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Episode # 390   Anil Gupta

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Anil Gupta, a bestselling author and gifted speaker who focuses on transforming the lives of those struggling with life challenges. Anil also runs successful workshops around the world teaching his happiness principles and a methodology that he’s developed that brings proven, rapid and lasting results. During the show Anil explains he was once extremely unhappy, until he decided to shift his life perspective to a place of gratitude and serve others without expecting anything in return. He also shares that happiness does come from within, and in order to tap into that happiness we must first be aware of what we need, what’s missing in our life and what do we need to let go of. Anil also reveals the very important questions he asked himself to get out of his depression and find fulfillment. Plus, he unveils how to use his happiness principles to improve any relationship.

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Anil Gupta



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