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Episode # 198   LOA expert, Christy Whitman revealshHow to use the 7 universal laws

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show Law of Attraction expert Natalie Ledwell interviews Christy Whitman. Together, they discuss the 7 universal laws. Christy explains that after discovering the LOA 15 years ago her life radically changed. Watch today's episode to learn how you can change your life using the 7 universal laws.

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Episode # 198 LOA expert, Christy Whitman revealshHow to use the 7 universal laws

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Christy Whitman who goes through the seven universal laws which includes the law of attraction but there are six others. So, stay tuned for that.

Natalie: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is my friend Christy Whitman. Hi, Christy.

Christy: Hi to you also. It's so great to be here.

Natalie: Wonderful! You're coming to us all the way from Canada, right?

Christy: Yes and in Montreal.

Natalie: Wonderful! Montreal, actually it's, we're going to be visiting there by doing the shift. On a lighter note we have to come up and see you.

Christy: Oh, sure.

Natalie: Now, Christy's doing some incredible work in the world. And we've got some incredible information to talk about today about not just the law of attraction but actually there are other laws if you knew that but they're actually are. So, Christy why don't we start first of all with your background and what it is that you do?

Christy: Absolutely! Well, I've been working with law of attraction for about over 15 years and came into it and how many people do cause my life was just a mess. I mean just you know, $60,000 in debt, I was 30 pounds overweight, getting out of another bad relationship, I was unemployed. It was like the list goes on and on. And I just kind of went "Alright. I need some information here." And I met a woman that started talking about your thoughts, your reality and it ringed through to me. And she said start paying attention to your thoughts and the thoughts that you have either repel things away from you or attract things to you. And so, I start paying attention and went "Oh, my god! I am in a lot of trouble" cause I was so negative. And so during that journey I really started to apply what I thought was the law of attraction and really I've discovered in my 15 years of doing this, plus 15 years that they're really are seven essential laws. So, I am a certified coach, a law of attraction coach. I am a New York Times Bestseller Author of Taming Your Alpha Bitch. I have a coaching academy, the Quantum Success Coaching Academy where I certify law of attraction coaches and that's been up since, I've been writing things since 2008. So, I had a lot of experience in creating my ideal body, creating my ideal man, my husband, creating my two little men Alex and Maxim. I have a multibillion dollar business. It just you know my careers like my time is my own. Life really is amazing. So, where I am now is very different than where I was 15 years ago if you find this information.

Natalie: Right. So, you came across law of attraction first?

Christy: I did.

Natalie: Yeah.

Christy: Yeah. And just the simplicity of your thoughts create your reality.

Natalie: Yeah.

Christy: And it started from there and it was to understanding more about energy and quantum physics and you know things like that.

Natalie: So, what are some of the laws that we're talking about?

Christy: Well, there is law of attraction so that's the first universal law. The second law is the law of deliberate creation and that one is, is that anything in your outer reality. You can deliberately decide how you wanna feel, what you're gonna think about it and when you start applying your own thoughts and emotions to what you wanna create, that's when you actually create something different. So, it's us that has to you know change our thoughts and our beliefs that our emotions and the energy we send out to the law of attraction.

Natalie: Yup.

Christy: The third law is the law of rally and that really is the law of no resistance. So, anytime we're feeling anxiety or feeling fear, doubt, any of those things it constructs us, we're totally in the way of allowing everything to come to us and I can go a five word to the law of the line but that's really the most simplest way to know that is a good feeling or any type of construction. You're now in a place of allowing and then therefore can't receive.

Natalie: Yeah.

Christy: So, the fourth law which is my favorite law is the law of sufficiency and abundance and this law is that everything in the universe, we literally were birth into a universe full of abundance and you can look at nature at any dimension to see how really our reality works, its total evidence by abundance. And so the fifth law is the law of detachment which is a totally misunderstood law. Most people think "Okay. Whatever! I don't care about what I want" and that's kind of lying to ourselves first of all. But the law of detachment is really you know focus on what you want, obviously have something that's important to you, have a value. But if you are on your way to try and to create it whenever you feel an intention, whenever you feel any resistance, you worry about the high, the where, the who. All that stuff, you feel that resistance, you're not in a space of detachment. You're totally attached and then of course things can't work for you.

Natalie: You know when I think about that I think about "You know what this is the type that I'm working towards. This is the goal that I'm working towards." But I think for me detachment is like "If I don't make it, it's still gonna be alright" you know.

Christy: Exactly.

Natalie: So, cause I think like you said the more that you put that negative emotion or negative vibration around that you know you're just trying to false things that it doesn't happen.

Christy: Absolutely!

Natalie: Yup.

Christy: Absolutely! The sixth law is the law of pure potentiality and the law of pure potentiality is that everything is really for at first peer consciousness. And that consciousness what you wanna call that source, guide you know conscious or whatever you wanna put it, it's always seeking to express itself into some type of form or matter. So, if we as a creator can think about writing a book, creating a movie, you know doing whatever we want and I'm attracting an ideal partner that is pure, there's pure potentiality for that in the universe. Looking to literally created self into some type of form and its unlimited, we live in an unlimited universe. And so the seventh universal law is the law of polarity and that is how you can have one thing. So, temperature for example and that one pole is extreme case of like really cold. I live in Montreal.

Natalie: Yes.

Christy: So, it's really, really cold. And then I'm actually from Arizona so in the other end in the summer that's like extremely hot. So, temperature is that one thing but it's represented by you know literally two different poles and then the spectrum of everything in between. And with that applies when we're trying to create we're one is say for example someone wants to trap money. They're thinking "Well, I'm focus on money." But most people are on the opposite pole, they're focus on the lack of money and not the abundance of money.

Natalie: Yeah. Okay. So, how do these laws all work together? I mean, like is it if we understand law of attraction, how does understanding these other laws make that more effective?

Christy: That's a great question. Because think of it this way, it's like the law of attraction is just kinda sitting back going "When are you gonna get me?" and then I'm just gonna give it back to you to support you. So, it's really us that has to change our thoughts, you know check out what our limiting beliefs are, change the emotions that we feel about something and so there's all these different laws that couldn't fit together and the one law for, the one law that really brings them all together is the law of sufficiency and abundance. Because when you are literally vibrating, you know your mind is attune to abundant thoughts, to abundant mentality and your body literally vibrates in abundance, your beliefs are totally in attunement with abundance you create from your beliefs. Then, what happens is you're vibrating out a beautiful high vibrational energy; you're in the space of allowing, you're totally connected to pure potentiality, you're in a space of total detachment and what you're sending out is literally like bringing back to you from law of attraction so, it's like to put all of the laws into place. Literally get in the alignment with that feeling of abundance and all of the other ones just kind of click into place.

Natalie: Yeah. And that's the thing we truly are in a universe of like of abundance. And I think with more and more of us coming into this understanding. I know Glenn and I often joke about how you know with our business and I'm sure you feel the same. It's like you know this the real world and this our world you know, where we have people like yourself you know our partners, JV partners. We all collaborate, we share ideas and we truly feel like it is an abundant universe cause that is what's being reflected back to us.

Christy: Absolutely!

Natalie: And so we all come from that abundant mentality.

Christy: Yeah.

Natalie: So, it's a great way to do business.

Christy: So it's true when the economy supposedly had a recession, I was like "Hey, there is no recession in my economy. My economy is abundant."

Natalie: Yup.

Christy: And it's true, it's like each year well, there's was crushes and all, I mean my abundance was getting bigger and bigger cause we're the source of our own abundance.

Natalie: Yeah.

Christy: It's what we believe to be true about ourselves and our nature of reality.

Natalie: Yup. And that's the thing too; it's like when you understand that it's like same for us. I mean our initial big launch which was our foundation for what we have now. It happened September 2008. That actually happened a week that the economic crisis was here. And we had no idea and of course we had the most successful business since then and because you know the world is doing this it doesn't mean that it has to be doing it in your world. It doesn't have to be doing it for you. So, what is one of the most common mistakes you see people you know do when they're not being able to follow all the rules?

Christy: We're so trained to focus on what we don't want.

Natalie: Yeah.

Christy: That people think that "Okay. Well, you know I just don't wanna be late. I don't wanna gain weight. I don't wanna go into bankruptcy. You know it's like I don't want my husband to show up and act like that." We're so focused on what we don't want that we don't focus on what we do want and then step in to that feeling as if we already have what we do want. That's the biggest thing. I would say that a lot of people they just don't connect. They don't realize that the basis of anything, everything is energy.

Natalie: Yup.

Christy: All energy carries a vibration and that vibration goes out to the universe telling the law of attraction what you wanna receive back.

Natalie: Yup.

Christy: So, it's up to us to know ourselves enough, to know and be in touch with "What am I sending out? You know what am I really bringing out? So that I can get what I want back."

Natalie: Yup. You know I actually had a conversation with a lady yesterday who is in our mind movies community. And she said the hardest thing for her is letting go, you know knowing what it is and then being able to let go. You know what are some tips if people are finding it very difficult to do that, to be able to just release and let go and allow.

Christy: Yeah. Well, you know get connected to the excitement of it. Think that, okay; you quit your ordeal out there. It's kinda like going to a restaurant, you give the waiter your order, you're not gonna go in the back of the kitchen and go "Is it done yet?" You know you have to step back and let the waiter bring you, you know and I'm not saying that to minimize the universe being a waiter but it's a similar process that you have to trust that you've asked and then it's up to us to continue to refine it. So, we're bringing in a negative doubting energy or like when it's coming or like that controlling. We have to be able to get into that, the opposite of that controlling space is allowing and that's what we need to just play with our own minds like "Okay. So when it comes, how's that gonna feel? You know what's that gonna look like?" I always recommend connecting to a future self whether it's a week from now, a month from now, a year from now whenever the timing and really connect with that future self that already exist cause all time are simultaneous. So, connect with that future self that's already experiencing what you wanna experience and just get used up by that.

Natalie: Yeah.

Christy: And let the universe decide the when and the how and who.

Natalie: Exactly! Yeah. I know and that's what I was saying to this lady is I'm like the how is not your decision you know, it's not your, you know. You need to be focusing on that end results and being too specific can actually work against you.

Christy: Yes.

Natalie: If you're looking at the life that you wanna live like you know if you enjoy writing for example and you wanna live in a certain country or do whatever then focus on that because that can manifest a million different ways you know. So, yeah.

Christy: Absolutely!

Natalie: Of course. Christy it's been an absolute pleasure having you today. Thank you so much for joining me.

Christy: Thank you, Natalie.

Natalie: It's been awesome. So, if we can send people to find out more about you and this work that you do. Where can we send them?

Christy: Absolutely, I have a show that comes out every Monday and so I give little tidbits on universal laws and I'd love to have you as part of the family.

Natalie: Of course.

Christy: So, its

Natalie: And guys if you click on the banner to the side there, you'll go straight through to Christy's site from there. So, thanks again Christy for being with me.

Christy: Thank you.

Natalie: Now, guys I encourage you to share this video and all the information in it and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure you put your email on the box above there cause I'd love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters Video E-Course. Includes masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and Joe Vitale. It's actually valued $87 but I'd like to give it to you for free but you have to put your email on the box to get that. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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