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Episode # 551   Brad and Kasey Wallis - How to Master Your Higher Consciousness

About The Episode:

As divine beings, our birthright is to be free, expansive and joyful. Yet our experience on earth sometimes seems anything but that - and why is that? If you feel limited by lack of wealth, health, love, or creativity, then this mind-blowing episode of The Inspiration Show could be everything you need to free your mind to continuous, flowing, love-based abundance.

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Episode # 551 Brad and Kasey Wallis - How to Master Your Higher Consciousness


NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have a couple who are here to teach us a little bit about the healing process. They channel, they’re channels, and also talk a little about spiritual growth and enlightenment, so it’s going to be really amazing show today, which I’m really looking forward to just sharing this information with you. But before I introduce my guests today, I just want to remind you that once the show is over if you click the link below this video, you’ll be able to get access and download the eBook version of my book, “Never In Your Wildest Dreams.” So make sure that you do that after the show is over. So please let me introduce my special guests, Brad and Kasey Wallis. Hi guys, how are you?

BW:. Hi, how are you?

KW: How are you, Natalie?

NL: I am fantastic today and I’m really looking forward to talking to you. Like we said before, you know I think Kasey, you are a channel for JULIUS, and I know that our communities, you know, are familiar with Abraham Hicks, who channels Abraham. But so how long have you been doing this and how did you get into, you know, doing this kind of work?

KW: It’s been about ten years now. Brad had…

BW: It’s been over ten years

KW: Yeah, yeah. Brad had a near-death experience and during that process he spoke with JULIUS and coming out of that process while Brad was in the hospital, he sustained a massive brain injury during that accident and when he came out of his sleeping state, his near-death state, I started to trans channel Julius right back to him. I think to convince you were [inaudible word], right?

BW: Yeah, well I had asked them if they would come back with me because nobody would ever believe what I had just experienced and of course they agreed, and they had also told me at that time that I had taught them in prior experiences, so this was their chance to pay back the favor. And so when I woke up in the hospital, Kasey was standing there and she started channeling back to me the group, which the doctor, who was a very good friend of mine, he poured doubt, he overruled. He’s never talked to me since.

KW: Yeah, Natalie. And so there, you know, JULIUS worked with Brad almost every day to assist him on his healing, profound healing process. But not just that, to continue the enlightenment process, the expansive process of consciousness. And then Brad got crazy enough to throw me in front of an audience and see how we were received, knowing that the message is very, very relevant to the human experience. JULIUS has been human before and so their messages are very, very relevant for everybody’s day in and day out lives.

NL: Right. So Brad, what or where were you in life when this near-death experience happened to you? Like I’m assuming that you weren’t a full, you know, spiritual kind of person before this?

BW: Ha ha Oh boy! [inaudible words] I was a contractor and I was very much embedded in a religion here in the state of Utah, and this was the farthest they, if you would have told me that this is what I was going to be dong the rest of my life, I would have probably punched you in the face. That, I mean, I was a rough-and-tumble contractor and had a 125 full-time employees. It was very hard, very rough and totally changed my life. It’s been an absolute life-changing experience.

NL: Uhmm. And so I know, so JULIUS I’m assuming as a collective, not just a, yep, right? And you know you were just saying before Kasey how you know JULIUS really helped Brad to heal. Like how did they do, how did they, how did that happen?

KW:  Thanks for asking that question. So Brad’s brain injury is a deep wound between the right and left hemisphere of his brain, which is where you process information from one side of the brain to the next. So Brad was incapable of processing information. JULIUS informs us that we only use about 3 percent of our brains and that rather than focusing on trying to repair a wound by opening up other areas of Brad’s brain that could pretty much resolve the minimal lack that he was missing, and nearly through in just nearly three percent of his brain. So JULIUS does that by engaging everybody in extraordinarily broad-minded thought through topics and possibilities and theories and literally gets you thinking in new ways, which activates as you know, electrically dormant parts of the brain, re-stimulating your healing process, reinvigorating your sacred fluid throughout your spinal column, and Brad began to think differently and extraordinary things started to happen. So many, many applications for healing and we understand that in Brad’s case JULIUS took the approach of simply awakening dormant parts in his brain and everything changed for Brad. The way he feels, the way he thinks, it is extraordinary.

NL: Yeah. And it sounds like Brad, that’s not like this happened to you, you actually had to know you got to heal yourself.

BW: Yeah. Throughout the process, I mean, I had to learn how to walk again. I had to learn how to talk again. I didn’t know how to even write. You know none of that was all completely foreign to me because my brain, I can take one thought in, now you think about this in your daily life, how many thoughts you take in and it’s enumerable. I was only capable of taking in one thought and I couldn’t do anything else until that thought was finished because it couldn’t process completely through my brain. So basically I just threw everything out in the window and learned how to circumvent all of that and activate other parts of my brain, which my doctors at that time were absolutely fascinated with what was happening because they could not explain that.

KW: Yeah, yeah. And this, in turn, actually of course as you know, the more broader your thoughts the higher your vibration becomes and his body physical embodiment Natalie got better and better than what it was previous to the accident. He’s literally younger biomechanically and biologically than he was prior to the accident, just by changing his perspective and broadening his mind.

NL: Yeah, wow. So I know that this has been gift for you, Brad, and helping you to heal but you guys are helping, you’re using this information to help others as well.

BW: Yeah, we’ve not. We had JULIUS out for quite a while talking to the masses, so to speak, and of course I’m just never satisfied with everything that’s going on. I know that there’s always more. I’ve seen that there’s more and so I try to figure out other ways to get our programming out and at the last, not this eclipse but the prior eclipse, the three phase moon eclipse, we got a huge download on a healing program that’s referred to as our factory, and you can probably explain it better than I can. My brain doesn’t function - that’s the note still.

KW: It takes the theories of what we’ve been speaking about and puts it in hands-on applicable application so people can help to change the way they think. In other words, become, change who they are for their discretion, and that’s how the program got started.

NL: Right. And this is, we’re talking about physical healing or we’re talking about manifesting anything in someone’s life?

KW: Healing is healing. So everything in your life is a match to your vibration as you know, Natalie. So whether it manifests itself in lack of physical ability, lack of physical reconstruction, reproduction of your cellular level, lack of love in your life, lack of money in your life, you know how that goes, so it all begins with your thoughts. So lack and healing is your perception.

BW: And we like to say that we take the law of attraction, so to speak, and we expand it to the point to where all those little loopholes that are in there that people have a hard time with and just can’t quite seem to get a grasp on, we fill in all those gaps with this program through our factory.

KW: Actually you do. So that’s what makes it so powerful, yeah.

NL: Yeah, because that’s the thing, I mean law of attraction, and I’ve always said this is just a piece of the puzzle. It’s not the whole puzzle, it’s just one piece. It’s one of those things you know, and part of what we teach is yes, there’s the mechanics of invoking the principles of the law of attraction, but then on top of all of that it’s the way you think. It’s clearing out all that, um, and I’m assuming that what you help people do is clear out all the limiting beliefs or the programming that we picked up along the way that sabotages our success.

KW: You know master, when a physical embodiment comes in to this life form, it’s just like writing down how a baby should walk, how a baby should walk, okay, and then reading that theory to that infant before they start to move around and the impetus okay, well that sounds really wonderful, well that sounds really applicable, but they find their own way to pull themselves up, to balance themselves, to momentum themselves forward and to start to maneuver. That’s exactly the application that we know that you are speaking of. You are right, there is the mechanics of the theory of how it works, but then you take in consideration what about the person who’s missing a foot, what about the person who’s missing a toe, what about the one-legged person, what about someone with no legs, how do they move? So we aid you in the remembering and rediscovering your own process master.

NL: We choose to forget certain things because we’re here to learn certain lessons to have a certain experience, so what you’re saying is that you’re helping people to remember what those things are so that we can live a life that is more in flow, more empowered and being able to manifest the reality that we do actually want to create?

KW: Yes, of course, because it’s different for every single one of you. You know, master source does not need to repeat itself. So every soul will do every thought and every emotion differently. So you, are as we are speaking, and you speak of a theory, how do you speak of a theory that is enumerable in its applicability? The only way to provide a sensibility to that theory master is to show each person their remembering state, their application state, and their expansive state. And it is our not our job to decipher your perspective for you master but to aid you in unleashing it for yourself.

NL: Yeah, so you’re getting people to activate, sort of, to access this knowledge that’s already inside them that they already have access to. You’re teaching, yeah. Love it. So looks like you’re doing a little bit of channeling right now Kasey. So. Fantastic. Fantastic. So I know that you guys actually do workshops and so forth. Tell me, can you share some stories of people that you’ve worked with and the results that you’ve seen in the workshops?

KW: Innumerable cancer healings master, innumerable. Cancer is actually one of the easier ones because it is so deeply seated, not rooted master but seated in fear based perspective, dominate fear based perspective that once we help you de-crust that extremely limited perspective, that seems to be like you’re shedding the outer skin layers of your physical embodiment and it just blows away. It is extraordinary, but the unleashment of creativity master, the discovery of their gifts, their soul alignment, the rising of everything that has been money and black and white and their life full of coloration, the kaleidoscope opens up, if you will. We’ve had declarations from students where they’ve had massive, massive healings of limbs that haven’t worked in years and suddenly coming back to life.

BW: I remember one of the stories and one of our students. He said he was walking down the street and there was the dead of winter and he had noticed that there was a little small bird that was laying stiff in the snow, and he had just heard one of our programs, and he picked the bird up and he cupped his hands over the bird and he whispered to the bird “I know you’re gonna live, I know you’re gonna live” and by the time he got home, the bird flew out of his hands.

KW: Yeah. It’s all master about what you know. When you know something, it is, it is. It is not hoping something and then when it shows up you know it and then it becomes. It’s your knowing that causes it to become, and this becomes a very little tight precarious area for everyone. So we aid you in mastering your knowing, your knowing - which is the activation of every possibility, and it becomes all that you are.

NL: Yep, and I love that because the thing is, when we hear that truth, we recognize it as truth straightaway. So it’s not doing,  “Oh this sounds weird”, it’s like no, no this is absolutely the truth.

KW: It is. It helps you to, it helps you really to decipher that again, that real precarious gray area between your alter ego mind and your soul, your alter ego and your soul. How do I know which one I’m hearing from, how do I know which one I’m following? And we help you be able to clearly decipher the difference.

NL: Yeah. Beautiful. And so who are the type of people that could benefit from working with you guys?

BW: Hahaha everybody. I know that sounds so cliché but it is. It’s everyone. I don’t think that there isn’t a soul or I should say a human embodiment that exists on this realm of existence that does not need help in some way or another, even if you consider yourself to be a fully expansive being.

KW: We have many students who are healers themselves, master that come to raise the possibilities of their abilities to actually even become practitioners of this application themselves. But we agree fully, if you are soul in a human configuration master you are wonderfully in alignment with this program.

NL: Wonderful. Well, you know, like I always say, there’s always another level.

KW: Always. Isn’t that wonderful?

NL: It is. It is. And so guys, if people wanted to reach out and connect with you or get some information about the workshops, where can we send them to do that?

BW: Go to and just have a good old time on that website. It is just absolutely loaded and there’s an icon there that say’s our factory and you can watch all the programs that we have.

KW: Master, we also have endless courses and classes that you can take. You can pick out your own topics, anything that you’re desiring to work out and we’d love to have you join us for those as well.

NL: Wonderful. Well, I want to thank Brad, Kasey and Julius for joining us today. It’s been a fantastic interview. I’m really, we could talk for hours and maybe we can do it and something another time, but thank you for joining me today. And guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the Twitter and Facebook buttons on this page. If you click the banner or the link to the side here, you can go straight through to Brad and Kasey’s website. And don’t forget once the show is over to click the button underneath so that you can download my eBook version of “Never in Your Wildest Dreams.” So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. Thanks everyone. See you soon.


How to Master Your Higher Consciousness



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