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Episode # 123   Dawson Church EFT Explained

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with author and energy healer, Dawson Church, about his successful energy medicine program, EFT. Using this scientifically supported program, he has impacted millions of lives by improving their physical and mental conditions. Church reveals how energy healing can improve many debilitating disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder commonly found in war veterans. On the show, Church shares how many areas of life EFT can be used in, including reducing stress, anxiety and even weight-loss.

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Episode # 123 Dawson Church EFT Explained

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Dawson Church who has done some incredible scientific research into things that would normally fall into the wuwu basket. Things like EFT is doing some amazing work with Afghanistan and the Iraq vets. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is the amazing Mr. Dawson Church. Hi Dawson, how are you?

Dawson: Hey, Natalie. It's always wonderful to be with you.

Natalie: I'm so glad that you could join us today. I'm so excited to get into what we're talking about today because you're doing some incredible work with some vets coming back from Iraq and even from Vietnam. And you do a whole lot of incredible research which will get into later. First of all, let's just start about your background and what it is that you do.

Dawson: Sure. Well I've been retrieved by the whole field of energy healing, energy medicine, start as teenagers, and my first class was around age 13 to 15. And I watched people that have remarkable healings, just by things like tension, things like ray healing out of hands, and it was remarkable seeing people have this healings from very serious diseases sometimes using these intangible energy methods. The problem with those was that what my medical colleagues would say and my psychiatric colleagues would say "Dawson your stuff is really great and people feel good about it", but there's no real science behind this. So, finally science began to catch up, and in the last 10, 20, 30 years we've learned about fields like psycho numerology, about fields like epigenetics, about fields like neuroplasticity, that our brains, what we wire ourselves with every thought, one astonishing piece of research by Dr. Dereck Kendall showed that if you pass a signal through a neuro bundle over and over and over and over again within one hour of repeat stimulation, the number of neuro ecclesias that bundle doubles, it doubles. If you are thinking of the same negative thought over and over and over and over again, if you are having the same negative experience, if you are practicing on tennis swing, anything you do repeatedly for an hour or more, over and over and over and over again, literally shapes your brain, you build up your brain on those conclaves that is used more often. So now all know that there is really good science behind this. It's in my book, The Genie in your Dreams. I have over 400 studies between psych from periodical journals like American psychological association journals, journal of the mental association showing some of the part ways by which it happens. And so the science behind energy healing now is gonna look very very good, none of you have seen this healings happen but what's in the underlying physiological mechanisms by which this healings happen and that they can happen and that they can change our bodies, they can change really fast as our cups are changes, as our beliefs change and as our experiences change, dreams are turning on and off, neurology is shifting, all kinds of new molecules being made at our hormonal system. So now I'll show you that these kinds of new interventions have very resound medical and psychological bases.

Natalie: Yes, you know you mentioned epigenetics before and I've read quite a bit of work from Bruce Lipton and now it's a flailing new science, what is that science?

Dawson: Epigenetics takes its name from the idea that in fluids outside the genome are infusing the gene. The old model was all the information word plus life it's containing with energy, that model has been steadily eroded over the last 20 years. We now know that many things affect us, affect our gene expression which genes are on a genes roll from outside the gene and the very simple example is say the fire alarm goes off in your office or my office, we'll jump up and the big stress response so levels of adrenaline will rise in one or two seconds. Because the genes code for adrenaline protozole kick on just like that in one or two seconds, so extra stimulus outside the cell coming in to the senses and affecting the production of these hormones but the thing is our thinking has a side effect, we think of a stresser, if I think my mother in law is gonna visit this week and I'm so stressed about that. So your gonna tell that my mother in law is really coming this week and I love her, it's fantastic. A good biochem goes back along and talks about her. That's the experience, when they think about that stressful experience that you drive your body to that stress response just as surely as if you've been chased by a lion or a tiger. So not realizing, our thoughts, our feelings, our counter stress is heaving up an enormous effect in our health low bodies.

Natalie: Alright. So we're saying that we don't necessarily have to make do with the hand we've been dealt. That we can actually change forth process, we can change physiology through what? Through forth processes or through environment?

Dawson: Absolutely! A lad named Dean Adesh he showed that he coped up with prostate cancer and he asked me to work with the divers with prostate cancer rather than getting conventional treatment to meditate about the sensible lifestyle, good diet and do moderate exercise everyday. And he found that their level of expression of oncogenes, cancer genes literally was reduced. They shut down their production of cancer genes by these intelligent lifestyles and discovering that just lifestyle, can affect our immune genes, our inflammation genes, our cancer genes, our longevity genes, its the basic of our bodies and these intangible things like how we think, what we believe, doing EFT, doing EMDR, doing MG medicines that can have a big effect on our bodies.

Natalie: Alright, okay. Now you just mentioned EFT as well. I know that the mind movies community is very familiar with EFT but can you just explain what that is?

Dawson: Sure. I meant to do it earlier that our body has a stress response when you have a stressful thought. Our body can't tell the difference between the paper tiger in your mind having chased by a real tiger. It goes with stress response to make lots of these hormones like adrenaline protozole. What EFT does is it has you think about that the paper tiger. You focused on negative thoughts, what bothers me, what annoyed me, what bad childhood experiences did I have, what negative work experiences I am having right now. So you think these thoughts, you drag your body to stress and if once you're through with EFT is you tap or rub to set acupressure points. There are 12 of these points which you try this brilliant work. So we tap on this points, we rub them and this reduces the coming signal to our body. So having a stress thought coming up from here, driving us of stress. We then break the association our body has between the stressful thought and the stressful response of the body by the soothing or the tapping of the acupressure points that calms the body that breaks the association the body has from the stressful stimulus up here and to fight the flight response of the stress in the body. And once we break that association one time which literally means full counter conditions ourselves, we have condition responses, the stressful memories. We counter condition those with our carbs. So we find it, work with veterans for example, they have that memory, the world side bomb in Afghanistan, it lives their brain, they're having nightmares and flashbacks, having intrusive thoughts. Once you break with the associates of EFT in their brains one time, between that that old neuro bundle they've got there, this big thick neuro bundle full of stress formation. We break the association between that and the physiological stress response then they'll calm. They can think about the ivy exploding, the can think about horrible experiences they've seen in combat but they're now calm, they're no longer stress and they're no longer having TST.

Natalie: Alright. So, now you're doing a lot of work with vets at the moment, it is not just Afghanistan or Iraq vets, it's actually Vietnam vets as well. So what are some of the research that you're doing there?

Dawson: Yeah, by the way Natalie, in Euro country in Australia, the number of veteran suicide rates are higher than in the US from the Vietnam era. One Vietnam veteran on Ambridge commits suicide every 90 minutes. Think about that. By the time the next hour rolls round and there's another one more Vietnam veteran who'll commit suicide and we're losing more people through suicide in Afghanistan than we are in combat in Afghanistan. It's just a terrible situation, PTSD is a pervasive disease, and we always get calls here that are non profit every week from people who say things like "It's been 40 years since Vietnam and my dad served there and at 40 years it's getting worst, his BP is becoming worst". It's because the neuro circles aspiring, re doubling of neuro ecclesias we have, around those negative thoughts every hour, re wiring our brains with stress, the parts of the brain that people with PTSD that govern rational thinking, memory learning actually shrink over time. And the parts that govern the stress response actually grow over time so we're re wiring our brains off with stress. So we all have this big program called The Veterans Stress Project, it's that, that's the website, we're for free, we can have veterans with PTSD with people who could help them, mostly a few of them and it's remarkably fine, on average there is 60 percent dropping symptoms and over 9 out of 10 of the veterans that come in to our project walk out without PSTD, without clinical PTSD. So we're making a huge difference to the lives of them and to their families by doing this.

Natalie: That's amazing. And you're documenting all of these. This is part of a big study, right?

Dawson: Yeah we've done two clinical trial to the big randomized control trial and we're in the middle of the second replication of that study, this has a lot of good research, evidence research, evidence phase research showing that EFT really works. Things like anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, pain and other problems.

Natalie: Yeah. And now that's the thing, we're talking about a vey inexpensive therapy which you know probably mentioned before like how it kind of falls into the wuwu basket cause it's kind of a bit out there, like your tapping your body like what the hell. But you're coming up with scientific evidence that this actually does work.

Dawson: Absolutely! Yeah. I love the wuwu basket; I grow a week to there and put things all the time. When I met people in my workshops they say not officially wuwu basket, try medication, try things like heart math, try things like EFT and put together a self care and self eating regimen that works for you. Don't suffer, don't just keep on dealing with all these stresses, and negative thoughts you have your whole life, they're aging you, they're degrading your property of life. Go and fish that wuwu basket. Find things that you love. I'm using mind movies your like I love the new mind movies. Just go in there, you create a mind movie that has a residence for you and the thing about you picking your own phrase and your own movie and your own images, your own music that speaks to your brain uniquely, it's really powerful. So mind movies is great, I say go fish that wuwu basket and put the things that work for you and use them. Don't suffer, don't be stress, don't hang on to these whole big bag of burden of stuff. Go ahead and empty the bag and use mind movies, use EFT, fix those things in the bag you don't have to carry the bag to the next phase of your life and keep on suffering.

Natalie: Exactly! You know, cause that's the thing, I mean a lot of our clientele, we talk about using EFT as a way of getting passed limiting beliefs. You know some kind of, I think you took the fall by saying like its kind of a childhood situation that maybe this whole negative programming through repetition has been programmed into your mind. Like here after your connection you tap and interrupt that and changed it. So what were really doing is getting rid of the limiting belief and replaced it with something else.

Dawson: Yes. And EFT has the faced of limiting belief, relieved squarely. It doesn't find the positive thinking first, at least the positive thinking emerged from removing the emergial fact of thinking. So what EFT does is it has you think about that problem, as it rebukes the problem, the problem, the problem, letting you tap or rub on these 12 acupressure points that introduces a different signal to your body, so your body's getting this one stress single film on your mind about your mother in law, about the problem. Then we pair that with the second soothing single and that breaks the association the body has with this mental thought and the stress response. Once that association is broken one time, it really stays broken and you're at peace forevermore. Even though you may still remember the IED blow up in Afghanistan or your mother in law visiting or whatever the stress is, you're no longer going that physical stress response and then once you double up those negative beliefs, you then have a fertile field platinum positive beliefs. So if you try and plant some positive beliefs without first facing and dealing with the negative beliefs, Shakespeare says "the skillet fell the alstrous place goes right corruption mind over conflexial seed" so that's my favorite lines from Hamlet. And you know if you try this band aid over the problem without going over there and dealing with those wounds except for your bandage over a wound, without cleaning the wound, first you have to clean the wound with EFT and then you go and add your positive informations in your body and stick it once you've than that earlier work.

Natalie: Wonderful. Now I know that you can see from many different things but you've been actually working on our product specifically for weight loss.

Dawson: Absolutely! Because there are lots and lots of people losing weight with EFT, there are hundreds of stories in the internet universe website, by the way that's what people from all over the world, 14 languages, around 10,000 stories, people writing their experiences, I used EFT for pain, migraine, headaches, sore eyes. Whatever might be, depressions, anxiety, mental issues, medical issues, they used EFT and they write to us and say, I used EFT and guessed what I'm now free of my, whatever it is. That's where it go, so we have people with stories that have loss weight and say wow, its amazing how people have lost weight by dealing with their emotional bleeding, with their vengeance, with their cravings with EFT. So we have to build all of this into our product called skinny genes and the website for this is or you can go to which will take you there as well. So and you'll find these amazing new six fit program and what we found out is that unlike other diet exercise or weight loss programs, they're often unsuccessful, you lose weight in a short term but most research shows that in 2 years after people finish their diet or weight loss program, they can back all the way weight they've lost and more, It's so discouraging. With our EFT weight loss that has two amazing trials, we found that people once they finish the program, they conquer their cravings and after they finish the EFT weight loss program, they keep on losing weight. They lost about an average of 11.1 pounds in the year after they finish the EFT program. So as it is, it's the only program that actually loses weight after you finish the program and slows or conquer your cravings on the program. So yeah it's really above world class.

Natalie: It's awesome. Okay, now we've covered a lot in this video so why don't just recap and make sure that we've got everything. So the URL of the website that people could go to for the vets, the working vets?

Dawson: Its

Natalie: And then the amazing website that you have these like 10,000 pages and some many successes stories and it hits of free content information about EFT and all these, what's that URL?

Dawson: That is, that's where you can find all those stories, you can download a free mini manual, you can find pages to our favorite sites like mind movies and you can find just a well page information from people who used EFT for all kinds of conditions. You can search by ADHD, search by weight loss, search by all kinds of different problems or just type any terms on our search engine and find other people that have used EFT on their problem.

Natalie: Alright. And the last one is the skinny genes website, what was that URL?

Dawson: Okay. Go to and it will take you to the six fit program for the term weight loss.

Natalie: Dawson, thank you so much for joining me today.

Dawson: Well thank you for sharing your passion with people Natalie, I love what you're doing and I know well both on keep on working together for a long time.

Natalie: Absolutely. And guys I encouraged you to share this video and all of the information in it by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there. Id love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video Echoes, its got masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, its valued 87 dollars and I'd like to send it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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