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Episode # 30   Dressing for Success part 2

About The Episode:

Kathi Burns is back! Natalie models the new stylish outfits that Kathi helped her to put together. Combining new clothing items & old ones to look put together whether you are strolling around wine country, heading out to dinner, or partying it up in the club! This episode is packed with new fashion ideas & tips.

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Episode # 30 Dressing for Success part 2

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and I'm here with my friend, Kathi Burns. Now as you can see, we're not actually in the store, we're not allowed to film on the store so we had to wait until we get home before we could actually film this video for you and show you some of the wonderful things that Kathi's been to put together for me. So remember that a lot of the issues that I have is I didn't know how to coordinate different things together, I didn't know how to accessorize, and I just don't really know what type of clothing really suited my body type and the coloring and everything like that. So we've actually come up with some really really good stuffs. So we've actually gonna show you 3 looks today; the casual look because what I need is something for casual look today, something it's not casual, and then something to wear at night when we go out for dinner. So okay, let's go through this little outfit.

Kathi : Okay. So this is a day time look for Natalie, she can run around town, she can run around actually and go to wine country in her little sandals but she looks really put together. And what we have is we have some texture in her pants in her little shorts and their totally comfortable and we have some pattern, do not pattern on pattern, so I want to let you know kind of note this because you can't do pattern on patterns, if you have a big pattern versus a small, you weren't a difference. And then we have the shiny admire face and you see, you see her a lot more accessorize now. So we have the accessories going on. So this is just a girl about town, now if it does get cold at night or in the afternoon, then you can throw on a little jacket.

Natalie : Now what's also being fantastic about this is Kathi's actually coordinated with these stuffs that some are things that were electing my wardrobe, and this is definitely one of them. So some of these is new and some of these is old.

Kathi : Yeah. We have existing sandals, we have existing jacket and it's working. And so this is if it gets cold and chilly she can just put on this jacket. Now so she wants to step it up, now she's not at wine country maybe she's downtown going clubbing and going to you know maybe out for dinner and something like that, then what she can do, is she can add this element to it she can change cause again with a little bit shine, okay add a little bit of shine here for her and then what we would do is we transport this and step up the outfit in notch and by adding this shoes. So you see the shoes have texture, they also have shine and it just make it in a little bit of more step up. This could be more of a New-York-City-run-around-town-look. As supposed to this, we did it on attached, which is the run-around-San-Diego-kind-of-outfit. So you're getting the idea so it's two completely different looks with basically the same elements.

Natalie : right. Well let's just try this not so casual outfit. Okay, so smart casual.

Kathi : Smart casual, it's so smart and so cute.

Natalie : So what could you do with this outfit?

Kathi : Okay. Well I love this outfit because number one this black skirt right here, it's a black pencil skirt, it's one of my 18 essential elements, you can wear anything with this skirt and there's their own go. This one's a little bit more challenging because of the leather striping but it's still casual, and it's still something that you can dress up or dress down. So this is just a completely comfortable outfit. And you can see with the boots, these are boots that you already own. And we add the jacket, that you already own and look at what a great little outfit this is, completely comfortable, completely run-around-town in and just look like a million bucks, I love this.

Natalie : Cause the thing is with this, what I like about them as well is that I would never have thought with this color in a black skirt, or this color with a black skirt.

Kathi : Ah that leads to a good point, so neutrals. Brown, black, grey, and navy blue are all neutrals, so they all can be mixed and match together, a lot of people would never put black with brown, or grey with black, but they're all neutrals. You can put navy blue with brown, it's all in neutral. So you can use any color you want and I love brown and black actually together, I think it's a great combination, I think it look like a million bucks.

Natalie : It's nice.

Kathi : Now if we wanna dress her up a little bit, what we can do is we can pick up the jacket, we can double it to take off the necklace, but we can throw on this, and put on some boots and now we've got a completely more of the night time look, but still completely comfortable.

Natalie : To be honest with you, by the black skirt is so neutral I have got about 15 shirts in there that I can match wear with this.

Kathi : Yes.

Natalie : you know, and depending wearing black boots, brown boots, even like a dark brown boots?

Kathi : Even a dark brown boot, I love chocolate brown and black, I think it looks great together. But again the pencil skirt is one of the elements you definitely need to have in your wardrobe. Pencil skirt is a must.

Natalie : Right. Okay. Alright, let's get one to the evening look. Alright so tada evening wear.

Kathi : Evening wear, what I love about this evening wear is this is just a regular shirt dress, and look at the line, they're fantastic. So a sheet dress is also one of my essential elements to have in your wardrobe, everyone need one and the reason being is they can go to night to day afterlessly. So all we did for this is we added some bling you see, we have bling on the feet and does it show extending for night out, now if it gets, if it gets a little bit chilly she can take a scarf or a pashmina, she's fun of doing this with it which you can easily do.

Natalie : Cause it kind of elongates the line, right?

Kathi : thank you, well there you go. It gives a vertical line, but everybody ask me you know what's the best way to do a pashmina, and so I just wana give you a quick tip, so if you keep the long part over here and the short part over here, all you literally do is just throw and go, the thing about a pashmina you really don't want to mess around with it, it's never gonna be perfect, but you know it just looks elegantly casual so here you go Natalie.

Natalie : Okay. I have a hard time with them, this is not very good for the mass.

Kathi : And there she go, so there's the evening out, she looks fantastic, and she's got it going on. And now, we're gonna do the opposite because a lot of people right now on a holiday is saying how the heck do I go immediately from work to a holiday party, that's an issue. That's why I absolutely love the shirt dress because, can I hold you the mic for a minute, you just wear regular businessy type of jacket, buttoned up, and then, so during the day, she's doing something like this right? And she just has on her boots. So she has the boots on her feet, she's girl around town ready to work, she might not have the bling on for the necklace but then all she has to do, take off the jacket, throw on the shoes, bring the pashmina, she's set to go and she's ready to go for a party.

Natalie : The thing I like about this dress as well is that you can throw it in a suitcase, and it won't crease so it's easy when you're traveling if you need something to wear at nights, it's very good. And I love the fact that everything now is coordinating, you know with everything else. You know even though I wore that black skirt the second time, the top that I wore with the shorts go with the skirt, you know with black boots or whatever else. Everything's mixing and matching which is awesome.

Kathi : That's the thing when I do is I stick with one main color palate which for you is blue, you know the navy blues are main color palate and we have some browns in there, but also you know with the 18 essential elements is you have that one sheet, you have the regular boots, you have the pencil skirt, everything will go together and work you know effortlessly because we're also busy, who has time to really think about what you're gonna wear.

Natalie : Absolutely.

Kathi : We wanna go out the door looking fabulous, but we do not have to spend a lot of time over it.

Natalie : Yup. Thank you so much for helping me with everything, as you can see Kathi's a fantastic job. Now if there's one thing that you could, we could finish off today with one fashion tip that you can give to anyone can apply to their wardrobe, what would that be?

Kathi : Wow that's a hard one. I would say use one color palate, and stick to it so you can go by the color of the season, which is your hair, skin tone, and eyes. And choose either black, brown, or navy and sometimes charcoal grey as your basic color palate, so what that means to you and to everyone is that the main elements that you're gonna buy on your wardrobe are gonna be that palate, so in other words if you are in autumn like I am I'll be doing chocolate brown and then everything as you see goes to chocolate brown in my wardrobe so it's real easy mix and match.

Natalie : Right. Okay. Lovely. Well thank you so much for that. Now if people wanna find out more about you, where can they go?

Kathi : They go to So just go to my website, add space to your life and well I also have a report with the 18 essential wardrobe elements for women that's available for you.

Natalie : Right. Awesome. And if you just click on the banner to the side there, you can go straight to Kathi's site from there. So thanks for joining me today everyone, thanks again Kathi for being with me.

Kathi : Thank you Natalie.

Natalie : And for outfitting me, making me look fabulous. So guys remember there's gonna be a video coming out again in a couple of days, if you found the information in this video useful, please click the Facebook and Twitter share buttons and share the love, and also if you haven't done so already make sure to put your e-mail on the box above, we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows. So guys thanks again for joining me, remember that more videos have in a few more days. But in the meantime, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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