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Episode # 152   Dogs are Gifts from God

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with the author of Dogs Are Gifts From God, Karen Palmer. Palmer said that she previously worked with a non-profit organization and as a part time waitress until she saw an episode of The Inspiration Show, and decided to follow her life passion to heal animals. Palmer found the courage to quit her two jobs and started her own pet care business. Today, Palmer donates all of the proceeds from her book titled Dogs Are Gifts From God to animal organizations and has created her own radio show with over 10,000 listeners. Palmer encourages individuals to use The Law of Attraction, mediation, and positive thought in everyday life.

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Episode # 152 Dogs are Gifts from God

Natalie : Today on the show I'm speaking with Karen Palmer who after watching the Inspiration Show was inspired to follow her passion is now doing some transformational work with pets. To find out her story, stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and today my special guest is Karen Palmer, how are you Karen?

Karen : Doing great. Thank you for having me.

Natalie : Awesome. Now we're actually gonna talking about some incredible work that you're doing with pets and animals and we actually have a conversation, I had a conversation with Karen the other day, and she was talking about how she's gone to a journey where she actually had the courage to leave her job and actually follow her passion. And wishes a lot on what we're gonna talk about today. So let's start first Karen with your story, so what was the job that you were working and what is it that you are doing now?

Karen : Well I was a waitress part time and I also have a non-profit organization, I designed environmental organization board games for kids. The games weren't selling that much so I was having to take more work at the restaurant and it was just taking a little bit of my soul every day when I was there and I knew that there was something that there was something that I felt it was being called to do which was work with animals and so interestingly enough I lost my dog that I had for 18 years in 2 months. And when she passed on, I thought my whole life is over and I couldn't do possibly anything. But I was able to connect with her on the other side and she began to lead my footsteps here in the world and funny thing was I was out walking my sister's dogs because I wasn't ready to adopt another dog myself but I wanted to spend time around dogs. And I was out walking my sister's dog and one of her neighbor saw me and said, "Did you hire a dog walker?" and my sister said "No that's just my sister, she was walking my dog", and she "Oh you think she would walk my dog?" and she contacted me and from that point, I had one dog, and I felt--honestly I watched your show, that the Inspiration show Joe Vitale had been on and he was talking about writing down what you really have in your mind of what you really wanted to create and making it very clear to the universe and so I did that. And with one dog I quit my job and I started a "backyard" business, I made it up, I acted as if and I made up my business cards and I went out to every person that I could think of that could use the pet care and before I knew it, I have a full time business and I was amazed myself that that one dog that I was taking care of, Maggie, helped to open my heart so that I could adopt my own dog and I adopted my Kaley girl, and she became my partner because I went back in dog training. I went to a dog training class and got certified to be a dog trainer and now I trained puppies and dogs and I work with animals at sanctuaries in my free time to help them to be socializing to get adopted.

Natalie : Wow that's fantastic. So I mean you know it's such an awesome story but how was working with pets actually changed or transformed your life?

Karen : It's completely transformed my life. I know that that's my soul purpose, I know that that is why I came on the planet and now I understand why I have this voice, and why I have this spiritual connection with animals and why I have this spiritual gift as an animal communicator and I am their voice and I started my own radio show and within since August, we started it, and we have 10,000 listeners. It's called Positively Pets. And every week, I focused on believing in the law of attraction, and knowing that we can change this planet by loving and understanding each other. And we can learn that from our animals, the easiest way to learn from an animal is to let them be your spiritual teacher.

Natalie : Right. And how do you do that? How do you let them be you spiritual teacher?

Karen : You let them be your spiritual teacher by looking at what they are teaching you all the time. They are teaching you unconditional love, they're teaching you to be forgiving, they're showing you to live in the moment, and they're asking you to just spread joy. So what if every person in the planet was to do that.

Natalie : I know.

Karen : What a beautiful planet would have. That's my mission, that's my whole and then anyway I started my pet care business and I saw the huge success that I was having, I mean I've had a hundred percent success rate every dog that I worked with. I designed a program so that I could teach other people, the owners of the pets, how to meditate and how to raise their vibrations so that they can work with their animals at a more spiritual level and I had such positive results for that that I wrote my book, Dogs are gifts from God.

Natalie : Right. Awesome. Now you touched before about the work that you're doing with shelters, you know having them to get socialized. So do you call yourself a Philanthropist? Do you have--are there other stuff that you are doing to help you know rescue dogs?

Karen : Well I call myself a pet philanthropist because I donate my time and my proceeds from my books to animal rescue organization but I donate my voice to the animals and I am getting their message out. I am helping them to get this message out because I believe that we meet a no kill nation. And that is my true true passion is to help these animals, ten thousand of them a day being immunized and they don't get to share their message. They don't get to share their purpose of why they were here on the planet, they don't get to be guided to the person that was meant to get their lessons.

Natalie : Yup absolutely. You know and I know a lot of people that are watching the show and followed me now that I rescued a little puppy, Bella--Princess Isabella,

Karen : Then you're gonna be on my show.

Natalie : Yes.

Karen : End of this month, I'm gonna talk about this stuff.

Natalie : Exactly. But you know it's really interesting because you know ?cause we used to volunteer work at the City Dogs and the Cats Home in the Straham, and the thing is I saw an ad or it's like of a magazine commercial and have you know the guy that played Smith in the Sex in the City?

Karen : Oh yeah.

Natalie : He was on there with the dog and he said "if you don't rescue a dog, you were effectively killing the dog" I'm like wow, that's so true. Because you know the shelter that I was volunteering at is a no cure shelter. So this is like a passion of yours, you know you were you trying to get a no kill across the US?

Karen : Across the US, yeahh, I have best friends, animal society on my show, Marley's not rescued is another wonderful organization that is a no kill, the pets healing vets is an amazing organization that I had on my show we just finished taping of the guardians of rescue and they are dedicated to helping them with hurricane Sandy, they are out there with the animals and I highly recommend you go see them on Facebook and like them on Facebook and donate if you can because every cent is going great to the animal.

Natalie : Yeah. I actually donated last week and one of my students going through on my USM course at the moment has lost a cat and so I'm hoping that they could find them. So when we talk about you know training, I'd wish that I just try a little bit, how do you use the law of attraction? When in mindfulness? With pets?

Karen : Well the will that I used law of attraction, is first of all, I get very clear in what my intention is, for this animal. Let's say I have an animal that's very anxious, very nervous, it doesn't like the sound of cars, it doesn't like the sound of trucks, and is very nervous. So what I do is I raise my vibration and I get very clear on how I want this animal to respond to me. So before I even meet the dog, I ask them to send me a picture of the dog so I can tune in to their energy. I tune in to their energy, I do rekey, I'm also a rekey master for animals and I used distant healing to send them a vibration to help them to know that I'm gonna be a loving leader to their world. And so they can trust that there's nothing to be afraid of and that I will never bring them into a situation that's gonna be dangerous for them, so what I do at that point about law of attraction, I focus on only what I want, only what I want. I don't let anything comes close to letting a negative thought that come in. And I only believe, I have to believe on the dog because then the dog doesn't believe in their selves. And if I lose faith in them and say "oh god this is too much", I lose my positive energy I can't really focus and work with the animal so I have to just keep myself in tune spiritually too so that's why I say I step into my greatness and I conquered all my fears and all my anxieties, and this is like a dream come true, this is the law of attraction right here and my heart, you I wrote about you in my book, I wrote about the moment that I watched Inspiration show, and I wrote in that book "someday I'm gonna meet Natalie and someday we're work together and we're gonna do great things together" and this is the law of attraction to me and I believe that everything that I'm doing, I'm using the law of attraction and mindful approach and I'm working on my next book which will be on e-book to help like these animal rescue organizations, I want to teach them the law of attraction and mindful approach to puppy and dog training because I believe that you know the way that we can handle the situations that come up for our animals help us to learn how to handle our situations in our life, in our relationships better.

Natalie : Right. Absolutely. And you know if anyone is watching the show at the moment who has a pet, we know that there's this connection, we understand that. But how can people get more specially connected to their pet?

Karen : Well I encourage people learning the chakra system, I encourage people learning the chakra system in their body and also in their pets. And tuning that energy in sync with each other. And clearing the negative energies out of your pet by using you know you would go into the chakra system and you would release the negative fears and doubts and insecurities in those by just manually getting that shock removing using your fingers, your two fingers, just to get that chakra starting to move in a clockwise position and then really just sending positive energy into their heart chakra, and really building them up because they respond to that in such a way that they just, it's like that they just remember exactly who they are. You know when we bring our hands, I'm a yoga instructor, I teach yoga, Condilini Yoga so that's the chakra yoga. And I've incorporated my yoga instructions, my meditations, my exercises, all these things into my book, so that people can you know have the health without you know having to go and search it out, it's all one book and then there's great stories and testimonials of people who've been completely have their lives changed by my techniques.

Natalie : I know and that's the thing I mean I can't imagine life without Bella right now. It's just I know she's amazing. She's such an addition to our lives. So look, where can we send people Karen if they want to find out more about you and your book and all the work that you do? If they want to find out more about this information.

Karen : Well I've created worksheets so that people want to come to the website and sign up with the information then send me their information, I will send then a free worksheet to help them to have more spiritual connection with their pets. My website is

Natalie : Wonderful.

Karen : And I'm also offering if you purchase 3 or more of the book and help me to be a message of hope for these animals. I would give you a free hour consultation with me and I will help you to have a more spiritual connection with your pets. And if you have a situation you need some guidance on I will tune in and help you with that and also spiritual medium so I help people, I've also used crystals, I'm gonna use krakey, I use all techniques that are helpful and have a 100% success rate.

Natalie : Yeah wonderful, I know you're doing such incredible work. I'm so glad that you would able to spend some time with me and talk about this today Karen. Thank you so much for joining.

Karen : The tears in my eyes when your saying is to meet me Natalie. I feel like, honestly I feel like anything is possible because I'm on your show right now. I just feel like and believe me when you watched the show and you listen to Natalie tell you that it is possible, everything's possible, I got her Mind Movies, but that's how I started this whole adventure. I mean I was a waitress and I was sitting miserably in a business and really didn't appreciate me and I knew that I had techniques and gifts that I could share with the world. And I you know that's why I designed my board game in the first place because I wanted to make the world better. But you know it's hard to get out there into the world and the way that I believed it is the law of attraction, when you start to believe that it's not so hard and then if you reach out like I said to Natalie and I make my e-mail that I sent her, I said "I'm reaching out to you, please reach back" and she did, she reached back, she's got to be on my show. You know she said "I think you should be on the Inspiration Show" and I was just thrilled. I said this is like a full circle for me and it shows me that anything's possible, I'm working on a children's book series that is called The Magic Rose Colored Glasses and it's all gonna be all about a little girl who puts on her rose colored glasses and finds that there's ways that she can help animal rescue organization and then it's gonna show the different ways that we can help.

Natalie : Yeah. It's been a pleasure having you here Karen.

Karen : Thank you for having me here.

Natalie : Honestly, it's been a pleasure having you and the information that you've got here is just so fantastic. Now guys I encourage you to share this video and the information that's in it. Get the word out there as much as you can. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there cause I'd love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video E-course, has masters like Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, it's valued 87 dollars but I'd like to send it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there. And also remember, if you click on the banner to the side you go straight to Karen's website from there as well. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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