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Episode # 539   Derek Rydall - The Abundance Project

About The Episode:

Why do so many people - even those who work really hard - still struggle to attract enough abundance into their lives? According to my brilliant friend and acclaimed wealth expert Derek Rydall, it's because 99% of us have been blinded to the natural sources of abundance both inside us and around us. In today's new episode of The Inspiration Show, Derek reveals a remarkable paradigm shift that will totally change how you create and manifest abundance. As someone who's spent decades studying this topic, I can assure you this one's a game-changer. Watch now.

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Episode # 539 Derek Rydall - The Abundance Project

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show my special guest is a very good friend of mine. He has a new book out called The Abundance Project, which is also the name of his new podcast as well. But we’ll be talking about that in just a moment. And before I introduce him I just want to remind you that once the show is over if you‘re watching this live on Facebook or on our YouTube channel later on, click the link below the video so you can take my 30-second quiz, we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So please help me welcome my special guest today Mr. Derek Rydall. Hi Derek, how are you?

DR: I am wonderful, even better now. I’m already inspired just plugging into you, Nat.

NL: Well I’m glad that we get to talk all the time but the fact that we get to share our conversation live today is fantastic. And we’re talking about abundance, it’s one of my favorite subjects.

DR: Yes.

NL: So for those people who maybe are not familiar with you as I am, tell us a little bit about your story and how you got into doing this personal development work.

DR: Yeah, well it’s a bit of a story, but in the short story of it is that, like a lot of people, I struggled for many many years trying to improve myself. Self-improvement and all kinds of various modalities and therapies and after years of self-improvement the only thing I had really improved was my ability to describe why my life was so screwed up. So I got, I had, a lot of improvement in that area. I could point to the different moments and times, you know, when my dad looked at my report card it’s all A’s and 1B and was like what’s with the B son, and how that impacted me, but my life wasn’t getting better. In fact I was getting more frustrated and had a deeper sense of inadequacy. It was like all of my efforts, oh, and I was trying to dig myself out of a hole and if you do that, you get deeper and deeper in a hole. It led to me being so frustrated, so much anxiety, that I got addicted to drugs and alcohol and almost died from an overdose and the doctor said I was lucky to be alive, and I didn’t feel lucky and I just figured I wasn’t working hard enough. I wasn’t working smart enough in the right way. So I sort of redoubled my efforts and then cut to uh, you know, several months later I was doing a film in Jamaica and everything went sideways and at romance, the film got, you know, was going bad, fired the director, fired the star, everybody other than me. I was the co-star and so I guess that was the good news, I didn’t get fired, but everything else was going bad. And then I decided to go diving alone and just prayed to get lost from everything above and I did get lost, so I had powerful prayers, I just didn’t know how to use them right. And I got trapped in a coral reef and again almost drowned, almost died and there was a moment where I knew I was going to die. I was stuck in this reef, nobody knew I was there, it was getting dark. By giant spiked coral and fire coral and I was exhausted and I was just done. I couldn’t go anymore and there was a moment of unconditional surrender. Negotiation, I tried that. You know, hey God if you get me out of this I promise I’ll go to church on Sunday. It was unconditional surrender. I just surrendered to my highest idea of life and in that moment something cracked open to me. Something snapped or broke or and I saw that the self I’ve been trying to improve all these years was a fictional character. An amalgamation of peer pressure, societal conditioning, parental fantasies and that nothing I ever did was gonna make him enough. Behind him or really more like around him there was a me that had never been hurt. So he didn’t have to be fixed and he was already whole so he could not be improved upon. And I didn’t understand it but it was a radical shift and in the next moment I was out of the reef standing on the coral, the one place I could stand looking in where I had been stuck this whole time and the exit was inches from me the whole time, I just couldn’t see it. But as I swam away everything had this shimmering glow to it and I knew something had radically shifted in my life. I didn’t understand what, but I ended up pulling on a society, going on this inner journey trying to become a monk, etc. that didn’t work out too well. But ultimately I had this realization, what I ultimately called emergence or the law of emergence, which was that perfect self was already in us like a perfect seed already has the tree in it, the Acorn already has the oak and when the conditions are right it emerges. It naturally unfolds. You can’t make it happen, but you can make it welcome, and so that was the big shift and that ultimately led to my life turning around. You know being broke, living on mac and cheese, to million dollar homes and world travel and a lot of my dreams coming true, and along the way, after suffering again losing, seemingly going broke again, I then had a realization that was connected to the first one but that showed me really some of the core secrets to abundance and where it comes from, what it’s really made of and how to generate it in your life, regardless of the conditions you’re in, regardless of the conditions you’ve been through and that was the beginning of my journey around really understanding what I now call the abundance principle. And that’s the core of the Abundance Project.

NL: Right. And so what is your definition of abundance?

DR:   You know, a mansion with a hot babe on my arm and dollars falling, hundred dollar bills falling from the heavens. No, the abundance, the velocity or the volume or quantity and quality of circulation of energy in your life equals abundance. That abundance is the product. First of all, abundance is the very substance of life. It’s not money or dollars or stocks or bonds, those are all symbols of abundance. But just like the fruit on a tree is not the wealth of the tree. If that was the case, when all the fruit was gone, the farmer would cut the tree down and cut all the trees down, but instead the farmer, she sees all those trees and she sees them just as abundant as they ever were and knows that in due season they’ll produce another and another and another harvest. So the abundance of the tree is not the fruit, that is the product of it, or the by-product of the symbol of abundance, and this is really good, this is critical in really being free to create abundance regardless of your bank balance or your current business state or the economy. Because if you thinks it’s a dollar or a stock or whatever, you’re trapped in a symbol. And this is actually the deeper meaning of that term. We’ve heard that money is the root of all evil. Actually the whole term is the love of money is the root of all evil and when you understand that money is just one symbol, one symbol of abundance or wealth. It’s not wealth itself, just like the fruit isn’t, you know, it was dollar bills now it’s eventually going to be cryptocurrency. It was you know, furs and chickens before. In fact, in Roman times it was salt. That’s where the word salary comes from; the word salt, they pay them in salt. So the symbols change but the undercurrent, literally the underlying current of energy that’s creating these symbols, never goes away. And so that saying the love of the symbols of wealth is the root of all evil because when you love the symbol you begin to do what you think it’s separate from you, you will fight and die and struggle and strive and stress and manipulate and maneuver to get the symbols that you think you don’t have or to hold on to the ones you’ve got. And there goes the whole, most of the, human conflict. So when you realize that abundance is this invisible substance out of which all creation happened and for those that are thinking that’s woo woo, like scientists, and I know you don’t Na,t most of your viewers, but everything that we see came out of nothing. We call that the Big Bang. So what was the something that created everything? That’s real abundance and that same something is within all of us and we’re all designed to create the very same way to be able to create, manifest everything out of seemingly nothing. And that’s a little different than merely attraction because you’re not necessarily attracting what already exists, you’re literally creating and allowing something new. And then in that way, every time you create and manifest more and more abundance in your life, you don’t take anything away from anybody. In fact, you multiply the abundance for everybody and that’s really at the core. And by the way when I say that abundance is the product of circulation, again that’s not just a clever idea but you look at the word currency and it comes from the root that means current or flow, whether it’s a current of electricity or current of blood in your body, a current of water through channels, it’s the volume and velocity of that circulation determines the amount of life and activation and growth and abundance that you have. Same with the word, what’s the other word, there’s another word that’s very very similar - if you’re affluent yeah. So if you’re affluent, you’re considered to be wealthy. Well affluence also comes from a root that means to flow. So we keep seeing these words flowing, current, circulation and then circulation often becomes the catch word. Wherever there’s increased circulation, there’s increased life. Wherever there’s a lack of circulation, there’s stagnation, degradation and ultimately a swamp or the death of a system. So if you don’t have enough abundance in your life at root, it’s a problem of circulation. And in the Abundance Project I walk people through step by step by step how to begin generating that circulation, no matter what situation you face.

NL: Yeah. And when you’re talking about abundance and this circulation of energy, you’re not just talking about money, right. You’re talking about health, you’re talking about other areas of your life. And by the sounds of things, it sounds like you need some kind of daily practice to be able to help create this flow in your life.

DR: Yeah.

NL: So how do we do that?

DR:  Yeah, and there’s a lot of ways. I talk about one of the core framework of the, you know, I walk people through first of all, what’s the real nature of abundance? What’s the real source of abundance, because you got to start there and really understand that it’s within you. That you’re like a divine power plant, and a power plant doesn’t receive the energy or even just have energy, it generates the energy. So you can generate this energy and then begin to circulate it. And you need to understand the law of circulation, which is that you cannot give what you don’t have. So a lot of heart centered, you heart centered people out there, have not understood that and you’ve been trying to be, you know, do-gooders and people-pleasers and helpers and givers and givers and givers. If I just keep giving more and more of my time, my energy, my talent, eventually I’m gonna get something back. But in most cases you’re feeling resentful, burned-out and overwhelmed and that’s because you didn’t start, you’re not filling yourself up. So you can’t give what you don’t have. You have to first activate it and give it and fill it up within you. And of course we’ve heard the old analogy when the oxygen mask falls, put it on yourself first then you can’t keep. So once you give it to yourself, you can’t keep what you don’t give away. What you hold on to will stagnate. Like it says in the Bible, the mana falls fresh from heaven everyday but if you try to hold on to it, it will rot in your hands. So you have to actually use it, share it, eat it, circulate it. So you can’t give what you don’t have, you can’t keep what you don’t give and then finally you can’t sustain what you don’t receive. So it’s like a complete breath. Again a circuit or circulation, you have to breathe in and you have to breathe out and you have to breathe in again. And so that’s the foundation. Then it’s about okay, so how do I start circulating and generating and in the Abundance Project I talk about a framework I call the seven gifts that give you everything. And that’s giving out your time, talent and treasure; giving up or giving away rather and these are things in your life that you are holding onto, we can talk a little bit more about one or more of these. So giving out, giving up, giving in, giving thanks, giving to yourself, forgiving and there’s one, giving out, giving up, giving in, giving away, giving thanks, giving to yourself and forgiving. So there’s seven core channels of giving. These are the seven gifts or seven wealth activators. And one or more of these is stagnating if you’re not experiencing abundance in every area of your life. And most of us aren’t and it’s a process and it’s a practice. So to start with first of all, the most obvious one giving out, which stands for time, talent and treasure. So basically what this is, is that most of a lot of us are, to some extent, are certain during certain times we fall into the belief that we can’t give of our time, let’s say, until we have more time. Like we want to give of our time to loved ones, to charity, to philanthropy whatever but we don’t think or even to our own hearts desires, but we don’t think we have time. So we’re waiting for time in order to start circulating our time. To give of our time, and it works exactly the opposite. Everything is the opposite of what we’re often conditioned and that was the law of emergence revelation which is that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you and it comes from you. So whatever is missing is what you’re not generating, what you’re not circulating because it all comes out of you. And so if you’re waiting for something before you express more of yourself, then you’ve got it backwards. Whatever you wait for you’re waiting with and often weighing it down and so this is, as I like to say, the ultimate “wait-loss” program because you’ll be waiting forever. You have to start circulating and generating whatever it is that appears to be missing and no longer wait for anything. And so it doesn’t mean you’re always busy busy busy. There’s different ways of circulating mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, creatively. But so the first one is giving of your time, giving out of your time. The second one is giving out of your talent. So a lot of people want to write a book or they want to sing or they want to dance or they want to create art or they want to be a coach or they want to build a business but they’re not, they’re in there again, waiting for certain conditions, people, places, things, money, the perfect idea - you know they got ten ideas they’re gonna make sure it’s the right idea before they get started. All of these different patterns we fall into and meanwhile the talent is not getting circulated and as a result of that it stagnates and the thing they’re actually waiting to get, that clarity, that surety that confidence that, oh yes, this is the path - will never come until they start circulating and continue to circulate. Right? So you know my first program that I am in, you know when I got, came out with, the law of emergence, I just you know, Seth Godin says, just ship it. Doesn’t mean do junk but I just began to teach it, to share it and it was through the sharing and the teaching and the putting my ideas out there and getting feedback and being in the feedback loop that ultimately allowed me to discover what it was I was really saying. What it was I was really teaching and it ultimately coalesced into the form that it remains now to this day. It would have never gotten there if I was waiting to be sure, waiting to be clear, waiting to be confident waiting, waiting, waiting. So you got to give out your talent and the third one is your treasure, and that means your dollars, your money. So time, talent and treasure. And this is, again, I would invest in myself and my business when I had more money or I would invest in stocks when I have more money or I’ll give up this money to church or charity when I have more money. I want to be a philanthropist someday when I have more money I’ll start doing it. And again the spigot of that particular channel dries up, there’s stagnation; instead we have to start circulating. We have to realize we’re not leaning on resources but we’re leaning on this source which is within us, which is inexhaustible. And so we stopped looking at our resources to determine what can I do what can’t I do and we become more resourceful. There’s never a lack of resources but there is lack of resourcefulness, but you can always be more resourceful, and that literally means re-source-ful - to be full of source again. And so that’s just the first gift but it gives you a nice idea of how much opportunity there is for us to begin to practice wherever we are and get that, get the drips going until it becomes ultimately a wild river rushing downhill without a boulder in sight.

NL: Exactly. Well I mean you are of the same mindset. Like my motto for life is just bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like hell, because I don’t wait for you. This is a great idea and just you just start and it works without the momentum, without the intention and your intention is not just in your mind, it’s through your actions, through your thoughts, or through your visualization, everything. That’s how things start to fall into place, that’s how it becomes crystallized for you. So it’s exactly, I mean Derek, you know, we have completely run out of time today but, and I know that we could talk forever, but I’m so excited for the Abundance Project because you know, like you said, you have crystallized these ideas in a way that is really easy to understand. Very easy to integrate and to emulate, step by step. So um guys, if you are watching this video live on Facebook or on our YouTube channel, there is a link underneath that you can click to go through straight to Derek’s site to purchase the book and also if you’re watching it on the page we have a banner to the side there as well.

DR:   Let me just add something Nat, that when they get the book right now through that link, they’re also gonna get over $1200 in bonuses and these are not filler, you know, freebie stuff, these are actually things that people pay for their additional live coaching, a mastermind group where you can start and get support on your own abundance project. So there’s a lot of really valuable stuff there to get you going and to take this book and not just make it more shelf help where your bookshelf looks really nice and you point to it when people come over but actually real self-help, real development of your own mindset of abundance and ultimately the results of the abundance in your life.

NL: Beautiful. And what’s your website Derek?

DR: My personal website is that’s D-E-R-E-K-R-Y-D-A-L-L dot com lots of other free resources there and as you mentioned, they can also check out the new abundance project podcast as well and get even more insights and distinctions and tips on how to put the work in the book to work in their life.

NL: Absolutely. Well thank you for joining me today Darling. It’s been a pleasure chatting to you as usual.

DR: Always, always.

NL: But we don’t have a Tequila this time so it’s, you know, all good. So guys I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Don’t forget to click the banner or the link below here to go straight through to get Derek’s book. And once the show is over if you’re watching it live on Facebook just click the link below that so you can take my 30-second quiz so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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