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Episode # 94   Don Jose Ruiz

About The Episode:

In this special episode, Natalie Ledwell gets another visit from Don Jose Ruiz. This time the topic is the 2012 Mayan calendar and the predictions surrounding what's going to happen towards the end of this year.

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Episode # 94 Don Jose Ruiz

Natalie : Today on the show, Don Jose Ruiz explains the meaning behind the end of the Mayan calendar as we discuss what's happening this year on 2012. Stay tuned.

Hi I am Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today I'm here again with my friend Don Jose Ruiz. How are you Jose?

Don Jose : I'm very very happy to be back.

Natalie : As you know, we've already recorded one video together but we wanted to do another show specifically on all the predictions and informations that's spreading around about 2012. And I was mentioning to you before how we've talked about some of the predictions that are happening in the mind calendar ending, and the sun, the earth, and the middle of the universe being aligned and a whole bunch of predictions. And I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what's happening or what in your knowledge, you know, is happening. In the last video we've talked about how you are a toltec shaman, so can you tell us a little bit about, is there any predictions within that, the direction your talking about on 2012?

Don Jose : Yes. Its very interesting one of my last conversation to my grandmother was about this topic and she always says "son, if you were connected into heart, into life, you know that change is happening because you're part of the change, you could join it but if you're not part of the change you could have left behind." and it is one of the beautiful things she said is "always listen to your heart". She passed away and then probably like 8 months after that, one of my friends said that "Don Jose, what's gonna happen in the end of the month of the calendar?" and then I said, "You know, my responses has come from our chronicle books from many kind comes from our heart because that's what my grandma told me. And if I speak something and or any other situation as a parent and I'm not gonna know what I am saying. But for me, what it means is the end of superstition. Its the end that would get power away to somebody else so we can respect our own power. So just imagine like children living 200 years from now, and because of this action, they find heavily in themselves and they say to among themselves, I can't believe humanity used to go somebody outside of them to be happy when its always been inside so in that moment we can see some barbarism and it is still happening because we punish ourselves and not only that when we start living this way, with integrity, where seen the happiness inside ourselves, we will restore culture and when we restore culture we can take any kind corruption away from any kind of our life, especially in spirituality, because this when many people says spirituality they popped their heads and know they don't want to listen. But when we talked about with truth and integrity, with also no position at all, come from the heart then we begins to understand because we begin to communicate and this is what happening right now all over the globe, this is way I smile so big when they asked me what is that similar artist between the Buddhist and the Toltec but they were mountains of far aside. Because yes, the only similar artist that they put attention to nature, so this is the moment of time to change. We can make whatever we want on 2012, even we act with positivity in different societies, different traditions then we are making a change as an agreement of what is happening right now.

Natalie : Absolutely. Because the thing is what we believed and what we choose to create is what the reality would be. This predictions about we get in and the end of the world which you know, I don't think anyone actually believes that.

Don Jose : Yes I remember when I was a teenager and they were saying that the computers are gonna crash in the year 2000, everybody sell their homes buy canned foods and nothing happened. Its the same thing with this situation because one friend told me, its gonna be the end of the world and I say to my friend, open your eyes, since the moment I was born you know its always been the end of the world when they give drugs to the little kids and every customer they sold, the end of the world is there. So, let's not be afraid of the superstitious let's be open our eyes in our homes because when we have our eyes open in our homes, we can take it to the schools, to the workplace and then it becomes a way of life so this is when I said to my father, what is the best way I can say thank you to you. And he put up his mouth and says, "Help me change the world", and i said "hold it, i don't want a responsibility", he says, "Don't be silly son".

Natalie : Give me something easy.

Don Jose : Yeah, he says "don't be silly. Just change your world everyday. Everyday you get the concert wait, everyday you take it personal. And you want to react, to negativity. Change it the set of mind and this how you can help me change the world. And you only have to change your own world." This is what we all can do together and we all act with positivity and this is so contagious and something about the bees. One of a friend told me, you know, that bees always go for honey. But the bees produce their own honey just like we humans produce on our own love. When we focus on our positivity, what could excuse could we have? Why should we fake? We're gonna do it or we're going to not to do it. Its an honor to do it because if we will do it, someone else is going to do it. There are billions of people in this world and they will get our attention, this is the time of change.

Natalie : Yeah. Now haven't you heard that the end of the count of mind calendar doesn't mean the end of time, it means the end of humanity as it is now, and that we're shifting into new phase. You know anything about that?

Don Jose : Yes, the cycles. The study of the stars, the rotation of the sun, the solar system, every comes with the rotation but always a cycle is broken when awareness wakes up inside that cycle. So when the awareness wakes up inside that cycle, a new cycle begins and this is what the minors are talking about also the context, because they were the same state of mind because they were connected to the stars. I remember one time saying to my father like the little teenager, I want to know the secret of the mayans, I want to know the secret of the Mayans. And then after a while he say okay you will know tomorrow. And then I had a dream, I woke up in a jungle, I was a Chichinitsa, there was one thing happening, the jungle was quiet and that was something interesting and someone told me in my dream, "Do you want to know the secret of the Mayan? How we create the society? When you will wake up, you will know just put attention." An I woke up and the first thing I hear, the jungle. So I woke up in my room and saw nature. Okay, you pay attention to nature and they will talk to you and inspire you to create something.

Natalie : Okay. So, you know, its very exciting times and I know the mayan calendar, and with you guys will be in Mexico, I've heard that there were maybe some celebrations happening this year. Do you know much about what's happening?

Don Jose : Yes. There's a bunch of celebration sign off from India, from Tibet, in Africa, in Europe, and Australia I believe so, and also I believe in Mexico, it will be two sessions in Chichinitsa and Titiwakan, and of course in Watamala and in Tikala. So everybody from different parts are gonna start celebrating different cultures, different traditions. And there is one thing that inspires me so much is when you open your heart and your home, your ready for changing. We are connected, we are like mercury. So in this moment is about gratitude, gratitude to be alive in this whole ceremony so we can start a new cycle, and this cycle will take laugh and its own again.

Natalie : Yes exactly. Its very very exciting time. So, really if we're going to sum up, now what we believed, what you believe to be happening in this year, it is a new phase, a rebirth of humanity?

Don Jose : Yes. It is like a continuance, its like our ancestors gave us the torch and we carry it now, and we listen to our self now. And this is what we're going to offer where were we gonna go until the moment that were going back home. That the beautiful things that we talked earlier is that the children will pick up these pieces and the tradition will be the lives of the legacy is getting filtered and cleaned up. Once again put this beautiful culture restored in our humanity.

Natalie : Absolutely. And like you were saying in our last video, now is the time for this. I don't have any endurance myself but I have 15 days in refusing, all my friends are in durance, but what I'm finding more and more and what I'm exerting in durance is how they were aware of shoes. They were very concerned about what's happening in the planet and I think if we are such to moving into this new phase, and start to focus on positivity and live this way, and then show that to our children, this next generation of the children are actually gonna show a massive changing world. So its very exciting times.

Don Jose : Yes. These children are coming very advanced. I'm so impressed they can get technology toys, phones or iPods, and they know what to do it, it just amazing. And I remember being little how my father used to talk about my grandmother and they're joking around in the dining room table, its amazing that a hundred years ago, you know, the kids go to school, parents you know used to be farmers and when the kid from the school is reading his book at night. And the father keeps on looking "what are you doing son?" and now a hundred years later, the children from school and now they have computers they're moving it so fast and the parents coming and said "what are you doing?"

Natalie : Exactly. You see, I heard a story the last time I heard your father speak he's talked about how you and your brother are using the Nintendos. And so when he tries to explain some things to you, I tried to use the terminology of the game. So to make it easy for you to understand.

Don Jose : Yes. He was so magical because he's talked about all these things about life, money things, and culture when we just like playing Nintendo until the moment exists, he says "life is like Super Mario brothers". We kinda like thinking it, you know, he really know how to talk our language in this how humans are, we kinda listen to one point of language, and then he was talking about to master the game, first to master the tool on what he can do, and then you can continue to the next level. You're right papa So. Then I was explained, it was very beautiful because he started hearing our world and leaving his point of view behind so we can filter that language into our own language. And it is beautiful, he got very through to.

Natalie : Yes. Excellent. And you know what, you're doing amazing work in the world and I really commend you for that you were really part of this massive change its coming through and I am so glad that you are spending some time for me today.

Don Jose : Oh I am so happy. You really work for the same boss. We work for the same boss and it is a very beautiful team together, we're making a positive change in the world.

Natalie : Yeah. And we were talking before about how the inspiration show, you know, my goal is put a lot of positive information, and you've definitely helped me with that today.

Don Jose : If I'm going to do it, someone else is going to do it. And it is an honor and privilege to be part of this change.

Natalie : Thank you. Now, If people want to know more about you and the work that you're doing and maybe getting a workshops or something. Where can we send them?

Don Jose : They can find me in and

Natalie : and Got it. and if you click on the banner of the side you could go to and you can find it all better. So guys, thank you for joining us today, make sure that you share this information, I encourage you to do that by clicking the facebook and tweeter share buttons above and if you hadn't done so ready make sure you put your email on the box above there, we'll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with our upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Don Jose Ruiz



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