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Episode # 310   David Trybus

About The Episode:

Today on the show, Natalie speaks with Quantum Healer Practitioner, Health Educator and Web TV Host, Dr. David Trybus. Dr. David joins Natalie to discuss his unique method of healing, which helps people uncover and release their hidden blocks, to achieve optimal health in just one private session. During the show, David explains that in order for real healing to occur?the body, mind and spirit ALL need to be addressed at the same time. Plus, he uncovers the 3 critical components that contribute our current state of wellness and what can be done to reach the level of health and happiness you desire.

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Episode # 310 David Trybus

Natalie: Hello, everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. This is

one of the live versions of our inspiration show. If you’re here live for the show, welcome,

glad to have you here if you’re viewing us live. Today, we’re going to be talking about

holistic health and some different modalities and things that you can adopt especially if you

are lacking in energy and if you need more energy, and if you have any other kind of health

issues. So, let me please introduce to you my special guest, David Trybus. How are you David?

David: Fantastic. Thank you for having me, Natalie.

N: Now, David came across my radar, we actually were introduced by a mutual friend and what I

love about what you do is you don’t just focus on one modality. You look at all different types

of modalities. So, it’s like you know one thing and you’re very limited to treat people. So,

why don’t we start first of all and talk about your journey, how you got to where you are and

the background of your journey when you got here?

D: Sure. Fantastic. I think the best thing to look at is where I decided that this is all going

to take place, I was right around 22 years old and I was working for a landscape company and

what happened was I slowly became toxic from all the chemicals, pesticides and herbicides that

we’re dealing with that we had stored in a shed-type trailer and didn’t even really realized

it. And so, what happened is I got really sick. I went to the doctors and the doctors ran all

kinds of tests to determine what was going on. And it was a toxicity issue, it wasn’t a disease

issue so they could not find anything. And they basically they just said that, you’re young,

get off your behind and go back to work. We can’t find anything wrong with you, it’s got to be

all in your head kind of thing. And I knew that I was sick, I had no energy and I was drained.

I could feel my energy draining day in and day out and I could just not get away from it, to

the point where I could not work anymore and what ended up happening was I got so fatigued, I

literally could not get out of bed. So, the medical doctors, the experts told me it was all in

my head that I just had to get up and do something. So, what I did was decided to work out and

see if I could build my strength up. Well, that didn’t work so well, I couldn’t even lift the

weights when I did the lifts. So, that wasn’t happening and I met a gentleman there who saw me

struggling and asked me what was going on so I gave him the short version. He told me he could

fix me and I kind of went, what? He told me he was a chiropractor who did a specialized

technique called applied kenestheology and he could figure out what was wrong. He said it was a

blessing that they could not find a disease process but obviously and clearly there was

something going on. So, I was excited, I mean, I was flabbergasted, when can we do this? And he

gave me his card, and I went back home and I decided this is it, this is great and I told my

family and my family was like, no, don’t go to the quacks. The chiropractor’s a quack. Don’t go

there. And so, you know, as the good son, I listened to my parents even though they were wrong

and didn’t go. It was a couple of months when I ran into him again in the gym and he literally,

just dragged me over there and said, let’s go, we’re going now. And so, we got there and in

about 30 minutes, utilizing the applied kenestheology he was able to pinpoint that the problem

was liver toxicity and he started me on a cleanse. He started on a clearing process. We went

through diet. We went through emotions. We went through the acupuncture system. We used

everything he had in his tool bag to find out and decide what it was going to take to get me

better, and clearly made a difference. It started to work that day. And we started build my

strength back, my energy back and get back to a spot where I was feeling happy and healthy

again. And he taught me to going to chiropractor school so I could begin my bases and get

everything started. I didn’t want to go at first, didn’t think I could go at first. I made it

happen. And so, when I went, I decided that I’m going to focus all my energy to helping that 10

to 20% of people who are told, there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing we could do, you

just have to live with it when you know all the lab tests come back normal and there’s nothing

they could find, that doesn’t mean you’re not ill. It just means it’s not a disease process

that’s starting, which I learned later on. So, that’s over 20+ years now, that’s what I’ve

focused on. I’ve seen over 5,000 patients. I’ve seen over 120,000 individual office visits.

Fine tuning my techniques to where when I see people and I work with people, we can actually

get to the root of their issues, so that we can correct their problems as quickly as possible.

N: Right. So, I’m imagining that a lot of people by the time they find you are like, oh my god,

I’ve tried everything I can possibly do, can you help me? What do you find as a really common

reason for people that get the feeling that they’re not well?

D: Well, the one thing I tell people is you have the same amount of energy now as you always

have. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. But what happens is it is altered inward, so all

those outward energy you had is being turned inward for whatever reason. So, one of the major

things that was part of me developing the technique that I currently use is finding that

emotions were a big root to the problem. In Chinese medicine, every organ has a related

emotion. So, what ends up happening is, when the organ system is weakened the emotion is

heightened. And then, when that emotion gets locked in to our nervous system, it gets linked to

other events, we get this whole spider web of emotional connections that just drains our

energy. Then the organ systems get weaker, that drains our energy. Then we start thinking we’re

not going to get better, that drains our energy. And then what do we do? We look for comfort

food. We eat things and drink things that we shouldn’t be. Pretty soon, we don’t have outward

energy left.

N: Yeah, absolutely. So, do you work with people like one-on-one or do you work online? How do

you treat your patients?

D: We actually do both. I see people in the office here in St. Louis, but I also have designed

what I called the alternate house call, through distant type healing work, we’ll go through

consultation – we can do that through skype or just like this on google hangout and actually be

face-to-face, interact with people, go through your history, see what’s happening in your body

and we’re just going to do some emotional clearing work and then we can look at the what I call

the epic process, which is the emotional, physical, intellectual and chemical. We look at each

one of those factors so that we can actually design a program that actually works for the

person that they can see measurable results.

N: Right.

D: That’s what I do in person as well as online.

N: Right. So, tell me about this emotional clearing technique that you have?

D: Well, you know, as you have mentioned, emotions are huge in stealing a lot of energy from

our bodies especially the negative ones. So the clearing technique actually begins by

identifying which organ system is weakened and then identifying which emotion it is that is

causing that weakness at that point in the organ system, but that is only step one. The next

thing we want to know is, was there an original time in your life to where you actually felt

that way? May be for a little bit different reason but the same reason that merit same type of

feelings and that’s where we start because we want to go all the way back to the beginning to

get to where the problem started and how it actually progressed through the years. So that we

do a, we physically connect the body, let’s say it’s the liver, we let them put a hand on the

liver or have them touch the emotional points on the forehead and then we actually run energy

through those systems. That allows us to disconnect that negative emotion and freeze up the

energy. People usually will feel that almost instantly as soon as we make that correction. But

then the second part is, we want to rebuild a whole new neural pathway, you know, in many

instances, all these events take place in childhood. Some kind of a lifelong time of actually

creating all these thought patterns. We want to rebuild them, so we create a, what we call the

opposite phrase. If you have resentment, we look for the opposite instead of resentment and

then we create the phrase and then we give ourselves permission, we want to be safe, are we

worthy and we go through this series of comments to make sure your body is congruent with it

and believes it, so by the time we’re done with that you can feel fortified and energized and

you can literally feel your energy rising as we do it.

N: Yeah, right. So, what type, who are the people who can benefit from, you know, from being

treated by you?

D: I tell people, if you don’t have a bone sticking out of your arm or they’re not bleeding to

death, we can usually help somehow. So, basically it depends, we look at, you know, two

different factions. I have the people who come to me for physical reasons – then I have joint

pain, chronic headaches, I’ve got a patient that I’ll see tomorrow that’s on cluster headaches

for a long time and then on our initial interview, 40% of that is going to be actually

emotional by the time we see them, we’ll be able to correct at least 40% by the time we see

them, by the time we get started. The other side of that, we look at the emotional stuff,

anxiety, panic attacks, fibreology, diabetes, those types of things and then we look at an even

other aspect of people who are trying to increase their finances, people who are looking for

better relationships, people who are looking to build a business, people who feel stuck in

their life and can’t seem to take that step forward, we’re going to get to the original cause.

Identify the emotion, get to the original cause, clear it and rebuild it there in that session.

N: Yeah, right.

D: So, who can’t benefit from this?

N: (laughs) that’s a question I should’ve asked…

D: (overlapping with Natalie) that’s right. That would have been an easier answer, right?

N: Exactly. I know now that you’ve worked with thousands and thousands of people but can you

share like an amazing story, like a story that really blew your head back that someone had such

a transformation that it completely changed their life.

D: Wow. (pauses) Let’s pick a topic, let’s pick finances. Okay, so we’ll start with that one

first. So, here’s a lady who wanted to increase her financial, the amount that she would make

per year. And we found out that her financial set point was, or what she wanted was to make

over $80,000 a year. We found out that her set point, how much she actually was congruently

making was nowhere near that. So, when we actually investigated back to the original time she

locked in the emotion was she was 8 years old and what happened was, her mum held up a check

from her dad and said, this is $80, this is all we had to live on? And that stuck in her

nervous system. So once we cleared that, she was able to go out literally in a month and

created a, I think the contract was $130,000 for the whole next year. So things like that

opened up. Another patient out in Australia who actually had, we did the financial set point on

her also, went back and clear out her event and within 2 days a contract that was dormant for 3

years miraculously showed up for a $60,000 check. So, that’s a type of thing with a financial

sub-point. We can look at health-related issues in the same aspect. People who would have

anxiety for their whole life and we get to an emotion, let’s see, who would be a good anxiety

example, a lady came to me and she was actually having anxiety and panic attacks. We actually

took her back to a time where she was actually forced to go to a roller coaster by her family.

So she actually linked all that fear and panic of being on a roller coaster with her family.

So, any time she was around her family, she was nervous. She was panicky and she would go on a

full-blown panic attack around the holidays to the point where she doesn’t want to go for

holidays. We were actually able to clear that out and then holidays were fine after that.

N: Wow. It’s amazing isn’t it how you’ve been doing so much work even recently on how small

incidents like this and it’s not like it’s anyone’s fault, it’s not like there’s even malice

behind some of these events you’re talking about, but how can one small incident like that can

literally become part of our thought process, part of our DNA and it (13:44) forwarding in

life. And I know with your modality and the way you treat people is very easy to clear this.

Now, we are getting towards the end of our show and as usual it goes way too fast…

D: Right.

N: …because there are so much that we could talk about, but I know that you have a gift for

the viewers of the Inspiration Show. So can you share a little bit more about that with us?

D: Certainly. We are actually creating a video that’s going to explain more about the process

which actually will be talking to you about raising your financial sub-point. And what are the

things that you could actually do on your own and then I will actually be holding on a contest

as you signed up for this, we are actually going to be giving away a financial sub-point

clearing after the 15th of July. So I encourage everybody who’s interested in increasing their

prosperity and increasing their finances to sign up, watch the video and enter the contest. We

will be contacting everybody on the 15th of July or at least we’ll be contacting the winner to

see who the lucky winner is to get their financial set-point opened up to where there’s no


N: Awesome and great! So, where can we send people to be able to take advantage of that?

D: Okay. You can send them to (spells it)

N: (overlaps with David) Yeah, yeah and if you click on the banner to the side everyone, it

will take you straight through David’s site. So that you can take advantage of that. David,

thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been an absolute pleasure of having you and

talking to you straight from St. Louis.

D: St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you very much for having me.

N: Awesome. Now, guys, I encourage you to share this video, you can do that by clicking the

Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. I also encourage you to download the app, if you

haven’t done so already. So you can watch the shows on the go and you don’t have to actually be

in front of your computer anymore. Make sure you click on the link to go through to David’s

website. And leave your email on the page here, so I can send you the manifesting with the

masters video e-course. It’s actually valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for

free. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits.

We’ll see you soon.

D: Bye everybody.
David Trybus



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