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Episode # 44   Discover the Gift

About The Episode:

Natalie is excited to share her thoughts on "Discover the Gift," one of the best movies about the Law of Attraction since "The Secret." Natalie interviews Shajen Joy Aziz, one of the creators, about her experiences leading to the creation of "Discover the Gift." Make sure you watch the whole episode, because at the end Natalie explains how "The Inspiration Show" listeners can get an autographed copy of the "Discover the Gift" DVD.

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Episode # 44 Discover the Gift

Natalie: Hi, this is Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today I'm so excited to share this video to you, because my passion peep for today is Shajen Joy Aziz. Now Shajen long with her brother Damian Lichtenstein have produced the most incredible movies in secret. It's called discover the gift and not only the person that blows me away but Shajen told me so many stories of people who travelled from Europe just to make her and brother Damian and share with them how this movie has completely change the whole community. There are so many stories that people just on honestly drive you to tears to social transformations that they wouldn't able to achieve from watching movie, now has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a mass educator in a 20 years of experience as a principal, a councillor, a program creator, a director and special educator. Now she is most passionate about children and young adults as they are our future. Now her motto is 'Learning for life, in paring the future.' Now she brings Elizabeth Fortease to education, to health and human relations to discover the gift and it's real to be crediting for a better world for our children and for ourselves. Now Shajen will share the stage with other transformational leaders such as Jack Hanfield, Janet Atwood, Chris Atwood, Marco Betweed, Dr. Bobber D Angelus and many, many more and she joins me here today to share some of the amazing journey she's been on especially creating this movie. Now, I encourage you to keep watching until the end so that you can find that how you can this autograph copy of the movie. So, stay tuned and I'll see you at the end.

Hi, Shajen thank you so much for joining us on the show today.

Shajen: Thank you for having me here. It's a real honor to be here with you.

Natalie: I'm honored to be here with you'

Shajen: Thank you.

Natalie: You have such an incredible and amazing story. So, the reason you are here on the show, because this is our passion peeps section and you have something that is incredibly passionate at changing the world at the moment. So, can you share your background and your story, maybe some of the hurdles that you have to overcome to get to where you are right now'

Shajen: Absolutely the great question. You know passion comes from so many places for me I grew up a lot of tragedies in my life when I was younger, my mother died in a car accident and my house burnt down and after those intense happen in my life, what showed up for me is a young person was a lot of passion. I have a lot of emotion, a lot of energy and I wasn't clear what to do with that passion and what I came to find really fast was the best way for me to heal from losing my mom and losing the life that I had that is so cherish when I was younger was to begin to be in service to other people and the more I was in service to those who are faces to feeling grieving, the more I healed the better I felt. So, I really learned at the young age that being in service inspired me and continue to inspire me and through that I really choose to go to the human service profession and chose to be an educator an school, a mental councillor to continue that role of supporting others because that was passionate for me and as I grew into an educator I really started realizing the most important thing we could be doing right now is honoring our children and we need to be really teaching our children now all that's right about them, all that's wonderful about them our society does a really good job in teaching our children everything that is wrong about them. Our schools focus on what's wrong, they teach people to be in the norm and what's really important and the project I created with my brother and my family is called Discover the Gift and its focus on the gift that you are, the gift that every single person on this planet, let's hear now and will be here is a special, unique and beautiful gift and that when you're being your true self your living that and your sharing that with others and inspiring others to do the same and so what happened through the tragedy that happen to our family what showed up to passion was discover the gift and was the reconnection for ourselves and my brother and I and our family from tragedy and to triumph and this project is about you, it's him, it's about her, it's about everyone and our family's story, we're just metaphor for everyone's else life. And that's really where my passion came from is because I love people and I learned early that I heal best to do serving others.

Natalie: Right. Absolutely. Now I know I often find threads or you know one event that something that takes us from where are we before on you remember to where you are now with this amazing worldwide movie and Hilton and the facilitating this amazing change. What would, could you identify what one or two things was fine threads that got you from there to here.

Shajen: Yes. I can certainly can. Trusting your inner wisdom, that's one of the finer threads. It's listening for the self and following to the dreams and passions and sometimes it's really hard to do we really live very much in the chitter chatter in our mind and I really learned in this process that our job is to move that chatter out the way so you have a direct link to your heart's centre to your to your core, to your knowledge, that's where your wisdom is and we can listen to that wisdom anything is possible'

Natalie: Right, absolutely.

Shajen: So, that's one example. It about being receptive, we have to be open, we have to be receptive and flexible to what's happening to our lives around us and to seeing the abilities and the opportunities and places we might not have notice before.

Natalie: And that's the thing we have talked this a lot it's how law of attractions work when we focus on that result and your moving in that direction the universe will provide, source will provide everything you need to get the job done you just need to be aware with it. you know I had a sort of fantastic day the other day form Bob Proctor and he said if you know how to achieve something the goal is not big enough.

Shajen: Yes absolutely, I thoroughly agree to that you know. Another step which came up to me when we're chatting is like whole piece of we need to give up who we think we're supposed to be and start being who we really are. It's in that, that our passion is really born and set free and when speaking of the law of attraction it's about ask yourself question you know I think there is question and there is action you have to ask the question, you have to have insight about that question and have that action and if it's a secret to the law of attraction is but not knowing how be there the feeling from there, you have to be that feeling as if you have achieve it and look back from the feeling space not from the thinking space.

Natalie: Absolutely. Now, in my experience success doesn't just happen and successful people like yourself could be now like to create monumental thing in their life you have certain success habits, certain daily routine that you have to keep you on track. So, can you share with us what your success habits are'

Shajen: Yes. That's a great question. You know my success habits are they begin with me having integrity with myself that's the number one and really honoring on what I will do to myself and discover the gifts I had aligned where many people have greeted me from all over the world saying thank you, this one line change my life and It's a simple little thing that I had for myself which is I'm an author and the key to writing is just writing so just write Shajen write and that one piece is the key to success that anyone is looking for it's not actually the action it's following through what you need to do for the next step to unfold.

Natalie: Absolutely, excellent. Now, my next question I actually got it from an email I lost and the question is how you keep go when everything around you seems to be negative where everything seems to be against you, I'm sure you have moments like that. I'm sure you have experience like that'

Shajen: Many.

Natalie: So, what advice to people who were in that situation'

Shajen: Don't give up on yourself and your dreams. You know follow your passions. Your passion are the bread crumbs that lead on a journey on your life their so important you know, their when you give up on yourself you give the world permission to give up on you. So, it's really important that you honour yourself and don't give up and even when the rest of the world around you feels like it's a no and you believe it's a yes, there's a way and there's a possibility that exist out there and it's finding another way around that'

Natalie: You know that's the thing, there is more than one way to skin a cat and for anything you feel passionate about and your focus upon, there is so many different ways and maybe this you know getting us for help or to getting outside council or looking at things differently when you're doing something because there is always a way when you through where you're so passionate about.

Shajen: Always, absolutely very true. And I think we could forget that and we forgot that we could keep going and it's about again honoring yourself and taking action. We can think a lot about the things we're taking desire and the things your passionate about yeah we didn't get to experience the essence of those passions unless we're in action with them.

Natalie: yeah absolutely. Now, I have one more question. May be hard to narrow this down to just one thing but if you could give the people watching in this video again just one piece of advice so that they can implement now to facilitate a positive change in their lives, what would that one thing be'

Shajen: The one piece of advice that I have for you is to facilitate a positive change today in your life is to really think about our language. Our language creates our world and it's really important to pay attention to what we speak and how we speak it. in our society we have the language of face your fears and what I have come to learn is that we can't stand on the face of our fears in fact we have to rather step through our fears and ask our fears to can and play with us but place don't stand in the face of it keep stepping, every step will bring you closer to your dreams.

Natalie: Absolutely. Now, the book and the movie the gift has been Discover the Gift actually I'm sorry Discover the Gift has like I said it's been a worldwide phenomenon that's just fantastic and we have a little bit of surprise, a gift for you who are watching today if you click on the banner on the side there you could go through the Amazon where you can purchase the book Discover the Gift and the next video of the inspiration show will be coming up after a couple of days in a couple of days time, what I'd like you to do is in between that time purchase the book, email me your receipt from Amazon and I'll randomly picking one person where who will be then send a signed DVD by Shajen and her brother Damian of discover the gift the DVD so Shajen thank you so much for being with us today.

Shajen: Thank you for having me. It's such a pleasure, I love what you're doing to the world and sharing your passion and helping everyone else to discover theirs'

Natalie: thank you.

Shajen: It's beautiful.

Natalie: Thank very much.

Shajen: Thank you so much.

Natalie: okay. So once you purchase the book Discover the gift which come from that banner on the side all you need to do id to email your receipt to [email protected] that's [email protected] and we will randomly choose one person to receive this autograph version of the movie and I'll announce it on the next video of the inspiration show. So, guys thanks got joining us today, remember to leave comments and questions below and if you find this information useful I encourage you to share this information by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above, also if you haven't done so already make sure you enter your email there, so that we can send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and keep you updated to all upcoming shows. So, guys see you next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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