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Episode # 334   Dr Joe Dispenza

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show Natalie Ledwell speaks with Neuroscientist, Chiropractor, Lecturer and Author, Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe joins Natalie to discuss the amazing work he?s doing around the world by teaching people how to heal and create the reality that they want through thought alone. During the show, Dr. Joe shares his incredible journey that started when he was run over by a truck and broke 6 very important bones in his body and the difficult decision he made by choosing to heal himself, over using conventional medicine. He also shares amazing stories of people who have healed themselves and reveals how they did it. Plus, he explains why he chose to incorporate the Mind Movies visualization software in his workshops and how anyone can use Mind Movies to manifest the life they desireT.

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Episode # 334 Dr Joe Dispenza

Natalie: Hi everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today, I

have an awesome guest with me. We’ve got an amazing subject that we’ll be talking about with.

We’re talking about the quantum mind and how we have the ability to be able to heal ourselves

and to create the reality that we want through that quantum mind. So, can you please welcome my

special guest and friend, Dr. Joe Dispenza. How are you, Joe?

Joe: Very good, Natalie. I’m very happy to be with you.

N: Always happy to be with you. And we’re also going to be discussing amazing measurements and

things that you are able to discover through some of the workshops and the things that you do,

so, why don’t we start first of all with a little bit with your background and how you got into

doing the stuff that you do right now.

J: Well, I never planned in doing any of this. To be honest with you, I got ran by a truck

during a triathlon and broke 6 bones in my back. That kind of started me on my journey. I had

to make a decision whether I was going to go the conventional route – go with the surgery – or

try to heal myself by thought alone and it was a very, very defining moment of my life. I

decided to not have surgery and I spent quite a bit of time in going within and making some

really substantial changes. I recovered completely and then started asking questions like, if I

have done this, is anybody ever done something similar to this? So I started looking at

spontaneous remissions and the neural science of change and this concept called neuro-

plasticity and (1:36) genetics and quantum physics. All of those things, Natalie, point a

finger at possibility of human potential. And then, when the bleep came out, became a famous

movie and then the most common questions that people started asking after that movie was, how

do you create a life that you want? How do you do it? And if your personality creates your

personal reality and your personality is made of how you think, how you act and how you feel,

then in order for me to create a new personal reality I’ve got to change my personality. Why is

it so hard to change? So based on those two questions, we started teaching workshops around the

world. Over a period of time, I have to say, we started seeing common people doing the

uncommon. Not just once, not just twice, not just three times that we saw when people really

understand vital information about who they are and then they can speak about it, in other

words, they can wire it in their brain and they develop a model of understanding. Then you can

give them instruction on how to apply that philosophy or that knowledge, if they initiate that

knowledge properly and they get their behavior to match their intention, they should have some

type of change, some transformation. And so, we started seeing people healing themselves from

all kinds of conditions and creating a life that they want and miracles started to happen. And

it got very exciting because that’s what led to some of the measurements that we started doing

because we started seeing people in real time, right there in our workshops get up with very

serious diseases and conditions and really begin to make very significant strides in their

health and in their life right doing the workshop. We know it was happening in real time. So

that’s when we decided to do the measurements and really seeing if we could demystify the

mystical. I think we made scientific history in the last year and a half.

N: So, tell me what are some of the things that you have been measuring, that you’ve been

seeing incredible results with?

B: Well, one of the things that we know is when you marry a clear intention with an elevated

emotion, thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body and

when you combine how you think and how you feel you create what I call state of being. And the

state of being is when mind and body are unified or the body and the mind merge as one. So if

we’re going to get a clear intention, we have to get our brain working right. So we began doing

what we called quantitative and sacral reading. We measure people’s brains like electro-sacral

graphs, EEGs. We measure what happens before they come to the event, they go through 4 and a

half days of training and we measure the brain in the end, if there’s any significant changes.

We also randomly select 5 people for meditation or whatever exercise we’re doing and we measure

the brain in real time to see if they are making any changes, how long they can sustain the

change, what level of coherence can they could create in the brain, what kind of energy they

are creating, how different compartments of the brain are talking to each other, how (4:57) the

brain is, how fast they can slip into state, if they can overcome the chatter in their minds

and how to do that. So, we measure brains and then we measure hearts, because when you feel

frustration, your heart does a very specific change in pattern. If you’re feeling anxiety,

there’s a different pattern. But when you feel joy or you feel appreciation or you feel

gratitude or you feel care, the heart changes also and it gets very coherent. So we have

students where heart were monitored (5:33) and they go in and out of meditation and were

measuring when they opened their heart, how long they can sustain that and make it still. We

also measured the energy of the room because they all like, ah, the energy of the room was so

incredible, well I wanted to measure it to see if it was incredible. In every single events

we’ve done measurements in the room and the ambient space, there’s been a very, very, very

significant elevations of the energy in the room. We also measured the energy around people’s

body as if they’re going from particle to wave, it’s either they’re going from that or the

energy. They’re freeing themselves from the chains of certain emotions that keep anger to the

past and the body’s liberated, there should be a release of energy. So we wanted to measure

energetic changes. The very sophisticated instruments that really surpassed the (6:29)

photography to a very large extent. We also measure the energy centers of the body if people

where programming (6:36) nervous system, that these energy centers really should be more

robust, they should be more alive and they should work in more harmony. We also measured, in

one of our events, epigenetic changes, we’re measuring if a person’s truly in a state of grace

then their DHEA levels, which are the kind of regeneration hormone should be going up and their

cortisol levels should be going down and we saw that happen. The person’s truly experiencing

love, they should have elevated levels of oxytocin and we’ve seen that over and over again in

our students. We also measured like dopamine, epinephrine, (7:16) seratonin, different neuro-

transmitters to see if people are breaking through and are overcoming certain aspects of

themselves and making changes in their genetic expression, and we should be measuring the

effects of that. We’ve seen some pretty cool things as a result of it. We know that 93% of the

people that have come to our workshops get a more than 80% change in their brain for the

better. We also know that it’s impossible for the brain to change the brain or the ego to

change the ego or the personality to change the personality or matter to change matter, it’s

just impossible. It’s only when we become pure consciousness, when we become an awareness and

possibility that we can begin to exert effects on our bodies, on conditionings in our lives and

in our environment and to create some new future times. So, we gathered a lot of information

and I’m so hopeful and so excited that by presenting this information to people they’ll realize

they come loaded with all the biological and neurological machinery to really make changes in

their life and they can create a life that they want.

N: Exactly. And what I love about the work that you’re doing, and we have worked together quite

a bit especially on the last couple of fans’ workshop that you’ve had, is that you’re taking

this information that some people see as a little bit of a spiritual woowoo but you’re actually

scientifically explaining how and why it works, which is awesome. I have a copy of your book

here, you are the placebo, and I know that in this book you explained a lot further how that

works. You were saying that you’ve seen people spontaneously healed and improved their bodies.

Can you share a couple of stories of things you’ve seen in the workshops that has just been

completely mind blowing?

J: I’m always blown away because during the advanced workshop in Cancun, sorry you weren’t

there your staff was there and they had a good time, and I’m always amazed Natalie, because

when you talk about placebo studies, placebo works really well with pain control. Works pretty

good with depression and certain skin conditions. Placebo work pretty well with those things

but I’m pretty sure now that we’ve exceeded the limits of the placebo, because once you

understand how the placebo works – why is it that you could give someone a (9:53) or a saline

injection or perform a sham surgery or procedure and a certain percentage of those people will

accept, believe and surrender to the idea or thought that they’re getting something real – and

it begins to program their autonomic neural system to make the exact pharmacy of chemicals that

they think they’re taking on the external substance. So if you know then that person then is

putting faith and acceptance and belief in something outside of them, could they put their

belief into the quantum field? Take an unknown instead of a known and continuously revisit that

unknown until they make it known. Well, the answer is yes, they seen it over and over again,

I’ll tell you a brief story because it’s a good one. I was just in New York for several weeks

back and there was this woman who, I was walking off the stage and she handed me an envelope, I

was going to the green room and I opened the envelope. It was a story about her life, I was so

moved to tears by this story, I had her come up the stage and tell her story. It was a Sunday

morning, she was in the shower and her husband just said goodbye to her two children and then

stuck his head to the bathroom and said goodbye to her and went to the tallest building in

Amsterdam and jumped off the roof of the building, committed suicide. Of course, the traumatic

event produces all the stress hormones of anxiety, of fear, of regret, resentment, guilt,

shame, unworthiness, pain, all those emotions were running through her body and what she didn’t

know at that time was that every time she thought about the event she was producing the same

chemistry in her brain body that the event was happening. So her body was reliving the

experience 50 to 100 times in one day and that began to condition her body into the past. So,

we talked about how refractory periods of emotions turns into moods if you let them linger for

a period of time then it turns into a temperament and finally becomes part of your personality.

If you were to ask this woman why are you so upset? Why are you so angry? Why are you so sad?

Then she would say, I’m sad or angry because of this event that happened to me three months

ago, four months ago, which, in other words she’s saying I was biologically altered four months

ago and I haven’t been able to change. Well, after a period of time, she was in so much pain

emotionally that she couldn’t get out of bed one morning. She was completely paralyzed. She

can’t go to work. She can’t take care of her kids. She has no money and her mother has to move

in with her, so her stress levels go up. Of course, three months later, after being completely

paralyzed and having a no-diagnosis, she develops these large ulcerations in her poly-mucus

membrane of her body and her mouth hurts, esophagus, and her bladder, her vagina, her anus was

covered with these very large sores, stress levels go up more because now she can’t eat and

when she does, she’s in more pain. It’s the scientific fact that the effects of the stress

hormones pushed the genetic buttons that create disease and then now that she’s in even more

trouble, she develops esophageal cancer three months later after that. The diagnosis of cancer

now increases the stress level and she’s in big trouble. She comes to our workshop in Holland

and I talked about all the things, of possibility of a new science of neural plasticity and

epigenetics (13:30). She listened really closely, although, she had a very difficult time in

that event because she couldn’t think greater than how she felt. She was thinking in the past

because emotions direct her to the past, but she continued and she came to a more progressive

workshop in New York a few months later, now remember because she was in crutches and walker,

she couldn’t walk. She had a breakthrough in that event and then from that day forward Natalie

she made a deal with herself that every single day that she would get up and do her meditation

and redefine by vision or future, instead of the memory of the past. She said to herself, I am

not getting up from my meditation until I’m in love with my life. To the materialist, to the

person who’s defining reality by methonian physics and by their senses, they would say, she had

no reason to be in-loved with her life. Her husband committed suicide, she can’t take care of

her children, she’s paralyzed, she’s got cancer, she’s got ulcerations, she can’t eat, a whole

list of reasons why but every day, she was teaching her body emotionally what her future is

going to be like. In a very short amount of time, she was standing on that stage and she said,

I have no cancer. I just came from my doctor, there is no evidence of cancer in any of the

scans. I have no evidence or any signs of any ulcerations in any of my mucus membranes. I have

no pain in my body. I have completely recovery of my limbs and I have remarried, I have a new

husband. And I said to her, new personality, creates a new personal reality. The disease of

cancer existed in the old personality. She was literally somebody else and because of that, she

is the example of the truth. She did exactly what we said to do and she did it religiously.

There were days, I’m sure, she didn’t want to do her meditation. I’m sure there were days that

she didn’t feel like getting out of her bed. I asked her about it, and she said, those were the

days that defined me, because those were the days where I had the most incredible meditation

because my body didn’t want to go to the future and I kept bringing it in the future. It was

amazing because her and many other people when we study the testimonials when they write up

their stories, there is a common thread that happen, which I’m starting to see. When people

truly have a spontaneous remission, they feel so happy and so whole and so satisfied with

themselves and they are in such a state of gratitude for life that they could care less if they

have the disease. Over and over again that’s the moment the disease disappears. So, here’s a

small example of somebody who applied all these information and turned their life around.

N: So cool. I love that story. The last workshop of yours that I attended, we were talking

about that. Now let’s touch briefly on some of the measurements that you’ve been doing in

relation to mind movies. I know that in the last couple event’s workshop, we’ve actually helped

all of your participants to create their own personal mind movies and we’ve been measuring the

difference between regular brain activity, meditation and visualization. So what are some of

the result that you’ve been seeing from that?

J: Well, the whole reason that we used mind movies and I’ll say this really simply, is that I

really feel like when you can induce a trance into a person, the more they are in a state of

trance, the less analytical they are. The more analytical they are, the less they are

suggestable or the ability to go into a trance. So we used a kaleidoscope to induce a trance

and we have our students go into their mind movie, you know, when you listen to a song and you

listen to an eagle song, the other day I was listening to an eagle song on a drive home from

work and I started laughing because I started thinking about a girlfriend I had when I was 17

years old then I started thinking about all the things that happened, it’s called an

associative memory, right? The song brings you back to a memory of your past. I want to use the

mind movies so that when people hear the song they are remembering their future and it’s the

exact same thing biologically in the brain body. So, we have students use their mind movies

with a song so that they can feel passionate and feel the emotion of what that future is going

to be like. And so, when we start measuring some of the brain scans that people watching their

mind movies, we saw an enhanced level of brainwave activity. But when we asked people then to

close their eyes and to dimensionalize their mind movie, in other words to put themselves into

the mind movie and create height and depth and width and dimensionalize it, while the

amplitudes of energy that we were capturing in the brain on certain students probably have

never been recorded in neural science history, we’re talking about 10 to 50 times of one lady,

probably a hundred times normal. You will never see that in a clinical setting number one, and

number two, she can’t make that happen. In other words, that’s happening to her. The inner

experience that she’s having in that moment is greater energetically than any past experience.

And when the inner experience become greater than any past experience, that’s the moment we

rewrite the program. That’s the moment the brain no longer has no evidence of the past any

longer. So the amplitudes of energy that we captured in the mind movies research that we’ve

been doing demonstrates that when a person really goes on a full sensory experience that when

the neuro-transmitters arrive and the brain is primed the right way in trance and we work with

our students to get them to that level. They’re more prone to accept, believe and surrender to

a future without any analysis and that’s when we begin to program their autonomic nervous

system to live in the future instead of living the past and just some really elegant and

beautiful brain scans we’ve seen for some people who were able to do it properly.

N: Yeah, it’s fantastic. Joe, we have ran out of time. We told you that we would because this

is such an incredible subject but I know that you have put together a little offer for our,

awesome gifts for our viewers, one including a tele-class, I’m sure that anyone watching this

show right now realize that we’ve just scratched the surface. We haven’t even gone deeply

anything here. Can you tell us a little bit about the package you’ve put together for our


J: Sure. One of the things, we just said about the tele-class it’s about an hour and ten

minutes, so we do a tele-class the last Thursday of every month and this particular one that we

did was on the fifth dimensional creation. In other words, most people when they create they

have a vision of what they want and then they have the go and get it or they have to do

something to get it. Well, that’s kind of a matter to matter process. It kind of takes time but

what we worked specifically in the Cancun event in July was what we called the fifth

dimensional creation, which is instead of you going to get it, it comes to you. And there is a

science specifically behind that, it’s a very fast way to create and so standing in the

shoulder of the event in Cancun, people requested that I talk more about it so that, the

tele-class was about 35 minutes or so of me talking about fifth dimensional creation and then

we answered some questions related to it. We are also offering a $50 discount to anybody who

comes to any of our progressive workshops. I’m doing Baltimore in the first week of September

and then Phoenix in the second weekend of September but it’s on the website, the list of events

around the world.

N: Wonderful. So guys, if you click on the banner on the side there it will take you straight

through that page so you can advantage of those wonderful gifts that Joe is offering for us.

So, thanks again Joe for joining me. As always, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you here

and always an interesting conversation.

J: Thank you, Natalie.

N: Thanks. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking on the

Facebook and Twitter share buttons on this page. Also, make sure you download the app if you

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this side to go through for Joe’s gifts that he is offering us today. So until next time,

remember live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.
Dr Joe Dispenza



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