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Episode # 510   Akashic Knowing - Lisa Barnett

About The Episode:

What if the experiences, wisdom, emotions and destinies of everyone that has ever lived, and ever will live, are energetically stored in the fabric of the cosmos themselves? I know this sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but this 'library' of infinite cosmic wisdom does indeed exist. It's called the Akashic Records, and knowing how to tap into it gives you instant clarity on how to live your purpose, heal your wounds, release your fears, and clear the karmic blocks stuck in your soul's blueprint. On today's episode of The Inspiration Show, we join my friend and bestselling author Lisa Barnett, as she shares a simple way to tap into the Akashic Records, and use its wisdom to dissolve any block in any area of your life.

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Episode # 510 Akashic Knowing - Lisa Barnett

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show, my special guest is going to be talking about her new book “From Questioning to Knowing - 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life”. We’re also going to be talking about Akashic records, what they are and how they can help us in our life. But before I introduce my special guest today, I just want to remind you that if you are watching this show on Facebook live or later on our YouTube channel, don’t forget that after the show is over just click the link below this video to take my 30 second quiz, so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, please help me in welcoming my special guest, Lisa Barnett. How are you, Lisa?

LB: Terrific. Thank you, Natalie.

NL: Great to have you here! Now, I have been flipping through this book and already my assistant Bianca and I have been going through some of these prayers. They’re very applicable to regular life, which is awesome. But before we get to talking about the book, why don’t we talk a little bit about your background and how you got into doing the work that you do.

LB: Well, I have been on a spiritual journey/quest all of my life- literally since I was three years old. So, now I’ve kind of hit this point where I’ve studied for so many years, I realized I was an energy healer by nature, and as I started to move forward I started to get this huge information and guidance and I realized, after about five years of working in this field, that I was actually working in the Akashic records. So once I finally figured that out and was able to consciously connect and have conversations with them, they started giving me so much information and wisdom, hence this book the 73 prayers.

NL: Yeah... So, alright. Let’s back up a little bit in case people in our community don’t know what Akashic records are, or who they are. Let’s explain a little bit more about what that is.

LB: Absolutely. So every person has an Akashic record. It is literally the record of your soul from the time you individuate from Source until you return back, which could be - in human terms- millions or billions of years, right? So we have this amazing journey, we have gifts, we have talents, we learn so much, we write a soul plan, we have soul contracts, we have karma to complete. All of this is written in your Akashic record. So, this record of your soul is kept by record keepers who I consider like a librarian. Right? So, if you have your own library, you also have your own personal librarians. We can speak to them and they will help and assist us to do what we came to do, to figure out our soul purpose and our soul contracts, and our karma, so that we can literally move forward with greater ease and grace through our lives.

NL: Right. So how do you connect with the librarians like you? Can anyone do it, or how does that work?

LB: You know… I would say that anyone can do it because every single one of us has our own library. So I literally teach people to do this in online workshops. I’ve been given sacred prayers that allow us to access the Akashic records with ease. So this is one of the things that I love to teach and, of course, I do Akashic readings for people who aren’t really interested in learning a new tool, but just need some quick answers.

NL: Right. So it sounds like it’s rather than going, “Should I marry this person or not?”… That’s not what you use this for. This is more about understanding who we are and why we’re here?

LB: Well, absolutely. But you could certainly ask about a relationship. So, do I have a soul contract with this person? Right? And, what is that soul contract about?  Do I have karma? Is this part of my soul family? Really, is it in my highest and best interest to marry this person? Because some of this is literally written about in your Akashic records. Not all of it. We sometimes choose to marry someone we don’t have a soul contract with. And- but we can find out is this my highest and best next step? So it’s very useful in so many different ways including funny things like, is this the right business or business partner for me to work with? You know, is this part of my gift and talent? Is this why I came here, part of my soul purpose? So the everyday information is written about in so many different ways in your Akashic record.

NL: Right. Well that sounds amazing. It would be wonderful to be able to access that. So tell me about the book. What was the motivation, or the inspiration, behind writing the book?

LB: Well, I have another book, which actually is Assist People to Access the Akashic Records and so the Akashic Record Keepers speak to me all the time and they said, “Write another book” and I said, “Okay, what?” And then they said, “This is going to be a prayer book, which we will imbue with a divine healing energy, the high vibration of Source, to help to heal humanity at this time”. So this is a very easy to access book with lot of information about some of the things I’m mentioning with our soul contracts. What does karma mean? Why would I pick this family? Are these contracts done? What are my gifts and talents? So, lots of information about that and then healing, clearing prayers to align us, to help us to release old energy and align us to our highest and best purpose. So 73 prayers… They range everything from forgiveness to clearing past life vows, to releasing old jealousies, or blames or guilt. So there’s a lot of information about our families. Many of us have challenges with the family, our parents, our siblings, our children. So, so much of that affects our lives and I’ve written about in my new book “From Questioning to Knowing, the 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life”.

NL: Great. So, if someone’s reading the book, how would they use it best- you know for if they’re facing a specific challenge?

LB: Right. So there is a couple of different ways because all of the prayers I’ve put at the back just by name. So you could literally go through the list and say, “Hmm. Which, or what would I like to work on today?” A prayer to release old patterns, or a prayer to release suppressed grief. Or, what’s up in my life today? So you could literally- a prayer to access creativity, or prayer for creating your dreams. There’s lots of really positive, moving forward ones and a lot of prayers to clear and release. So you can literally go through the list and say, “what would I like to work on?” and then the prayers, the chapters are broken out so that I talk about family contracts, and abundance, and healing your body, and your energy system. And, so, you could read a chapter that speaks to you depending on what you want to work on. Of course you could go through and read the whole book and there’s always pieces and parts- even if we’re not really conscious about it. We have so many unconscious and hidden thoughts, beliefs- blocks- that just by literally reading through it, you can clear so many of your own blocks that you may be unconscious about until you read it and then you’re like, “Oh I get it. I resonate with that”.

NL. Yeah. Awesome. So, how do you do the prayers? Do you just sit down and do it once, or something that you repeat? Is there a little process that you go through to get you energetically aligned with the prayer that you’re about to recite?

LB: So there’s a couple kind of guided visualizations in the book itself to help you connect and align, drop into your heart and feel that connection to source. Then I love to read each prayer that I’m called to do, to read it three time to allow it to sink in and deepen down into your heart and into your body. We often will actually feel it vibrate and resonate through our physical form because it is imbued with Source energy and pure unconditional love. So many of my readers say,  “I feel it. I just feel it in so many ways in my body”. I love to read them three times. For many of us, we might find that we want to read it every day for a week or two, depending on what it is. If it’s a big issue in your life, you may read six of them for a month. And, you know, the beautiful thing is there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can just really feel into how that is and of course I speak about it in the book- about these kind of processes of connecting up and feeling grounded and centered and just asking your higher self, is that enough? Or, would it be useful for me to do this all week?

NL: Hmmm. I think it’s wonderful how you like you open it up so that we can all have this connection with our librarians- to our Akashic records- to get the insight and the clarity that we want. And the prayers are fantastic. They’re not like pages long. They’re quite, you know, maybe a few lines some of them. Some of them a little bit more, but they’re quite easy to be able to read and go through. And I can feel the power in them as I read them. I can feel that every word is purposeful, like every word is meant to be there, which is fantastic.

So, I’m sure that you’ve worked with thousands of people. Have you personally been able to use the prayers for certain people, and what kind of results have they got?

LB: Yes, absolutely. I love to do them in groups, like when I do shows and things like that, because of course there’s always such beautiful power in the group. But, what I’ve noticed over the years is that people will sometimes say, “Wow. That one time was life changing”. I do some of the prayers around abundance and we talk about abundance of all kinds- everything from money to love. So there’s prayers to create an abundance of love in your life, as well as the monetary abundance that’s very useful in the world. So, one gal had a great story and she worked with me a little bit and started to do some of the abundance prayers and just about a week later she called me up and she said, “Oh my gosh. This guy I’ve been dating for a year, he proposed to me and look at this ring”. It was just gorgeous and she said, “I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined, or would have been able to receive…”. So part of her energy was about receiving this. So there are prayers to open to receive and she said, “I totally shifted that energy with this work in the prayers and I received this gorgeous engagement ring”. That was one kind of fun story that I’ve noticed and phenomenal stories around forgiveness. One gentlemen worked with the forgiveness prayer for about six months because his brother, who was his business partner, was angry with him for about 15 years. So he did the prayer. He said, “I’m going to do this prayer every day until he forgives me” and he did it for six months. He said one day his brother walked into the office and said, “Well I guess some days you just have to forgive” and that was that. My client said, “It is a miracle. I’m still getting used to him being nice to me”. So they’re simple, and they are powerful, and really transformational.

NL: Yeah.I know that you have people like Jack Canfield, and Marci Shimoff, and Debra Poneman who are also recommending the book as well. You know that you’re in very good company there and, like I said, I’ve been reading through the book and it’s not like you have to read it from forward to back. You can just go, “Okay. Let’s go to a chapter that’s specific to what I’m facing right now- whether it’s healing, family healing. There are so many different things, clearing, releasing and balancing energy. I mean we could all use that, right? Fantastic!

So, Lisa I want to thank you for joining me and I want to thank you and commend you on the success that you had. To be honest with you, I’ve known, or heard about Akashic records. I didn’t really know what they were to be honest with you. So it’s interesting and they seem to be like a message from all of our lives. Is that right? So not just from one life, but what’s been carried through from other lives, future and past I’m assuming.

LB: Yes, correct and because we are so ancient, expansive and wise, to be able to access that information and utilize it now in our lives is, again, just amazing and life transforming. When you can connect to some of the gifts and talents that you have had in numerous lives- like for me being an author I had to go back in and recollect some of my author lives to make it easy to write a book. It’s very fun and just expansive, so much energy in your Akashic records because we truly are ancient, ancient souls.

NL: Yeah. No, I agree. So Lisa, if people want to connect with you or you know get their hands on the book where can we send them to do that?

LB: So the easiest place to go is to and on that page you can receive three gifts that are connected to the book. There’s more information about the book and a button to go to Amazon to purchase it easily all over the world, which is always nice. So it’s

NL: Wonderful. And, guys, when you do go through to that website and you do purchase the book, and you start applying and using some of the prayers, please leave a review for Lisa as well. Because I love the book, I’m going to be going there and doing it myself.

LB. Thank you.

NL: Yes. Thanks again, Lisa for joining us. Guys, I encourage you that you- please share this video. Use the share button here on Facebook. Get the word out. Share the video so that other people get access to this information as well. Also, don’t forget click on the banner to go through Lisa’s website directly after the video is over. After the show is over, just click the link below this video so you can take my 30 second quiz to figure out what’s holding you back from success- so we can help you bust through that. So, until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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