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Episode # 332   Christy Whitman

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Law of Attraction Coach Expert and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Christy Whitman. Christy, joins Natalie to discuss her successful coaching program on how to become a life coach. During the show, Christy explains her own spiritual awakening and her journey to becoming coach. She also gives useful advice on how to find your purpose in life and shares powerful law of attraction tips.

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Episode # 332 Christy Whitman

Natalie: Hi everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today, we

are talking about the Law of Attraction and we’re talking about stepping out into a space where

you like to make a difference but you’re not quite sure how to do that. And my special guest

today the lovely Ms. Christy Whitman is helping people to do that. How are you Christy?

Christy: Hi Natalie. I’m great. Thanks for having me.

N: Yes, Christy and I are like Law of Attraction soul sisters. We teach very similar things but

Christy is stepping up in a bigger way and empowering other people to actually spread this

message as well. Now, before we get into that conversation why don’t we start with your journey

and your background on how you got into doing this kind of work?

C: It’s crazy because I learned about universal laws, started learning about it 17, 18 years

ago, when my life was just literally, you know, when we kind of like look at the elements of

our life, whether it’s our body, our finances, our career, our relationships, kind of like the

ways, okay I’m craving what I want in my life, or I didn’t have that language at that time and

I was okay, my body was 30 pounds overweight. I was $60,000 in credit card debt, I kept dating

the wrong kind of guys, totally unemotionally available. I was just literally in a bad place in

my life. I’ve moved from Chicago to California for the last bad guy. So I had no friends, no

support system around me, no family, just felt really isolated, very alone, very desperate. No

purpose. No passion in my life, if at all. And it was one of those moments where you were just

on your knees like, what am I doing here? There’s got to be something different. And with that

beautiful intention, dark light started opening up for me. And I started learning through a

meditation teacher how to meditate and actually that everything is energy, that thoughts are

energy and that you better pay attention to your thoughts. And when I started doing that, I was

like, oh my god, no wonder I was in so much trouble here because my thoughts were so, so

negative. So I slowly changed thought by thought and feeling by feeling and started becoming

empowered in my life and realizing that I am something more than just like this me-suit, I am

literally like a connected human being to all that is and started opening up to a spiritual

life. Five years into practicing Law of Attraction, I then became an author and then a speaker

and a coach and was just amazed that that point in my life how different my life was because I

had money in the bank, no debt, I was a size 4 body, I was married to a wonderful man, things

were just like, wow, total shift. So now here I am, all these years later and it’s like I am

making more money than I could ever thought possible, I am still maintaining the size 4 body

even after having 2 children, I have a very passionate marriage with my husband Frederick who’s

also my business partner, and on, and on, and on it goes. The support I have, I didn’t know

life could be this good and I look back at that version of myself back then, like, oh my god,

it feels like two different, totally different lifetimes. It’s all because of the fact that I

came, I attracted this information about universal laws like the Law of Attraction.

N: Yeah. It’s interesting how you talk about how you realized that you weren’t your meet-suit,

you weren’t the different things in your life. This is a conversion that we had and we’re

having with a lot of people recently, who are we really? I find that there are so many people,

women especially, are stepping to transitions in their life. Whether it’s stepping out of a

long-time career or a long-term marriage or relationship or whatever it is, and they kind of

figure who am I? The reason they’re asking this question is because it’s like the soul is

awakening the first time and they’re like, whatever situation that we’re in it’s like I can’t

do this anymore. This is crushing my soul. They’re starting to realize that they’re not their

personality, that they’re not their behaviors, they are not the truth of their body that they

walk around in and what’s underneath that. Is that what you’ve finding as well in those


C: Yeah and we’re just in an exciting time in the planet right now. It’s like that there’s a

third dimensional reality of what I can see, touch and smell. It’s like opening up to this

fourth dimensional reality where we’re realizing that I’m so much more than this. And if I’m

not my job, if I’m not my body, if I’m not my marriage, if I’m not the role of being a mom or a

parent, it’s like what am I? The answer is like it’s nothingness but it’s everything. It’s like

it’s both and at the same time. Literally, it’s not what we think is the outer success and I

think many of us are kind of going, you know what this way that we’ve all been programmed to

live and try to reach for success and the things that we thought are going to make us happy? It

just isn’t working. And so, many people are like I’ve done it, I’ve created my business or I’ve

created the money I’ve wanted or I got married and I have the kids, I did all the things that

they (gestures quotations) said I was supposed to do, that I should do to be happy and I did

all the things and went wait a minute but I’m still not happy. There’s got to be more. And I

think that intention of there’s got to be more, it really is birthing so much more of the

bigger consciousness that all of us are going there is more and there’s teachers like us that

can say, yeah, there is more. It’s not just about money, money can’t buy you happiness. When

you have it, it’s great, it brings a lot of fun and freedom and all of that kind of stuff but

so many people think that are struggling that don’t have money that, okay if I just get the

money that’s going to make me feel better, that’s going to be answer to all my problems. Work,

work and work and trying to manifest (5:59) and like, that wasn’t it. And then you feel more

depressed because it’s like, if it’s not that then what is it? Returning to the connection of

source, of who we truly are and it’s at that level that we can really connect with because it’s

all energy. We can connect with that energy of just that zest and that passion, the true juice

of life and sometimes it’s not the big fancy stuff, sometimes it’s literally just being with

ourselves and knowing who we are and connecting with a friend and having these in-depth

conversations, or having oh-ha moments that are literally just being present and being full of

who we are in the fullness of ourselves.

N: Yeah, absolutely. I’ve been through a personal journey myself in the last year because I

kind of felt that I was living a life on the surface. Everything was just here (gestures with

hands above the head), I wasn’t feeling any deep emotions. I didn’t feel I had any deep

connections. What I realized was it was actually coming from a pattern that I have adopted when

I was very young, when my biological mother left when I was about 3 years old. So I took out

this pattern of shutting down emotions and putting on this strong front and that served me for

quite sometime but it got to a point where I can’t do this anymore. I’m longing for something

different. So a lot of the conversations I’m having all these years like you’re having as well

is like people, women especially, they’re longing for something different and that connection

and really discovering who they are. For me, the last 12 months, my moments of joy that I

really feel I have tears that I’m feeling joyful and exceptionally happy are not because of the

extrinsic things in my life, I’ve actually dropped into the moment. I was actually present in

the moment and I’m appreciating what that is. Recently, I was in a cruise with a group called

TLC, which is Jack Canfield’s group, we were in Croatia, and I remember one of my most amazing

moments on that cruise was sitting down and was talking with a gentleman by the name of Stewart

Emery. He is an amazing legend. He started a company called EST here in the US, he’s an

Australian guy. He was just being Stewart and he was just having this conversation and

imparting his wisdom and I remember tearing up thinking, I’m having this conversation with

gentleman, on this boat in Croatia, I’m here, this is amazing. It really inspires me to step up

and be a better version of myself and really help as many people as I can. Now I know that a

lot of people you get to work with are in that same boat, that they’re wanting to make a

difference. How are you helping people to do that?

C: Yeah, thank you for that. I like to say, if you listen, the universe is always giving you

hints and clues. Sometimes we listen and seems like we can hear the whispers and other times

it’s like the universe is screaming at us. Well in 2008, it doesn’t seem so long ago but it was

that long time ago, I was literally getting told by my personal coaching clients that I was

coaching – I want to be doing what you do. I want you to certify me to do what you do as a

coach. And I’m going, but I don’t do that. And then two days later, I go and speak at a yoga

studio on Law of Attraction, two people come up to me and go, I want you to certify me to do

what you do. I’m like, I don’t do that. And then I literally had another client, out of blue,

that’s like, can you please, I want to do what you do. I want to empower people. I want to

change people’s lives. And I went, instead of saying, I don’t do that, what would that look

like if I did do that and it was crazy, amazing, Natalie. It was like just this (makes a

gesture and a sound) download. This download of information – how I would do the program, who I

would work with to promote the program, what the curriculum would be, what the processes would

be, the time frame – it was all just like (makes a sound). So, I’ve put it out there in the

fall of 2008, contacted some people that I knew were in the Law of Attraction arena and the

quantum success coaching academy was born. And literally that year, that semester started

certifying people to do what I do. Literally, I was watching before my eyes, their lives were

becoming transformed. They were like from everything, from things they were manifesting, from

the state of peace that they felt in themselves, to the way they just approach things – they

weren’t as knocked off by people and situations. Every aspect of their life was changing and

yet they were going through a certification program to become a coach. Now, we do two semesters

every year. We do a fall semester and spring semester. And it’s amazing because it’s 12 months

certification program where people literally, I like to say they literally come to the QSCA

womb and then 12 months later, they’re birth a new person. It’s just such a transformational

program where it’s like an immersion program where you’re in the energy, you’re learning about

not just Law of Attraction but all the sub and sub-specialized learning the processes, how to

navigate it. I always say there are two things: it’s knowing the information like knowing the

universal laws is really important so you’re aware of it, then two, having processes, having

information, having whether it’s EFT, knowing something to help you get out of that (11:37)

when you’re not feeling good, when you see those limiting beliefs coming up, when you feel like

I’m just angry and I have no idea why I’m angry today. What do I do with this? We’re all human

and we all have those moments. We all have those days, doesn’t matter how long we’ve been

applying Law of Attraction. So that really helps people do that but what is more beautiful is

that, I have been able to witness this that I created, this coaching academy that is literally

creating a huge ripple effect on so many peoples’ lives, because now the people that are

getting certified, now coaching people doing what I do, getting results that I do with my

clients. They are now changing lives of people that I’m never going to coach. People whose

lives I’m never going to touch. It’s amazing to see the ripple effect and see people, these men

and women, come into alignment to who they are and then truly come from a place of passion and

purpose where they’re giving, where they’re being of service, where they feel like, yes, now I

have some kind of purpose here. Now, I am able to change lives. I am able to contribute. All of

us want to contribute. We all feel like, we’re all inter-connected anyway, so it feels so good

intrinsicly as such like a lower level of need, as a basic need to contribute and help and

provide and serve.

N: Yeah, absolutely, because the thing is when you learn this kind of information, that’s why

something like your coaching academy is so amazing, you can learn information and go okay, read

it, go, yup got it. I understand Law of Attraction goes like this but then you’ve got to live

it. Then you actually have to apply it, then you’ve got to live it then make it a part of who

you are and how you act and how you behave, the decisions that you make and all that kind of

thing. And one of the best ways to do that is that when you’re learning, you’re learning from a

position of how you’re going to teach other people. Is that what you find?

C: Exactly, perfectly well said. What you said is so important. It’s not a concept. So many of

us hear something and it’s like, oh, self-love. Okay. We get it as a concept, but how many of

us are actually living that and doing that, moving from that energetic place from that. So when

you start to live universal laws and understand the energy and how to work with that and how to

release limitation and magnetize. There’s a class that we teach in the course, how to literally

work with energy to magnetize what you want and we worked with money. And it came to how many

coaches would say to me, oh my god, after just doing that in the class, I just magnetized

$25,000 to myself or 5,000 or 8,000, there’s been so many different numbers throughout the

years. I don’t act like I’m surprised because I’m like, I know. It works. It’s a process I used

all the time. You have tried and true principles that work and processes that work. Someone

comes in, they’re like, oh my god! And I’m like, I’m not surprised anymore because I’m like,


N: Yeah, exactly. We all have a story about someone that truly inspires us from applying what

we teach and really through what they’ve overcome and have the difference that they’re making

in the world. So, what’s one of those stories for you?

C: I have so many, right? But one particular that I’m thinking about her name is Julie and she

was this high school teacher and she was just like having a hard time on all aspects of her

life like with her marriage, just didn’t like what she was doing as a school teacher – loved

the kids but felt like she had no influence in being able to make change and teach the way she

wanted to – her limit hit when she was actually on a school bus, they were going to a prison.

She was with a bunch of high school kids on their way to going to prison to show them what it’s

like to live in prison. It’s exactly the opposite of a mind movie, right? She was like, this

doesn’t feel right, why are we giving the kids an experience of going to jail? This was not

totally what I want to be teaching them. She actually got my email from one of the partners

with us suggesting the QSCA and she said, oh my god, I’m doing this. And she immediately signed

up and she hasn’t looked back since and she has since quit her job as a teacher. She now has a

full, thriving coaching practice, her relationship with her husband is more connected and she’s

more in love than she’s ever been and they’ve been married over 10 years. She’s actually now

pregnant. They decided that yes, now we want to have a family and she’s so excited to become a

mom. She’s changing lives and actually I think you even know her, she did a summit to help

people to get parents, educators, influential people on board talking about the differences

that we can make in the school systems so that we’re changing the curriculum and the rules and

the thought process. Stop taking kids to a prison (16:46) visualize to what it feels like to

have a thriving career, and to be creative, and to be doing these things. So Julie is making

great money. She’s loving what she’s doing. She’s got her own time. She does what she wants,

when she wants, how she wants it. Relationship is doing fantastic. She’s just a great success

story of someone who completely did the work and changed her life.

N: Yeah, I know. You’re right, I do know Julie. She’s an amazing person. She’s facilitating an

incredible change in the world. It’s fantastic. So you’re starting a new semester soon?

C: We are. The classes start in October, first week of October, so really excited about it.

That’s 12 months, it’s just, get immersed.

N: Right. Now guys if you click on the banner to the side of this video, you’re going to go

straight through to Christy’s website. So that you can find out more about that and connect

with her and to step into a bigger version of you and making a difference. So Christy, thank

you so much for joining me, honey. It’s always, always awesome talking to you.

C: Thanks, Natalie. You too. I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks, everybody.

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Christy Whitman



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