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Episode # 443   Dr. Edwige Bingue - Guide To Spiritual Awakening

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with a metaphysical practitioner, mentor and author of the ‘You’re Not Crazy You’re Just Awakening’ book, Dr. Edwige. This incredible woman joins Natalie to discuss her very own inspiring spiritual journey that began at the early age of 12. She shares the story of when she was visited by a being of light that showed her how to move through time and space. Then a few years later, after a near death experience, she reconnected with the source and that is how her spiritual awakening process began. During the show, she explains that as children, most of us are aware that we are divine beings, but unfortunately, as we grow older, we start forgetting who we really are and we lose touch with our own potential. The process of “remembering” that our desired reality already exists right in front of us and is already there waiting, is called Awakening. Dr. Edwige also shares her practice of assisting her clients by guiding them through this process, bringing their light to life and expressing their divine nature.

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