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Episode # 92   Brendon Burchard - The Charge

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with the energetic best-selling author Brendon Burchard about his newest book, The Charge. Brendon passionately teaches people how to be productive and fufilled in this chaotic and fast-paced world. He's spent 15 years researching neuroscience to discover why some people are fully alive and fufilled, while other continue to struggle no matter what happens in their life. Brendon shares some of the amazing information and strategies from his book. After watching the episode, you will walk away with additional clarity and vision about your own life.

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Episode # 92 Brendon Burchard - The Charge

Natalie : Well Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And my special guest that I have with me today is the amazing Mr. Brendon Burchard.Hi Brendon.

Brendon : Hey ! Great to see you.

Natalie : I know, we always seem looking for an excuse to get together and to plain work together and finally we actually get together in the same video which is awesome.

Brendon : I'm so thrilled, so thrilled.

Natalie: Well the reason that I have you today because your the best selling author of many books, mini messenger, I'm not that just expert, I just kinda name a few but I know that you had your own book coming on at the moment which is called the charge which I love. So can you please tell a little bit about the book and what's happening in it and your reason behind writing it.

Brendon : Yeah, I'm glad you know I'm showing it off because you know we're doing this interview, and I just got the book. So check this out, I hope it seems okay.

Natalie : Yes I can see its great.

Brendon : Isn't that beautiful? And the coolest thing is they actually let me design to cover the book. And that rarely happens here you know, and they're really great with that so, the book is all about what's it gonna take for us to feel fully alive and engaged and productive and courageous in this very chaotic world. You know we've got two time work so many of us, we have a routine they say we're suppose to need to be happy and energized in life, you know. We've got our house and we've got security and we have mind our job and you know, a good family and you know we've got Starbucks to you know cure a space ship. But we're in this time, so many people had their need and they don't feel fulfilled. And the ultimate question is why? And why there's so many people that cannot overcome their obstacles? Or so many people are struggling with restless and frustration. And so I stead out about our fifteen years study to try and figure out what did your friends was in terms of people's high performance. What is it that makes a person fully alive and fully able to achieve on some things and feel like energized and fulfilled and other people who feel so frustrated in their life don't seem to be able to break through and that's what led to this book and realizing that there's only ten human drives, there's controlling everything, you and I, think and feel and do. And the argue in the book is we can understand and master those ten human drives and we can live a quality life that we never imagined its possible.

Natalie : Right. That's Awesome. You know what I like about you Brendon is well even with it with your passbooks, and I'm sure with this one as well, you speak in linens terms, you speak in plain English, and you also speak in a way where people can implement the information that you have. Okay so these 10 drives and we're only in controversial credit time in this video, can you maybe shared, maybe one or two of those drives you know to what they really are.

Brendon : Yeah and you know what I do is I share the overall nerdy theme of the book because it will help pull us all together because one thing that I did is I want the very ages of neuroxides, and started to try and figure out, what is it that makes us all alive in our brain? When actually activates the highest parts of our human capabilities and energies. When I found out, neuroxides had just discovered basically these three things that really engaged the brain and there were weight measured this by how much documine and vast a person and auxitoastness, example like washing your brain stems, when you do circanumids. And so what they found is the three ingredients, we interrupt this book. The first one is novelty, that new things, new experiences, new skills, new you know things that we are doing in our lives. Those things are like the variety spice of life. And having a constant purpose to insert new things in our life is important. So for example the first human drive is control, and we all wanna control our lives and control our worlds, I mean you and I both know those who seek to have more and more control in your lives often end up more and more being miserable. So we have this ways of a book called control for new, and that's what we should try to in control as much introduction of new things into our lives as we should taking time to schedule our vacations and what we do, you know, with our work out schedules are. And the another thing that neuroscientist learn was challenge, that challenge really engages the brain and really helps the brain grow and feel fully engaged when it feel, you know, happy and engaged brain is a happy and engaged life. So what they found is, it wasn't though regular challenge, 'coz we both know that I can figure out financial challenges, that's not good challenge. doesn't make you feel great. But the challenge that inspires or demands creative expression, that's the unique thing there. It is we can challenge ourselves in a way that demand our creative expression like what we are doing here now, it demands us to create and express our message. That makes you feel alive. And the third piece of what they learned was connection, having a deep and real authentic relationship with others and seeking to understand others and to create the human bonds makes us feel alive. And so throughout this book, we have novelty and challenge and connection to the book but we reveal it through the human drive so control is one of the best example. But also under resided control, you know when we jump all the way to the change, we are all driven to the change but most people are terrified of change and they won't admit it but if you look at their life and say okay how much would you progress in the last 5 years or even last year, that's the great education of how much they really welcome but bring about the change of life. And you know there's a great phrase that I think you love, in that chaperon that there's only two things that would change your life, either something new that comes into your life or something new comes out of you.

Natalie : Right. Absolutely. So who are the people that can benefit from reading this book?

Brendon : Yeah. I think the people who benefit is one of those books we've been such, or amazing just the modules for somebody who already got the book. But what we discover is people who already enjoy are people who are, you know, they are already at that high performance path in somewhere or another. Such that, you know they're already fairly content, they've got they're basic human needs. I mean this is the book where we abandon age, this is the book where time you wish, most of us have what we really need, but we really are now seeking what we want and what will make us feel fulfilled. And the all promises is, you know, just a job, a money, or a page or a security, a lot of those things got away. And we gonna find it within us now, and we don't strong internal charge that gives us clarity and courage and connection. At the highest levels no matter what's going on around us. So in that way, the book really is in for people who are ready and are saying, you know what I got this life, things are good, I want more. And its for finding that missing element and its finding that new charge and a new zest and a new energy within us that allows us to get up and now that we're fully productive and amazing people are today, makes us more happy and fulfilled too.

Natalie : Yeah. 'Coz you know we talked a lot about finding your passion and I know this year there's a lot of people been forcing to a situation where maybe they lost the high paying job and re-evaluate what they are. And others who were just like what you've described, well I had everything but I am not completely fulfilled and I wanna be something that are really connected with the contribute and passionate about. So this book will help people do that as well?

Brendon : Yeah. I think, I mean the greatest benefit and aid good book honestly give you in life, especially in, you know, this is the person about motivation, what benefit does that give you? The number thing that I would say is that gives everybody is clarity. You know, its clarity about who am I, what am I about, what's my mission going to be? But then it also gives a lot of courage, I mean this book, it lives up the type of charge 'coz you finished this book and you were like no, I mean it is an absolute energizer and I wrote it for that reason not for some hype up you know energy. But rather a real deep strong courage and connection within you that burns brighter than ever you imagined possible. And that happens because throughout the book I won't let you off. You know, we go throughout the book, you know, there's no excuses in the book, when it does it helps you really find clarity and then be willing again to challenge yourself because if you don't challenge you don't stretch, you don't grow and we gotta find a place that's in you that's got that courage. So suit yourself further because everything that's preventing us from getting ahead, is that part of our lives that we say, well am I too tired? Or am I afraid? And so this book helps figure out your mental and your physical energy. I have more, I have more vibrant. I mean what's the sexiest thing of a human being? Vibrancy. That's it. You know when a woman walks in early, she's fully vibrant or a guy walks in the room, he's just there and that's attractive. And what we all want, I mean we all want to feel that sense of energy within our body. But we also wanted to have the courage, to know and bust through all of the challenges that comes with our dreams. And I think that's the most great job that we're giving that.

Natalie : Yup. You know, its so interesting how you say these like I do a lot of interviews on the show, a lot of different people, of very success. And you know a lot of big successful people like even, people like Jovah Itali, that i have think of just recently, you know I ask some question what's new for you? what's your new challenge? No one sets sitting back on their law rolls, no sets saying well I've written the books and I've done the whatever. I mean Joe's now had become a musician, you know with positive music like he's stretched himself and challenging of something new. I mean I am writing a book at the moment, for the first time. I maybe written a book before, you kidding? So but its like all the successful people that I know, always have something that we know, okay what's next? What's my next challenge? What am I doing next? And that what keeps them alive, what keeps them moving, and keeps them contributing.

Brendon : You're right. It's one of the things how much is the second human drive in fact which is competence, the ability for us to feel like we have to learn, and master and to perform well in our social environment and in our world. And so one of the things that comes out of that chapter of competence is set 30-day learning challenges. So every month begin a month of, you know this month I'm going to focus on learning this, and if you were get dedicated towards that at the end of the year, you'll set 12 new learning things. You learned 12 new things, accomplished 12 new goals, and you've advanced your life and your knowledge, skills, and ability and you start to feel more competent. Psychologist called that competence-confidence route. The more confidence you have, the more confident you are, the more competence you have, the more you are willing to learn new things. And that loop perpetuates itself, so learning and mastering and trying new things, challenging yourself to become a musician, to write a book, taking on to that new task to, learn that new language, those are the very things that add variety novelty challenge in your life at the first place.

Natalie : Perfect. Now look, people kinda exactly buy the book to shared, but they can register to get a copy.

Brendon : Not better, better. They can get the book right now for free. The hard cover. Yeah so what I was do, I always do a thousand copies from the publisher and we send this and just I and said look, the book's gonna be coming out, we want to make sure you were the first to get it so when we receive it from the publisher which is made 15th we'll turn around and pre order it and we'll send to you just for shipping and handled. So people can get the book right now, its said 26 dollar hard copy book from simon and Schuster. They can get free right now.

Natalie : Awesome. Now if you click on the banner on the side there if you're watching this video you can go straight to Brendon's site. And you can order the book from there for free. That is awesome. Brendon thank you so much for joining me today. Again we can't wait to playing more together in the future. But Congratulations.

Brendon : I love what you guys do, I absolutely love what you guys do. I'm a huge fan. I appreciate your time today.

Natalie : And same here. I mean Brendon spends a lot of time helping people that have some knowledge to be able to put that into a product and get that out there and I mean the internet process have the game changed and I am sure that has been to you as well and you know, we live a life that we could have never imagined before. You're getting the people all around the world because of the Internet. So look, again thanks again Brendon. Guys Please share this video and information in it by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you hadn't done so already make sure to leave your email on the box above 'coz well send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date on our all upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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