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Episode # 4   Are You in Your Happy Place

About The Episode:

LOA guru Natalie Ledwell will challenge you to find your Happy Place and break down positive vibrations. She shares her journey of how she's gotten where she is today, and how the movie 'The Secret' inspired her.

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Episode # 4 Are You in Your Happy Place

Natalie: hi it's Natalie here and welcome to inspiration show. Now today we'll gonna start addressing on my upcoming book. Now it's a working progress and I haven't done in a moment and I haven't pile for it yet but what we'll do is share the information of chapters with you as I'm writing. That way I can get your feedback learn from your experiences and try to corporate that along with the book. You know so that we can help as many people as we can. So for the first chapter that I'm working on is for now I'm calling it Are You in Your Happy Place because even before we contemplate what is it we really want and set goals for our self it is really important that we start from positive vibration so many people so difficult to find what is it they want because they are starting from the vibration of stress, worry, or pessimism or doubt you know when you experience this emotions it is nearly impossible to see yourself outside this current situation it completely envelopes you, you know everything bad is around you and you can't see out of it because of the flow of vibration. So, you know I don't understand what is that long ago when I'm not there myself. Maybe you can relate on my story see before mind movies, my husband Glen and I had 4 businesses that we're running all that the same time and we were still sleeping back financially we were working harder, the harder we work the more stressed we were and we just stalk I'm gonna ahead and maybe you can relate to them but then I saw the movie The Secret and that's what I have my pity and that's gonna change for us. You see I have been a student of management since I was 21 I was so lucky and fortunate that my boss at that time was first CD cassettes by Brian Tracey cassettes, I'm showing my age and it opened up the whole world for me all thru out my 20s I go to robins, gym ruin, zig zigla you know, like I said I'm showing my age but you see all the motivational speakers into that time, in that whole world, my problem was that I would never set myself huge audacious goals cause I could never see how I was to do it. when I hath to sit down and write my plan a year, my 3 year, my 5 year I couldn't do it because I couldn't see huge, so I always set up goals that I knew I could achieve but then when I watch the secret I had this trivia when ah okay, you drop I understand now though when the law of attraction is at play I don't need to know how I'm gonna do it I just need to focus on the end results see myself on the position of it and feel the air the emotions of already having it and as soon that I starts on that direction it starts the momentum going, the universe will start me from doing and the ideas and the resources and abilities that I need to be able to reach my goal I didn't need to know how, I just needed to get silence and then the how would come to me you know I didn't know how would it be financially free but I just focus on the fact that I wanted to be there. And when I could do that for the first time I felt hope, I felt happy and I felt confident, that we could actually reach our goals because when I after watching that movie I was going wild law of attraction would be working and then just get into that vibration this maybe find silly but what I use to do I use to get all the credit card statements get a red marker and put a big line into it and paid on it and then throw them on the floor they paid now and no worry about them bit of rubbish on the floor and have a word favourite into them on the mind in this happy state that is done. And to be honest with you a couple years later after these events that we find ourselves in the position that get that money anymore so you really want it to contemplate goals in a positive vibrations because when you're in the positive vibration goals are set from inspiration and not desperation. So let's just say you're not even negative let's just say you're in a neutral state not super positive and not super negative even from this neutral state you can only set goals that you think you can easily achieve not passionate, scary, audacious, that you can't ignore. Think about it, if you doubt on how a law of attraction works or when you reach a big goal will you take action on that big goal. All you do is to set yourself into small, easy, tangles or stay on the current situation your in you can't say win out of it or bob editing without and extra graffiti but when you're in a positive side you can't wait to put in some extra effort not changing that situation no positive vibration then your awake and installs belief that you can't achieve your goals now when our talking about positive vibration I am not talking about over the top, annoyingly cheer leader happy cheer and that's not what it is at all. You can't even maintain in no regular basis. But there are positive emotions that you can be in list of positive emotion, so let's think about something like peace. It's positive, gratitude, contentment, love, appreciation, optimism, hopefulness they're all positive emotions that will initiate positive vibrations. Not only we need to stop from negative vibration. We need to maintain a positive vibration. Because in law of attractions positive attracts positive. What you put out comes box to you. You putting bout negative vibration positive ideas, resources, research that we need. To your goals. Now positive vibration sets the energy got daw. We're all been in a situation when you in the bed and in the situation. So you broke a glass or something happened so you have a thought and you don't want to have a thought. Oh my god here we go bad day. And next thing you know you get the end of the day it's terrible because it started in that incident. It's snowballs and attracted more and more for the rest of the days works the opposite as well now when you wake up in the morning focus on what you are grateful for spend that first 10 minutes with your eyes closed to the question. What can I do to make me closer to my question today? It put you into that energy and for the rest of the day. Now positive vibration also motivate you into action. Now you know when you're in positive state and got this goal can't wait to get you into that day can't wait to start the day and achieving that goal now positive vibrations can also make alignment to those things you wanted to attract and remember in law of attraction we'll gonna become additional maps of the things we didn't try. And when we do that we need to be in the positive vibrations, positive vibrations also speaks up the manifesting man if you have positive vibrations all the time, you become vibration match of anything attract. You will find yourself at the point where you always say things will look after me. Because your positive and vibration all the time on a much faster way. positive vibrations also maintains positive emotions around your goals ]the negative ones which is really difficult in a decision talk about this before and the negative is around you to think positive and when you're in positive vibrations you see a many different way and perfect example of these comes from my friend Mr Bob Proctor and I was on web with him someone ask a question, how do you stay positive if everything around you or working around you. And I had question many times and as you know it's a question I ate about ana. Now Bob's answer was very profound, the situations are neither right or wrong put the bag they adjust they had no meaning from the meaning I gave you. So when you're in positive vibrations you tend not to give money on the script you don't see them as bad and this meant to be and around the world now in Bob case he was telling about a story a book he wrote many years ago written everything that by hand and a notebook in a binder and he accidentally now he completely finish the book and when his wife ask him. You think about I would be soldiers he said you know what this is so bad it has to be good so what is it about that so he re-wrote the whole book the better with the 2nd time around and it's on my job like I said he thought it was obviously meant to be. So this is some info that I have in the first chapter of the book I'll be giving you the reasons why and drop consistently positive vibrations but in the next video which should be coming up in and how you can do this and ask you're a and so I'd like to include in the faculty so guys I hope you got a fabulous day thank you for joining remember, live large, choose courageously and love without limits. Bye for now.

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