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Episode # 300   Divora Stern

About The Episode:

Today on the show Natalie Ledwell speaks with master energy healer and psychotherapist, Divora Stern. Divora joins Natalie to discuss the alternative modality she uses to help people overcome physical and emotional illnesses. During the show, Divora shares her personal journey of overcoming an abusive relationship to becoming a professional energy healer. She also explains why she strongly believes that integrating your subconscious mind with your conscious mind is the new and most effective way of healing.

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Episode # 300 Divora Stern

Natalie: Hi, my name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today my special guest is Divora Stern. How are you Divora? Divora: I'm great and I really appreciate you interviewing me here today.

N: Excellent. Now you have a very, very interesting story and you're doing some incredible work with healing, empowering people so they can heal themselves. So why don't we start first with your actual story.

D: Okay. Well, I grew up with two parents who were child holocaust survivors. I'm the first one of anybody here in my family to be born in this continent. And as you can understand it was very eventful, they had four children in four years and four months and they really couldn't get along and they couldn't figure out how to earn a living either. So, for western standards it was pretty rough, and I became homeless on the street before we had terms like homelessness and actually, to fast forward, when I was 40, I ended up in an abusive relationship because that's what I knew, abuse. And really had victim mentality but I had two young girls and I was 40 years old with a 10th grade education. So I was able to go back to school and support my girls and take care of them full time and become a professional.

N: There's so many parts of that story like, I can imagine that victimhood energy that you're in may be was a program that you picked up as a child, was that what you recognized?

D: Yeah. Not only as a child, I actually believe it's a long, long Jewish heritage and perhaps other life time. So, you may not believe in past lives but I think it goes way, way back.

N: Excellent. So you find yourself at 40, so were you out of that relationship at that time? You were single with 2 kids?

D: Yes. Yes and we had to move to the big city. I had graduated from the community college here in Mentesino County, so I actually had to move to San Francisco with them. It was a huge challenge. I tried to finish my house by myself and I did. So I had a house, a very bad back and financial difficulties. We made it, so. And I actually like to brag about something that just happened. My second daughter just got in to the University of Berkeley, California. So I'm the proud, proud mother and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to help my girls like nobody helped me. So I'm so honoured and proud.

N: Right. So, there's a couple of things I want to ask you here, first of all, how I know you were able to get away from an abusive relationship and you decided where there was a point when enough is enough and I had to go back to school, so what, was there anything particular in those points in your life that was like you recognize that it was now or never? What was those turning points to you?

D: Well, I think I was a little bit in the dark about everything but I was really a hard, hard worker. The turning point was my daughters were getting old enough to see the abuse. Actually, one of them tried to step in between me and her dad and she got hurt and that was actually the determining factor. And I think subconsciously, I thought that single mothers abused their children and that was what kept me in that relationship, but victim (3:59) what we called homeostasis. It was my comfort zone. It was all that I knew. And of course you seek out what is known to you, so, I moved, packed up and moved to San Francisco. And I started attending San Francisco State University, and I actually was able to go to school full time, be a full time mom and support us. I got used to the hard work. Hard work was how I got by in life.

N: Right. So, what did you choose to study and why did you choose it?

D: Well, I ended up getting a Master's Degree in social work. And I became a licensed chemical Social Worker, I actually, have a psycho-therapy practice here in the state of California and it's only good in the state of California but the good news is that I don't forget anything. When I'm in other places and I saw how slow the (5:00) and here I am a psycho-therapy that I wasn't able to afford psycho-therapy and they do week by week, month by month, sometimes year by year. Some of my psycho-therapist colleagues, I see cars in the parking lot decade by decade and I knew there was a better way. So, I started studying all these different types of energy.

N: Right. The other question I wanted to ask you is that your daughters they seem to have broken the mold, and I think that may be they may have thought that the first part of their lives was challenging, you know, what do you think is the difference between the patterns that you have formed and the patterns that they are forming that is actually more empowering?

D: Well, first of all, they weren't abused the way I was and I will say that I did slap it on my head that horrible voice tone. I was stretched to the end of my limit and that I am really getting rid of the guilt and the shame and I want all parents to get rid of any guilt and shame because we really try to be the best we could. So, that's in form and then I was that student that was struggling for those A's, they saw me doing that. It just so happened that Hillary Clinton was at my San Francisco State graduation as the key note speaker, this was before Bill was having problems with Monica and embarrassed himself, and she asked those summa cum laude graduates to stand up and they knew their mom was there standing up being honoured by the president, that's why it was a really big point in my daughters' lives and now they're both, one has graduated from Berkeley and one is going in Berkeley, I'm so proud.

N: I would be.

D: That's my real resume right there.

N: Absolutely. Now, that's the thing, your being that shining example for them which is fantastic. You're saying that psycho-therapists is not really working as fast as you want to, how did you go from that into the healing work that you do?

D: Well, I started off with bio-feedback and I realized that bio-feedback took us, we're in the beta brainwave, 18 to 30 hertz waves per second, and bio-feedback takes you to the alpha brainwaves, when you think of the zone, meditation and all that, and then I started with the emotional (7:38) technique and I saw amazing results. I saw very, very, very psychotic people who also had bi-polar disorders called schitzos got rid of homicidal voices that they've had had for decades just through tapping techniques. And so I got more and more, I found Beta healing and that is slowing the brain down to 3 to 7 hertz waves per second and we normally do it while we're sleeping, it's called the rapid eye movement and we can do this in my office the first time, if you're very open to new modalities and ideas and imagination and intention and it's amazing and so your brain slows way down twice as much, blood goes through the brain and you can have miraculous results like it's being feed, it's so amazing.

N: Yeah. So, what's the benefit of being in Theta? What's so good in being in that specific brain state?

D: Well, the NASA scientist, he called a special meeting before he figured out how to land on the moon and it was the theta brainwave and he said, I dreamed it. And I even have plumbers that say, oh, is that how I figured out in my dream how to solve these problems at the county centre that had been plaguing the plumbing. It's just an amazing brainwave because twice as much blood goes that slows way down, and it's just a very colourful way to manifest.

N: So the people that you work with that you get into theta, is it so they can heal themselves of different physical ailments?

D: Actually, yes. Some people have actually had spontaneous remissions from cancer. I've actually even talked to their doctors like, Divora and I go, what did I do, and they said, they saw these plaque masses on the sonogram, huge plaque masses, and so they were going to go in and they don't even expect the person to live, just giving him a few more months. They have (10:05), medicare, they've had subsidized help and they said, less than 48 hours, we couldn't find one plaque cell, and they go, what's going on? And I'm like, well, you've heard of spontaneous remissions before some real life example is here. I also love another modality, it's called tension and trauma releasing exercises. So, first, I take people into the theta brainwave, I could have taken all these curls from all these different modalities and I kind of do my own kind of process and then you can actually stretch your muscles out against the wall and on the floor and then lie down on a yoga mat, and your body goes into this neuro-genic tremors and this is another very science-based process where your organism unfolds and it's not just tension, it's might be trauma, it might be from playing the piano or it might be a carpenter with a repetitive movements, but I'm like, physical therapy or massage. It's from the inside out, it's the body's own innate ability to heal. So, when you do this spiritual work then you do the physical work with the neuro-genic tremors, it's like amazing things happen. I can give you examples of that, if you're interested.

N: Absolutely.

D: Okay. Well, one woman, lucky she came at night because not only was she tremoring a lot, she was kind of screaming and moaning. And I had an idea of what was happening but I just asked her to confirm, and she had left a marriage of 30 years, it was almost like sexual movements and she said, you know Divora, it was like deep rape for 30 years. I never enjoyed having sex with my husband. He always pushed himself on me. It was always no foreplay and it feels like I got rid of 30 years of sexual abuse in one session. It was amazing and I actually thought that was what was going on and she in fact said it was changing, life changing.

N: Wow. So with the theta healing and these other things, is this something that someone has to go see a practitioner for or is it something that they can do themselves?

D: Well, actually, you can learn to do it yourself. (12:48) cycle has theta healing exercise, David (12:52) has a book on it. I couldn't quite get it even with these healing modalities. I couldn't quite get the TRE by myself. There are some videos online. I do have a free summit,, right now where you can get some, a lot of free videos and I will put some of those videos up on youtube. So, you could understand the concept, and I'm saying may be go to a professional once for each of these direct modalities and then you'll get a really good hang of it. I tried, in the dark, some of them myself, I think a little professional help is a good idea.

N: Yeah.

D: Seeking help is often a string.

N: Excellent. So, who are the people, who will benefit from theta healing?

D: Anybody. Anybody that's alive and breathing and has any issues. I do ask for a number at the beginning of my sessions with 0 as being perfect and 10 as being extremely distressed and a lot of people tell me 10 or 15 or something and very often they can go way down, like you know, to a 1 or a 2 or something a 4 and there are people who say flat line. (14:12) that's a 0. It's just really amazing what can happen but then again you have to be open-minded, there's a couple coming in, one is closed-minded and the other person has an open mind, it's not really exactly going to work, if you say energy work doesn't work, it's not going to work, but if you're open and you use your intention and use imagination then sky is the limit.

N: Right. Perfect. So can you tell us that website again where people can find out more about you?

D: Okay. My website is my name, and I love people, I love working and this is really for people who has some kind of divine connection and it really works amazingly, quickly.

N: And do you work with people over skype or is just in person?

D: I do have an office too, local offices but I do work on skype. I actually just skype for a few minutes and I like to work on the phone because it might actually look odd to see someone working with their eyes closed a lot. So, most of the time, I just meet people over skype and I just work on the phone then, if you really want skype, for the TRE, the tension releasing exercises, definitely, we do skype. Yes, I'm open to working with anybody and any country. I've worked a little bit in Mumbai, in Jerusalem, so I'm willing, a little bit in England, so yeah, I'm trying to build an international and national following. So yes, and I really appreciate this opportunity, Natalie to have this large audience. I'm a virgin interviewer, I've never done this before. So thank you very much.

N: Thanks, Divora, and thank you for joining me. And you've done an amazing job, and you such an amazing information to share, so thank you again for joining me.

D: Thank you very much.

N: Now guys, I encourage you to share this video, you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Tweeter share buttons on this page. I also encourage you to download the app, if you haven't done so already, so you can watch the shows on the go, you don't actually have to be in front of your computer anymore. And if you can, make sure that you put your email on the box that's on this page because I would love to send you the manifesting with the masters video e-course. It has masters like bob proctor, john assaraff and joe vitale, it's actually valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember, live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

D: Thank you.

Divora Stern



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