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Episode # 84   Don Jose Ruiz - 5th Agreement

About The Episode:

The 5th Agreement is to learn to properly listen to our inner voice so we can use it as a guide. Natalie Ledwell was especially touched by Don Jose Ruiz's story because she also has overcome limiting beliefs in her life.

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Episode # 84 Don Jose Ruiz - 5th Agreement

Natalie : Today on the show Don Jose Ruiz discusses his book, the 5th Agreement, and explains why we need to be skeptical about invoice but learn to listen to our hearts. So stay tuned. Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today I'm here with Don Jose Ruiz. Hi Don, I'm sorry Jose. How are you?

Don Jose : Great. I have a great day this morning.

Natalie : Okay. Excellent. Thank you so much for joining us. Now the reason I have you today is we're actually going to be talking about the 5th Agreement, and which is the book that you've co-authored with your father. Now actually recorded a video or I recorded a video about a month ago talking about the four agreements. So what am I do is actually first tell us a little bit about your story and your background and then we can start talking about your book.

Don Jose : So okay, when I first had a memory, I begin learning from my father, from my grandmother and my mother and what they taught me was about love, discipline, you know things from the heart. And then I grew up into being a teenager and then get into the pressures of life and the neighborhood. So that moment I begin following the wrong path, you know in school and then little by little I got a absorbed by the kind of way of life and to something happened that one of my best friends had a car accident and he died and I was supposed to be in the car with them but my dad took me for the weekend to San Diego so I live in Tijuana. When I came back to Tijuana they told me the news, they was like the first time I had a reality checked inside of me that I was choosing negativity in my life without being a world so that moment I want for my dad for help them, he put up his mama some faces welcome back home my son and that moment I've been learning from my experience happened. And one of the final things that really woke me up was my dad's heart attack, to see him for the first time there that's when he went to a coma. That's when I decided to step in to the family niche.

Natalie : Right. So you grew up in Mexico?

Don Jose : Yes.

Natalie : Yep and your father are Toltec shamans?

Don Jose : Yes.

Natalie : So what is a Toltec Shaman?

Don Jose : Well the Toltec Shaman in Mexico is called Nagual. It's called the spacing between, specifically the human who loves and learns from life. And as you know first loving life is you have to love your body. To put attention to the body because you can't connect to anything outside of you if you don't connect with yourself first. So the person who is connected to life, that what a Nagual or Shaman means is the one to have service to the gift that was given to us.

Natalie : So with the Toltec Shamans, you have certain knowledge that gets passed down from generation, is this through stories? Or through books? Or how was that done?

Don Jose : Well its basically through presence, you know children learn not what you tell them, they learn how you live your life and this is one thing that everybody should live their life how they would. That's when my grandmother once told me ?Son, if I cut you living my life, my will of traditions, then you're killing culture.? And she said the same thing about you start living like your father's living? And now that your living, you're killing the culture. The thing is you have to live your dream, live your passion, live your inspiration, let it free. And the woman are in the connection, you are passing the linage of the torch of the Toltec tradition and here we are today.

Natalie : Right. Excellent. So we liked a book review of the four agreements and what are the four agreements again?

Don Jose : The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word, do not take anything personally the second, the third no making assumptions, and the fourth always do your best.

Natalie : Right. So I love do not take anything personally, I'd love that one because you know what we're talking about in the fourth agreement and in the fifth agreement is how you know, you were given certain stories while you were growing up but we were given certain stories as well based on our families, our parents, the stories that they were given. Now when we talk about the fifth agreement, what is the fifth agreement?

Don Jose : Fifth agreement is to be skeptical but to learn to listen. But not skeptical that you should position that I am more intelligent than anybody else or you know, it's a skeptical of one's own negativity. That you would say, I cannot change, it's so difficult. Right there is an agreement that you won't change so what would happen if you don't believe in those voices that you tell yourself. You can't find the force and the power that inspires you to not believe in those lies and to take action not to listen to the negativity, you know that you're getting yourself your own gift.

Natalie : Yeah. So when we say we're skeptical, we're skeptical to our inner voice, we're skeptical to anything else, what are we skeptical about?

Don Jose : We'll it's like an ineharamlican says, if I do good, I feel good. If I do bad, then I feel bad, and that's my religion. So when we think about ourselves, we know when we are telling the truth to ourselves or telling lies to ourselves. So if we say that we want to achieve something in life and we go I can't do this and through all the complains and right there you're making an agreement, that you cannot change but what will happen if you are being skeptical with that? IF you don't believe that, you don't give your attention to that because where will we put our attention, that is what we call a perceive, so it means skeptical, free selves, because if we was to put ourselves in trapping in attention that we cannot progress, it is the same that leave that all behind and make our life happen.

Natalie : Yes. Absolutely. So okay, we're gonna be skeptical and definitely skeptical to the negative inner voice we have going. So what are we listening to?

Don Jose : Well, we're listening to our heart. Because as we can say, we humans are so intelligent they would create any justification, any excuse to not take the action in the truth that we feel. But we know if there is something against us, if we have the addiction to over eat or not eat or any kind of smoking cigarettes, or any kind of way of life that is negative, you know that I'm sorting you so the truth inside of you is can take care of you because at one point in my life, I knew the meaning of life for me and the meaning of life for me is you know, to take care of Jose because I know what makes Jose happy, I know what makes Jose happy, and I know this because I am Jose.

Natalie : Yes. Exactly. And you're listening to your heart. So when did you guys write the book?

Don Jose : Oh we wrote it in 2008 I believe. And it came out around 2010.

Natalie : Yeah. And you work closely to your father when you wrote the book?

Don Jose : Yes and it was a very interesting period in my life because I would never dream that I would write a book with him not even teach with him. But when he woke up from coma, and I learned him to speak, it's when I say to myself, it's time to give gratitude and to give gratitude is to give him everything that he give to me. So twenty years ago before that happened, he used to teach a course of messenger training. But then at that time he said to everybody and the apprentices, I feel like I'm talking to the wall, you guys need crutches. So when he was in coma he says I will learn that. And then I will share it and okay that happens I begin learning it and I begin teaching it and when my father recovered how to talk, walk, because he had the heart attack. You have to remember all those things, he said what are you doing with your life Jose now? I said, I'm teaching and course, what are you teaching? Messenger training. What? No. So he came to visit to me one of the workshops that I was presenting and he was what we sing how people are re-singing. And one of the thing is that the pure heart talking, it was no longer about knowledge, it is about heart to heart. And seven years passed, and it was seven years my dream came true that I was teaching co with my father and then when Amber Allan send somebody and was listening to the information and Janet Mill saw this information said this is the fifth agreement, and when the book came into procedure and the rest is you know one of the dreams come true.

Natalie : Right. Because the fourth agreement is actually written in 90's.

Don Jose :Yes, in 1997.

Natalie : And I think its a message before it was a little bit of its time. And I know that Oprah and Ellen, a lot of people got behind of the four agreements. So why does the fifth agreement not included on the four agreements?

Don Jose : Because I believe it was not time. I think I need enough time. Because I remember when I first get to the agreements, and they look so simple. Try to apply them and I was aware that there was nothing to learn and everything I go with myself goes with the habits. This was like the presentation so the fifth agreement was not presented back then because it was not time, but today is the time when all cultures and traditions is very interesting when we as the apprentice of life, we learn and listen to life and will become our own teacher. And we take that information and now is the time to living it.

Natalie : Yup. Excellent. Absolutely. And I think too, and I think that everyone is feeling this too, especially in the show. We're gonna do, this is another video we're gonna do about to the 2012. But this is whole way that people that all of the sudden become aware. And realizing that we wanted to evolved to the next level. And at the way things are going right now is you know, not sustainable, its not happening. So how many people do you have reach your message?

Don Jose : One of the beautiful things is that the book has been translated to more on 37 languages. And it is beautiful because it is not about religion, it not about sex, it not about race, but it is about integrity because I remember the first time that I write the four agreements, I print it so fast and I show to my classes, I know this information. Of course you know, everyone know it. Since I was talking to my integrity so, in this time we were waking up integrity. And we can no longer fool ourselves to be manipulated by lies because we have the Internet, we have socio, now we are having a voice as a village, and the most important thing about this time is to restore culture that's taken away by negativity because in the whole world they speak two languages, negativity and positivity. Now the question is what language do we speak in our home?

Natalie : Yeah. Absolutely. So what's the main message that you wanna retrieve in your fifth agreement?

Don Jose : It's the freedom. The freedom that you want to live your life the way it is. A gift for us, so when we have this awareness we kissed this before we forget ourselves. And bring positivity like we said earlier, show them to learn not what we say to them, it is how we live our life. So if we start living in an integrity, and using our own message to hear ourselves because when you hear all the message, we cannot lie to ourselves. Because we speak in our own language. And I don't mean Spanish, English, French, I mean how we understand the word and this is how everything changes.

Natalie : Yeah absolutely. You know, I was reading the book last night and going through you talk about the different symbols that we used, for the meanings of different things, and how symbols really out the truth. Can you explain a little bit more about that?

Don Jose : Yes. One thing that I was explained growing up is that we give sometimes more power to the symbols than faith to the symbol and the symbol is just there to get our attention. Like when we now that the symbology of speaking a language and saying I love you, that using the symbol that I love you that what I feel that I love you is from here. And another symbology way is how we name things in languages, like when this thing we called a couch, but in China or Japan, this is not a couch, I don't even know what it is in Japan. From right there we find the importance of communication. In our language, we can purify the integrity any kind of negative way of life by speaking with our heart that way we can express what symbols to communicate with one another.

Natalie : Right. Excellent. And as I say thank you so much for coming with me here today and do you need is for me. If people wanna find out more about you, or get a copy of the book, where can we send them?

Don Jose : Well you can send them to and to the

Natalie : So

Don Jose : Yes.

Natalie : And the university, so the university of now?

Don Jose : No the Universe of now.

Natalie : The universe of now dot com. So you can go to either of those or you click on the banner to the side there and will send you through so you can get a copy of the book. You know, I've spoken before and said about how the four agreements should be on your top 5 must have in your library and think that the fifth agreement should actually be there as well. It just expands what the initial book is all about just keeping so much words. And really was enjoying reading that last time. So guys please share this video and the information in it and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you hadn't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there because we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with our all up coming shows. So until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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