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Episode # 325   Anik Singal

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show Natalie Ledwell speaks with internet marketing expert and entrepreneur, Anik Singal. Anik joins Natalie to discuss his very unique and effective business course designed to help people start their own businesses online successfully, while transforming the lives of others. During the show, Anik shares his very inspiring journey from becoming a multimillionaire in his 20?s, to going bankrupt, to finally reaching fulfillment. He achieves this not just by generating money, but by helping others reach the same success as him. He also reveals how internet marketing is a great way for anyone to not only make money, but to also get a message out to the world.

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Episode # 325 Anik Singal

Natalie: Hi, I’m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show, I have a

very special guest with me, actually a friend of mine, who is really helping people to get

their message out into the world through the internet in a very unique and effective way. So,

I’d like you to welcome my guest today, Mr. Anik Singal. How are you Anik?

Anik: I’m good Natalie. How are you? Thank you for having me, it’s an honor.

N: It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here. And we’ve got awesome information here to share

with people today. And of course, I’m all about if you have an amazing message and you want to

get it out into the world, for me, I always say the internet can change them. So, any way that

we can help people easily leverage what they have and the message that they want to get it out

there is always very interesting information for our viewers. But before we get into that

awesome stuff, why don’t we start a little bit about your background and your story and how did

you get into doing what it is you do?

A: Sure. I’d love to. So you know, I’m 31 years old now, I started about closing in on 12 years

now, so 11 plus years ago, I was in college. I tell you, my whole inspiration to start when I

first started was only because I basically just wanted to generate income. That’s the truth. I

wanted to make income. I wanted to make money and so, I was sitting in college, I didn’t want

to do the usual 9 to 5. I didn’t want to be controlled by somebody else. So I went out and

start to looking for a way to generate an income. Now, those days and we were young, the whole

concept of reaching the world and having a voice and having an influence is not really big at

that moment. So what happened was I started doing a lot of things, I started learning internet

marketing. I really struggled. I’m talking about big time struggle for 18 months and figuring

it out. Finally, one day it was snapping into gear and I figured it out and before I knew it,

sitting in college, I was making 30 to 50 thousand dollars a month, net profit. I didn’t get a

job. I turned down amazing job offers from wall street just because I was so happy with my

business – (2:02) spoke on stage, started doing amazing things and my business was booming and

it was growing. I’ll tell you where I learned about the true impact and voice that we end up

having without realizing it and it changed who I was, was when my business really took a big

turn for the south. The economy crashed a little bit. I made some really bad business

decisions. My expenses went through the roofs. I had this can’t touch me superman thing going

on, so I thought I could do anything I want and that didn’t pan out very well. So all of a

sudden I had a business that’s doing 10 million a year, to now being 1.7 million dollars in

debt. And I was destroyed. And at this point, I’m going to end up declaring bankruptcy. So, I

never shared this publicly, this is the first time I’m talking about this, basically, I had to

do whatever I had to do to make money. Get that money back. So I ended up doing, I got led down

to some tracks and I found some friends and I ended up in a market that I felt I can monetize

very quickly, right? And it did, and I made a lot of money. At that time, it was like devil and

the deep sea, I had to pick one or the other. I didn’t have a choice. Something started

happening though, I started to monetize that industry. Of course, I started to make tons of my

money back. I started paying my debts back and the whole business process that happened there

and how email marketing saved my company, you know, you can see all of that, click the link and

I’ll share the story. But what I want to talk with you guys is that I started travelling around

and people come up to me and they would ask me stuff about the things I emailed them about and

essentially I’ll tell you what happened, I went in to a market, I went from being a person who

taught entrepreneurs and businessmen and internet marketers, to being someone who started

supporting these one-click reach programs. This little button will make you a ton of money,

because they convert it, they made money and I’m admitting it was a mistake, I wish I hadn’t

done it but at the same time it paid the bills at that time, it saved my life. But what started

happening, people came and talked to me about it. There’s a hey I bought that program, it’s not

quite working and this and that, I’m trying, in my head I think, man, this person trusted me

and based on my word not only bought this program but spent the last 6 weeks of her life trying

to make it work, when deep down I know, it’s probably not going to work the way it sold. Nat, I

had a real moment of just turn-around at that point and realized, you know what I’m not just

(4:41) sitting behind a computer anymore, I had a voice, the world is listening, people are

listening to me and I’m guiding people. I have to take that responsibility seriously. And it

brought me a lot of joy, Natalie, to know that suddenly out of nowhere by mistake, I had fallen

on the most beautiful method of being able to take my voice out to the world, while also

generating a very high quality business out of it. It’s just now I take my voice very seriously

– what I say, how I deliver it – I take it very seriously because I know people are listening.

For those of you listening right now, you know you can have an amazing following, an amazing

voice, teach the world, you can change the world all using as simple as email marketing

business model and while achieving financial freedom for yourself.

N: Yeah. It’s interesting when you shift from, and I have a similar story, I had my 30s is what

I called my beige years, because beige is just a yucky color, it’s a nothing color. But the

reason why I called it my beige years is because it’s 10 years, Glen and I, we had so many

different businesses, we had a night club for 5 years, bathroom advertising, property

development, coffee franchises, healthy business, there were so many things that we did but

every single business that we went into was like how much to invest, return on our investment,

how we make money and our exit strategy, so it’s all about the money.

A: Yup.

N: And for me, it was like, it wasn’t soul crushing but to me it wasn’t soul-fulfilling. It

wasn’t until mind movies came along that we started to work forward through this. We started

getting emails from people going this is changing my life. It started to wake something in me

that really opened my soul up again and this is where I am supposed to be. (overlaps with guest)

A: I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes.

N: So totally. I think we all have done things in the past that we’ve done just for the money

because we have to. But isn’t it interesting and I want to get your take on this on how you go

from what was that shift for you? How do you feel now, going from focusing on just the money

and how important it is for you serve people other than focusing on the money?

A: Oh man. I just got chills with that question because it’s such an amazing feeling. I don’t

know how to put it in words. First of all, my income shot up by almost three-fold. Okay, so I

think I want to make that a point. When I suddenly do good by my people, as they would say, my

income went through the roof. And I love waking up in the morning, okay. I love when I have

eighteen hundred emails from people. Today, right now, I’m busy doing all kinds of things with

the launch going on, this and that, and I was joking with one of our affiliates this morning,

man, I woke up this morning and (7:31) guess what, I love it. I have no problems putting them

out because I know that I’m doing what I love to do. You know, I’ll tell you something, this

recently happened, three days ago I was just talking to a friend of mine, he’s a really big

motivational speaker and he said something to me and he said, if you were to die at exactly 7

days, if you knew you’re going to die, what would you do? What would you do in your life? And I

froze. And I looked at him and said, nothing. And he said, what do you mean? And I said, I will

keep living the way I am right now, like I won’t want to change anything. And that, I still get

chills thinking about that. That’s a really big thing for a 31-year old to be able to say like

I’m really happy, I think I’ve done a great thing, I’ve helped changed a lot of lives. I know a

lot of my experience, personally now, three months ago where I’m a completely different person.

The feeling is amazing. You literally feel you are fulfilling a destiny. You are actually out

there changing lives, helping people. You see them, you hear them. I don’t know how it works

but it works and in the process of doing it you make millions of dollars. So it’s like win,

win, win all around.

N: Yeah. I agree. I mean mind movies, of course, we are focusing on serving and as a result of

that is the most financially successful business that we have. That’s actually a very

interesting question because when you just ask that question, then I’m like deep down I’m

pretty much the same. I may actually fly back to Australia to spend some time with my family,

but other than that, there is nothing in my life that I would really change because I’m doing

exactly what I love and for me, I think we all have the same purpose in life and our purpose is

to be the best human being that we could be and to make that contribution. Our mission on how

that shows up is different for everybody. So that if you’re someone who is watching this show

and you have an incredible experience that you know will help other people or you have some

kind of healing knowledge or whatever that is, you are doing humanity a disservice not getting

that message out there. That is such an amazing way to do that. So Anik, can you share some

examples or stories of some people that you have worked with and how you were able to get their

message out to the world?

A: Sure, absolutely. I’ll share some recent ones actually. We have, so what happened was we

launched this program called (9:54) blue print back in January and from this program we had

some amazing, amazing stories come through. There was an individual I’ll talk about his name is

Tom. And he spent his entire life working and counseling and coaching dentists. He’s a

marketing consultant, advertising and marketing consultant. He had helped dentists and dental

hygienists build their business. I’ve known him forever and he is amazing in what he does. He

was just doing, going about his day, one day he actually lands upon a killer research and he

ends up creating a supplement that is, it’s changing lives, saving lives. Okay? The supplement

coming is all about oral health. It’s something called, it’s the dryness like the dryness of

the mouth. So he starts researching. He spent a lot of time researching, perfecting and

creating this tablet. He’s working through the dentists, getting it out to patients and the

patients were loving it, they’ve been giving him good feedback and he says, I’m going to take

this, I’ve got to share this with the world. This is amazing. I don’t know how he lands upon

(10:54) blueprint and by January, no marketing experience, no nothing and he starts doing it.

And you know what happens with us is we kind of like keep track of the students who are just

kicking buttons, we kind of like helping them more because they’re showing more interest, so I

kind of learn of his story and started helping him more, we spent a lot of more time together.

Now, fast forward today, he has an email list of around 20,000 people. And we built this entire

funnel for him where he is able to get out more information, he’s getting out free information,

pdfs, videos about oral health and he’s helping those people giving them the option of trying

his tablet he has created. When before he had a pool of 79 dentists in one particular area that

is sending out his message, now, he’s got 20,000 people worldwide from Singapore, Malaysia,

India, US, China, Russia, South America, UK, Canada all of these people are on his list and

it’s growing. His list is growing 5,000 a week and he’s just getting the message out there.

This is just one story. We have about, there are tons of stories like that.

N: What kind of people can benefit from your program?

A: I tell you this, basically, anyone who’s looking to spending about an hour to a day who

wants to start their own web-based business, but someone who’s got a little bit more behind it,

you just don’t want to make money, because what we do, yes, we teach you to make money because

at the end of the day a business is not going to function without money. But what we’re helping

you to do is build an email list, helping you build a subscriber’s base, we are helping you

reach the world, so someone who’s got a message, someone that really or they want to touch

lives, if nothing else, if they have no specific thing that they want to teach or they don’t

have a specific tablet and 98% of our students don’t have that, they just want to reach the

world, they just want to send out inspiring messages, they just want to help people, if you got

that desire plus you want to start generating 10,000 plus a month doing what you love to do and

eventually you’ll only be spending one hour to a day doing it, that’s the person we’re looking

for and we’re looking for someone super dedicated. This isn’t a push-a-button-click rich type

of program. You’re not coming in here and click that button and be a millionaire tomorrow, I

never promise that. That’s crazy. You definitely have to come in, you have to learn, you have

to do some work but we’re here to support you, the whole team will gather behind you. But

really we’re looking for two people, one, who wants to start their own business, wants to

generate income from home and a nice-sized income like 10,000 plus. Second is someone who just

wants to touch the world, just reach out and help.

N: Yeah, exactly. So if you’re listening to this show, anyone who have a passion to be able to

help other people and to get your message out there, then you know, I recommend that you get

involve with Anik. If you click on the banner on the side here, you’ll actually go straight to

Anik’s website from here. You can find out all about him, you can connect with him and find out

all about his program. And as I’ve said, Anik is a good friend of mine. The reason I have him

on the show is because like I said for me the internet has been a game changer. It’s completely

changed my life in so many different ways. And not just mine, the ripple effect of how it has

been able to reach – nearly up to 2 million, I think that we’ve reached around the world that

we could never have done if we just kept running workshops in our local area. So I highly

recommend that you do that and click on that banner and go to Anik’s website from there. So

Anik, thanks again for joining us today. It’s been always a pleasure talking to you.

A: Thank you, Natalie. It was awesome and for everyone who listened thank you very much. Hope

we were able to inspire and help. I’m always here if I can help any other way and Natalie ,

thank you for having me.

N: Not a problem. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can actually do that by

clicking on the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on this page. Download the app if you

haven’t done so already, so you can watch the shows on the go. You don’t necessarily have to be

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I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember to live large, choose

courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.
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