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Episode # 125   DD Watkins

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell interviews DD Watkins who shares the work she is doing with children. An author and writer with a background in the arts, DD wanted to use her experience to help the next generation. Advocating conscious growth and development, she believes in taking a science based, fact based way to teach kids that's fun, engaging, and teaches them how to take control of their own lives.

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Episode # 125 DD Watkins

Natalie: today on the show I'm speaking with DD Watkins and she shares the works she's doing with children to inspire them and educate them on how they can take control on their lives. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today my special guest is DD Watkins, hi DD. how are you?

DD: hey I'm good, thanks for having me.

Natalie: yeah, thanks for coming and joining me here in the inspiration show studio.

DD: i love it, i love the whole area is beautiful and you're so blessed to be here.

Natalie: I am, i am very very fortunate. So let's get started with a bit of your story, what's your background?

DD: It's kind of a mixed bag, i have a background in the arts, and I've always, I've always, been a sort of seeker spiritually, so I've always wanted to understand am how they actually benefit from challenges they faced, so am, a background in design, for 20 years i had an art studio where we did our work for all over the world, and while watching the attraction, i remember sitting in a restaurant 30 years ago, and saying; one day I wanna do restaurants like this. And I did 40 of them...

Natalie: wow.

DD: so I did artwork for a lot of wonderful hotels, restaurants, palaces, high residential fun creative stuff for years. And I went into it largely, for what is the right thing for each job. That sort of transcended into architectural work and into design consulting and riding has always been a passion as well. A few years ago, I created one of the products I'm going to show to you today, shared it with jack canfield and went on to them, and write with him a book that made it to new York times best seller list and amazon best seller list, so..

Natalie: and what was the book called?

DD: the key to living the love attraction

Natalie: right, yes yes yes.

DD: and were in something like 28 languages now.

Natalie: wow.

DD: so we've reached out in a really big way and of course on my vision board, vision book, I had New York Times best seller and made it. And before I have met jack I've put him on there. It works, it really works, the visualization is a large part of what I've always done and I've always visual, and creative. And I wanna share some of what I've learned.

Natalie: cause I know that you have done one amazing product which we are going now, cause you do a lot of work with children, and this is you know, I think, anyone watching the show on the regular basis, that it's the passion of mind to bear with children to reach this message and empower them the ability to be able to realize that they have control over their life and they can influence the direction of their life and not just, you know flowing alone. Tell us a little bit about the work that you are doing with kids.

DD: I so agree, and I think it's not even an option we have to sort of empower them now. The times we live in are traveling and kids are dealing with so much more than we ever had to do. Reminding them that they are actively participating in their own lives and creating them, teaching them to create them consciously. So a lot of what I'm doing is about purpose and we're working with schools, we just got the approval from St. Bernard school district introducing our product in here for all our elementary students which is incredible. So what I have developed with youth in particular in mind is a complete system for conscious growth and development. It's a communication flat form, it allows the teachers and parents and counsellors to understand where the kids are right now, what they are dealing with and also get the sense of where they wanna go. One of the things that I think is really sad right now is that are texting and they have organized sporting activities and everything is orchestrated and they go from point a to point b. and they aren't spending enough time developing hobbies and interests that are later gonna evolve into passions... you know...

Natalie: right.

DD: so we help them explore those things and find the joy in their passion.

Natalie: it's funny isn't it like it, each generation is different but I'm thinking with this generation its, that it's so impersonal, you know like they communicate through Facebook, through text, and it's like, you know, and how do you have the time to really figure out what it is that you really love when you sort of caught in that world.

DD: or if that's your idea of what normal communication is, this abbreviated messages that lack real emotion or deep thought, I mean its superficial and even when they're interacting with each other, their social skills are so damaged right now and they don't even realize, but you see group of kids together and half of them are busy on their phones.

Natalie: yeah.

DD: I mean they've lost the ability to do what we are doing right here, and it's just, it's kind of heart breaking, because, where will they gonna be? You know, what are they gonna do? How are they gonna build those creative skills, and how are they gonna discover what truly interest them, or what matters? So I think it's essential that we do what we're doing.

Natalie: so how do you approach kids with this message? What's the best, for a lot of these parents are watching right now, and they wanna, you know help educate these children, how do they do that?

DD: well, I think that's quite harder, I think it's kind of a daunting process, because you know were doing our best to parent and teachers are doing their best to teach, and there's so much that kids start to wear up so what I did is develop a tool, a tangible system that can be done individually or in groups, and its, it's a vision book, I can show you one. This is the completed one, and this is Haley's, here ill turn it for the camera. This is Haley's vision book and part to creating this, this is what the process culminates them, but part to creating this, there's an 8-page workbook, fun and interactive, it takes the kids to a number of steps and it sort of culminates in this. and I can tell you more about the steps, so what we do is we basically help the kids map of how they want to experience life, it's not just what they wanna have, it's not just, you know it's not about possession and material things, its more about character values, intentions, awareness, and because it engages them, they really get involved and, it incorporates affirmations, visualizations, a lot of the things that you incorporate with the mind movies already. But in a way that is fun and tangible and they create a new one each year. So it's about conscious growth...

Natalie: and focusing on what they do want, rather than they're being enveloped to what they don't want and its negative, you know. This is bad one now but this is a moment, this is what I wanna live, this I'm focusing on.

DD: so we encourage them to focus on the positive, we teach them the importance of, well we start with little bit of quantum physics and kids behavior, kind of them. Where we just explain, look, you are energy, you are connected, you're affecting the world around you already, learn how to do this, learn at the young age, that whatever actions you take, and how you treat people and everything else is just coming back to you, not because mama told you so, but because energetically, that's what happens, its just a fact, because they might think that twice about bullying, they might just understand a little bit, or we take them through a purpose, and insight into what their interest are, what their passions are, what has always kind of moved them to discovering what their natural gifts are, and start encouraging that sense of purpose. Early on, we encourage contribution and mindfulness and take them to identifying what their goals are in each area of their life. So they aren't just focusing on their academics, but on everything, so were helping build well-rounded kids.

Natalie: amazing.

DD: and turning them to gratitude, and teaching them how powerful that is. We made the whole process really easy for teachers too. Because we've got a 67-page facilitator's guide. It sound big and it sounds like a lot of work. We didn't think teachers would actually want it to be longer without them loving the path that it take pages, but what's happening is the kids want more. They wanna go deeper,, its opening up conversations. Artistic students are high schools in Georgia are means the ultimate you know that's what we've been discussing earlier. It fits into any program that may help class requirements, national health standards, so it could be done in any classroom or it could be easily done in a church or home. And it's just empowering, kids love it.

Natalie: yeah. And it's amazing. So if that's how it is, and someone's watching is a teacher, how could they contact you to be able to find out how to implement this, in this school?

DD: by the way we do drastic deep discounts for education and non-profits, I mean this is all about making a difference and you know, that's what we wanna do. So, it's not the price that shows on the website. The website is best way to actually reach out to us. So that's, dream big


DD: thank you.

Natalie: yeah. We haven't had enough of it yet, it's that's

DD: yeah. That's the best way and you have a link right?

Natalie: yeah if you click to the banner of the side bay. So if you're a parent, if you're a child, if you're a teacher, and then you wanna get involved with this, I mean this is fantastic and it's not just they have to do individually, they could do it in group situation.

DD: yeah.

Natalie: but you know I understand like you know, when we first, when I first come across some attraction I was so excited about it; I was like oh my God I need to find out more. Although the first time I read, what was the first book, I think Celesting Prophecy, was the first kind of spiritual type of book that I read, I had this excitement I'm like oh my God I need more of these and these become ferocious about finding that information, so...

DD: I agree, I think that every once in a while you come across people that go love attraction that sounds too new age, and I just don't want... but the bottom line is, what this is, in fact it doesn't even specify love attraction anywhere in the system because it's really just this common sense, it's a little bit of , it's actually a little bit of quantum physics, it's all fact based, science based and there's nothing woo woo about it, so this is how energy works, these are proven facts, here is positive psychology, lets incorporate the best of everything into one place, and make it fun, and make it engaging and make it personal. So, all the kids are doing this not in dreams, we're the adults, we have systems for all ages, yeah, amazing for counsellors, for life coaches, for therapists, for juvenile hall, for criminal justice system, I mean we can change the world by starting within, we can change the world for our youth.

Natalie: yeah. Yeah.

DD: you know...

Natalie: you're doing amazing work, amazing work, so thank you so much for coming in today, I really appreciate it this time.

DD: thank you, thank you. Thanks.

Natalie: and make sure you that could click on the banner to the side then go through check out their website for updates. Now I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by just clicking the Facebook and the twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there, I would love to send you my Manifesting with master's video A, course, has masters like Bob Proctor, Jon Assraf, Joe Vitale, and you can actually get that, its paid for 87 dollars and you can get it absolutely free. So make sure you put your email on the book stage to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

DD Watkins



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