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Episode # 130   Discover your Passion Janet Bray Attwood

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with Janet Attwood, an expert at living your life in flow, and the driving force behind the world-renowned Passion Test. After learning that the most successful people in the world are following their passion, Janet realized how important it is to do something you love every day of your life. She embarked on a journey to discover how to help others discover what maks them feel alive.

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Episode # 130 Discover your Passion Janet Bray Attwood

Natalie: today on the show I'm speaking with the ever decent Janet Bray Attwood, who talks about how important it is that you figure out what it is that your passion about, and describes what life is like when you're living in flows. So stay tuned.

Natalie: hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today my special guest is the wonderful Ms. Janet Bray Attwood. Hi Janet!

Janet: hi Natalie! I'm so happy to be with you, I missed you.

Natalie: yes I know, I'm so glad that we finally get to do this and now that we had this on the show before bedtime we finally were able to pin each other down to do this wonderful show. Now for those of you that may not have met Janet before, she is actually the driving force behind the amazing passion test and know that there are hundreds of thousands of people across the world who had actually done the passion test to really identify what it is their passion is really about. So what we might do is have a little bit with your story and your background and how you got involved in such an amazing project.

Janet: okay, so well, I was actually, before I am, I always downloaded the passion test and before that time, I was, a lot of people are probably listening, and the job that I hated, I was failing miserably, I wasn't making any money, major ego blow, right, I felt like, just like complete loser and I keep hearing my mom say; you know Janie, you're here for some greatness. And at the time I was retreating, this life engineers, and I was just, it was just, a mess cause I hated it. You I, returning this thrive engineers is a really left kind of thing. And you know me Natalie, we're not just major left brainer, not ok? So right brain till the end. So anyway, I can plain my attention for I know I'm here for something great.

Natalie: I know.

Janet: and every night after work, I always meditated, when I was meditating, so this side on the wall and it said yes the success is seminar, and I went like that's it, that's the sign, so I went to the seminar, sat on the front row, this women, woman walks down and she is so on fire, and she is talking about things that matter, talking about being in your integrity and doing the things you love, I was like BANG! Oh yeah, that would be noble, right? And a, and then she ended that moment and like oh my God, I wanna do what she is doing, so that was my first stuff huh, and then my second big one was which became a major big one, was that she started talking about a survey that had been given to a hundred most successful people in the US and what I found was that each and every one of them were living with what they considered to be their top 5 passions and I went... ok that's it. That's it, if I could just figure out what my top 5 passions are then I'll be like all these other 100 most successful people in the United States and that was the birth, right in that moment, and what is now known all over the world as the number one tool right now being used, the passion test which is a tool to help people get clearer on the things that matter most to them.

Natalie: it's very awesome, so, what does passion mean to you?

Janet: well, what does it mean to you, I mean here you are one of the most passionate woman I know, I mean what's it like to get up every morning and do something that you love? What's it like to create abundance and be playing all the time?

Natalie: yeah. I still pinch myself every day, seriously, I get up in the morning, take my little dog Bella for a walk and I can't help but walk along in disco, seriously this is my life, I'm so grateful for everything that I have, and it's just, it's like you're having this overwhelming joy and happiness all the time. It's amazing.

Janet: you know, I just love this because, well for me, I love living my passion and what it is helping others uncover and define what theirs is, and why it feels so important for each and every one of this it's because, you know, here you are one of the most successful people in the transformation industry, and happy, and that's the deal, that's the bottom line, because when you're happy, then you're over flowing, and when you're over flowing, then you're able to give, and that's what the juice is, that's when you really get juicy, you just, you know, you have so much that you just wanna share that with the rest of the world, and this is what abundance looks like without trying to fabricate it.

Natalie: yeah. And there's a thing like you know, which you talk about giving which is really the point to talk and a great point to touch on, because, when you're in this vibration, when you're in this meddle all the time, it's easy for you to give because your cup keeps filling up, it's like it's you know, you keep on recharging this all, and as long as you're giving and you're exhausted, no my God I can be bullied anymore, and it's just like, what more can I do? Because this cup keeps filling up.

Janet: well think about people who are living their passion, right? From, there's this beautiful saying from the Vegas; "from abundance comes abundance, and abundance remains." So in order to have that abundance, in order to feel the flowing, in order to be that giver that we all want to be and really create supreme deep happiness, you have to first have, in order to give, and so I live the passion test. You know, when I first started taking my own passion test, right, oh in my life, my ideal is like am, and I started listing all the things that I wanted to create, transformational leader, New York Times best-selling author, travel the world, you know, uplifting whoever. I've never thought about it in terms of self-love and I really had a hard life, a lot of things happened in my life, I was physically abused, I was turning on drugs, I was like in my teens, and people would say to me; you gotta be more loving to yourself, you gotta have more self-love, and I was like, shut that! Just shut up! I don't want to hear it, because I didn't understand what that concept meant, I was so far away from what that meant, what I found out is that when I started using which is known in the passion test as the secret to living a passionate life, one of your phase or the choice, the decision or an opportunity, choose in favor of your passion. When I started really aligning with that, getting clear on what I knew what's passion about, I consistently choosing in favor of those things... I realized that what was happening, and these was just number of years back when I got this gong, that each time I said yes to the things that mattered most to me, and stood for that, and really said in spite of you know, other people feeling they knew what I should be passion about more than I did, I was saying yes to my own self-love, you know checking, another notch for that one, and another notch, and without even knowing it, I was just uncovering myself up, to myself, it is really beautiful, really beautiful thing, and its open for everyone, by that, it's just a choice...

Natalie: exactly. And you know, the thing is two, I think a lot of people especially if they are in this situation where what they are doing is tough, which a lot of people are, and they're going, you know what, yes it would be lovely, it's a nice pipe dream to be following your passion and going forth with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Can you give us some examples of some break through or people have had, or with people you've worked with.

Janet: oh absolutely there's one and she's one of my favorite because it was on every level of her life, Julia Gavanni, who is now one passion test facilitator, because it changed her life so much, but when she first came to our program, her relationship with her husband is on the verge of the worse, she had some illness and its affecting her feet she couldn't walk, they were going bankrupt, losing all their money, because they were so, you know their work is just falling apart around them, you know, everything in their career is just TRRRR, and you know, it really was like it couldn't be worst, and then Julia came to one of our programs, got clear on what she was passion about, realized that her number one passion, was her husband, that was the first thing. And boom, that relationship, she started choosing him favor instead of trying to save the rest of the world when she could hardly save herself, you know, she was you know, putting her attention on those things that mattered most to her. Which was her family, her husband, her health, and then of course, as she got aligned, and what we say on our passion test is, what God and your health is the same, what you love in god's wealth for you are one in the same. When I say God, nature, high, power, whatever name you wanna put, that energy that is greater than yourself, then everything else started to line up, because she was in alignment and she created flow, and now she's a multi-millionaire! Do you love that? And her husband and she are together, they're thriving, she no longer has the illness that she had, I mean that was just dramatic, it was totally dramatic and I see it and hear all the time, we have, we have right now over a thousand passion test facilitators in 45 countries world-wide. We had our best here, last year in the midst of our session, don't read the newspaper!

Natalie: I so love looking at the news about 10 years ago.

Janet: find out what your passions are about, right? And then put your mind movie together and then keep your attention unto what you chose to create. Because that's what you create, what you think about comes about Natalie, no one knows better than you.

Natalie: and you know I just held on when you said the word "flow" cause you know, if I could this, if there's one word that I could describe how I feel the life that we're living, is that I'm so in flow... its, its, ridiculous like, everything that we put in our minds to is success and all that. Because we're in flow, we're in alignment and we know what our passion about and you know... Glenn is passionate about business, in marketing and the things that we do. And I'm bargaining this message to everyone, so, because every day we wake up and we just you know, where were we the other day? I think somewhere cause it's a Saturday night. Winded up, we went going out for some reason, look at us, we are getting all that we want... and then Honey, do you realize that it doesn't matter what day it is? Like this could be any day, our life is that amazing that everyday feels like a Saturday or a Sunday, or whatever, you know, they're all amazing, they're all great. So when you're in flow, it feels awesome.

Janet: yeah. That is called, full-time vacation.

Natalie: yes!

Janet: and for those people who aren't there, you know what I always say to other people is, you know, take the passion test, and get clear on the things that matter most to you, and every day, don't jump off through and try to do something radically different, cause you'll freak yourself out. I mean you'll go totally AAAAH! And stop everything right? And that's even worse. But I think shrink it down, or chunk it down, so that every day, a piece at a time, a piece at a time, and what happens, I'm sure if you told your story, its, you know, its somewhere to this, that you grow in trust, and the more you grow in trust, the more you can take on bigger things, and bigger things, and bigger things, because you see that, when you do those things you love, when you do those things that really make you happy, I mean happy, that's a good, like, ok I'm listening, right, when you listen to happy, it's a really really great GPS for you. Isn't it?

Natalie: absolutely. There's nothing more important than feeling good. Now Janie, what's your passion? What's your passion all about?

Janet: right now Natalie, I'm like, I'm so excited about this, September 21st to 23rd, at the Kona Kai Resort hotel in San Diego, California, that's Friday to Sunday, I have invited some of the top masters, healing masters from all over the world, to be with me in one beautiful occasion, so that we can raise the energy of the room, raise the vibration. I've asked them to share people like master Steven Ko, world renowned chigan master, chronic healing masters, master Ming Gak Wu, world renown, he's my chigan master, and Alex Lloyd from healing coast and each, each of these masters along with Dr. Simorder, Cristy Sheldon, all of these different experts in their fields, and masters in their field, I have used their solidarity over the years, and they have been the ones that are the real deal to me. You know years ago, I've created this whole video series called; Dialogue with the Masters, and I went out to interview all these masters from all over the world and it was my passion then, and now, and now I'm bringing them into one room, one beautiful room, to really share with people abundance techniques, relationship techniques, different techniques for people to really get an alignment with their health, with their energetic fields, so that they could be the teacher whose living their teaching, that's my favorite corporate say, I mean that's it isn't it? To be the teacher living the teaching and these masters, when you walk into the room, and you feel their energy, and we are scanning these all these days aren't we? And we are all asking: now is that person in front of me full of BS or for real?

Natalie: absolutely!

Janet: and I asked everybody, all the experts, all the scanners, in the universe into that room because this one is so excited, because these people are the real deal, they are the real deal, and you can scan the heck out of them and you'll just gonna get joyful being around their energy and walk away with really incredible, practical tips, tools and knowledge.

Natalie: that's awesome, so when is that again?

Janet: that's September 21st to 23rd at the Kona Kai Resort Hotel, in beautiful San Diego, and people can go and find that about it by going to

Natalie: perfect. And you know what guys, if you click on the side banner to that you can go straight through to that website as well. So Janie thank you for joining me today.

Janet: it was too short.

Natalie: I know, I know, and we could do catch up again, if we can, and I'm really looking forward to seeing you again.

Janet: and hi to your great team, and hi to Glenny.

Natalie: yes, absolutely.

Janet: yeah, and bye.

Natalie: and make sure you could come the banner to the side then go through check out their website for updates. Now I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by just clicking the Facebook and the twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there, I would love to send you my Manifesting with master's video A, course, has masters like Bob Proctor, Jon Assraf, Joe Vitale, and you can actually get that, its paid for 87 dollars and you can get it absolutely free. So make sure you put your email on the book stage to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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