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Episode # 2   Creating a Mind Movie in minutes

About The Episode:

Personal development expert Natalie Ledwell takes you on a journey inside her computer. She'll show you how to make a Mind Movie quickly and easily.

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Episode # 2 Creating a Mind Movie in minutes

Natalie: hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Actually this is the second episode, only of the inspiration show. So thank you so much for joining me, now today we'll gonna go inside my computer I will actually take you to the process in making mind movie and I'm giving you handy hints in your photos and affirmations together and give you some hints on how to make mind movies easily and what we'll be doing like for example I'll be doing affirmations and goals around writing my book, which is my big hairy goal that I set this year. So come on let's go inside the computer and check it all out.

Natalie: hi, it's Natalie here and welcome inside my computer as you can see we open the mind movies software and we'll go through and giving you handy hints to create mind movies today, now before I start the forces I have already written up my affirmations, I strongly suggest if you are creating a mind movie for yourself that you have your affirmations before about this process and as you see we go through today in minutes to be able to get the full in time mind movie together because I put that in process first to figure out what my affirmations is. So, you can see here we've got a tab here affirmations if you're not quite sure what it is to put in your mind movie, first I suggest watching the script writing videos to figure all the problems in life and here beneath the affirmations tab, we have this different affirmations sorted into different lives and various to you and drag and drop this specific affirmations turn on the story board or you can drop them down or edit them or you could completely create all of this, it will give you ideas to do that but today I have already written up all of my affirmations because I was creating my own affirmations to start is settings click on the customize button here and here is where I wrote my affirmations and is "I write my first book" now I'll gonna make this bold, so it stands up a whole lot more here you can choose what type of font you want I'm gonna stick with Arial I like Arial and you can choose where on the page you want the affirmation to show up, I love to have it on the bottom. So I wrote my first book and many more the first time of many and as I write the affirmations I also put the photos to them as well. So luckily for me I have find these photo and just put it in the platform know where a lot of them are. What of the time is look for here a photo of someone writing like a good one writing a photo through that affirmation so here is a fantastic photo here now drag this photo here and done. My next affirmation two-parter so this book helps millions of people dot, dot, dot I'm hoping to reach millions of people with this book and that I want a picture of a lot of people part of the suggest is just means of people and I go the area here and I'm looking for a crowd, here we go that looks like millions of people and drag that in there and so my next affirmation cause it's millions of people the continuation create the life of their dreams okay make that bold and save that, so what photo that suggest early for their dreams so I wanted to do house upon us I want to suggest you know holiday is all you know nice house or something like that, and this photo here it's like in the border and all there and need someone own a beautiful pool got it in a great location give me a feeling of being on holidays, so a life and the dreams that I put a good house and I can put a number 1 or any number of photos there that suggest a decadent lifestyle, this is a photo chosen for this one, and okay so my next affirmation is a result reading this book ... and again it's a 2 parter, okay so you want someone reading now we go to, I think we can find someone reading not just reading anything but I want to be reading a book, so let's see if we could find someone reading a book fantastic, here we go as a result of reading this book. ... Readers are aligned with their passion. Bold so see, am I telling to audacious goals here we'll find a lot of photos of people doing something they're passionate about or something in their comfort zone, so you know what I think what I'm gonna do is to click this one here we go, great photo there actually people have a passion of wanting to sing in front of people or to perform with an instrument and that's I think a scary thing as well, so we might put that in there for that, maybe your passion is to be ocean photographer and you put a photo like this maybe your passion is first people fly to the moon, we'll put in a photo like this, you know or maybe passion is to you know climb Mt. Everest and a photo like this or absent and getting into sports there's a number of different things here and these I think be the great area of photo to save that. Right so my next affirmation is so readers are aligned with their passion and live their life each day truly happy and that's what I want to people who read the book, after reading this affirmation really they really feel happy and feel like understand and now achieve anything they want and of course I will go to the happy and gratitude section, cause we want somebody looking happy, everyone in this section will be happy, it's the category and I love this lady and she's looking exceptionally happy and put here her name, and my next affirmation. Readers will know what they want and how to get it. so an idea will be helping what is this they wanted to attract but also how they can do it through in the same information so, we want that okay so I like someone who is feeling so confident, what they want, they how to get it, and a photo in this section here, okay and this guy here he got an amazing view and on an amazing desk, is looking very happy and very confident in himself so think that following with that affirmation and this is all about the readers the challenges that I think that may have and gonna address that: so I write fluently and clearly. let me fluently and clearly let's not have any spelling mistakes, and how funny I'd made up a mistake in that particular affirmation, wasn't running smoothly, not clear at all okay, this is one of the challenges I face, it's gotta be a tough me to get that out and on this photo here is seriously working on the keyboard would backup that affirmation fantastically you can also have a person sitting on laptop with a smiley face looking like everything's coming easy to them, we also have a photo of a clear blue day that could relate to a would clear in that affirmation and or you could just have someone you know sitting outside you know feeling and have their mind open so that that kind of photo would go to that affirmation as well. Okay, next affirmation, I write so the reader easily understands. My goal is to be the best teacher of this message to be able to communicate in a way so that but the one who reads the book completely understands. So what we want is someone who looks like understanding you know so we want someone looking pretty happy and understands what's going on and understands that message that I am trying to send; this girl looks pretty good, how about we put her here, happy and a very understanding friend of mine there's a lot of photos in here that could definitely fit that not just one but there was many that could pick that as well next affirmation. This information flows through me effortlessly. Now going back before I wanna be a good to become a very quickly and easily so I want this information to come through me as easily as it possibly can and one mind I use the word flow suggest to me maybe a waterfall I know I mislaid I have a series of shots here I know his great waterfall. Our next affirmation is I am a worthy conduit for this message. Again the book is not about me, it's about the message that I wanna get out and like I said I wanna write it in a way that really flows in very easily and that the people can easily understand now this photo is the perfect for this remind of the hands the fact that I'm writing and getting the message off my hand but actually in sand that there are millions, and millions I'm just one little conduit in this whole big mess and I'm hoping that through my hand and through my writing i can make a difference. So as you can see with this affirmation it's not like this it's very clear, it's what you feel what it mean something to you. Next affirmation, I create a multi-media experience. Cat's out of the bag a little bit here. My plan to the book is not just to have the written work I want in an iPad and in kindle version there would be some specific technology in the book which is also handy for information that you have there just by the book as well cause it's going to be a fantastic and it's gonna be something different and something new and I haven't seen like this before so I'm very excited about this because a lot of here is in internet based, I am going to put that photo there to enhance that affirmation. Next affirmation, my publisher shares my vision. Okay now this affirmation has already come true, I have a publisher and they have completely on board with my vision and some things I wanna do with my books despite writing this affirmation and inform it actually come from the fruition of a lot of people despite of just sitting affirmations and figure out what you really want. You can actually start manifesting that in your life giving in a mind movie, so I'm thinking this photo here we got some people agreeing, looks like my book in the internet there and looks like fantastic the great one to back up that affirmation. My next affirmation is just the beginning. i say this because you know I have plans not just the book but not any products to actually get out in front of audiences and to speak live and I have bunch of things that I want to answer and do the best that I can to get the law of attraction message out there now I love this photo here, it's like the road moving forward and you can see, there is movement there blurred in the outside and moving forward so that's a fantastic photo for this is just the beginning and my last affirmation which is a saying in all of my videos and my affirmations with, I choose to create all this or something better. I keep myself open to things that are bigger than what I ask in my mind movie, you know everything I ask for is what I know my experience at this point and it could be something that is bigger than just the book I'm writing about here, or rather than the experience a whole at and better than what is coming in my mind and so I lead myself open in that last affirmation and you know what I gonna put it back, I wanna put it right in the middle because it's really important and brought into the slide and hope would contact with anything and there I'll just put a graphic behind that a plain graphic like this one, so that we can see that very clearly and it really punches home on how we'll gonna stay open in just even more, what i specifically ask for the mind movie. Right i have my affirmations and I have my photos, transitions are automatically put in and we can just change the transitions if you like and you can also change the time of the slide will out but i don't think I'm going to adjust that. So the next part of the process is music I'm going to success songs, success songs are songs are wrote and composed by Paul Housman now I have actually interviewed Paul for the inspiration show, so I'm looking forward in sharing that with you. But all this music here is all his created and all this great rocky tunes and with fantastic positive lyrics and perfect for the mind movie. So I'm going to put the song I make a difference; a lovely song, I'm gonna apply that cause this is a really big project that I really want to make a difference with, so I am now gonna preview, of course I'm gonna save, let's call this the Book Mind Movie let's save that and now let's preview and see what we come up with.


Natalie: how fantastic is that. Okay I'm gonna save my video click save and I'm gonna send to processor and my mind movie now is being processed it is said my Book Mind Movie said it is processing at the moment and soon it'll be ready. So there you go everyone. Like you could see it took me minutes to create that just too clearly written and have my affirmations written first. So I hope you got something for today's video, I hope you enjoy the little process I went through and remember guys another video will come out in a couple of days. The next video is going to be an interview with someone very special and can't wait to share that with you. So in the meantime remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits, have a great day. I'll see you soon.

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