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Episode # 320   Dr Amelia Kemp

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), expert in Goal Achievement and Brainwave Entrainment, Jeff Gignac. Jeff joins Natalie to discuss his new breakthrough technology called ?Passive Brain Fitness? which is helping people take their lives to a whole new level by improving their mental processing power. During the show, Jeff explains how negative emotions like stress, fear and depression affect our body by restricting our brain from the blood flow necessary to learn, think and live to our fullest potential. He also reveals that to be able to problem solve, look into the future and create, we must first be in a state that is stress and worry free.

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Episode # 320 Dr Amelia Kemp

Natalie: Hello, everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now, we

have an interesting show today because we are going to be talking about mental health.

Something that we don’t talk about that often but I have my special guest with me has a very

enlightening and different approach to mental health, so can you please welcome me or join me

in welcoming Dr. Amelia Kemp. How are you today?

Amelia: I’m doing very well. Thank you for having me on the show, Natalie. It’s wonderful to be


N: Absolute pleasure to have you. I know you have a new book that’s coming out which we’re

going to talk about in a moment but what we want to do is start a little bit with your

background and your story because you have a very inspiring story which kind of led you to what

it is that you do today.

A: Absolutely. Yes. The reason that I wrote my book from psycho-therapy to sacre-therapy was

because I also healed myself from anxiety and depression many, many years ago. I’ve been healed

now for two decades, 19 years but part to becoming a psycho-therapist I realized that the

stigma and taboo that was attached to being that (1:15) any type of mental and emotional

diagnosis really affected my self-esteem and once I became a psycho-therapist, I noticed that I

was doing the same thing to my clients. And so, I wanted a way to reinterpret and redescribe

all of the 170 mental and emotional diagnosis worldwide so that people can have a holistic

sense, an alternative way to view their symptoms to let them know that they were not sick, that

they were sacred and had simply gone out of alignment a little bit with their mind, body and

spirit or in one of those areas. And so, my book I compiled for 8 steps that I took when people

ask me, well what healed you? And I said, well it seems that I went through these 8 steps and

when I notice my clients feeling a little like they have gone through it and so I just thought

that I wanted to share it with the world because doctors will say, what are you doing

differently when we send clients to you we see they seem to heal faster? And so I started

tracking my outcomes and I realized it was these 8 steps that I would take people through when

they would be able to come back into alignment with who they were, live a joyous life that they

knew they’d always wanted and it was working. And so, that’s why I wrote the book.

N: Right. So, because I know that a lot of the treatment that people get either when they go to

see someone professional, if they’re feeling out of alignment or they’re feeling that there’s

something wrong with their mind and they’re not sure what it is, then the first step is okay

let’s get you into some kind of medication or let’s get you talking about the situation over

and over again, which to me just seems to perpetuate the same things in your reality. So what

makes sacre therapy different to psycho-therapy?

A: Well, the difference for me is that I feel that while medication can still be used, if a

person is using it, I’m not advocating that anyone stop their medication but sacre-therapy

process also honors herbal treatments because in mental health, normally that’s unheard of and

so, I want them to have the choice of whether or not they want to use medication or herbal

treatments but with sacre-therapy being a self-help program many people were able to release

the medications. I certainly never had to use it again once I came back to alignment, because

sometimes the medication make you feel further out of alignment than you were and so the

difference between being calm and being at peace and I wanted peace. I wanted my joy and my

clients did too. And so with my focus in sacre-therapy, I help people to see it doesn’t matter,

a trauma or whatever they went through, I don’t focus all the attention on the path. We deal

with the fact that they can insight certain neuro-transmitters from the brain just by thinking

about the past traumas. So I help them understand that their power is understanding the power

of a thought, that our thoughts are attractive, that our thoughts create our reality in that

sense. And so, when they say if that happening did not happen, if I hadn’t been raped, if I

hadn’t been robbed, if I hadn’t had an alcoholic husband these things are not going to happen

and I say, true, those things wouldn’t have happened but that’s not what’s keeping you out of

alignment. What’s keeping you out of alignment is your attention to it, which is triggering the

neural transmitters to the brain that’s making you feel very, very sad or upset or anxious. And

so, once I help them to understand the power of their thought that they have the ability to

direct their attention by focusing their thoughts on thoughts that create seratonin and the

natural-healing endorphins in the brain versus cortisol and sodium lactate that makes you feel

just awful, they are feeling so empowered because they realized that, oh, so you mean that I’m

not crazy, you mean my life isn’t ruined, not damaged goods anymore just because this bad,

awful thing happened to me and I’m like, no! It happened, it’s life, it has been lived but you

can certainly go on to your future unencumbered by yesterday. And so, that’s the beauty, I

think of my book from psycho-therapy to sacre-therapy, it helps people to understand that they

are sacred beings. They came forward for the joy of living and then they continue on regardless

of what diagnosis they’ve been given. That does not define who they are.

N: You know, I love that and you’re right, I mean, past events, first of all, you are not your


A: Exactly.

N: Just because something happened in the past, it doesn’t mean it has to keep reoccurring

again in the future unless we keep playing it in our mind. And of course, nothing has meaning

except for the meaning we give it.

A: Well, that’s the biggest thing. That’s the biggest thing right there. That’s why I love the

name of your website, mind movies, because it really is a mind game. In the sense that, meaning

is the interpretation and that we give to our life experience. And so, I always say, meaning is

what establishes our beliefs. But our beliefs are like clothes because we wear, we live our

lives in them. But like clothes, we can change them. We can wash them out. We can iron them out

or we can get rid of those and get a whole new wardrobe of thoughts, if we want to. And so,

many people don’t realize that because they’re on that automatic thought that was happening

because they were so chronic about focusing their attention there. But we do have the power to

direct our thought and so that’s the beauty of the sacre-therapy process that people take their

power back which is that energy base, because the core of all of us is energy and energy means

power. And so, as energy beings we certainly can live the life we came for to live with, the

joyful one, the happy one that we thought was over just because we were diagnosed with

something, which is why I disagree with the medical model that the term disorder shouldn’t be

used because the law of creation state that things come into being in a certain path whether

it’s well-being or they call disease, meta-physicians call it dis-ease, and so once a person is

at ease, they cannot have that vibration of dis-ease also in their continent. And so, from that

standpoint I call it a reaction, not a disorder or a divine intention that is all paying us

forward to live in this physical experience in the first place. And from that, as many people

will say I was born with this and I say, it must have been divine intention. You are a product

of the divine plan, that you can relive a part of the physical experience in and we can still

come back to alignment with that intention as well, that nothing can stop us from the joyful

life we want, if we want to seeing from the this broader perspective, understanding that we

have mighty influence over the quality of our lives. We really do.

N: Exactly. And that is the thing, we can get so caught up not even on the negative event but

why did this happen? Why did this happen to me? Where sometimes it may be is something as

simple as this is just part of your journey that you need to go on, so you can either dwell in

it either in the negative or sway with the lesson (8:46) to get out of this and move forward

with, well, what do I choose to be my new reality? What do I choose to be my new future?

A: Absolutely. We are in total agreement there. That’s the terminology I used too in my book,

it’s extracting the lesson, the blessing out of it, understanding that yes, they had that thing

that happened, just like me, I thought I was going to be a singer but because of the things

that transpired in my life, I ended up becoming a psycho-therapist and giving this great gift

to the world. If it hadn’t been to those things that happened, I would have been off and been

just a singer. Now, I’ll get back to singing someday but the lesson and the blessing that was

part of my journey, I must have come forth wanting to help people know that they can get over

anything and still stay connected to the source, whatever they call that, live the life they

want to live and go on about their business. That life that has been lived is over and done, we

could move on from now.

N: Exactly.

A: It’s a wonderful thing.

N: So I know like you have 8 steps in your system that you help people with, what’s the one

step that most people have the most revelation from? They go on like, oh my god, I didn’t

realize this. What’s the one that’s really, you know, that changes people’s lives?

A: I think all of them has been transformative because each one builds on the other, but I

think that once people get to the pro-creation, I call it pro-creation a whole new matter now,

once they get to that step because they come to the understanding that conditioning and the

means and all of that is took them out of alignment. But once they start solidly seeing that

their thoughts do create matter. Every step of my book uses the word matter in it, but not just

when we say, hey, what’s the matter? We don’t just mean the matter in personality or

psychology. We mean what’s the matter in terms of subtle matters, (10:37) matter, what the laws

of creation and the laws of attraction get into this mind game. And so once they start

realizing that, wow was I focusing on that thought, that’s in the pro-creation step. I really

can pro-create the life. My pro-creation is hyphenated not pro creation of two souls bringing

forth new life but pro-creation in your mind in bringing forth new life into the way you wanted

to always be. You start to live the life you wanted to live and it’s just so empowering and

inspiring to see people realize that hey, I’m really doing it. My life is changing. It’s

actual, viceraly they feel it and then in their life they have the actual proof that it’s

working. And so, that’s a beautiful step once they get to the pro-creation step.

N: Yeah. Now I know that you’ve worked with other people but can you share like one story of

someone who just had like had an amazing breakthrough?

A: Oh my goodness, there’s been so many. But yes, confidentiality though, I’ll just make up a

name, let’s just take, let’s say Paul from Miami. Paul from Miami was basically, he said that

he heard me over the radio in one of the interviews. He was diagnosed with bi-polar. And he was

so discouraged because he was going to be on medication for the rest of his life. He was told

that he got too happy or he got too sad and then he needed to begin living life in a certain

range of emotions, just staying right here (gestures) so to speak. And when he heard me on the

radio, saying you’re not sick, you’re sacret. And what was the sacre-therapy, he thought he

tried everything before but he said let me try and he said that when he read in the book that

my understanding of mania was just that I saw that people were interested in living their lives

beyond the confounds of the mundane and that this exhilaration of that higher frequency was

okay, he said, he started crying because everyone told him, he was always getting panicked

every time, oh no I was getting too happy and he had to calm himself and told me to say, that’s

allowed, you don’t have to cut it up there. This is a part of the human range of emotion that

it’s okay. Learning how to find that balance was easier for him once he stopped dreading uh oh

I’m getting too happy or I’m getting too sad, he realized that I was giving him permission and

helping him to understand that the medical model should not have cut off lines and shouldn’t

have said, well we want everybody to just stay in this circle right here (gestures) anything

over here (gestures) is too much and anything over here is too little (gestures), I said, are

you kidding me? This is human experience goes beyond the confounds of all of that. All of it

should be inclusive. And once he realized it was okay, I have that exhilaration moment and go

for the gusto feeling, he didn’t feel like life was boring anymore that he had to stay in this

mediocre circle that he was told where his mental health was, and I said, I disagree with them.

Know that help is not just the normative curve. Mental health is inclusive of all the emotions

of a human being can feel. And so, just with that blessing, he just said that he was able to

find the middle way for the 8 steps of my book but also fully now enjoy whether it was a manic

moment not only like the word manic but that to me is extreme joyful moment, I’m really feel

life at its fullest and he stopped having that low forward drop anymore because that drop was

coming from people telling him that he shouldn’t have that exhilaration. It was just boring for

him. So it’s things like that even though it’s a 170 diagnosis, you ask me for one and I

disapprove that one out but it’s been many stories like that, people can come to my website and

read some of the other testimonies,, and go on amazon. There are other

testimonies of people just saying how much relief, I think that’s what this book gives, it

gives them the relief of knowing that they’re not crazy. That they are okay and if they don’t

feel they are okay then here is a method that they can help them be okay without making them

think that they’re sick and defective. And so, it’s just a beautiful, it came out in January,

so it’s been a beautiful process ever since then.

N: Right. So, I know that if I go to your website I can organize and get the book through

amazon. So, I suppose my question is like, who can benefit from the book? What kind of

conditions if someone has would they benefit from reading the tips?

A: Well, I’ve list all 170 mental and emotional diagnosis worldwide. So from Alzheimer’s all

the way to (15:38) syndrome, so all 170 have been refrained from a holistic and alternative

perspective, so everybody who has ever been diagnosed with anything mental or emotional will

benefit from that and then the 8 steps, a system in coming back into alignment. And so even

with Alzheimer’s, that’s listed in there too and I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the old

show that used to come along called good times?

N: Yes.

A: Do you remember that? Well, Thelma, the lady who played Thelma from Good Times, she read the

Alzheimer’s section in my book because her mother transitioned with Alzheimer’s and she said

what I said about Alzheimer’s gave her such relief of understanding what her mother

experienced. So even something like that, she’s writing a book called remembering the good

times, in honor of her mother but she felt that what I stated about Alzheimer’s, just that

little section just (16:31) and so that’s on my Facebook page, anybody who wants to see her

quote about that. And so, anything that’s anyone that’s been diagnosed with mentally or

emotionally is on there. I do with mental health what Louise Hay did for physical health. And

so she has listed a bunch of physical diagnosis but had only listed 14 of the mental ones, so I

had to come up with my own symbolic meaning of what those represented over the years. I’ve been

a therapist for 19 years and so I have ended up doing about 90 something when my husband asked

me, how many is it? And I said, I don’t know until I counted them and I saw it was 170 and so I

said, I might as well do a whole book then. Give everybody some relief and it seems to be


N: Excellent, excellent. So if they go to they can purchase the book through


A: Yes, there’s a link there that would take them directly to and anyone who

purchases the book and mentions that they saw me on your interview, I’m going to send them a

free relaxation and meditation CD by me, that’s one of the exercises on the book because the

book has 24 exercises in it and I will send them that as well. So yes, they can go to my

website click on that and we’ll send them the free gift.

N: Well, thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been an absolute pleasure and thank you

for shining a light on a subject that most people feel very shameful about and very closed off

about. So I’m really glad that you’re doing the work that you’re doing. So thank you again for

joining me.

A: Thank you, Natalie. It’s been a pleasure being here with you.

N: Awesome. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking on the

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courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.
Dr Amelia Kemp



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