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Episode # 163   Bewell Buzz

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Larry and Oksana Ostrosvsky from Be Well Buzz. These two health gurus appear, on The Inspiration Show, to discuss their recent 30-day cleanse, powerful medical advice, and the most effective way to make a long-lasting diet change. This incredible duo has explored the ins and outs of wellness including raw foods, juicing, vitamins and even blood testing. What they have discovered is that each person deserves a unique doctrine to achieve optimal health. During the interview, Larry and Oksana share their personal journeys to wellness and reveal exactly what steps to take to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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Episode # 163 Bewell Buzz

Natalie : Today on the show I'm speaking with Larry and Oksana Ostrosvsky of Bewell Buzz and they're sharing some of the latest cutting edge health tips. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and today my special guests are Larry and Oksana Ostrosvsky, how are you guys?

Larry : Great. Thank you for having us.

Oksana : Good. How are you Nat?

Natalie : Excellent. Little cooler than yesterday, we actually reached 112 here in Sydney yesterday on Fahrenheit it was ridiculous. So I'm enjoying some cooler weather. Now the reason that I, Larry and Oksana in the show is they are from we called Bewell Buzz and for those of you who were a part of that community you might now that we actually joined forces in Bewell Buzz because we had so many of that community that after you know health information, you know how to be healthier, there's so much conflicting information out there and I know that with these guys from Bewell Buzz I mean they all just going to sort out that you know crap and then they actually get some really cutting edge and amazing information about what's happening in the whole health industry. So guys what we might do is start a little bit with your background and your inspiration behind starting Bewell Buzz.

Larry : Definitely. So for me this whole journey started about 7 years ago and I was online, I always been into health and personal development and 7 years ago I went down all around all ... and you know you click a link and next thing you know you're getting about some really cool stuff. And I discovered a good David's wall and I started reading about what he was in to, about raw food, about food and diet can actually change people, you know into cured disease and instead of fall off circles you actually can eat something and get healed. And I haven't eat to overcome but this is interesting in me because I was always in to being healthier. I started listening to more of his stuffs and I was blown away by how much I didn't know. And you know the information which was so powerful, I started reading intergrading that into my life and started using having energy at that time I was you know marketing behind the computer so I wake was going up and I wanted slam down you know it's perfect timing so I started intergrading that information into my life and started having more energy and went down, started human crate and you know this law of attraction I'm having more focusing on him and doing and lifestyle and next thing I know I'm working with it as well and through that I'm started creating blog and posting stuff that I found. And I found out that there's a lot of noise out there and you know there's certain diet, there's beef, there's raw food, you know I started dabbling all of them and I found that there's very individual I wanted to share mine you know and what I felt was important which is instead of being dramatic finding information that's what I wanted of us and that's what purchase and Bewell Buzz.

Natalie : How about you Oksana?

Oksana : For me it was more you know he got me on this whole train of health thing and stuff because from originally how we met, I just came to US, I have like 3 common diseases the doctors told me I would never fixed on this if I have surgeries and then something that I intercept was part of my life. So when we met he was like why don't you try the super food, there's awesome smoothies, and you know don't even try, I'm grabbing some potatoes and bread and there's no way around it right? And after about probably after a year or so, I started noticing like a lot of changes after what's going on. I fixed my shoes, probably I'm a 100 more of a 99 percent sure like all of my 3 common diseases that the doctor told me that will never cured and that's why this whole passion behind healthy living and inspiring people to search other ways because you know doctors put this label on us, this is yours you know is sounded like as it is but it doesn't have to be. I tried other information around health implement that act on it and I was like next thing you know, here I am healthier than I've ever been so it's quite exciting.

Natalie : Yeah. And you know that's the thing what your point though when talking about before Larry about how one doctor and doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna fit everybody but there are some people you know for me I love a little raw food, but I can't eat it all the time 'cause it just doesn't feel well, so how did people figure out what actually is the right thing to them?

Larry : Well, partly how you feel, partly, but mostly it's testing and doing blood work and one of the things that we've created is called blood testries all decoded which have blood types and it actually helped releasing energy you'd from one of the facts who's behind the company that take blood testing to the next level so you go to clinic and the blood types yet the results putted online so you can see and trend your blood type results and anything in life like I think is important to measure; test and measure it was actually working. And if you think that is working, you're feeling good, that's great but that's just a small piece that you really need to find out and test and see if it works for you. Because it really depends on where you were born, your blood type, your iron-vatic type, all these things is going as counts because it will make you who you really are and that's important to find out and that tasks to make sure that it is working. So that's kind of where were coming from. That's really natural.

Natalie : So with blood test you can just go anywhere and get a blood test and send it off? How does that work?

Larry : Yeah, they're actually expanding... they're just in the states right now so there are certain areas here in the US and they will go get a blood facility clinic that's covered with long suffix...

Oksana : which is lead core and I think that's requested as well which is everywhere in the US so...

Larry : Yeah and it's perfect it's like we stumbled on and right before a thirty-day class. So you know, we'd blood test right really so right before the cleanse, we'd examined your blood type, you declined... so I mean we're treating that little experiment with cleansing and documenting what we're doing you know, do we actually succeed in what we're trying to do? You know.

Natalie : Yeah. And you guys look remarkably thinner since I saw you last, you can really see you know, but that's what cleanseing will do for you. So Oksana what some of the most you know interesting new things that you found in any video or products that you found out that's really helpful for people with their health?

Oksana : Well we recently actually stumbled again before the cleanse, we got introduced to protocol diet tenacious first, what it is actually extra scallop and a glorious vines, and diamonds for example harmonious scale is number 7, while diet tenacious is number 5, so it's harder than that. But what's the best about it is really it has this razor sharp edges to it and when it gets to your body, it goes between your--it actually targets parasites, so it gets stuck in between the parasite, the Shaw, the parasite and the body so the more parasites move it really reached out you know the one who moves so... And when we do the blood test, we found out that they are actually that they actually, that they could see in our blood and with that help that parasite just altered in just a week of using it. It doesn't taste like anything, it is full of sili-carbon they are important to body functions, you liberate your digestion I mean there are so many bad constructions there and we're on it. So that's one product, it's cheap, it's usably accessible, and it's very effective, and it does what it takes.

Larry : So it was like this you know we're like poles having metal as well as clay almost but some say that penicillin the more you take in to the more it sees how diagnosed you have so we're trying to constantly fighting simplify, it so much noise, it's so much you know stat going on "what do you take? Where do you feel?" it's endless and stuff. Profoundly unconsinating and struggling to find the things that simplify how instead of having to like pop 300 petals and you know...

Oksana : Exactly. And enjoyed while you're doing it so it doesn't taste gross or something, something that you can get stick with you know, you do it like lifestyle instead of just one second.

Larry : One of the biggest the-haves if you have that is probably recommending people do what they constantly do. Don't change anything but add stuffs in. So just add in something, right? Keep doing what you're doing which is adding and juicing and maybe add something else. Well keep doing what you're doing and eventually well doesn't serve you will just flow away and you just continue on doing what makes you feel good, nothing feels good as feeling good.

Natalie : Yeah.

Oksana : Exactly.

Natalie : 'Coz that's the thing I was having--I was giving some advice to someone the other day and this led to she said that I've got you know when she's looking at her goal, like she's got to have everything, I'm gonna get a relationship, I'm gonna get a job, I'm gonna do some wave, I'm like "okay, what you will do is you break it down and go to that tackle everything like for on" and with health go okay you can make to making one change this week whether it's adding you know something different to your diet or whether it's adding 30 minutes of walking a day or something like that and then you go from there, and I think sometimes when you focus more on your health, and really you know making sure that you're looking after your body then all the other benefits of losing weight and head-caving more energy and thinking clearer and then just become a natural part or process, you know the natural by products to that.

Larry : Yeah.

Oksana : Yeah. You pick those statuses along the way, you don't look I mean yes it's good to have a goal at the end of the road but what happens is you know kind of like grabbing along the way. "Oh I just lost weight", "Oh I feel so much better than I did yesterday" so it's pretty easy when you actually just start doing it you know. It's one step at a time that's all it takes.

Larry : One of the reasons I was passionate about doing like this is because I believe all these underlying principle of everything else. If you don't have health then you can't do your work. And you can't enjoy life and you can't manifest things that you need to manifest into your life. So my belief in from the very beginning was that if your health is abundant, if you feel really good, you could do your work. And you can do all and you could bring it into your life what you want to bring in usually in the end of the road.

Natalie : And you know one of those that I love about you guys as well is not just lift service for you, like you get in there, you cleanses, you know and you share that with everyone. SO you know you mentioned it before you did a 10 day-cleanse which leading up to Christmas. So how did you go with that? Like how was that prices for you? What did you found out from that?

Larry : It was an interesting experience so we did a little bit differently. We did 30 days this time because we normally cleanse several times a year, this year we just travel around a lot so we decided to do it once to be a little bit easier, we eliminated a lot of things from our diet but we didn't jumped right in, normally we just do juicing and just do all right away, this time we went to just full on vegan, no--

Oksana : Stimulants.

Larry : no stimulants at all, no coffees, we ate once a day, we juice in the morning, a sugar-free smoothie, and then the first 2 weeks it will be like salad.

Oksana : Or Sudan salad.

Larry : Or Sudan salad. And then the last part was where the fun really began, but because we were using on to it,

Oksana : It wasn't actually pretty easy.

Larry : It wasn't, I mean it's simple because we didn't you know just jump in and chopped our body, we wanted it a little bit smoother so last 2 week we just went all liquid, the 3rd week was juices, smoothies...

Oksana : And some raw soups you know so just like vitamin soups.

Larry : And then the last week we went all sugars,

Oksana : Yeah no carrots, no beans, no apples, 'cause some people like oh yeah no fruits, no not, it involves carrots, and peach and bunch of other stuffs. But by then it was quite easy actually because your body got used to it, I actually have a lot more energy then since the cleanse I started of you know drinking my coffee every other day and I actually noticed I have more energy without it than with it.

Larry: And we're documenting all these stuff if people want to check it out or you know we're releasing our next few weeks and we'll be releasing a lot more stuffs along, our protocols on what we were doing and how we were doing it.

Natalie : Cool. Guys thank you, thank you so much for sharing this information with me today, a pleasure having you here and like I said the reason you're here is because it's not just lift service for you guys, we actually go through and we try the products. I'm actually can't wait to get back, to do the whole blood test 'cause here's the other thing too like I understand that parasites are major problem for most of us. So if you does have topic person that's a lot of blurting, you've got to explain why can't, a lot of time to speak is the parasite that you got, so something that tasteless that's easy to aid. I'm all for that.

Larry : Usually something have so many diagnosed doesn't taste that great.

Natalie : I know, exactly. Like okay doing nasals.

Oksana : You know like you're done quickly up putting down on my nose, it's something.

Natalie : I know it's not good. So guys if people want to find out more about you and about Bewell Buzz and all these information, where can we send them?

Larry : or

Oksana : Or also, which literally states what we're doing, starting a lot more of interviews, podcast, constant information, actually put up our information daily. So there's a lot of cool stuffs out there.

Natalie : And these all free information guys so we really recommend that you go there. And remember if you click on the banner to the side you go straight to the Bewell Buzz from there. So thanks again guys for joining me.

Larry : Thanks for having us.

Oksana : Thank you for having us.

Natalie : Now I encourage you to share this video and all of the information in it and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there, I'd love to send you my "Manifesting with the Masters video E-course" has masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, it's valued $87 but I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail above there to get that. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits.

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