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Episode # 284   David Howitt - Heed Your Call

About The Episode:

Today on the show Natalie speaks with entrepreneur and author of 'Heed Your Call', David Howitt. David joins Natalie to discuss his modern-day manifesto, which combines myth, science, spirituality and business, and applies these ideologies to real-world lessons. During the show, David explains the inspiration behind his book and shares that he aims to help people integrate their soul and passion with their professions. David strongly believes that people must follow their hearts and inner voice to achieve prosperity in life.

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Episode # 284 David Howitt - Heed Your Call

Natalie: Today's show I'm speaking with David Howitt. He's the author of "Heed Your Call", he used to be a lawyer who could no longer refuse the call of the universe to teach people that you can have both success and money and follow your heart and be fulfilled. So, stay tuned. Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today, my very special guest, is David Howitt. How are you today?

David: Hey Natalie, I'm great. Thanks so much for having me.

Natalie: It's an absolute pleasure having you here today. You have a very inspiring message for our listeners and for our viewers. And you have a very exciting new book coming out and I can't wait to share the information and content in that because it is very relevant to a lot of people in our community. So why don't we start first with just your background and in your story.

David: Thanks, Natalie. Great. I appreciate it. So why is it that I grew up in a culturally Jewish home in the mid west of the United States where really one decides who you are meant to decide that you're going to be a lawyer, a doctor or a CEO. And I followed that path what (1:17) work was called the known world. And pursued what I think a lot of people do which is you go to college, you get a 4-year degree and you, may be you get to go to grad school. All the while kind of quietly, in the back of my mind and in kind of my life there was a kind of whisper, at times louder that was saying there's something, there's something different for you David. Something that you were meant to do, a purpose, a darma, that is mainly not in keeping with what is the expectations of your family or your community have for you. But I did whatever I could to sort of quell that voice, to quiet it. Sometimes I might have been drinking too much beer, other times it might have been exercise, but I've employed a variety of strategies to sort of keep that voice at bay. Until it became (2:07), so I went to law school, graduated from law school with great degrees, became a lawyer, joined a law firm and after a year and a half of practicing law and billing time and (2:22) at the point where my soul's desire, my purpose, my reason for being really wasn't going to lie quiet anymore. It wasn't really dormant and allowed for me to live an inauthentic life. It cometed one evening in the law firm, one of the many evenings I worked late, when I went to use the restroom and plants down and saw an industrial size of preparation H that someone has squeezed like a toothpaste roll to get every ounce of it out. And I thought, "I'm not going to be that person."

Natalie: (small laughter)

David: And made the decision at that moment in time that I'm going to heed my call, and really start listening to what the universe wanted me to do.

Natalie: Right.

David: That was the first pick and flash time for me.

Natalie: So that's, it's kind of interesting, so many points about that story. Obviously, you have a very religious influence when you were young, and you have this straight-laced past but still you have this voice inside of you, and I'm sure there are many people watching this video that could relate to that. And even if it's just, "there's got to be more than this, there's got to be more than this." So, okay, you had your moment, with the preparation hedge, and what's your next step? Where do you go from here?

David: Right.

Natalie: How do you justify or really help quell or stop quelling that voice inside of you?

David: That's a great question Natalie. And I think for a lot of us, that moment which Joseph (3:53) referred to as the abyss is really unsettling and vast. Everything you've done in your life you've done to get to your present moment, and suddenly, you are confronted with this notion, you know, it is all for not. This is not what I am supposed to be doing. This is not who I am. This is not my deepest desire. And for a lot of us, you know, that's a frightening place and I think what most of us do is we just fight through that abyss, you know, tomorrow would be another day, buck up, you know, your (4:22) did not work, they could put your shoulder to the plow, the harder you work the more you toil, the more you suffer the more successful you are. My soul was not going to let me do that. And I had around me lots of mentors and guides, and people, really what I did is something that is incredibly difficult and new for me, I surrendered. I let go. I was brought, frankly, I was brought to my knees. I had to release, throw myself at the mercy of the universe and say, "tell me what to do here." And it's interesting, Natalie 'cause it was at that time that creativity is at its highest. Possibility is at its highest. The ego has been effectively broken. You are now closer to your true nature, culture, your internal divinity ever. And that where the mentors and guides can show up. That's where the universe can actually co-create with you. And for us, it's worth stopping and chatted about this for a second 'cause it is counter-intuitive. That at your weakest moment, at your moment of deepest suffering, of really full (5:33) that that's actually the beauty, that is the spot where really you can manifest your intention. From that place, you know, as in (5:47) when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It's that moment that your guides, your mentors or your teachers can actually start helping because you are open to the help. You're open to the guidance. So for me, that's what happened, I gave up, I surrendered, I let go. I stopped caring about, "Is this going to disappoint mum and dad?" "Are my grandparents going to be upset?" "What about all the professors that wrote recommendation for me?" "What about the people in the community that expect me to be his successful, powerful attorney?" "What about my wife, who probably has expectations around me providing through that focused-(6:23) of life?". I let go of it, I had to. And when I did, that's when the magic started to happen.

Natalie: Yeah. Now, I completely agree with you because any moments in my life of immense creativity and ideas and so forth is when I got out of the way.

David: Exactly.

Natalie: I got out of the way, it's not about me, it's not about my message. I thought about ,"am I worthy?" "would people listen to me?" "how would people judge me?" It's about, I've got to get out of the way, and be the conduit for the message that's about to come through.

David: Absolutely.

Natalie: Now, what I love about you do is, you say that, which I completely agree with, 'cause I went through 10 years of what I call my beige years 'cause they would, you know, just beige,

David: Right.

Natalie: Many different businesses, nothing was fulfilling. I knew that something was missing and not until Mind Movies came along that I actually started to feel alive again. I felt like I was on purpose, and on track. But there is something from every single business, when there's a business experience, skill, life experience from each and everyone of those businesses that I actually bring to mind movies. And if I haven't gone through that journey, I wouldn't have recognized the opportunity that it was. Then I wouldn't have capitalized on them.

David: Absolutely.

Natalie: So you know, I think that's really important.

David: And I could not agree with you more, and it's reflected not only in my experience but all of the amazing entrepreneurs and businesses that we've had the pleasure of working with. The story is consistent over and over. And you know, mythology, which most of us think, I remember reading some great myths in college or high school or may be a parent read to you (8:04) they're more than stories, they are the difficult questions we wrestled with contextualized in the stories. And they are really for us instructive and constructive, they could provide us with real, important, sort of guiding principle. So, Joseph (8:24), referenced a couple of times, was the foremost authority in mythology and in that, he recognizes that there was one myth that is consistent in all time, all history, all spiritual belief system, and all geography, (8:36) that's pretty powerful, that one myth he referred to as the hero's journey. Now the hero's journey, Natalie, as you know, has been the basis for Star Wars, for the Wizard of Oz, for Avatar, and many, many others and there's the great George Lucas interview where Lucas says, "Star Wars did what it did in the world, not because of the acting or the animation. I told the hero's journey and I tapped in to the unconsciousness in a really (8:59) way." If you look at the hero's journey which is very formulaic and overlay that against our own lives and against the lives of the businesses you've worked with or started, you kind of have those moments where the hair stands up at the back of your neck. So you have Dorothy living in Kansas, the known world, with all the expectations of her known world, you're going to live in a dirt farm, you're going to milk the cattle, you're going to sweep, groom the field. But the universe wants something more for Dorothy, so she leaves a (9:32), crosses the threshold and enters the unknown world. Much like Oddyseus did in the Oddysey, and much like what the founder does when they leave Nike or they leave their jobs at the big corporation, say I'm going to listen to my call, I'm going to heed my call, I'm going to leave the known world. I'm not going to be a lawyer. I'm going to do that thing that my soul wants me to do. What happens usually, shortly after that is that moment of abyss, where you're like, "Oh my God, I have a mortgage, the kids are in college, the car payment. What did I just do? I don't know how to make this happen." I think I may have just made the biggest mistake of my life and hence our previous conversation of, you just have to surrender, let go, trust, and correctly put, get out of the way.

Natalie: Yeah.

David: That's where Obe Wan, Yoda or in the case of Dorothy, the Tin Man and the line, and the Scarecrow can show up. And if you remember the case of Dorothy, those three were there for heartbreak and courage. And they're there to travel with you, they can't take the journey for you but they can travel with you and help you with what Campbell calls the tools of transformation. Learning how to apply yourself in this life in a way that's authentic and holistic. Not subscribing to what we call the charity of ore, which is you either have to be a person who is interested in the meaning, purpose, culture, empathy, intuition, and authenticity or enough to be a person who makes money. The reality is, the universe requires us to be both. When we get up in the morning, set up our alarm clock, put our clothes on, dot I's, cross t's, balance our cheque book and bring culture, purpose, meaning, intuition, empathy in to our lives the magic happens. Abundance is used and you have a full and prosperous life from this soul perspective. So Dorothy of course travels on an elaborate road, her path and then reaches what Campbell calls the defining moment. For her, it was realizing there was no wizard. There was never a wizard behind the screen. It's always been her and that famous line, "Silly girl, all you had to do was click your heels three times." And you, you are the co-creator of the universe, you manifest your life and as a result, you are divine. Divinity resides within you and you co-create with the universe. And what we see in our own lives is the same trajectory, that same path, we see it in businesses and when you can view that and really understand it deeply, it provides a road map for us that gives us a little bit of comfort that our life does have meaning and purpose. That there is a path for us and we can walk that path.

Natalie: Yeah, absolutely. You know whenever I reference the hero's journey, I always talk about the Matrix, you know. (laughing)

David: Exactly.

Natalie: Red pill, blue pill (laughing).

David: Exactly.

Natalie: Totally.

David: If you want to live in the matrix and you know, you ask your life, you may fill fine, and go to your cubicle everyday, you'll have a glass of wine, you'll be married, you won't be married. One day, you'll be fit, the next month you won't be fit. Some months you'll have more money in the bank, some months you'll have less money in the bank, but really, it's all just what the Buddhist would call (12:44) the wheel of suffering. Dorothy doesn't want to live an inauthentic life. Once you take the blue pill, and you wake up, the genie is out of the bottle.

Natalie: Yeah.

David: And there's no going back. You can't plug her back in and you're now on your journey as Dorothy was when she left Kansas. As Rick was when he left his little, small planet to join the rubble force. (13:08) And where I was when I left the law firm and where each of us find ourselves in our lives. Once you're on the journey, you're on the journey.

Natalie: Yeah.

David: My position is as I wrote on my book, "Heed Your Call." It's incumbent upon all of us taking that. You know when in doing the research for my book, looking at all Judeo-Christian liturgy, there is this interesting phrase, "tikam olam," which literally translates to Aramaic or Hebrew, "to repair the world." Now, modern day people have interpreted that to mean charity, philanthropy. Write a cheque, make a donation, but really, if you read further, "tikam olam" that is referenced by a phrase, "whoola Elohim" which means breath of god. There's a really powerful elegant point where the way to create "tikam olam", to "repair the world" is to return to the "woola Elohim" in us, the breath of god within us. And so, it's my position that when we live in a place of authentic divinity, from our purpose, our soul's deepest desire, when we live from that place, we repair the world. Not only our own lives but the world. So, my greatest hope and intention with this book is if I can help more people live from a place of their soul's deepest desire, a place where they can co-create with the world, where they can actually express their divinity in their daily lives, then may be I am helping to repair the world. Now, ego will chime in and say, he's asking me to live in an (14:37). He's asking to join a yoga cult or to quit my job and go live in a cami. That's not true, at all. What we referred to as such is the power of hand versus the charity of the ore. This is about having one foot in the world of being a house order, understanding the kamarus (14:56), capitalism, business, happens around us, we live in that world. And then, having the other foot in the world of infinite possibilities and the world of co-creation, of empathy and intuition of the soul's real deepest desire and integrating.

Natalie: Yeah, you know, it's like following your heart and the money will follow you. It's not like you have to have either one. Now, you know, as anyone watching this video now is realizing we have simply earn this extra service, and there are so much we could talk about and which is why I asked David to be in our member's only subliminal success call this month. If you want to find out more about that membership and to listen to what is called, there is a banner on the side you can click on them and find out more about that membership. If you're going to purchase your report,

which I encourage you to do where can we send them, David?

David: So the book would launch on February 25th, which is 12 days from today, if you pre-order currently at Amazon by simply searching in Heed Your Call, David Howitt. You could go to iBooks. You can ask your local bookstore. And or also you can go to I'm really excited for the book to come out, Natalie. It's my highest intention that this book could be hopeful. I think it's unique in the sense that there are a lot of business books, there are a lot of books on spirituality but this book really created an integration between the two and is based on not just theoretical, but on real world examples of how we've seen and manifested in the world.

Natalie: Absolutely. Now guys, if you click on the banner on the side of the video here, you'll go straight to and you can purchase the book from there as well. So thanks again David for joining me.

David: Thank you so much.

Natalie: And I encourage you guys to share this video, do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter buttons above. Download the app if you haven't done so yet so you can take the show on the go. Make sure you put your email on the box above, so I can send you the Manifesting with the Masters e-course. It's valued at $87 and I would like to send it to you for free. So until next time, LIVE LARGE, CHOOSE COURAGEOUSLY, and LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS. See you soon.

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