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Episode # 527   Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

About The Episode:

We’re going deep on today’s episode of The Inspiration Show! My dear friend, neuroscientist, chiropractor, lecturer and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, joins us to share the simple steps anyone can follow to trigger a mystical, transcendental, life-changing state of higher consciousness in the mind. You’ll be blown away by what happens to your brain in this state, the seemingly superhuman abilities it awakens in you - and how surprisingly easy it is to experience it (once you know how).

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Episode # 527 Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today I have on the show a very good friend of mine, we’re talking about his new book called Becoming Supernatural. This book has been years in the making and I’m really excited that it’s been released and I’ve already read most of the book and I’m just so astounded by the research and everything that’s been gathered over the last few years. We’re going to talk a little bit more of that in a moment but before I do that I just want to remind you that if you are watching this show live on Facebook or if you are watching it on our YouTube channel don’t forget that after the show is over if you click the link below this video you can take our 30-second quiz to figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, please let me introduce my good friend Dr. Joe Dispenza. Hi Dr. Joe, how are you?

Dr. JD: I’m good Natalie. I’m happy to be with you.

NL: I’m very happy to be with you as well because we’re talking about a book that like I said it’s been years in the making. Becoming Supernatural has been the culmination of five years of measurements at events and to me, I think it’s a very pioneering book and I think it’s a bit of a risk - you know you’ve taken a big ton of courage because from what I can see, a lot of the measurements and things that you’ve been gathering in the book probably are going to challenge a few people.

Dr. JD: Well, look I think that there always has to be a little bit of new information that is cutting edge and it has to be challenging to some degree because that’s the only way that we evolve. And I think there’s always chaos around truth, that’s just the way it is. And a lot of the measurements that we got, if you look at them, five years in the making with 19 advanced workshops. You’ve been to all of them, in fact. You understand that when people start reaching transcendental states and have a subjective experience, my passion is to measure it objectively and those measurements are supernatural in a lot of ways and you won’t see them in conventional understanding. So it’s taking my team and I some time to be able to disseminate it and process the information to make sense of it. But gosh darn, it’s pretty exciting and I wrote the book and it was a risk but I think the challenge is the risk is worth the challenge is worth the results. So I’m willing to go for it.

NL: Yeah. So tell us how the idea came about to actually, you know, start measuring these things at your live events and what were you measuring.

Dr. JD: Well, it’s interesting because, well, when we started teaching in our progressive workshops - we’re just really a Friday night, Saturday, Sunday - and we started seeing people in wheelchairs all of a sudden that were, you know, bound to them for ten years, get up and after a meditation start moving around and they had MS or lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or Hashimoto syndrome and you start seeing changes taking place in real time during an event. I knew that it was time to start measuring it and I wanted to measure because I think it’s important for people to really demystify the process. So the concept was information to transformation. If you give people sound scientific information, in science it’s the contemporary language of mysticism. It demystifies the mystical and you combine a little quantum physics with a little neuroscience with a little neuroendocrinology with a little mind-body psychoneuroimmunology, a little epigenetics. All of those sciences point the finger at possibility. But it’s not just important to keep that in that theoretical or philosophical realm, what about the application or the demonstration or the initiation of that information? And so when people begin to understand the information I think the next step is for them to experience it. And when you have an experience then not only does it shape the brain neurologically but it begins to produce very strong chemicals and they’re called emotions, and so when we start to feel the emotions of leadership, when we start to feel the emotions of freedom or compassion, now we’re teaching our body chemically to understand what our mind is intellectually understood. So it acknowledges for the mind and experiences for the body. So if we’re seeing some type of changes that are taking place in real time, some type of transformation, if I could measure that transformation, now I have more information to teach transformation the next time. And if I could measure that transformation, I can gain even more information to teach transformation next time, and you can close the gap between knowledge and experience. And so we’ve done over 9,000 brains scans pre and post measurements on our students. We’ve measured brains in real time during meditation. We’ve measured heart rate variability because it requires a coherent brain and a coherent heart to begin to produce effects in your life. And we want to train students to be able to sustain those states not just for five seconds but for an extended period of time. We've measured genetic changes, we've measured the activation or the up-regulation of immune proteins that are powerful healing agents and downregulated the genes for cortisol. We've measured telomeres, we've measured the energy in the room, energy around people's bodies, the energy centers of bodies, we’ve measured neurotransmitters, oxytocin, melatonin, serotonin, and a lot of those measurements, in fact, turned out to be supernatural. And if you were to ask me just even three years ago if I was open to the idea of some of the measurements that we’ve been getting in the last few years, I would say probably not. And so I think I’ve been just as much challenged and shocked by some of the measurements we’ve gotten, and it’s caused me to stretch outside my own personal box as well.

NL: Yeah. Well, I have been witness to a lot of those measurements that you've been collecting and it has been absolutely astounding. And when you’re at your live events, your advanced events, there are a lot of meditations happening, which you talk a lot about in the book but it’s not like people are just lying there with their eyes closed, like what’s actually happening to participants when they’re in these meditations.

Dr. JD:   Yeah and it’s pretty interesting now because I haven’t actually said this in public yet, but we now know that when I say certain words were so specific now that we can see very, like you have 14 people lined up with getting a brain scan and they’re in the middle of the meditation and I say a certain word and all 14 of them go into gamma brainwave patterns. That’s important to know, so we’ve been really getting more specific in how to induce certain states and then how to sustain those states and, you know, when you get 750 people together or 1500 people together and everybody’s fired up and everybody’s passionate about their own experience in creating their own life, I think it becomes very infectious and so you will see as the days go on more and more miraculous and supernatural changes taking place.

NL: Yeah. Because what you have been measuring is people changing their brainwave state and during the meditations I know people are getting into theta brainwave and gamma brainwave. So what’s happening when they’re actually in those brainwave states?

Dr. JD: Well, let’s talk about it to the application of Mind Movies, because there’s a chapter of Mind Movies in the book, because we use the technology so specifically with what we do, and when you're in normal thinking awareness and most of your attention is on your outer environment, it's on objects and people and bodies and things and places. For the most part, your brain has to integrate all that information through your senses and it's a lot of data, so the brain’s job is to create meaning or coherence between what’s going on in your outer world and what's going on in your inner world. So in beta brainwave patterns, you're analyzing and you're thinking. If you throw a little stress hormones in there and you're a little out of balance or you're a little fearful or a little anxious, a little angry, a little frustrated, a little impatient or resentful, a little sad, a little depressed, your brain goes into a very high state of beta and now you’re overly analytical and you’re analyzing your life within that emotion. In fact, we’ve measured that and it makes your brain worse, as a matter of fact, if the emotion is a record of the past then you’re thinking in the past. And the solution is when you get outside of that emotional state or get beyond yourself. So in that state where you’re in beta, you tend to narrow your focus on objects, on things, on people. You’re looking at the material world and we define our reality with our senses. When you close your eyes and you begin to relax or you begin to play soft music in the background and change your breathing, less sensory information coming to the brain changes your brain from beta brainwaves to alpha brainwaves. Now in alpha, all of a sudden your inner world starts becoming a little bit more important than your outer world. You can still hear your outer world but your inner world is where most of your attention is. But we’ve found that when people focus on nothing, when we go from a narrow focus or a convergent focus to an open focus or a divergent focus, all of a sudden they produce not only alpha brainwave patterns but very organized and coherent alpha brainwave patterns. When you’re in that high beta state the brain’s very disintegrated. Different neurological networks are competing and those brain’s network are disintegrated or incoherent. So we started noticing that we were producing very very coherent alpha brainwave patterns and then the person lets their body fall asleep and they keep their mind awake they fall into theta and, wow, we’ve had a lot of people move into coherent theta brainwave patterns and that’s kind of that hypnotic state. So you fall asleep, you move into Delta. So what we want to do is to catch students. First of all train them with their eyes closed because it’s easier to do with your eyes closed because you’re less distracted by your body, by your environment, and in time that we want them to be able to regulate those states and know the difference when they’re changing their brainwaves. And know when they’re coherent and not coherent so it becomes a skill. So then when they move into theta, then the whole purpose of meditation is to get beyond the analytical mind and what separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind is the analytical mind, so your brain wave’s down, you move into the operating system where those automatic habits and unconscious beliefs and perceptions and emotional reactions and addictions exist. So now you can make those changes, but you can’t do it in beta brainwave patterns because you’re outside the operating system, so you have to get inside there. So when we do Mind Movies as an example, as one of the techniques for people to create their future, we like to use a kaleidoscope to induce a certain level of trance, and when you’re in trance you’re in alpha and theta brainwave patterns and you’re more suggestible to information, and suggestibility is your ability to accept, believe and surrender to information without analyzing it. So when a person goes into trance by looking at the kaleidoscope, now they’re doing it with their eyes open and we have some great measurements of people in theta brainwave patterns, in deep alpha brainwave patterns and they’re so suggestible to information that you can drive a Mind Movie right into it and the doors wide open. So when they go from the kaleidoscope to their Mind Movie and they start watching their Mind Movie, now we see their brains go into a very aroused state, into a super conscious state, and the theta brainwaves act as carrier waves to produce really powerful waves called gamma brainwave patterns where the brain is super aroused, but the arousal is not coming from a stressor and their outer world. Arousal is coming from the body raising its energy and it moves right into the limbic brain, and all of a sudden you see the whole brain go into gamma and that’s when the person is really living the experience and they’re wide open, the brain is recording it. So in fact they're actually, in a way, remembering their future and I like that idea because biologically it's no different. So teaching people how to regulate their internal states and be able to create brain coherence and heart coherence increases the efficacy or the outcome of why they're doing it in the first place and they get more immediate results.

NL: Yeah. I know you don’t use the word visualize in your workshops, you actually get people to dimensionalize a scene from their mind movie. So what’s happening when they’re doing that?

Dr. JD:  Well I want people, first of all, when they’re completely in that suggestible state, I want their subconscious to record their whole mind movie. I want them to watch it so many times with that music that every time the scene changes they can anticipate the next scene based on how the music is changing. So now they’re creating associative memory. So the brain, after a period of time, begins to map it and it’s important for them to map the scenes, so then the next step is to become dimensional in the scene. And what I mean, dimensional visualize. You know, a lot of people see things two dimensionally but if you were to close your eyes and I asked you to sense those feathers to the right of you, as you begin to sense them your brain starts to create a three-dimensional image in space, and then if I say sense the one behind you and sense what’s in front of you, the act of sensing space begins to recruit a lot of different neurological networks in your brain. And if you get enough neurological networks beginning to fire, sooner or later the whole brain produces an IMAX experience and we’ve measured that during a dimensionalization of a Mind Movie many times and all of a sudden the person will say, “Oh no I was there, I was in the scene, I was on the back of that Vespa in the Amalfi Coast. I could smell the cologne or I know it’s gonna happen because I experienced it.” And so if experience enriches the brain, and it does, and experience produces an emotion, it does, then their brain and body look like the experience has already occurred. Now, what's the significance of that? They'll tend to think neurologically within the circuits of that new experience like, “Hey my future's coming” and they'll believe it and they'll tend to feel like it already has happened. So if you feel like your future has already happened, you’re less likely to force outcomes, control outcomes, fight for outcomes, manipulate outcomes, because you feel like the emotion has already happened. So most people are waiting for something outside of them to take away the emptiness or the lack or separation inside of them, and then when they feel better they pay attention to what caused it and that creates a memory. But what if they’re not creating anything and it doesn’t happen? They spend their whole life in lack. So the person who’s actually experienced the quantitative emotion where they were there and it was more real than they could ever imagine. They’re not visualizing anything in this moment. We’re getting a download of data. The brain is now turned on and the residue of that emotion makes them feel like it has already happened so they’re more present in the moment. They’re less doubtful, they’re less worried, less anxious. And then when it comes, they always say the same thing, “I knew it was gonna happen, I knew it was gonna happen.” And knowing is not a bad place to be living from.

NL: Yeah. And from what I understand from what you teach, you’re creating new neural networks, so even thoughts are in alignment with this reality that they’ve already seen. So when things start to show up in this reality, they recognize straight away that this is the scene or the future that they were creating.

Dr. JD:   This is such an important point because this is why I love the Mind Movie technology, because if you’re not gonna create a Mind Movie of your future and get very clear on what it is, how do you know your new relationship when it shows up? You won’t recognize it, because you don’t have the circuits in place to see it. How will you when it’s the right job if you can’t resonate with the feeling, but if you’re feeling lack or fear or worried you’re not gonna make that choice because you’re gonna not trust your intuition. So it’s important for people to emotionally embrace it. It’s important for people to get into it, to experience it because as they experience more and more of it the brain only perceives how it’s wired. So we don’t see things how they are, we things how we are. So if you’re not installing the circuitry to be able to perceive it, you may walk right past it. So I love that idea, because our students know they see it and they’ll say that is it. “That is it. I know it. I know it.” How do you know? “Because I dreamed it or I know it. I’ve experienced it” and gosh darn it, that’s a great way to describe reality because that’s pattern recognition. So your brain recognizes patterns, and those patterns are reflections of neurological circuits. So if you don’t know somebody then you’ll walk right past them because you don’t know them, but when there’s a recognition of a pattern, then you have a memory. So we want people to recognize their future as a memory because they’ve installed the circuits in place.

NL: Yeah. You know there’s a couple of things I love most about this book, and the first part is how you start with a real story and some case studies, and because we’ve heard so many incredible stories over the years of people who’ve manifested or they’ve been able to create homes and jewelry and trips and all that kind of thing. But it’s the ones that have overcome their own body, they’ve overcome their own condition, that have been able to shift their focus from what they are experiencing to something different, to be able to entertain their future and then be able to overcome their body and I think that’s the most powerful of all the stories. So being able to share those, especially up front because it means that now I’m going to scientifically explain how that works, and the gift that you have is being able to get these really complicated concepts and be able to explain them in the way that’s very easy not just to understand, but to also be able to apply. I think the book is, for me, a manual. It’s, “Yes this is how it’s happening!” Because we have the scientific and logical explanation and the evidence to back it up, now it’s easy for us to apply.

Dr. JD: I like that for the person, because evidence is what people need. Nobody needs talking heads anymore. Evidence speaks for itself, and when someone stands up and tells the story of how they had a serious health condition, whether it was cancer or chronic pain or some other genetic disorder that medical science had no solution for, and they tell their story and it’s not glamorous all the time and they don’t look like a movie star or a famous person they’re just an average person. And you realize, wow, this person took a certain amount of time out of their life to begin the process of transformation and change. And you look at them and you think wow they're no different than me and if they can do it, I certainly can. And I like that idea because then just like an infection spreads amongst a community to create disease. You get seven hundred or thousand people in the room I think that health and wellness can be as infectious as disease and that's become the new norm. And that's what we're looking for.

NL: Absolutely. Well, Dr. Joe, thank you for joining me today. I knew that this was going to go very quickly, but if people want to contact you or get their hands on the book, where can we send them to do that?

Dr. JD: Probably the best place to buy the book is just on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. We do sell them on our site. Hay House sells them as well. My website is just and it’s pretty much everywhere now.

NL: Yeah, and guys if you're watching this online we will have the link underneath the video here, or we'll have the banner to the side that you can click on and go straight through. So thank you again, Dr. Joe, for your time. Always a pleasure chatting to you.

Dr. JD: Great seeing you

NL: Yeah, great. So guys, thanks for joining us! Please share this video, please get the word out by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page and make sure you click on that banner to go through and order Dr. Joe’s book. It is a life changer. I can’t recommend it more highly. So guys, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. Alright, guys, we'll see you soon. Bye for now.

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