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Episode # 117   Aline Boundy

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell brings on entrepreneur and 30-year teacher Aline Boundy, who originally hails from England. At 50 years old, after raising a family, Boundy first discovered the Law of Attraction and visualization. She believes this change in mindset has resulted in massive success in her personal life and allowed her to launch her own business. Boundy continues to use Mind Movies and Mind Movies Matrix to visualize and manifest her dream life.... she even overcame a technology-phobia in order to manifest her perfect lifestyle business.

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Episode # 117 Aline Boundy

Natalie: Today on the show my special guest is Aline Boundy, now Aline is actually part of the mind movies community and she got a amazing story how law of attraction brought her to her life at the age of 55 she's starting a whole new business and she's a true inspiration. So, stay tuned. Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today my special guest is Aline Boundy. Hi Aline? How are you?

Aline: I'm fine Natalie, thank you how are?

Natalie: Excellent. Now the reason I have ask Aline on the show because she is a living example on how law of attraction comes into play and how it can, it's a great example how can you look into your life. Now, Aline you sound like you're from UK.

Aline: Yes, I am I came from the UK, I'm from England.

Natalie: Okay. So, tell us about your story you know your background, where are you from?

Aline: I'm from northern England it's where I grow up and went to school and I become a teacher and I told but I went move across to Greece for over 20 years, thought there as well and have a family and on 3 years ago I've decided to come back on the UK and I moved here 4 years ago, being back, back home in a sense for a few years now and I'm also teaching here but also looking for something else to do.

Natalie: So, how long you've been teaching?

Aline: oh a long time, over 30 years to cover.

Natalie: Right. Okay. Now, because the reason I ask the question because there are a lot of people maybe your fortunate enough you don't have to leave teaching but you have a lot of people here in the US area have to change vocations because they have to, like they have no choice, so their looking for you know getting for entrepreneurial ship and anything else so you have, she done this her choice because she's excellent. So, what is the other thing that you're getting into?

Aline: Well, I've been involved in a development for quite a long time I had done into network marketing in Greece and thought you did to, and I was involved in a few years, not really thought me on my personal development like because there is a lot of thing in seminars and I started reading and attending seminars and webadox and all that thing and really got into the whole idea of you can create your own life, you can create what do you want, what kind of it you want, you don't have to stick on something that you don't particularly like or in there is something better and I think we're resuming this, we'll start again on different things, it really boost those seminars and so I came across about a year ago information marketing and the idea of using the internet to build a business to have a source of income. So, I pursue this I was being a very strict I want to say because computers for me is we'll not be obvious of it, but you know it's been fun and I've known a lot, I'm really not in computer program but I've learned how this kind of thing would work and so what I've done is I'm busy creating some of it to help people to get clear on that life purpose to find out what life on the planet, what they are here for and then to take sample in life in the middle of that in the moment as you and this is where I am at the moment, yeah.

Natalie: So, I'm gonna ask you your exact stage but bull park at what age are you at the moment?

Aline: I'm staying mid 50s.

Natalie: mid 50s right. Coz' you know that's the first thing too when we first started in mind movies, my husband Glen had sent 3 emails in his life and I knew how to use word and I had to turn the computer on and not really have an intimate skills in the beginning and along the way and I thought we're doing well at the age of 40 picking up skills but you are saying it doesn't' matter what age you are and I'm sure you help people to help around you and across what's it's like these days you don't have to do it on your own there are so many people who can help you. So, your law of attraction story, can you share that with everyone because it's an awesome story.

Aline: yes, well of course I have as a across development I had done across mind movies and it must have been very soon after your launch I don't know the exact dates but I had bought the original mind movie kit which is the box with the CDs and everything and I read your book and I made my first mind movie and I was just actually trilled with the whole idea calling it a personalize vision board that move in anytime in life and it was great and I was a customer of mind movies and recently I purchase the mind movies matrix which is the new one Dave Degreyman, literal, bonjour and also some things that really great and I had post it and use it as I was told in the instructions and just in the tin and it's 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening and showing to lots of people watching this would know that but I just did it religiously type and then I think about a couple of weeks after I wrote it I received email from you and from the mind movies team about you know suggestions about how to use it better you know choose the time of day and that kind of thing which I did and try everything that was suggested and at this point I was looking for people to be a speaker in my tell instrument and I always love watching all your videos from all around where you from and I felt no she's too big, you know there's no chance and I have it a part of me which is from Jack from training and said why don't you just ask you know you have nothing to lose, just ask so I wrote you a personal letter of, it's been a while or emails this days are we and I send it on and we'll see and then in the end would you be dressing my time on it but because I thought you would be a sort of it, I'm looking for, how people use law of attraction and find the purpose and that's actually called alarm your purpose at and I send it up to you and it's quite a run and then suddenly in my email there was an email from saying thank you so much for inviting and I would love for it. Well I could have floated around on that day, I was so scared that a person response on you and got to be part of it and actually. You know we just recorded our interview on the days ago. So, it's a roll set to go and that's really as far as I know you could explain a law of attraction to that and it was just hours looking for people to have on my times of it and to other people who come to this as well and they touches about me of something and say yah yah of course I would like in times of it, so that's basically so, hump tapping so far.

Natalie: yeah so here's the thing when we we're discussing this on the other day but when you focus on your end results and you're looking for what is the next step, where else I can go your next question or your next step is who do I have in my telly storeman series and because our exchange was there you took action on it.

Aline: That's right.

Natalie: and like you said all you did is ask the question, your part of that mind movies community of course like to support you as much as possible as you can and I would support anyone in our community but the thing is what makes you different to other people is you actually took action and move closer to your goals and really I really thank you for that. So, who else do you have in your Utily Simon Series?

Aline: well I have, Dr. Jerry B Joe who is a wonderful man, I'm sure many people compare to him as has explicit self-esteem and his just got too much wisdom to share. I have also Carla Look, the tea expert and she's good as well and I have an exact markings in the UK called Pool Tea which is use to record mediums and he have a super, super banner a law of attraction story in there and then who do we have, Craig Mary Welman who is a recording his next album. So Craig is a there was a mind monster and roger key mask who is a life coach in California and he had the good module system and we have with Roger with lots of lots of information and from him therer and Cristy Marie Shelldon.

Natalie: Lovely, yes.

Aline: she was a sort of healer and I haven't called that yet but she goes spilled and a late called lot of lot of endorsement which has an approach it, it's like aft but slightly different how long are personal desktop see positive energies like ecology and what's this about.

Natalie: yeah that's sound awesome. So if people wanted to know more about the Utily Simon Series, where can we send them?

Aline: if they go to that's A-L-I-G-N

Natalie: Well you got it, that's fantastic.

Aline: It was a good one.

Natalie: Guys remember if you click on the banners on the side there you can go through and found out more about that. So, Aline again I'm so proud of you to be able to you know step out on your comfort zone something that's different but it's also something that really making a contribution in making other people. So, I'm so glad that we have to opportunity to connect and I'm sure that we'll talking about more in the future.

Aline: But it's a thanks Natalie and because of you and I really appreciate everything that you've done for me.

Natalie: wonderful.

Aline: thank you.

Natalie: so, guys I encourage you to spread the words and share this video by clicking on the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your email on the box above there, I have a manifesting the masters video equals it's paid for 87$ as masters like Bob Proctor, John Massiraf, Massy Shineoff, I would like to give that to you for free, so you put your email on the box above and I will send it to you. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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