually talking to the customers, or the people packing the boxes, I never once ran my company that way, I ran my company with town-hall type meetings where we are all in a room at the same time, they knew what I was thinking, they knew what we are planning on doing, I took their feedback and you know, it was the feedback form that created our success, and now, the CEOs that are running the company, with an MBA and skills that I didn't assert from the time owning, but I realized, I'm the passion, and then there's the processes.

Natalie: yes.

Zhena: so if you could bring passion and processes and marry the 2, and with the mission, you, you're gonna rock! So, that's the kind of what I'm bringing to my coaching practice now, I'm teaching women how to, have it all! And still be in their feminine delight, and make money, and not so bad about charging what they're worth, and that seems to be one of the biggest issue. A woman told me this yesterday, she said; "we often change the least, or scared to change at all for the thing we did the best." And I love the idea of healing women from that, and saying; let's take the monkey out of money. Let's just let money be an energy that flows to us and from us that enables us to do beautiful and great things in the planet. I'm not trying to come in my upcoming women surgery, I really wanna work on, I was gonna call it A Woman's Worth, because I feel like women, and their worth is a big issue. We're gonna be taking that, but we are also gonna be looking at other things like what you are gonna be teaching and stock, about creativity, so I feel that there's just more than our worth, in getting accountable. So accept the fact, that we are not stabbed in the back a 100%.

Natalie: so let's talk about his women this woman's tape because as you mention, I'm gonna be there, some amazing people. This is not like a seminar, this is something completely different.

Zhena: so I am about having fun, if anyone's been to my house for dinner, party, a wine-tasting or anything, they know that I lack... I love to have humor, I think that we need to have more of that, in business, we need to have fun, doing what we do because its hard work, I mean, you know, you go to business 14 hours a day, 20 hours a day, all of these for business, and, in the process of building a business, having fun and understanding that there are ways to be limitless, its critical, so what I've done is design a pyramid. Here let me show you a poster, a woman's power that's me. I have fluffy eyes that day, and I regret that, but yeah it's me, but anyways, what I have done, the wealth, and of limitless possibilities, so they will write all their limits on a piece of paper and drop them into a box, and then they enter this resort, this amazing resort I rented for the event and they start with nothing. I'll be teaching them about creativity, and talk about limitlessness, you know Bernett, he's a limitless creature, and then they are not into magic, so they're gonna be learning some everyday magic from Catlyn Cody, how they create alternatives for their office, not like you would look like you know, losing it, but you can attract more money, more prosperity, more positive energy, more helpful souls coming through the wood work to come and help you, so she's gonna be teaching us about magic in everyday life, and how we can really capture that. Then we are going to have a 360 review of all the women, so everybody's gonna grab a binder, they're gonna have a picture or vial of every women with 2 sets of feedbacks, one feedback when the woman first get there, and one feedback after she gets there. Because there are lots of times we don't realize how we're perceived. And have this come out where people said, "Oh we tried to kill you cause we thought you were the strongest." And was like, oh my god, I was the wimpiest stem in the world. Women don't really break free, so were going to make women get-up and give a quick hitch of what they're company and vision in life is. Then everyone's gonna check the out little boxes... is she in her body, is she enjoying herself, do you believe her? And all that. And then were gonna go through the tune updates and courses, then at the very end, the women are gonna do one more feedback so that the woman can see how they transform, now throughout this, there's gonna be meditation classes, on how to meditate even at the office, meditation teacher was my first consultant, he was from UDT he's a seek and he used to call me a blonde on top. So I wasn't affected, because I didn't have a practice, and all leaders need a practice. To use their minds, and souls on how to lead with you know, power. So, were gonna be learning meditation, were gonna be learning money from a woman who helped me raise millions of dollars for the Tea Company, she's a venture capitalist, and she's hilarious, she's one of my best friends. so were gonna be learning, money, meditation, magic, creativity, there's going to be a style sanctuary where you get to play dress up and become your alter ego, or you can become, you know, dressed in different clothes, there's gonna be a mallet maker there, mallets and beads whoa are going to customize mallets for whatever your needs are, say you need more focus, or you wanna get pregnant, or you try to balance life, personal and business... he's gonna be making mallets for people, then Saturday night we have a care-tone, and a care-tone is a yoga practice that infuses you with the higher vibrations, so you can attract your dreams, so I have beautiful care-tone singers coming, that will be in the dojo. And I am having limit pleas now, and the limit pleas are my two nannies, I have trained them to be limitless, in their thinking, there's no lack of money, there's no lack of resources, there's no lack of help... and if women get caught speaking about limits in a way that its holding them back, other than in class when you're allowed to, they would have to do some number in front of everyone. So, limitlessness and there will be enforcements. And there will be a pool, there's a beautiful pool there,, so if there's any classes don't, you know, appeal to you, you can skip class and go play in the pool. And there will be wine-tastings, tea-tastings, and amazing vegan, 100% organic, a delicious menu, I can send you all that, and the location, and food, and speakers... it's gonna be cool. It would give women the tools they need to go out and make the world a better place. And that's my goal, there will be no selling from the stage, there will be no, there will be no, you know, up sales, it's a completely sales free, pressure free environment of learning, fun and love.

Natalie: and that's what I love about this, it's a retreat, its intimate, you get to hang out with everyone the whole weekend, and you get all the information at the event...

Zhena: you walk away with tools, I mean I would have everything videotaped, and they will get that to go home, and it will be uploaded later to our, if one is like, what is that meditation technique when I feel like healing and my secretary... you'll have everything as you go with them, and you know, I really feel that this is gonna be an annual event and this follows the course of my mission and vision to inspire millions of women just starting to grow businesses that would change the world, yeah, it's gonna be a retreat, and you got to be there darling.

Natalie: I know, I can't wait, I can't wait. So Zhena where do we send people if they wanna know more about this?

Zhena: okay, so my name fell in a very random way, because I'm a queen gypsy but the website is, and they can sign-up there, and we have, the cost is really cheap, I basically made it toward with break-even, so I can see what works and what doesn't works so I can make a better next year, so its $795.00 for the 2 and a half day event, and that covers your food, which is spectacular and a lot of gypsy tea which I will be preparing and that is for the whole event and it goes up on September 28 to November 25. So the 795, it covers the speaker fees, the location which is a beautiful resort, and it covers the food. Now if you wanna stay over-night, its 250 more dollars and you get to stay on properly, otherwise, we have a list of hotels on where they can stay out. But it's a great deal and I've spent 4-5,000 dollars on 2 and 3-day events with colleagues of mine, and I'm bringing the best of everything I've learned over the last 15 years, in personality development, into one weekend, and it's superb.

Natalie: excellent. Zhena thank you so much for joining me today, you are awesome and I can't wait to join you on November.

Zhena: thanks for the opportunity, thanks Natalie. Bye now!

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