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Episode # 453   Alicia Diaz - How To Dissolve Emotional Blocks

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Alicia Lynn Diaz, founder of the "Inner Mastery" process, holistic practitioner and clinical physiologist. Alicia joins Natalie to discuss her upcoming online event called "The Soul Of Healing Summit," which is an 8-day event specifically created for people who want to reclaim their health back. During the show, Alicia shares how she found her mission in life, which is helping people eradicate illness and dissolve emotional blocks. Her techniques include integrating mind, body and soul with the use of scientific and spiritual practices. She explains that since we’re born, most of us are taught to repress our emotions. Thus, these emotions become stagnated in our bodies, making us constrained and ill. She also reveals that the key to inner healing is moving those emotions by acknowledging and accepting them, and opening ourselves to receive healing and love.

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