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Episode # 106   How to use the Law of Emergence to activate your own calling

About The Episode:

Today Natalie Ledwell speaks with actor Derek Rydall, who lived through a near-death experience in Jamaica that changed his life. Over the next year, Derek realized that his identity had completely changed, and had to reconnect with his sense of self. He feels that his experiences have illuminated how many of us are trying to improve ourselves, but we're using the tools in the wrong context. Like an acorn seed that needs the right conditions to grow into an oak tree, our sense of self just needs to be nurtured and discovered, not created from scratch. Derek has dedicated himself to showing others how to find their inner perfection which already exists, and free it into the world.

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Episode # 106 How to use the Law of Emergence to activate your own calling

Natalie: Today I speak with actor Derek Rydall and he shares his need in experience in Jamaica and how it transform his life and the needs of this world today. So please enjoy.

Oh! Hi, I?m Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I have my special guest Derek Rydall, hi Derek how are you?

Derek: Hi Natalie, I'm great it's good to be here.

Natalie: Now, Derek and I once meet on a transformation function and I got to here a little bit of Derek's story which is the very interesting and entertaining and inspiring at the same time. So, Derek may I jump in first to asking you to tell about a little bit about your story because you are involve in near death experiences and mumps and stealing foods and all a bunch of other kind of thing.

Derek: It's quite an adventure, it's quite an adventure. Yeah it started when I was, I always been a truth seeker and I actually shooting a movie in Jamaica and I was an actor, I got caught in a rift, underneath in the water in the rift and I've been swimming following in this station and I end up in this, just a sudden all in around the corner and I was stuck in an underground booby trap tomb like Indian Jones and I'm surrounded with spike, giant spike corals that were a little bit inches from my face, my throat, my stomach, my chest fire coral all around and I couldn't get out and not only I can't get out but I can't swim or move and I had literally keep myself a float by paddling with my fingers to not let my body sink into the spike corals which have rescued me and there is, I couldn't find the accent and I couldn't lift my hand and the see the wagon was coz I would have, I would have been skewered again and literally got completely stuck immobilized on this position and I ended up being, probably for a couple of hours at least. Where I was hyper-ventilated and I went all the scenarios upon I was gonna be save and eventually a fishing boat come along and realize I was missing or something what happened and eventually my mind was beyond I was gonna be saved I really doubt that and imagine all the ways that I'm gonna die and somehow become fashionably famous you know wash upon the beach and blue lip and bloated and everybody keep crying and oh what a tragical ask to Hollywood and some find the ego and even in the verge of dying those are for 15 minutes and eventually mind got to the end of the cape and there are no more scenarios in the house will be safe, no more egocentric that I would be famous. So, part of my mind got to the end of the cape with there is pretty much scenarios left and one thing that I was afraid that I was going to die and I wasn't hope that I didn't die. It wasn't I knew that I was going to and there was, my mind was a blink I had nothing left to do but completely surrender and in that moment of unconditional surrender. You know what it's like a surrender to get something it was a complete unconditional surrender and I knew this was it and in that moment a wave came and literally push me up into the one area outside the water that was no spike coral spike coral but I couldn't see it push me up into that and I was like and I look down where I was in the first time and see that the accent is behind me all along in this labored but in that moment of complete unconditional surrender the ego was rip from it mourning, you know humpy dumpy on the wall and was not actually be back together again and the identity that I was in that rift was no longer able to affix itself for the guy that swim into that rift and on the next years I had dreams of destruction and what I realize now what I suspect the ego is on the difference between the psychological death and real death and so was the ego is literally dying all identity, it was felt like a real death was happening and so I was pulled up in the entertainment industry and decided to become a monk and the funny quick story on that is I come on, fasting all these things I've never been before and on my areas nature I just go full in and I never fast, I never retreated silently the whole thing and a few days into it I was starting to have a body experience and really freaking up and really shut down in the monks kitchen and I broke into the cage and broke into the refrigerator, the monks hole is into it and it speed sharp into it and I'm reaching back into the fridge to look for something food a hunk of lemons, a hunk of bread and eating it like an animal, I mean that was the most hilarious thing and really on the spirited quest, grabbing on the monk's refrigerator and eating like a dog, interesting why dog go backwards and it's gone and then I get into my room and finally stick and that was my experience in trying a monk, honestly say wasn't the right thing for me and I also ended up closing myself in my apartment getting rid of news, getting rid of tv, getting rid of all destructions and I ended up and I pray and in the next journey of a couple of years where I got a glimpse that I have and on that moment of surrender, moment of complete piece and I begun to reconnect to that self that what I have discover in that moment was a self that I don't need any movement, a self that never been damage and a self that couldn't improve and you can imagine as an actor everything was food in myself to discover that actually the truth about me is a self that need to be improve and it wasn't inadequate and it wasn't broke and it wasn't destroyed by my childhood and I didn't have the language there but really came to self improvement you come to notice that you are more on because the self that you really understand it doesn't need any improvement the whole if you talk, it's not adding anything or improvement but discovering it and allowing me to emerge.

Natalie: Right. Coz? when you said it, we talk about self improvement as an industry or whatever, where not here for improving ourselves but for improving other things in our life.

Derek: Well what do I do now, the work that I do now is love emergence and it really came in all law of attraction and all that stuff which all this are real they're powerful like the law of attraction but there are some that don't understand and use them in the right contact because after with all our self improvement we are doing them from underground promise that we're broken, we're lacking and they say and now is the time to keep track and fill up what?s missing and even if we use all, and that?s become an underarm law actually operating in our life even if we all the right things the underlined law is I lack, I?m missing, I?m broke, I?m wounded life is hard and etc. and then we?re trying to attract what is missing even if we manage to manifest and I say we manifest the bigger pay check for we end up to becoming broke in a higher income bracket or we end up with a bigger house but we are empty at home. Because we bring with us the lost concept of ourselves and all of that work is to improve and literally magnified that sense of animosity and I was trying a trade note and add anything and add anything and if you understand just like the Acorn the trees already have the Acorn, you know the Acorn doesn?t have in a tree. It?s not being worthy enough being a oak the conditions are right the oak naturally emerges and that?s the same thing with us, the masterpiece, the greatness whatever it is you more in your life we already got it, and the thing is not to us but to be added conditions primarily on the sole of our soul when that seed of unlimited potential was planted and if the conditions are right it emerges and like the farmer, the farmer doesn?t struggle to make the seeds grow you can think you are foolish when you try to do that and you crack it open and go where is this stuff and I was working pull the roots and the farmer cultivate the soil and leaves it, clean it, feed it and when the conditions are congruent but the potential in that seed then it emerges there?s not a struggle, there?s not a strive, there?s not an effort.

Natalie: The law of emergence is it more focusing on discovering who we are or who our true self is.

Derek: Well I?m glad you?re into that that?s you know the agenda of the law of emergence its like I like to day start people who want to the way we need, the law of emergence is on surface it?s definitely on improving our lives it?s about having the life of your dreams it?s about activating your full potential but as you work the law of emergence because it?s fundamentally in tapping into that perfect self the hole that is already in you. That the net result of doing the law of emergence is that you?ll awaken, in other words instead of recognizing the velocity but we?re living on the dream of mine and we?re living in losing of being separate on my good suffered in gun whatever you turn about and so many programs are trying to improve your dream and on law of emergence all is to wake up and realize you were never broken you we?re not lacking anything you are just receiving a filter just I like to say it?s a relative perfection of our relative inception and you remove the filter and build a hole and I already master this filter and like Michelangelo when he created his masterpieces he believe that god the higher power never know the rift and his job is to see the masterpiece that is in the stone and his job os to set it free he set away all that is not a masterpiece and my job which is emergeneer is the emergency of someone is to what is un-see in that masterpiece in that block of mortal stone and them allow them to set free.

Natalie: So, really interesting to say that because I always even in the work that we do like you know in my life at the moment is a recognizable to one of us 4 years ago and I?m living the life of my dreams but the thing is that part if that is the thing that we do consistently like more connected to source to a higher being or to higher being and when I talk law of attraction and stop me things and have the experience this but it?s like a messy message and I?m hoping to the message few meters away for them to understand you know it?s like talking about and why I think personally I feel more connected for a better person because of it I?ll do just because you know financially more successful we dramatize karol and whatever it is that customize our lives and things if people we may come and get even more powerful.

Derek: Absolutely, that?s the real meaning of goals it?s not like so much you can achieve or begin the bosses and my step in and remind self as well and also what tend to happen who you really are inside, what can you magnify my sense was you really a true great person it was covered up perhaps with the struggles in life and as you magnify the abundant in my life it?s magnified all the good it was in and that life and definitely time span and also more connected to the source if you can help a people connected to the source, your work is done coz? once their connected to that the have everything.

Natalie: it just reaches your life in so many different ways and make life so much easier you talk about how problem are just answered prayer which is very interesting concept what do you mean by that?

Derek: well you know it can be a hole emerge is a very different model and a 99degrees from what we?ve learned but if you understand that manually speaking and for only one thing is going on everywhere and call it god you can call it field, you can call it land but there is on big pattern but there is one intelligence if everyone works everything with fullness I get the infinite and army present you can?t add something or inside that an infinite army presence so even though it looks like that starts happening in truth everything is transpiring for freedom everything is transpiring for our awakening and we have to become you, inverse paranoid where we start to believe that everything is against us and everything is really conspiring for us and in fact that?s true and what happened that tough at it begun to pray or static boards, the many you set attention, the many you sincerely desire for something is instantly answer but what happens when I got oak tree in the mid court and it instantly activates and start to emerge the larger life, the larger self, the larger you but it?s more abundance. The many you intend that, it?s not like it?s gonna happen someday, it?s a medium that emerge but what?s happening it start to bumps us against, your own paradise and the only thing you are setting this is because you have a limited perception you don?t, you?re experiencing luck and now that larger self is trying to squeeze itself, that attention is trying to unfold or merge the perception on an identity to a now perception look like this and if you are aware with that and you understand some of the steps to become congruent of that prayer and that affirmation and it can emerge relatively and easily but if you?re not aware with that, it start to set distractions in a limited mental structures, the emotional structures and cuddle the habits and when you start to do that you think if you can be the acorn and you could be the oak tree at the same time because you think the acorn is who you are what would I do with that protective shell and so they become resistance and that resistance and that thing is trying to emerge that larger life it starts to crack the shell, it start to cause a crisis in your life but the meaning of that crisis or problem, it?s not that your bad or you did something wrong, it?s living in the world that is very small, that you have activated a larger world is trying to emerge now, the problem you are experiencing is actually the opportunity for you to really get on the line to activate and allow your prayer to be answered whatever you?re going for, if you ask the right answer and you got the problem really is what your praying for and it?s like another analogy is it?s like deceive in the forest that actually require a forest fire in order to crack them open and cause them to terminate and wasn?t on the fire they would stay sit and the forest also will die eventually and if I run I see self consciousness in my prayer there is no fire in the forest it may create vision board and create no fires and at the gate there are fire man ready to put out the fire and if it succeed in that visualization it actually has it?s destined greatness and the overall potential of that forest. So, we understand that there and that?s one of the dangerous of using manifestations techniques is that we?re trying to manifest our idea of our life. Our suppose to understanding that our idea of our life is that we?re trying to underarm false promise cultural conditioning, parental conditioning and etc. is like the teller is trying to visualize with to listen to a butterfly. So, it?s beyond imagination on when the caterpillar is flying. So, when we have crisis in our lives and we recognize this crisis is an evolutionary catalyst then we ask different questions, we don?t ask how can I do ahead of this, how can I solve this, what?s wrong with me, why me. All of those are keep on leveling and keep us stuck you can?t start a problem on the level of thinking that create the problem is that?s vibration frequency is the very thing that creating your limitation, it?s like trying back into it, trying to solve it there you just realize you?re arranging doctors in the titanic and the ship is going down one way and the other. So you have to ask larger questions what is the larger life trying to emerge by mean of this or what quality is this to embody and embrace to myself to be truly free and at peace even in the midst of this or we can imagine, if we come to overcome this what quality we can use, mind movies or visualization in order to become to the feeling to what it?s like to be on the other side of that and to really put our attention more in the vision into activating the vision and vibration and then when we?re doing that and the crisis and the problem and literally become the catalyst then activates the late talents and potentials and all of this does it make sense?

Natalie: Absolutely. I know when we?

Derek: We were just on the other side of the problem just the other thing boy there on the other side of the problem is we?re just a problem solving and we manage to submerge or sublimate the problem for the time being we have to change, we try to change the world but we stay the same but it?s gone to said we have to become the change in the world and so what happens on the other side of the problem is for activating our emergence then we?re bigger because of the problem like during the time of economic contraction if we?re doing this work, on the other side of the contraction work it more expanded and trying to solve and got it all down than more contract, that make sense?

Natalie: Absolutely, and when we talk about mind movies we give people advice on how to run on their acclamation on how to put mind movies together we talk about 4 different types of affirmations we talk about the acclamation to describe what you want and the one that describe this is a visualization too the affirmation that describes the action that your taking then the affirmation that describe the people we need to be to be able to achieve this life and to be able to achieve this things we have this people once there striving for gold but this negative programming that comes from them it?s like you said the concrete of keeping them down and once they can identify on what there source are and this is I don?t want how do I change this, what is the opposite of this, what do I need to be instead of this and you know we both understand in pick up programming with children and teachers and if we all do you know that?s just the part of life and just being to focus in what you want and the opposite of that is powerful actually the same.

Derek: You have in your mind and that?s make your in professional affirmation because you actually labelled it there not just manifestation but transformation because my attention is on what it would be not just on getting more money, getting more stuff you know changing the world but staying the same but really it?s a transformational theme I think it?s part of the reason why so successful getting results from it is because all through it?s all about affirmation, it?s about activating the late potential not just having stuff on top of you know it?s like you?re trying to add something on the top of the cane and descend for an adequacy it?s like you walk around living your life trying to hold a bunch of beach balls in the water and you know you can relax like an edge on the face because there is no real change that is integrated in the whole body and your always afraid that it should cry and so the transformation is drop into that work and also you integrate into that work is that your always afraid and so the transformation is built into that work and also integrate into our work is Imagineering which is the engineering of our emergence and the process that I do the first stage is catching the vision, you need to have a vision because if you don?t know where you?re going everyone will take you there and on the second stage is cultivate the grow conditions and that?s where you need to bring your inner life in congruence or in harmony with the vision because otherwise you?re like the bible said the house that has been divided you have no inner integrity and structural integrity or like in the same statement trying to ride 2 horses at the same time that are going in different directions you know you have a vision of abundance or abundance of together and internally it?s lack in limitation, the vibration and documentation. So you have to become congruent and that what my opinion and one of the big benefits of the mind movies is that it allows you to get congruent because one of the analogies that I use is the radio and right now where you are all your favorite music are on play but you need to tune your radio to the frequency where the music is playing and when you tuned the dial and match that frequency with the frequency of the radio you?ll hear the music it?s always in there now didn?t make that music happy you made it welcome, you became a channel you become congruent with the frequency where it is playing and that?s what I think if you really understand when you?re adding a thing that you?re becoming congruent to who and what you really are in the highest sense then the mind movies then the affirmation and visualizations becomes tools that supports that and suppose that you think that you?re missing something and then you have to go make that things happen and then you make it welcome then you use this tools and actually make it decrement and actually it?s really important and you got that in there transformational elements.

Natalie: Derek, thank you so much for joining me here today we?ve had, it?s been a fantastic interview but you know if want to share some information if people wanna find more something about you, where can we send them?

Derek: Well yeah, I have a program right now and taking this to the next level and talking about the imaginary work and it is a 7 steps step by step came by numbers when to cultivate by numbers inner conditions and really capture pyro visions in their life and bring the whole life into integrity and really become unstoppable and it?s over ten hours of audio training, meditations, really getting tired, complete program to take them from where we are and where they wanna be and I?m also throwing a bunch of additional bonuses formally for my private clients and you can see all of that at so and I want to add for special people to make it all sweet for the first 25 people who are getting the program I also add up 3 private coaching with me personally so go and take a look at that and also that thing you know because I believe in this work that it doesn?t actually take my life to the next level everything that I say is more additional background on anything that I have and your mind, mind important things is I want you the real results and really take your life to the next level.

Natalie: Now we could say that we do. Now thank you Derek I just remember so when you click on the buttons on the side you?ll actually go through Derek?s site and I could find out more information there. So, guys I encourage you to share the information by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven?t done so already make sure to put your email on the box above there because we?ll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we?ll keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We?ll see you soon.

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