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Episode # 333   Bertrand Dory

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with best selling author, transformational speaker and creator of the community ?Express your Greatness?, Bertrand Dory. Bertrand joins Natalie to discuss the important campaign he has created to help people release repressed emotions like depression and guilt, from their lives. During the show, Bertrand explains that even though we may not realize it, guilt may be the #1 reason people feel stuck in their lives, experience stress and also go through unnecessary pain and suffering. He also opens up about the day his life was turned upside down when something triggered an unconscious feeling of guilt inside of him. He shared however that it also empowered him to help others release these emotions so they can express their full authentic greatness.

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Episode # 333 Bertrand Dory

Natalie: Hi, I’m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today, my special guest is

the amazing Mr. Bertrand Dory. Bertrand is coming to us all the way from Ireland. Is that right?

Bertrand: Yeah, it is right and it is sunny day here today and I’m really proud to say this.

N: (laughs) Very far and few in between aren’t they? Now, I detected a bit of a French accent

though, and Bertrand is a good friend of mine. He has been on the show before but he has an

incredible campaign that I wanted to create an awareness for, a go-go campaign for an amazing

project that I think is going to get quite a bit of attraction. And that is you creating a new

book and it’s all on the subject of guilt. So for those people that may be haven’t seen the

previous show or know about you, can you just tell a little bit about your journey and your

story, then we’ll get into this awesome project that you have now.

B: Yeah. So, my name is Bertrand Dory and you’re right, there is a French accent because I was

born in France a few years ago, went to Ireland 14 years or 16 years ago. I’m a single dad and

I am the author of conversation for your soul, which is now a best-seller, and also the creator

of design (1:19). My passion is to really help people because 5 years ago, I had a big crash

(1:26), a big project and everything collapsed. I was looking for ways to go over it and to

create a life that is really inspiring, fulfilling and loving especially for my daughter. Being

a single dad, she’s really the most important person in my life. So I started to study this and

create my life and inspiring people – that’s my deepest passion. If I can find people making

some good progress in their life, finding joy again then it’s everything that I want.

N: Wonderful. So, how old was your daughter when you started this journey and how old is she


B: She is 14 now. She is, some people say is not a good age but I found that it’s a fabulous

age. She was 8, 9 at that time. So she went through everything you can imagine – me being

divorced, a mom leaving the country, and also, me starting a new life not making money, not

being happy and so on. It was a tough life for her and we went through this. Now, at 14, we

just have this amazing relationship where we can have great conversation, happy conversations.

We can have good times. It’s just amazing. It’s a bliss to be (2:51).

N: That’s awesome. Does she also read the books and learn the information that you teach?

B: Well, that’s a different thing. She uses information. She has a lot of wisdom and she

(3:07). She knows what I’m doing but now for her to say that what I’m doing is good, there’s a

big relief. As a teenager, they don’t like saying this but she has read the book and she said

it was pretty good. So I’m guessing that she liked it. It’s really important because she’s

teaching her own friends and she’s able to respond to life. At 14, there’s a lot of tension, a

lot of social pressure from other children, from other girls, and so on, and she’s able to

navigate this result, any big issue. Of course, there are days where she’s happy, she’s

frustrated, she’s angry and so on, usually, she’s very happy and she will go on and call her

friends and say, hmm, maybe you should look at this differently or maybe that’s just a point of

view or maybe you change this. It’s just amazing when she does this.

N: So you obviously are rubbing off of her a bit, which is good. So tell me what compelled you

to take on this new project and start talking about guilt?

B: Well, what compelled me is that, I interviewed you and we met. I met a lot of people (4:19),

and I know that it is possible to create our life. I know it’s something everyone can do. But I

find so many people that are getting stuck and they don’t know why it does not work for them.

They are starting to judge themselves and they are starting to say, nothing will ever work for

me and so on. I was there too and that’s why I was compelled because when I was there, nothing

will work and I was frustrated, I was alone, I was fearful, petrified and I didn’t know what to

do. I started to look really deeper, first, because I didn’t have a choice, I need money and I

also need to go out of this mess for me and my daughter. Second, I was taking so much action. I

was really stretching myself, doing everything I could - sharing, contributing, giving,

creating new products, creating awareness and so on. But my success, which was a relationship

and more money did not come. So, I had to look at my life and I had to really start to look at

this differently. So I started this really unusual hypotheses, which, if you were to imagine to

go back to my parents, plenty of money, a nice car, a nice suit, a suit that will cost 4, 5,

6,000 dollar and going to them and say, I am living like my dream. When I did this (closes his

eyes), I felt my body completely getting tensed but really tensed. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t

move, I was just stuck in my own body. I started to look at this and I started to realize that

I was feeling guilty because they didn’t have the life that they want and suddenly I would come

here and put right in their face, hey, I have this great life and I had a thought in my head

that I was a bad boy, because who am I to do something that was so different from them? The

guilt started to emerge. And I started to (6:24) these people, I don’t have any guilt. It’s not

real and so on. But that’s not true. The more I was talking to them, the more I was speaking

and coaching my students I realized everybody had it, and when I brought awareness and I was

like, oh yeah, I can see now why this can happen and the more that we get into this, the more

there is awareness and the more these can people can then put everything in practice can then

create a better life for themselves.

N: Exactly, because that’s the thing, a lot of us, I think one that I can relate to, I’m sure a

lot of people who watch this show can, I feel guilty if I am creating income if I’m not working

my butt for it. Like I think to make money, I have to work hard and unless I’m putting in the

extra hours and working that hard, then I’m not going to be able to be abundantly wealthy.

Well, that’s just crazy. So what are the main guilt that seems to come up for lots of people?

B: That’s one of them. We are not working hard and then we have the money or we have a good

life, that’s one of them. Of course, there is the sexual guilt. When people have good

relationship and then they have been told over and over that this was bad, that this was a sin

and people are not expressing themselves. There is also the guilt of having a better life from

their parents. So is the guilt of having pleasure when you are not here for your own children,

like you’re rubbing something out of them. There is a guilt of money, everyone in our society.

Any kind of guilt is a wrong one. Some people are starving so who am I to get this money? My

parents still doesn’t have good lives who am I and so on, and so on. So that’s really a main

guilt. Also, the guilt of being a woman and having a career. So being able to work and create

an income, a lot of women are feeling guilty for this because they should have a child, they

should be a mom, they should be doing things differently, they should be of service and

suddenly they carry all these guilt and in some stage something gets triggered her whole life

will collapse.

N: Yeah, if I’m not suffering those guilts myself, I know someone who has gone through that or

have that discussion around that as well. So, tell me about the indigogo campaign that you are

doing. What that’s all about?

B: Yeah. It’s a chip off my book and thank you very much for helping me with this one. It’s a

new book called, sentenced for life: guilty of guilt. The thing is we create this own prison in

our mind. Once we open this door, or not really open, once we start to be aware of this it’s

like your cage disappears and we can really start to express ourselves. But as long as we have

this cage around us, we cannot express. We cannot become. We cannot even dream anymore because

even dreaming is something we feel guilty about and we can’t create our life. So, this book is

about bringing awareness to people. I would share my own story and the guilt that I had where,

it’s that thing that I never, ever, ever, ever thought that I was carrying this (9:40). It was

so familiar. It was part of my life, all my life. I never felt it but it really was triggered

and when it was triggered it just created a magical event one after the other where a lot of my

relationship, my job, my income, my business, my relationship with my daughter and my

relationship with my parents and all of these in two weeks. It was just like, wow, what just

happened here? It was one gate. Remembering what happened in my past. I don’t even know, I was

about two or three and this was in me and it was triggered on one event. One look at my

daughter’s eyes and (10:24). So I really want to share this with people because once people get

aware that they have this, once they know they have something like this that’s inside of them,

in many of my talks, tears come in and really just this, ahh, it’s not only me. (10:45) to move

again, that’s what I wanted to do. So I’m sharing this book, my stories, awareness, what guilt

can do and looking at these in different ways because it’s so important for us to be able to

look at this in different ways and I’m going to have very, very powerful ways techniques that

are helping people to release (11:03)

N: Wonderful. So guys if you click on the banner to the side of this video, that would take you

straight through to Bertrand’s indigogo page. So you can go through and make a donation because

this is an incredible project and I’m sure nearly every single person that is watching this

video right now can relate to one thing that we’ve said today. And if you can just get help on

how to work through that and the solution to being able to release that for you, it’s going to

be worth it. You have no idea the heights you are able to achieve in your life. So I really

encourage you to go ahead and to make a donation there. Bertrand, is there anything else that

we want to add before we go?

B: Yeah. People who would donate more than $25 will get a copy of the book, physical copy.

There are several levels of donation of course. But you can become the hero of somebody’s life,

that’s really what it is, you are the hero of your own life but you don’t know who’s going

(12:06) and may be you’re going to avoid some people to make some stupid steps in their life or

becoming better parents. For me, that’s really close to my heart. By giving a donation, you

will get a lot of prices and perks back that it’s more for you to be this person that enabled

this project and for me, that’s the most important and the most golden gift that we can give to


N: Absolutely, couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Bertrand for joining me. It’s

been an absolute pleasure having you today.

B: Thank you, Natalie. Thank you.

N: Perfect. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. Get the word out. Let’s create some

momentum for this project. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share

buttons on this page. Now, also, download the app if you haven’t done so already. So that you

can watch the shows on the go, you don’t have to necessarily be in front of your computer. Make

sure that you leave your email on the box on this page because I would love to send you the

manifesting with the master’s video e-course. It has masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraff

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until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see

you soon.
Bertrand Dory



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