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Episode # 532   Chef Lance Roll - Bone broth: Healing Magic Elixir

About The Episode:

Whether you’re recovering from illness, surgery, or you’re looking to give your immune system the biggest boost it’s ever experienced, the ancient healing elixir you’re about to discover during this Inspiration Show episode could be the solution you’re looking for. During the show, my guest Chef Lance Roll shares why bone broth is becoming one of the most popular health-boosting additions to the kitchen, and why celebrities like Kobe Bryant and the entire Lakers team, use it to refuel after playing.

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Episode # 532 Chef Lance Roll - Bone broth: Healing Magic Elixir

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have my friend Chef Lance, who is the Flavor Chef, and we’re going to be talking about this golden nectar that I have in my cup right here, which is the new health trend called bone broth. We’re going to be talking all about that, the health benefits, and how we can incorporate that, but before I do that, I just want to remind you if you are watching this show live on Facebook or if you’re watching it on the YouTube channel after the show has aired, don’t forget that after the show is over, if you click the link below this video you can take my 30-second quiz and we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So please let me introduce my good friend Chef Lance. How are you today?

CLR: Doing very well, Natalie, and glad to be here with you. And thank you for having me on the show.

NL: Yeah, I’m so happy to have you here now. We will be talking a little bit about bone broth and some other health things that we can incorporate into our diet, into our life, but before we do that, why don’t we talk a little bit about your story? So tell me the history and the story of you getting, becoming, the Flavor Chef.

CLR: Sure. I was, ah, been a chef for about 30 years and about 10 or 12 years ago I was cooking in a culinary school and teaching there. And I was dubbed the Flavor Chef at the school, seemed that everything I touched seemed to turn magically delicious, which you’ve experienced. So we developed this thing called the Flavor Chef and eventually I ended up in my own company ten years ago and uh, about 2007, The Flavor Chef, Inc. and now Flavor Chef, Inc. and it was a catering company and a bone broth company at the same time. So we were doing some meal delivery as well, and just kind of, thankfully for your audience, you know, just living my passion and what God’s given me to be my gift to the world, which is taste and flavors and cooking and even teaching people how to cook and eat and utilizing the art, the culinary art of cooking, to make your world a little bit better. And somewhere around, exactly, precisely on 11/11/07, I was in a parking lot here in San Diego in Cardiff Market, and I received an inspiration. I received download from God to bring bone broth to the market. It’s a traditional food that’s been used for centuries and many healing cultures and many uses healing food in many cultures. And the idea is this, you know, obviously the food in America had just, in the recent history of a food processing system, kind of eliminated this traditional methodology and traditional cooking even in the home. And so bone broth kind of went away, even though like I said, it’s historically significant in many cultures and still is to this day. So I said, wow this is for me. Okay. Well I went out and took out my website. I took out a nice trademark called broth is good for you, promotes a healthier you which we’ll talk about a little later and continue to trademark. I trademark the Flavor Chef, I trademark Love is the Old Food Spice which I’m sure this audience can definitely relate to, and of course we use love as a spice in everything that we do as energetic as its energy, and as we know the energy transforms things. It can transform the food right in front of us no matter where you are, and of course it’s the power, in my opinion, the power that powers the universe. So, and as I have to say, love wins. So we are gonna, as my son likes to say, love wins and he spelled the W I N D S and I was like wow that’s kind of nice, too. Love Winds. Very nice. So yeah, so since then I’ve been perfecting the art of bone broth, cooking it for my clients in my business. I was it originally introduced to the concept through the Weston A. Price Foundation and their traditional background in traditional food.

NL: Right. And so what is it about bone broth that makes it such a like such a health food?

CLR: Well, you know we have this old guy named Hippocrates that put out this thing called “Let your food be your medicine, your medicine be your food”. So that’s kind of the premise of a bone broth, or what I like to say the Blessed Return of Traditional Healing, which is an acronym for BROTH and what makes it such a beneficial is you’re taking all these bones and vegetables and you’re putting them in a pot of water and you simmer them over a long slow period over time. So you’re gonna have about an 18 hour simmer for us on a chicken or 24 on the beef and over that time we have a very low slow simmer which gently extracts all of the nutrients out of the bone including the marrow, the minerals, the amino acids and the collagen and gelatin from the connective tissue that’s within the bones. And that’s what we create, that beautiful elegant healing elixir and, uh, known as bone broth. And people always ask “what’s the difference between bone broth and stock?” You know stock was just something that was made, it’s very similar, made in restaurants for cooking and bone broth is specifically designed to, for healing and it tastes really good and to really make you have sort of that kind of experience, you take your cup and you just sort of feel that love and that warmth of the caregiver and I will just say as well that you know bone broth is also a food that needs to be made the way it was made for all these years. So for five, I would say five thousand years of Chinese medical history, but in acupuncture and Chinese medicine it’s very a known thing, saying that bone broth is really good for you, and during those years, up until recently, pretty much everyone made it the same way, you know, this low slow simmer with bones of any animal but we use mostly chicken and beef.

NL: Right. And so what is it healing in our body when we drink it?

CLR: So again, there’s a couple points about the healing. The most important thing is that your immune system is in your gut, most of it, 90 80 percent of it or so. So the bone broth yields copious amounts of bioavailable nutrient-dense gelatin and collagen and again, it’s important to recognize that this collagen and gelatin is recognized immediately on a molecular level in your body system. So that’s the main reason. So when I said broth is good for you, promotes a healthier you because it’s gonna boost your immune system, and it boosts the immune system by healing the gut and the gut lining, the collagen coats the lining, and things like leaky gut and other immune conditions are often healed and spurred out. It’s also a great source of easy to digest minerals, minerals in a, what we like to say, is a complex. You know, in a system of not just isolates, you know, we want to have minerals as food, food as medicine and food comes all together. It comes as a whole food - you get the fat, you get the protein, you get the carbohydrates, you get the minerals, you get the amino acids, and they all come together and your body goes yes, this is what I’ve been looking for. This is what I need, and over the years of history we just found this to be true. And there’s many books out there written about it now and about the healing testimonies of the powers of bone broth. So that’s the main one, or the main two at this point. So, and then the third one that I always like to bring in, is the idea of synergy. And synergy is not often mentioned, but when someone starts to drink bone broth they’re generally on a health and wellness journey and they’ve seen their life and they will do certain things to start improving their life. So the bone broth becomes what we like to say is, what I have to say is, part of the protocol. So you see in your health and wellness practitioner, you’re going to your coach and then the bone broth kind of synergizes all those things. Also bone broth works really well with absorption. So your nutrient absorption because you’re healing the gut lining, you’re healing the GI tract, and at, our mission is to heal the planet one GI tract at a time. Every time someone drinks our bone broth and they start healing, then that’s accomplishing my mission and purpose. So yeah when people are recovering for instance from surgery or they’re recovering from illness, this when bone broth becomes really important because their body is generally then decimated sometimes by treatments, sometimes by antibiotics, and different things which are quite necessary often but then the body is to recover, so the bone broth becomes a critical part of recovery for those people. And again, it’s food. You know, this is what we were getting away from, so many times we trying to figure out food. And its food ,you know. A carrot, an apple, a piece of meat, a piece of really good bread, a piece of, you know, a bowl of pasta, whatever it happens to be, you know, and you kind of feel good after you do that or lets, you know, salad, a vegetable juice and that gets real food. So [inaudible words]

NL:   So how much bone broth do we need to be drinking for it to have a positive effect on our body?

CLR: Well again, this will depend on your health challenge or your health prognosis. I mean, we like to recommend about a cup a day, which again, it’s part of your general overall wellness. How much water do we need to drink every day? Well, some people have different levels of water but we know that there’s a chronic problem with dehydration so that generally some settle on about 50% of your body weight in ounces of water a day. Bone broth, we have bone broth cleanses where people are doing bone broth strictly for two to three days. We have bone broth diets when there’s an intermittent fasting and the bone broth has a very high protein content, very satiating, and tends to keep that fasting going longer and that promotes healing. You know on a regular optimum basis, I would say, you know, two or three times a week you’re drinking a cup or two, maybe you’re having it and again, it’s a meal, a meal replacement and go “oh geez I didn’t eat at seven o’clock I don’t really want to eat a meal” you have a cup of bone broth, the broth goes down or you wake up in the morning late, “gosh I gotta get out of here” you heat a quick cup of bone broth and you’re on your way and now all of a sudden you’re feeling good. So that’s kind of the way we like to use bone broth and our bone broth at are all traditional sipping broths. You don’t really need to do much to them, of course. They can be made into soup, they can be used to cook vegetables made into sauces and things like that but again, this is it, my product is a traditional simmered bone broth. It is certified organic. We make all our products with paramount mountain spring water so it’s a definitely super clean product and super good for you.

NL: Yeah. I know. Well I, before I started using bone broth, I remember once I was with our mutual friend JJ Virgin and we’d had a few drinks the night before and I was feeling a little under the weather and she goes, “Ok I’ve got some bone broth” and I’m like, well, meaty waters not kind of what I’m feeling right now. But what I have found, it’s like I had a flu a couple of weeks ago and all I did was, took a lot of probiotics and then I was drinking bone broth the whole time, and you know the last time I had a flu like that, it lasted two months and this one I just was able to knock it down in a week because, you know, we’re putting, like you said, a whole a lot of our health really comes from our gut and if we really can look after that and make our gut happy, then our whole body is happy, which is great.

CLR: There’s a, you know, a known gut brain connection now too, so if you’re healing your gut, you’re healing symptoms in your mind potentially you might be having struggles with. There’s a gut skin connection and so yeah the gut is all, everything’s related, we’re all in one body here and that’s the way bone broth works to help, again, promote a healthier you in general and I like that you were healed quickly on the bone broth from the flu so we recommend that as well, your kid gets, starting to do a cold so putting on some bone broth and again, I’ll be specific, get good bone broth wherever you’re getting it from. Make sure it’s frozen or fresh and that it’s a quality product made with quality ingredients, which would mean, again, to me, certified organic or higher.

NL:  Yeah, so do you have any other health tips you wanted to share with us before we finish our show today?

CLR: Yeah. We touched on them a little bit. You know, I think it’s like you said, it’s part of a protocol, but my mentor uses the term four doctors, as Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happy and Dr. Movement, so we need to get a little of each of those into our lives. You know one of those is out of balance, we’ll probably be a little bit out of balance. So we like to bring that all into balance so you would be eating, well, organic food, walking, exercising, doing yoga, sticking your feet in the sand. You know, to having a proper spiritual practice whatever that may be, whatever works for you and then, you know, being happy, being happy with your marriage, your relationships, your job, your career and if not, then kind of sort of finding a way through that. So that’s sort of the way it goes and you know, I wanted to make sure we give this out too, we have INSPIRE10 for all of the folks out there who are listening if you want to go to you can punch in those words INSPIRE 10 not case sensitive and get 10% off your order at check out.

NL:   Yeah, perfect. Thank you so much for joining us today. You know, it’s a pleasure chatting to you. Now guys you’ll see either a banner to the side here or you’ll see the link underneath this video where you can click go straight through to Chef Lance’s website and don’t forget INSPIRE 10 is the code that you can put in to get a discount and I actually have a freezer full of your bone broth. Especially loving the chicken with coconut one, it’s like Oh my God it’s so amazing.

CLR: That’s amazing. Thank you. I appreciate that open testimony here. The coconut ginger soup is really a delicious elixir and the coconut ginger mint and lemon are all digestives as well. So they help your digestive system.

NL: Right, well thanks again Chef Lance, and guys, I encourage you to share this video. Let’s get the word out there. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Click on the link below or the banner to the side to go through to Chef Lance’s website, and after all that is done, make sure that you take my 30-second quiz so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon. Bye for now.






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