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Episode # 139   Dr Huesan Tran - The Meridian of God

About The Episode:

Dr. Huesan Tran revisits The Inspiration Show to share her new book titled "The Meridian Of God", that reveals the steps humanity must take to co-create a new universe filled with peace and understanding. Dr. Tran shares her discovery of her life purpose and some of the important secrets from her book. Dr. Tran even discusses what she believes will happen on December 21st, 2012, and how the universe can make a massive transformation by simply understanding "The Meridian of God".

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Episode # 139 Dr Huesan Tran - The Meridian of God

Natalie: Today on the show, I'm speaking with Dr. Huesan Tran. She has one of the most important spiritual messages I've ever shared here on the show and I encourage you to watch the video all the way to the end. So enjoy.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is Dr. Huesan Tran. Hi Dr. Huesan!

Dr. Tran: Hi Natalie!

Natalie: Dr. Huesan is back again. Like I've mentioned before, there's so much information that we wanted to cover with you, and we couldn't do it in one show, we have to do it in multiple shows.

Dr. Tran: You know when I talk to people, they have a big head, you know. You know why? Because I'm an integrator.

Natalie: Right.

Dr. Tran: So I integrate many pieces. So for most people, it is hard to comprehend, so it's good that we are doing in multiple series.

Natalie: Yes! Now you spoke recently in an amazing event called; The Messenger's Summit.

Dr. Tran: Right.

Natalie: And you spoke about the Meridian of God.

Dr. Tran: Yeah! It's actually the core message, my core work... I think in previous video, we talked about how I gave up my career, moved back from Honking to LA, my home is in LA. I was working in Hong Kong for 2 years. And so, when I had a calling that, you know there will be financial crisis or you know chaos or whatever, and all that... I prepared myself to serve right. When I moved back, I wanted to do the thesis on Financial... I'm not sure, do the thesis on Energy Healing. And at that time, it was not the Meridian of God, but through the process of researching everything, I discovered... so I changed my thesis to Meridian of God, actually that my theses Universal Angie and The Meridian of God.

Natalie: So, what is The Meridian of God?

Dr. Tran: The Meridian of God... we all has that, it's actually the god in you, and we use it all the time, 24 hours, not aware that we have it...

Natalie: Right!

Dr. Tran: ...and if people ask me, when I write a thesis, I said it is the... you could call it the... you know, you heard of the 12 Meridian right?

Natalie: Yes!

Dr. Tran: Others call it, I said this, you can cart a 13th Meridian, or a Zero Meridian, that is beyond 12 meridians right? You want to take against what it is?

Natalie: No.

Dr. Tran: It's so close to us. Now in the video, the message that I talked, I think within 18 minutes is 20-minute talk, no selling. I explained it using Chinese character, you know you have it, making it easy for you, is the nervous system.

Natalie: Right, because it encompasses all the body...

Dr. Tran: And it connects the invisible and the visible universe. And it's multi-dimensional. Right? And I discovered that in the Chinese character... because actually, when I moved back, I was studying the Kabbalah, have you heard of the Kabbalah?

Natalie: Yes.

Dr. Tran: Ok. And I find similarity in East and west, you know where there is the bible, whatever. This, underneath the process of creation is, is the same! From nothingness right, and then you have you know the oneness when you do ally and everything. So in the Kabbalah, they talk about the Void and then there's the Dock right, and then many dock become aligned in one dimension, and then you have the 3 dimension and everything else. And when I looked into the Chinese... oh first there was somebody else teaching about the spiritual meaning of these Hebrew letters, how every Hebrew letter is actually a 2-dimensional snap-shot of energy spiral. So when I heard that gentleman, I think it was bad winter, we talked about the alphabet that they all have energetic form and I looked into the Chinese character with the, you know, with the spiritual aspect and then I had to go; Oh my God! Whatever the Kabbalah talked about, the process of creation is all here.

Natalie: Wow.

Dr. Tran: Ok, but that's just the character god, and then when you look at the other character, the meridian, and put these 2 to that, No! That's who we are, we are god.

Natalie: Right.

Dr. Tran: And all these time, the... all these Holy Scripture, thousands of years talking about it, how it attained the divine union, all of that, it was like so fun and everything, but actually it's just a conscious gap. When we, close that gap, that energetic gap, when we close that gap, then everything is won!

Natalie: Right.

Dr. Tran: So this is the key...

Natalie: This is really interesting because you know, that whole concept, and I think, you know, that we are all connected, we are all part of one thing, and we are all one. To say YEP, and you know, yep ok I can see that, that would be, that would be right, but to understand it, to live it and to comprehend it, and understand the meaning of the whole thing...

Dr. Tran: There's a lot of scripture, a lot of school, they talk about how get to one, and all that but they didn't talk about the "HOW." The Meridian of God explained the HOW. Its 24/7 right?

Natalie: Yep.

Dr. Tran: And it's so close, like when I tell some Chinese people, I tell them what I found, they're so close to it and they don't get it. Some of them don't get it, you know and so, and I realized... ok it's a challenge to share this and on my website, I have a free audio where I explained it in different way. It's the first time I was being interviewed on this topic, it's an hour audio, and I explained how it is. It's almost like a cellphone, we don't have physical connection but there's a way to communicate.

Natalie: Yes.

Dr. Tran: It's our energy.

Natalie: Yeah, right. So when people, you know listen to this so they understand this, how does that change their life?

Dr. Tran: Ok. I think the change is... first of all is to awaken our divine purpose, mission and responsibility. Why we're here? Why God created us? God created us with very high divine purpose to come here, to do... we're here to create, to make a difference, to do so many things, but the society really trapped us. You know and that's the problem right? The little kid, they are so free to do anything they want right? That trapped, and so we have to unblock many things. The important things about this, if you understand this, you unified the religion, you find the differences and when the scientist understands, you know... I don't know if you've seen the movie like the Matrix or whatever, it talks about the fear whatever, when they realize; "Oh... the nervous system is the meridian of god!" I think they will have quantum leap, and when the scientist has a way to explain to the masses, in the way the people understand them is... it's transformational, everything shift.

Natalie: Cause you know we were talking on an earlier video about financial healing and really trying to change the system from the different paradigm, you know the way that everything is working now; the greed-based and money-based and everyone after themselves, has to change, the system cannot perpetuate in itself anymore.

Dr. Tran: Exactly.

Natalie: And when we understand information like this, everything that we do comes from a completely different paradigm.

Dr. Tran: You know it's interesting because I gave my message on a talk in March 2012, and it will be put on a riffle of change website along with the hundred messenger, each giving their talk, there's no selling, and Neil Dowell's, Simon Dale they will be promoting the site to go viral. It's about the lounge. I think maybe in the next couple of weeks. And what happened is I have the book in the working right? I talked about the financial alignment. So the 2 kind of, align! The perfect time that's why I have this back-to-back. Because, because when the people understand that we are all part of God, and they act with responsibility, or the holy duty, you know, in the business world right? We will have... all these chaos; everything will be taken care of...

Natalie: Exactly.

Dr. Tran: It's just like the first interview we have, I talked about that internal and External Identity, when there is a line, knowing that we are children of God, we come here with a responsibility, we are supposed to take care of all the living creature, planet earth and the business world or you know all these manufacturer everything, if they're pleading earth resources, it's, instead of taking care of animal, they were eating the animal right? So all these need to change and have a balance and unless they wake up and hey, "I am a god man, the god-created, I have that responsibility." Then if that consciousness doesn't shift, that behavior would continue. So shifting this consciousness is very important. And some get it, some don't, and the point is for the... when the scientist get it and they can... some people have to have proof, cause this is coming through my experience, and connecting the dot, and it will take time, for everyone to really understand what it is, and we are very lucky here because, you know, whoever would share this, will actually the pioneer. The pioneer of sharing this with the world. Because this is the second time I talked about it. Or should I say, the first time on video.

Natalie: Exactly!

Dr. Tran: the first time I talked about audio, that's the gift they can get on that. So when people understand this, we don't have time really, our society, we don't have time for a long meditation, study endless scripture, everything, we have so many issues we need to deal with, solving problem or anything. So, knowing what the Meridian of God will help us break-through. From break-down to break-through.

Natalie: And any of the other thing that we have spoken about in the previous show, you know, we talked about December 21st, we talked about this wave, this consciousness that's coming, this work, this information is part of that wave.

Dr. Tran: Right, it is part of it. And really, my talk is about; Awakening to Human Origin and Destiny, and the origin is that we are god right? So where is the destiny? The destiny that we have been given the paradise and we ruined it, so now we need to rebuild, and co-create a new paradise on earth. So that's my message, that's the message I would appreciate if everybody if they would share with everyone. People ask me; "How do you co-create a new paradise?" do you have any clue?

Natalie: No. one person at a time, and I'm assuming.

Dr. Tran: I have a very simple way to explaining it if I can share it using a story, do we have time for that?

Natalie: Yeah!

Dr. Tran: Ok! When I was in graduate school, we talked about this orientation and this when you leave the school there is a retreat before we leave, and people talk about how you envision yourself you know 10 years from here whatever, and here's the story to explain the difference about vision, I think your community will understand that. So, there was a story that they sued about rock's smith working around a mountain, digging on a rock, and the story is that a stranger walked by and asked the rock smith, "hey what are you doing?" and the first rock smith would say, "I am digging a little rock." It's very mechanical right? And then the stranger continued walking and talked to the second rock smith, he said, "What are you doing?" he said, "Oh, I'm making a brick to build a building." So it's more conceptual right? So then he continued walking and he saw the third one and he said, he asked the third rock smith. "What are you doing?" and the third rock smith, of course just like the rest of them, working while thinking, he said, "I am building a cathedral." Okay? So the different is the vision. Right, so...

Natalie: They can see the potential.

Dr. Tran: So I'm going to bone that story and at the fourth rock smith, so the stranger asked the fourth rock smith, what are you doing? And the fourth rock smith would say, "I am creating a new paradise on earth." So the change is the shift in consciousness. See, whatever we create, whatever we envision, that's what we can create cause can you imagine, we have... how big is a community? Half a million or one million people envisioning what new paradise would be, we will have new paradise.

Natalie: Of course.

Dr. Tran: Right.

Natalie: You need a percentage of the population to be able to facilitate the shift.

Dr. Tran: Exactly, and then from here they share with everybody, I mean share the rock smith's story with them, and so I tell some business owners that, builders that you may not be able to give a raise to your employee but they understand how important they are right? Every nail they put into the building, is creating shelter for the children of god right? Every, like the farmer, every seed they put, everything is so divine and spiritual yet people are not aware of it. You know, so this would bring that awareness back. So that's why it's significant, it's beyond religion, it's beyond science, it's so practical, it's in every aspect in life, that's why I was so excited when I met you, as if, could you imagine everybody start visualizing new paradise on earth?

Natalie: Yeah.

Dr. Tran: We will help build paradise on earth.

Natalie: And that's possible.

Dr. Tran: It's possible. And it's so simple, it's so simple because you know it looks the same, you know, people expect this, they could change about 2012, it's really the energetic shift. It may be the same walk to school or you do the same job, teaching or saying work with the computer every day, but with the divine consciousness everything changes. Everything change because your life has meaning, it's fulfilling, it has significance and you don't have to think; "do I have to be Oprah to be able to do that?" it's not like that, not like that. Everyone is involved.

Natalie: Life completely changes because like you've said, you know why you're here, you have a purpose, and you just... your life are in flow...

Dr. Tran: And I want to clarify something because a lot of people, said yeah they want to know their life purpose, and all that, it takes time and for some people, who come easier out of people that maybe a little bit struggle whatever, but when you understand that new paradise on earth, the collective mission that we are all part of. So it doesn't matter what you do, maybe you haven't figured out your life purpose yet, or if you figure it out perfect, then you can align, but even if you're not, you know that whatever you're doing is really contributing to this grand vision of new paradise on earth and nobody can do it alone, so we need everybody, so everybody is one, and that's the wonderful thing about it. No small or big, everybody is divine.

Natalie: Yes! So where can people find out more about this video?

Dr. Tran: Yeah, my website, Now the video is a little bit a website cover up change, it's not launched yet, so I do have a divine gift for you, if you go to, that's the audio I talk about, the Meridian of God and when you open, when the video is ready, you'll be sent a link, so made easy for you, you know. I have no way to reaching everybody but that's the way we can stay connected to. And co-create new paradise on earth and should I spell for them so it's easier?

Natalie: Yes!

Dr. Tran: Ok, it's h-u-e-s-a-n-t-r-a-n, so H like Henry, U like University, E like Edward, S like Sam, A like apple, N like Nancy, T like Tom, R on Roger, A like apple and N like Nancy. So

Natalie: That's great. And remember if you click on the banner to side then you go straight to that website as well. So thanks again.

Dr. Tran: Yeah, I'm so excited that we get to share this message to everybody.

Natalie: Excellent.

Dr. Tran: I hope to see you guys again.

Natalie: So please, I pull you share this video and the information in it, and you could do that by clicking the Facebook and the twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there. I would love to send you the Manifesting with Masters Video A Course, masters like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, and John Assaraf. It's valued in 87 dollars and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure you put your emails on the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Dr Huesan Tran



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