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Episode # 34   Answer to 7 Secrets Questions

About The Episode:

Natalie answers questions from people like you who are using her "7 Secrets to Happiness" program. She talks about incorporating Daily Success Habits into your life and how to stick with these habits. Natalie offers her opinion on whether or not you should create deadlines for your Law of Attraction goals. She also gives advice on how to take purposeful actions to achieve your goals, even when things seem difficult. You don't want to miss this episode!

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Episode # 34 Answer to 7 Secrets Questions

Natalie Ledwell: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today is a special show because I'm actually answering questions for those people who are going through, or have gone through the seven secrets to happiness course. But, because this questions are such great questions, I thought everyone in the mind movies community would benefit from the answers. Especially if you watched my recent videos on how to implement your daily success habits. Now in my newest video that talk about five basic habits that everyone should incorporate into their day. And if you haven't catch that, just go into the archives below and have a look at that after you watched this video. Now the seven secrets to happiness course steps up to the next level. That actually helps you to program your mind to naturally gravitate towards happiness. So, question number 1 is "What happens when I miss a few days or a few weeks of my habits?" This is a really good question because when I talk about adopting either the habits and the seven secrets course or the five basic success habits. I'm talking about creating a permanent and positive change in your behavior that becomes an unconscious part of you everyday. Now once you've mastered this, this behavior will be with you for life. So a couple of days or couple of weeks out of the rest of your life, is not gonna hinder your ability to be successful. So, do successful people do every single habit every single day? No. But you that, cause you know, there's always holidays, work or something that always comes up. But the thing is, when they're in a routine, this things do, habits, to become natural part of their routine so they do do the most of the time. The important thing to remember, is that in the beginning, this habits will be adopted through repetition. So work out what works best for you. Now if you try to incorporate five new habits all at one time and its too much, then break it down and just tackle one at a time. Now this is when we broke down the seven secrets to happiness course into seven modules. So it's such a work for greater success, and you're not trying to do everything at the same time. Okay, second question is "I'm feeling great when I'm doing my habits, but what can I do when doubts and worries creep in?" Okay. First of all, I want you to know that it is normal to have doubts creeping in especially if you're striving for a big goal. Now when I interviewed the passion peeps, and you guys again you can go to the archives and have a look at some of this videos, the common thing with everyone, that successful, is that they decided that failure is not an option. Now there's always a way to achieve their goals. Now my suggestion in this situation, other than you know sticking to doing your habits especially gratitude, it's to absolutely decide that you will succeed. Make that decision. Put it in line. "This is it. I'm making a decision. I'm going to achieve this goal." And then, print out a mantra, or a statement, and then stick it on the wall or on the computer or on the fridge or somewhere to remind you when you start to have doubts. You know, for me, I always use this cause I actually get freaked out a little bit and I get really stressed when I don't feel I got enough time in a day to complete everything that I wanna complete. Of course, stressing about this and focusing on not having enough time obviously attracts more stress and, of course, not enough time. So my mantra is "I have more than enough time." Now your mantra can be something like "I am successful." You know, "I'm a successful business owner." "I will succeed." Or "failure is not an option." Something that resonates with you that will instill positive emotions every time that you see it. The trick is not to focus on failing or the doubts or the stress too much, because the more energy you put into that, the more that becomes your reality. Okay next question is "What if I don't meet the deadline for my goal?" This is a good question as well. With most traditional personal development advise, they will tell you to set a date. Now there's nothing wrong with setting a date and being specific about the time that you want to achieve your goal and it gives you something that you strive for. Now, I don't disagree with that but I personally don't do that a lot. You know, law of attraction principles teaches that if you keep focus on the end result, and starts some action in that direction, you will reach your goal. Now I don't set time on the goals that I strive for, but I know and confirm with myself every single day that when I move closer to that goal, that I will achieve it. You know, once your on that path or on that journey, it's, you know, you feel like you're gonna be achieving it anyway because you're still moving closer and closer. Now my advise is not to stress about the date. You know. If you consistently taking action and moving closer to your end result, does it really matter when that, when you actually achieve that goal? Okay question number four: "Once I reach my goal, what's next?" Okay. As you seven secrets people know, I recommend on focusing one big goal at a time. Especially when you're incorporating new things into your routine, and applying this knowledge on a goal for the first time. That's why I love this questions cause that means that you've actually achieved your goals on seven-week period that you were looking to achieve it. Now, in week one, you created a list of goals in different life areas and chose the one you want to focus on for the next seven weeks. Now is the time to revisit that list. More that likely you will find that because you are maintaining this high positive vibration for this seven week period that some of the things on that list have already been manifested. And hopefully, when you look at this list again, one thing in particular would jump out for you for your next FL. The thing is, there is always a new goal to strive for. Now, I don't know about you but I really get a high from challenging myself and I create at least one new mind movie a year. At least on. Now they don't always contain material goals, cause as time goes on, there are less material goals are made to achieve because I've achieved all of those things. So most of the bench, personal benchmarks, like running my first book or speaking on stage, they also contain personality characteristics. You know, a new characteristic that I wanna take on, a new belief that I wanna adopt to replace the limiting one that I'd let go off. The amazing thing is now that you are equipped with the knowledge on how to achieve anything, you find that there are less road blocks for you. And when the road blocks come up they're easy to do with more opportunities coming your way. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. Regardless if wether you've completed the seven secrets of happiness course or not. So remember, please leave any questions or comments below. And if you found this information useful, I really encourage you to share this by clicking on the facebook and twitter buttons above. And also, if you have done so already, just make sure that you put your e-mail in the box above there, we'll send you six pre-made mind movies and we'll send you an e-mail, e-mails to keep you up date on the upcoming shows. So thanks again for joining me. And remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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