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Episode # 28   Dressing for Success part 1

About The Episode:

Attention ladies! Today's episode is a little different from what you are use to watching on the show. Natalie brings you inside her closest while a stylist goes through her clothes and tells her what works for her, and what doesn't. This episode is loaded with fashion tips, and do's and don'ts.

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Episode # 28 Dressing for Success part 1

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. I actually have a very interesting in different two parts of the video that I wanted to share with you today and in a couple of days' time. I have a girlfriend of mine by the name of Kathi Burns who had met on a social situation a few times and it wasn't until about the fourth time that I've been hanging out with her that she mentioned to me that she was a stylist. Now you probably don't noticed about me but I'm hopeless and blind at buying clothes for myself, I don't really enjoy the purchases I think I miss that gene as a woman. But I think part of the reason that I don't like to shop for clothes is that I find it difficult to look for clothes, when I see clothes in a rack I don't really see anything that I like, and I also find that I don't know what type of clothing would suit my body type. And you know I know that I could accessorize more, I know that I could do different things that could really drew up my outfits but I don't really know what that is and so when Kathi told me that she was a stylist, I'm like oh my God you've waited this long to tell me, so now I could do a better job but I just really need someone to give me a hand. So today Kathi's gonna come in and go through my existing wardrobe, we're going to try some things out but I'm keep some things, but I'm going to learn about how should I be dressing in different specific basic tips that everyone could use for fashion to maybe you know dress themselves up or to make themselves look taller or thinner or whatever it is that we want. So we'll share some of those tips with you today, show you the result to what's gonna happen to my wardrobe, and then tomorrow we're actually gonna go shopping and those tips that we share with you today, you will able up see them practically through the clothes that she'll help me to pick up tomorrow. So I hope you enjoy the video, and let me introduce you now to Kathi.

Hi Kathi, well welcome to the show.

Kathi : Thank you very much.

Natalie : Now as you can probably see, Kathi has absolutely decimated my wardrobe, there's hardly anything left from there, these were the pile that we're throwing away, these are some of the stuffs that we're keeping. So with the pile that we're throwing away, what were the reasons? Was it coloring? Was it styles? What were the top reasons that we have to get rid of the stuff?

Kathi : It was mainly the lines that were drawing around your body, so what we wanna do, we wanna, all of us, aspire to have a figure-8 shape. So a lot of lines that you had with the clothing on your body is you really don't have that shape happening for yourself. And often times that you appear on top heavy or bottom heavy, and not showing off your little bity waist which you have, which if you see women from the back, she's so lucky because she has already built in herself, we don't even have to try. What we want to do is we don't wanna hide it, we wanna accentuate that nice line right there for you.

Natalie : Okay. 'Coz that's been one of the challenges that I've had, is that not really knowing how to dress from my body shape, you know and the other problem's I buy too much black, but we all do that 'coz it's a safety color and slimming apparently. Okay so this is the part that we're keeping. So okay, so what are some of the reasons we're keeping this, again, color? style?

Kathi : Okay. Color. You know the color on this is beautiful on you, so I definitely your right I would put you on a black color palate unless your 20 or under probably you shouldn't go color with the black as your color palate especially by your face, this color on you is lovely, this has texture and shine and it just had all the line, we had the apparent waist for you, we have the v-neck. A V-neck is a queen essential that you can do to really make yourself look thinner and longer and leaner, it's a great sequel for everyone has a V. And it's just a beautiful dress I mean you did really well on picking this out, it's got the flow, and it's got all the lines, we have see a diagonals, verticals, and then right across where you in just the waist, which is beautiful. So that's one reason why we keeping that dress. That's lovely.

Natalie : Well I mean I suppose we don't really go to every article.

Kathi : We already did that.

Natalie : But let's just say these you know a few tips that you give to women or to men on you know tips on how to put an outfit. Like you know what are some of the tips that make them dress, well get them dress really nice.

Kathi : Okay the ideal outfit, that's gonna have 3 elements, that's gonna have color, texture, and shine. So you want some texture, you want some color and you want to pop a shine. And the best way that men can do that is obviously through the accessory of their watch, or some kind of shine on their shoe, with women it's easy too, to do it with accessory, shine shine or down at the bottom of your feet, that's easy way to get shine 'coz typically you don't want shine on your butt. Texture, I mean unless you need it, some women do need that.

Natalie : And as you were telling me before if we have shine here and then shine on the shoes, it helps to keep a longer line.

Kathi : Right.

Natalie : So we look taller or thinner.

Kathi : Right. So anything you can draw the eye up is going to elongate you and make you taller and thinner that's why the pointed shoe is the secret weapon for every women, a lot of women say 'I can't wear pointed shoes? because you know they all have this argument with feet but you can find the perfect pointed shoes for every foot, you just have to maybe try on 50 pairs, 60 pairs, then you'll find that ideal very comfortable pointed shoe. But again that's longer and leaner to making your eye grow right up. Go right up.

Natalie : Okay. Excellent.

Kathi : That's why we like the point girls, it's not because we want you to be in danger.

Natalie : Yeah. And I know you mentioned to me before that texture, color, what were the 3 element?

Kathi : Color, texture, and shine.

Natalie : Right. So how do you know what color suit you?

Kathi : You choose one of, as a classic stylist I choose one color palate as the basis, so it would either be navy, brown, black, sometimes the dark dark charcoal grey. So you choose one of those colors and then everything can be built around it. Like we said again unless you're very young or unless you were Snow White which would be the queen essential ivory skin, jet black hair, or some black women or winters which would be the Snow White, that's when you wear black, but typically you're gonna be wearing navy or your gonna wear dark brown or dark grey as your basic palate. So what that means is that would be you know we're gonna suit you up and perhaps navy or brown as you basic element and then we're gonna pop up with colors you know every season has different colors, this season is purple, so you can still pop up color and pop the purple and be in style but you're gonna be wearing the basic classic colors on yourself. That way, your whole wardrobe's gonna get with each other too. You can make it easier to get dressed.

Natalie : Okay. And that is there any rules when you're accessorizing? You know having shoes matching earrings or anything like that. Is there any kind of basic rules?

Kathi : Not anymore. Now you can pretty much do whatever you want, silver and gold match together is really hot right now. So you don't have to match your bag with your shoes, it's like with men you don't have to match your belt with your shoes anymore, it's all kind of thrown out the door. So you can do whatever you want in accessorizing and mixing and matching. Keeping in mind that you know black, brown, and blue, and metallic are all neutrals. So you can mix all of those together to your heart's content.

Natalie : wow. Okay.

Kathi : You can do black and blue, silver and gold, all wear in an outfit and be able to pull it off. And it makes it more fun.

Natalie : Awesome. That's excellent information. So today was getting rid with the wardrobe, tomorrow is actually our shopping day.

Kathi : Shop!

Natalie : Yeah. Which we're shopping the way that I really like to shop, like I kind of arrive and like everything's there, then have to go looking around for everything. But so a lot of what Kathi was saying today, you be able to actually see in action and applying tomorrow when we start to rebuild my wardrobe from there. Now that's gonna be on the next video. But in the meantime, if someone wants to know more information about, what would you do' Or some other fashion tips, where can we send them?

Kathi : They can go to that's A-D-D-S-P-A-C-E all spelled out A-D-D now intended, and they can find information on me and anything that they might wanna find and there's phone number there, they can dial.

Natalie : Great. Okay. Or you can just click on the banner to the side there it will take you through the to Kathi's website. Well thank you Kathi for today, it's gonna be very liberating, and we'll get back to you tomorrow and you can see the results of all these put together.

Kathi : And you can see some of outfits.

Natalie : Yes. So until tomorrow, 'till the next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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